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Bhutan is ‘now’ polio-free

The country will receive the polio-free certification from the World Health Organisation today

Health: It has been almost three decades since Bhutan recorded the last clinically compatible polio case. And for that achievement, the World Health Organisation (WHO) will award polio-free certification to the country today.

Timely vaccination or immunisation programmes and strict monitoring played crucial role to make Bhutan polio-free, said health officials. Bhutan polio immunisation coverage stands at 99 percent.

“The last polio case [... Read More]

Temporary mine shut down imminent

miningSuspense: Khariphu villagers wait for the investigation team on March 24

Update: Kuenphen Norden Mine at Khariphu in Mewang gewog, Thimphu will have to close by next week if the complaints against it by 13 households are not resolved.

The mining division under the Department of Geology and Mines (DGM) has put on hold its submission of note to the ministry for the renewal of the lease.

The division had approved the final mines feasibility survey report of the mine and was in the final process [... Read More]

Employment in agri sector declines

Poor growth in the sector attributed for rural-urban migration

Labour: Since the country’s labour force is predominantly dependent on the agricultural sector, its diminishing role as the contributor to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) mirrors a decline in employment over the past decade.

The newly published Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Acceleration Framework report on “youth employment in Bhutan” shows that the total employment share agricultural sector has provided decreased to 60 percent in 2011 from 75 [... Read More]

Bond could tighten liquidity

Investment: The recent move by the Druk Holding and Investments to float corporate bonds worth Nu 1.2B of the Dungsam cement corporation (DCCL) could further worsen the liquidity crunch and constrain access to credit.

Economists and financial experts believe that by floating corporate bonds, DCCL is absorbing money from the economy and reducing the amount of money available for credit with the banks if banks chose to invest in bonds.

This could also question the [... Read More]

Cordyceps exclusively for highlanders

cordycepAt display: Highlanders sort cordyceps

Highlanders convince authorities to reduce permit fee and royalty

Update: Highlanders will have all the yartsa goenbub (cordyceps) to themselves.

Unlike in the past, where a rule allowed other communities, based on request, to harvest cordyceps, the agriculture ministry will not allow anyone except highlanders to collect the prized fungi.

Forest and agriculture officials removed the clause that empowered the ministry to consider a community’s request to pick cordyceps while framing the rules and regulations recently.

Last [... Read More]


Let’s eat our own

Agriculture is Bhutan’s mainstay. And this requires the country to give it a boost, not just in terms of policies and dreams, but in shape and weight that is real.

We are an agricultural country with over 79 percent of population involved in the sector. Yet the irony is that we do not produce enough to feed ourselves. This must necessitate us to think, earnestly and in good faith.

Not being able to produce our own and [... Read More]

Trashigang’s plans to reduce import

importDzongkhag officials, tshogpas and members of farmers’ groups during the meeting in Bikhar

Project: To promote domestic production, reduce food import, and increase rural household income, Trashigang dzongkhag is in the process of identifying small and medium scale industries in the dzongkhag.

This follows a Royal command in October last year, where His Majesty the King, during an audience with the 20 dzongdas, commanded to substitute and reduce import of goods like vegetables and dairy products, according to the dzongkhag’s planning officer, Wangchuk.

“We are here to identify [... Read More]

Picture story

Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Azhi Tshering Pem Wangchuck graced the ground-breaking ceremony of the construction of Nazhoen Pelri Drug Rehabilitation Center in Tshaluna, Thimphu, yesterday.
Spread over 20 acres of land, the rehabilitation center will have 12 buildings to accommodate 60 people. The center will be equipped with health and fitness, meditation, psychosocial, and recreational facilities.
The Indian government funded the construction [... Read More]

Windstorm causes damage worth 1M in Samdrupjongkhar

windstormA makeshift hut that was damaged by the recent windstorm in Samdrupjongkhar

Assessment: Damaged caused by the recent windstorm in Samdrupjongkhar may cost the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan (RICBL) Nu 1M. This is excluding the major structural damages caused to two households, one at Thongpashing and the other in Drupchuthang.

The windstorm affected about 56 households in Samdrupjongkhar.

The report from the dzongkhag shows that damage caused was mostly minor and only a few roofs were blow off.

In Dewathang, 12 houses were damaged by the storm.  [... Read More]

TB still a major risk

graphTB case over the years Info: NTCP

Health: As health officials observed the World Tuberculosis Day at Gidakom hospital yesterday, they reminded themselves of the challenges they must grapple with still.

Of the many challenges of treating tuberculosis (TB), one is the directly observed treatment (DOT) implementation that ensures the TB patients to complete their medication.

In smear positive TB cases, patients have to remain in isolation for at least two weeks to avoid transmission. However, health officials said that they were [... Read More]

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