Thursday, September 18th, 2014 - 9:36 AM
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Need for safe pedestrian walkways

1384802_425196977581054_662734738_n-1Way home: In absence of proper walkways, Samdrupjongkhar MSS students walk on the road

Thromde: The increase in the number of vehicles in a small town area has made Samdrupjongkhar residents push for a safe pedestrian walkway in the locality on every occasion.

With children seen playing and walking on the roads everyday, people felt there was a need for better pedestrian walkways, as soon as possible.

Noting the concern, the urban planner with the thromde, Dibyende Mrugaraj, said, besides an escalating number of vehicles, use of cars by [... Read More]

Villagers complain of double standards

firewood-from-the-roadFor fire wood: Trees felled above farm road to Majuwa village wait for the trucks

Local foresters permitted a firewood contractor to fell trees where villagers were disallowed

Fuel: Forest officials in Tsirang have allowed a firewood contractor to fell the very trees villagers of Kilkhorthang and Dungkarcholing, the communities the trees belonged to, were disallowed.

Dungkarcholing farm road committee members and Majuwa villages under Kilkhorthang gewog in Tsirang lodged a complaint against the forest officials to the gewog office.

On hearing a local firewood contractor had carried several truckloads of [... Read More]

Preserving wetlands for cranes

DSC03606kkkBlack necked cranes feed in paddy fields above the Yangtse town (file photo)

Landowners will have to be compensated for their property to stay that way 

BNC: Bumdeling wildlife sanctuary (BWS) officials reiterated the need to preserve the wetland area in Trashiyangtse town to ensure the habitat of black-necked cranes, during the recent dzongkhag tshogdu.

The wetland area in the town serves as a critical feeding ground for the cranes.

The officials urged the gathering to prevent conversion of 180 acres of wetland belonging to about 222 landowners.

The need [... Read More]

It doesn’t pay to play for the national squad

IMG_4419Yeshey Dorji

As exemplified by a former midfielder, who recently quit at the peak of his career

Sports: In the footballing world, a player is considered to be at his best when he’s in his mid twenties.  For most professionals, at that age, they are at the peak of their career.

Bhutan senior national team’s midfielder, Yeshey Dorji, known fondly as Bumlay among his football friends, called it a day at 26 years.  He announced his retirement [... Read More]

Reducing avoidable blindness

DSC_8821What it feels like: Guests blindfold to observe the world sight day yesterday

Cataract and refractive errors were the major kinds of avoidable blindness seen in the country

Vision: Just as health officials observed the world sight day at the capital yesterday, echoing the global call to people to get their eyes tested, some 41 visually impaired students about hundreds of kilometres away in eastern Bhutan were practising for their sports day.

The day may not mean much to students of the national institute of visually impaired in [... Read More]

Slump in stone crushing trade

The go-slow in the construction sector has had a knock-on effect on the supply side

NRDCL: Following a slowdown in the construction sector, the five stone crushing units under the Natural Resources Development corporation ltd (NRDCL) are left producing less and stocking more, officials said.

In order to meet the escalating demand for stone aggregates, NRDCL had set up the stone crushing units about two years ago.  However, a drop in construction activities since last [... Read More]

Picture story

In appreciation: The association of people living with HIV/AIDS in West Bengal, India, presented HIV positive Dorji, 43, with a trophy as a token of appreciation for successfully completing the tour of the dragon race last month.

Free electricity is fine but …

… that doesn’t top the rural poor’s priority list according to studies

Promise: While the government is yet to define the “rural poor”, as it explores the possibility of distributing free power as pledged, studies indicate that electricity is not the priority on the people’s “want list.”

Electricity in terms of priority for government action ranks 12th in the Bhutan living standard survey (BLSS) 2012, even though there are 53,466 people deprived of electricity in [... Read More]

Bhutan Airlines starts Paro-Bangkok operations

airReady for take off: Bhutan Airlines will make its maiden flight today

Aviation: In another milestone for Bhutanese aviation, air travellers will now have a choice on the popular Paro-Bangkok air route from tomorrow.

Tashi Air subsidiary, Bhutan Airlines, will fly its inaugural international flight for guests between Paro and Bangkok today.  This will mark the first time the national airline Drukair will be facing a competitor on its lucrative Paro-Bangkok sector.  The Paro-Bangkok sector was established by Drukair in 1989.

Following today’s inaugural flight, Tashi Air [... Read More]

Police chief briefs MPs on sectoral policy

RBP: Some members of the National Assembly expressed their interest to be ‘friends of police’ (FOP), following the police chief’s extensive presentation to the members on the third day of the sectoral policy briefing, yesterday.

Parliamentarians, the chief said, are very influential in the society and the MPs becoming a member of FOP would help the royal Bhutan police (RBP) in gaining the trust of the people.

Assembly member from Tsirang, Yogesh Tamang, raised concern [... Read More]