Saturday, October 25th, 2014 - 5:54 PM
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The sorry state of real estate

Housing: The country’s booming real estate business is coming to a halt – at least going by what real estate developers say.  And the freeze on housing loan is not helping them.

With cost escalation and shortage of funds, constructions are getting delayed, disappointing those who invested in real estate. “We won’t be able to deliver,” said Gyelsa-tewa real estate development (GRED) managing director, Tshering Tobgay.  GRED, with 10 years of experience in real [... Read More]

New school, new academic session

IMG_9394The school construction will be completed by December this year

This would probably be a New Years gift to children of Pangserboo village

Education: Students of Pangserboo village in Drujaygang, Dagana are already looking forward to the new academic session next year.

In February 2014, the students would be returning to a new school that will have six structures overlooking the entire village that can accommodate 150 students in the first year and a football ground for students to play on.

Apart from that it will [... Read More]

Second notice to strike off four registered companies

Among other faults, they have failed to submit their annual reports for a number of years

Registrar: The Company Registrar division (CRD), under the department of industry, has issued a second notice to strike off four companies by early next year for failing to respond to the first notification.

The four companies are The Journalists private limited (pvt ltd), Kuenleg Construction Enterprise pvt ltd (KCEPL), Sherub Institute of Learning pvt ltd (SILPL), and Khoche Dhaychhog [... Read More]

Tsakling people remind speaker of his promise to them

meeting-at-TsakalingTshengkhar: A villager tells his representative connecting the bypass was not difficult since most villages were already connected by farm roads

A bypass that connects Lhuentse and Mongar through the community is what they wish for  

Meet: In his recent constituency visit, Speaker Jigme Zangpo was received by Tshengkhar villagers in Mongar with a reminder of the pledge he made them during the recent election.

The villagers of the community said they wanted the government to complete the bypass between Gorbangtang in Mongar and Tshengkhar in Lhuentse left unfinished for the last five years.

Today, about [... Read More]


Violence against women

Home is supposed to be where people feel secure.

But this is not necessarily so for many women, not just in the rural areas but even in urban towns of the country.

This is what a recent study on violence against women in the country found.

Home, in that case, is a place women should be wary about being in as much as they fell so about being outside.

What does it tell of a society that is seen [... Read More]

Three detainees confess to murder

Update: The three men detained by Thimphu police in connection with the murder of an Indian national on November 7 have confessed to the crime, Kuensel has learnt.

According to sources, the suspects had robbed about Nu 8,500 and a mobile phone from the deceased after he was stabbed on the right thigh.  He died due to excessive bleeding, as his arteries were injured.

This is the first reported murder this year, said police.

The deceased [... Read More]

Separate fund to refund hydropower debts

The fund, WB report recommends, should only cater to hydropower debt repayment

WB: A recent World Bank report recommends the creation of a savings stabilisation fund to reduce risks related to hydropower debt repayment.

The fund, if it is created, would only cater to hydropower debt repayment.

The report stated the fund must be managed prudently to ensure there is sufficient money in the fund to make timely repayments.

Although, investments made in the hydropower sector through [... Read More]

Singing a different tune

IMG_3932Remnants of a yak near Tshophu

Highlanders are gradually having a change of heart about the predator snow leopard

Wildlife: Every year, yak herders in Soe lose a few calves to what they call the gangdzee, the elusive snow leopard.

Herders had been criticising government’s policy of protecting the cat, while they claim they were not compensated for the loss.  However, their attitude towards the policy is changing.  And the blue sheep, which is also a prey for snow leopard, is [... Read More]

LAP tied to ‘trap land’ resolution

IMG_5362The town is busy only on Sundays

Regularisation of encroached govt. plots for some landowners needs the approval of all

Township: Residents of Samtse town could see their old town get a facelift with groundwork for a local area plan (LAP) expected to start by the end of next month, Samtse municipal officials say.

Samtse’s town has been stagnating, with the place wearing the same look it did in the ‘90s, when it was first developed.  Apart from a few buildings, shops [... Read More]

An iffy 3G-frequency choice?

Service providers explain why they opted for 850MHz instead of the more ‘regional’ 900MHz 

ISP: When B-Mobile and TashiCell decided to use the 850MHz frequency for their 3G (third generation) service in Thimphu, many mobile phone users suddenly found that their devices would not be able to access the internet using 3G.

With the majority of phones sold and used in Bhutan imported from India, where the 900MHz frequency is used for 3G, questions have [... Read More]