Monday , June 26 2017

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Bhutan’s e-Gov ranking improves

ICT: Bhutan has improved by nine places in the e-government development index (EGDI) and is now ranked 143 out of 193 countries, according to the United Nations e-government survey 2014.

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Farmers short of water despite rain

Monsoon: Unlike previous years, farmers, who depend on rainwater for paddy transplantation, are happy that this year’s rainfall has been good enough for them to transplant their paddy saplings.

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Infant mortality rates still high in Bhutan

UNICEF: Despite Bhutan’s progress in improving the survival of infants and those under-five years, the number of babies dying within the first 28 days of birth is still high, according to a UNICEF policy brief for Bhutan.

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No sign of washed away car

The owner of a Maruti Alto taxi and Tsirang police yesterday searched for the taxi, in vain, that plunged into the Sunkosh river on Sunday, June 21.

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Contaminated water caused diarrhoea

Update: Laboratory tests yesterday confirmed that the contaminated village drinking water had caused diarrhoea in 21 residents of Tokari village in Tsamang, Mongar on June 14.

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