Thursday, May 28th, 2015 - 11:54 PM
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What’s on National Council’s table this session?

Parliament: The 15th session of the National Council (NC) that begins on May 8 will have committees presenting reports on tourism, employment and hydropower policies and strategies, besides deliberating on the rationalisation of gewogs.

NC committee members since March this year have held several discussions with various government agencies and tourism stakeholders on these issues.


Recent quake dislodges boulders on to excavator

Untitled-1Extreme weather conditions has hampered the construction of farm road between Gasa and Laya

Weather conditions too disrupt work progress on connector to Laya

Farm road: Tremors of the recent earthquake in Nepal triggered boulders to roll down and damage an excavator that was working on the farm road construction between Gasa and Tongchudrak in Laya.

The boulders rolled on to the excavator at a place called Chamsachu, just as continuous rainfall and extreme weather condition was hampering work progress.  Work to construct the 26km farm road to connect one of the country’s most remote gewogs, Laya, started in December 2012.

Site engineer with Laya farm road, Karma, said in the first stage, they completed constructing 10km of road from Gasa Ta-dzong until Laptshawom in 2014.  In the second phase, they have completed two kilometres from Laptshawom until Chamsachu.

He said, although the work was expected to complete by next year, they were doubtful, given the extreme weather condition in winter and continuous rainfall in summer. “On an average, we can work for only about three months a year without any disruption,” the site engineer said.

Karma said the labour shortage and high labour charges due to high inflation in Gasa were other challenges the work was faced with. Another excavator has been deployed at the site to continue the works.


Making do in Sangbaykha dungkhag

Conditions on this sandy outpost are pretty grim for administrative staff

Lifestyle: The nearest villages are located about three to four hours walk away and it takes four days to reach Haa, the dzongkhag town on foot.

Administering this jurisdiction is Sangbaykha dungkhag (sub-district), which lies a few feet above the bank of Amochu (river).  Some 50 years ago, land erosion, according to locals, had resulted in a flat area, where the dungkhag office today stands.

Since the area is centrally located, the dungkhag administration was set up there.


Bhutan’s medical team in the thick of action

217 earthquake victims treated as of yesterday

Nepal Quake: Bhutan’s medical team based in Nepal has treated 217 earthquake victims as of yesterday, according to the Bhutan4Nepal control room.

On Tuesday, 86 earthquake victims were treated with nine receiving surgeries. Yesterday,  the team treated 131 victims, with some of them receiving minor surgeries, according to the media focal person for the Bhutan4Nepal control room, Tshering Wangmo.


ACC freezes properties of four individuals

Including two customs officials

Corruption: The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), in its ongoing investigation into the alleged customs maladministration and entrenched corruption in the fraudulent export and import businesses in Phuentsholing, issued another three freeze notices of movable and immovable properties belonging to four individuals yesterday.

The commission froze two flats in Phuentsholing, which belong to the customs officer of Samtse, Kush Chettri, and his mother Uma Devi Chettri.  Kush Chettri’s 0.25acre of tseri land in Nechula gewog, Dagana, and 0.30acre of dry land in Phuentsholing were also frozen against any transactions with immediate effect.


His Majesty grants audience to Desuung trainees

20150429-907A4267Audience: His Majesty the King with the 15th batch of Dessung trainees in Tencholing yesterday

Dessung: His Majesty the King granted an audience to the 15th Batch DeSuung trainees at the Military Training Center in Tencholing, Wangduephodrang.

Addressing the 80 men and 41 women volunteers participating in the 15th DeSuung training programme, His Majesty spoke to the volunteers about the numerous concerns facing the country in the 21st century and of their own roles as DeSuups.

“You are the guardians of peace, stability and happiness of our country, and the custodians of our National Identity,” His Majesty said. “Your character and attitude towards work and disposition towards service will shape our future.”


Independence of constitutional offices

The ACC has objected the amendment that seeks to repeal the provision for commissioners to resign from civil servants

BILL: The Entitlement and Service Conditions for Commissioners of Constitutional Offices (amendment) Bill, that seeks to repeal the provision on the need for members or commissioners to resign from the civil service may not sail as smoothly in the National Council (NC) as it did in the National Assembly (NA).

The bill has reached the council after the assembly endorsed it in the last session.


Picture story

Manfred Gerner, president of German Bhutan Himalaya Society, and Yeshey Peldon, head of Philately Division of Bhutan Post, launched stamps of Drubthop Thangtong Gyalpo yesterday in Thimphu.
German Bhutan Himalaya Society, Permamed Switzerland and Bhutan Post issued a souvenir sheet of Nu 40 and sheetlet of eight value stamps of Nu 20 each.


Better late than never

Getting around the capital city, even for long time residents, is quite a challenge.

This is because our address system has not kept up with the growth of the city, especially in terms of numbers of building mushrooming every year.  In fact, we never had a street address system, although attempts were made as far as 2001, when the Thimphu structural plan was just taking off.


Satellite town status saves Narphung from extinction

At risk of relocation earlier due to road widening work, the settlement is now here to stay

Township: Much to the relief of shop owners in Narphung, located on the Samdrupjongkhar-Trashigang highway, the town will not be relocated as it has now been identified as a satellite town.

The demarcation and feasibility study of the township was completed a week ago.  As it was found feasible, Samdrupjongkhar dzongkhag officials said that they would now focus on the development and expansion of the area for a proper township.