• The roadblock at Box-cut along the Gelephu-Trongsa highway was cleared on July 13. DoR officials say the road is likely to be blocked again (Photo: DoR, Sarpang)

    23 highways blocked in central and eastern Bhutan

    Monsoon this year has not only disrupted road transportation but also hit domestic air services in the country. Flight cancellations due to bad weather are reported from all three domestic airports. Gelephu airport reported a last minute cancellation following unfavourable weather condition yesterday. The airport recorded five cancellations so far. 

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Picture story

Employees and officials of Chhukha Hydro Power Corporation in Chhukha observe the World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2019 yesterday. Talk session on safety and safety drills were also held (Photo: Karpo, DHI)

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South Thimphu is filling up

Almost half of the 170 constructions are in South Thimphu

When her landlord revised the rent by 10 percent on the existing Nu 16,500, tenant Tashi decided to move to a cheaper place away from the city. She chose south Thimphu. Seeing the construction frenzy and assuming it would be cheaper, she looked for a house. Two weeks later, she …

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People look forward to Sunkosh project

At the public consultation meeting about the Sunkosh reservoir hydroelectric project in Drujeygang, Dagana last week, locals expressed enthusiasm about the development of the project despite the loss of agricultural land and forest. The 2,585MW project is going to be the biggest in the country and is expected to boost …

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Paralympics day celebrated to advocate paralympics movement

The Paralympics day was celebrated on April 26 in Thimphu

Pema Dorji, 54, cannot walk. Since the spinal cord injury he suffered in 2004, he needs a wheelchair to move around. Despite the impairment, Pema Dorji earns his own living. He runs a tailor shop and trains differently-abled youth. On April 26, Pema Dorji was contesting in the volleyball and …

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GoI’s assistance for 12th Plan formalised

The first Bhutan-India development talks for the 12th Plan yesterday ended with finalising the government of India’s commitment of Nu 49B in assistance (Nu 45B for development assistance and Nu 4B for trade support facility). Foreign Secretary, Sonam Tshong, who led the Bhutanese delegation said it was a bureaucratic level …

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The laws & drugs

At one point of time in 2017, about half of the 363 inmates in the central jail in Chamgang, Thimphu, were people convicted for drug related offences.  Of that, 23 were female and four juvenile delinquents aged between 16-24 years with sentencing ranging from one to nine years. This number …

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Rehab centres challenged with expertise and fund

Recovering addicts speak their minds through art

Sangay is a recovering addict at the Compulsory Drug Treatment Centre (CDTC) in Serbithang. He tried drugs out of curiosity with friends when he was young. He started with marijuana and later got into tablets.  “By the time I realised about my addiction, my relationship with everyone was crumbling.”  Eight …

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Buddhism and intoxication

Alcoholism and intoxication of the substances are a costly burden on modern societies

How does Buddhism view intoxication? According to Lopen Tashi Tshering, a lecturer at Institute of Science of Mind, the Buddha had this to say about alcohol, the most abused intoxicant of his time: “Intoxication can lead to the loss of wealth, increased unnecessary confrontations, illness, disrepute, and weakening of wisdom.” …

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Drug abusers can become good human beings

Shenphen Zangpo works with the youth and substance abusers. He has counseled many youth, helped them enter rehabilitation programmes, and later find employment. He spoke to Kuensel’s Phub Dem on substance abuse. 1.   What does Buddhism say about drug and substance abuse? The sole aim of Buddhism is to wake …

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Avoid five poisons of life and write your own story: Rap Nala

Rap Nala

“Govt. should give enough recreation facilities to youth to keep the youth engaged” This is Nima Tshering, popularly known as “Rap Nala” who made into people’s heart with his first rap “Nge Ghi Soong”, Nala is busy performing in various concerts in different places, conveying important messages to youth, about …

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When families are ruined

Every time her mobile phone rings, Sonam (name changed) gets worried. She breathes a sigh of relief when the number is known. Sonam’s brother is in rehab. It keeps her on her toes, day and night. The 31-year-old private employee, a single mother, said the last few years of her …

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Drugs-related cases decrease in Samdrupjongkhar

Drugs smuggling cases in Samdrupjongkhar have reduced compared to past years, according to police. Police claimed that there are few drugs-related cases in Samdrupjongkhar and the cases are all registered as drug abuse and not illicit trafficking. The abusers and smugglers bring drugs from Jaigaon in West Bengal, India. Police …

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