Saturday, July 26th, 2014 - 5:10 PM

A case of pinching Peter to pay Paul

Providing free electricity to the rural poor may be doable, but at whose/what cost?

Tariff: It would be difficult for the government to fulfill their promise of providing free electricity to the rural poor, given that the government only has royalty energy worth around Nu 1.4B to meet the pledge.

This comes from the 15 percent of total generation that is given to the government as royalty energy by the generation company, Druk Green Power [... Read More]


Unpegging the parity exchange rate: Need for a dose of realism

The writer advises against a leap into the darkness of a free-floating Ngultrum

In the wake of a steep depreciation of the Indian rupee in the last three weeks, the confidence of people in the currency is naturally shaken, and public discourse has started on the issue whether the time has come to snap this exchange rate parity-based pegging arrangement (one INR equal to one Ngultrum) and let Ngultrum float with respect to the Indian rupee [... Read More]


What is a Responsible Company?

Shedding some light on the corporate social responsibility catchphrase

In last weekend’s Kuensel, Jambay Gyalay, director of the department of employment at the labour ministry, indicated that the private sector should think of corporate social responsibility.  He was specifically referring to the role of the business in providing meaningful jobs with fair pay to the country’s youth.  But what does corporate social responsibility really mean?

Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is a global phenomenon that has emerged [... Read More]

To move or not to move?

Tenancy: The bank of Bhutan limited’s (BoBL) branch in Wangdue is caught in a fix, unable to move out of its current office to a new space because of a disagreement with the lessor.

The bank filed a case with the district the verdict was out since August 27, favouring the bank.   But the lessor has appealed to the high court and this has put the bank in dilemma.

The verdict stated that the [... Read More]

Govt. will seek to restart lapsed lottery business

DSC_6684Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay

While advice may be sought on its GNH aspect, the final decision will be the cabinet’s

Pledge: The new government ‘as of now’ wants to restart the Bhutan lottery business, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay said at the first ‘meet the press’ session with the cabinet yesterday in Thimphu.

Restarting the lottery business, that the former government had closed, was one of the pledges the PDP government had made during the campaign, as one of the [... Read More]

Setbacks definite, final assessment in Sept.

Hydropower: Besides the setbacks in cost and time because of the sinking hill at the dam construction site, the Punatsangchu-I hydropower project will lose one more season to the “snowball” effect.

During the first meet-the-press with the new Cabinet yesterday, the economic affairs minister Norbu Wangchuk said there would definitely be a setback because what has been planned for the dam construction cannot happen now.

“We’ll be losing one more season because of the snowballing [... Read More]

Gauging actual growth rate

Economy: Acknowledging the current state of the economy is the biggest challenge and concern for the new government, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay said a study is being carried out to gauge actual growth rate of the economy, by segregating the hydropower sector from the economy’s measurement of gross domestic product.

“If we go by the growth rate today, which is around eight percent, there is no need for injecting money in the economy in [... Read More]

PM leaves for India

On the invitation of the Prime Minister of lndia Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime minister Tshering Tobgay will be on a five-day official visit to, India from today, his first foreign visit after assuming his office.

During the visit, Lyonchhoen will call on the President of lndia Pranab Mukherjee, and the Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari. Lyonchhoen will also meet the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid, Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, National Security Adviser [... Read More]

Picture story

First time: The new cabinet takes questions from the local media at the meet the press forum yesterday in Thimphu