Monday , August 31 2015

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  • Millions of INR lost to money laundering

    ACC: The Royal Monetary Authority’s (RMA) measures to curb the outflow of INR (Indian Rupee) since 2011 has resulted in both Bhutanese and non-Bhutanese resorting to avail INR by faking imports of zero tax commodities, manipulation of imports, illegal transaction of currency and using ATM cards.

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RAPA institutionalised


The academy was founded in 1954

Event: Three years after the Royal command by His Majesty The King, the Royal Academy of Performing Arts (RAPA) formally opened as an institution in the capital, yesterday.

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Unemployment rates show slight but steady decline

Labour ministry releases main findings of draft National Labour Force Survey, 2014

Labour: Following recent discussions on the issue of unemployment in the ongoing National Assembly and National Council sessions, the labour ministry yesterday released the main findings of the draft National Labour Force Survey, 2014 to set the record straight and allay doubts on the unemployment figures.

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Lhuntse’s June 2 tribute to the Fourth Druk Gyalpo


Coinciding with Lord Buddha's Parinirvana, the Lhuentse Dzongkhag Scouts’ Association paid a tribute to His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo by erecting 1,000 prayer flags, reciting 1,000 prayers, offered 1,000 butter lamps and planted 1,000 saplings in Takila  around the giant Guru statue on June 2nd.

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Bhutan breaks plantation record


100 volunteers planted an average of eight trees a minute to beat the Guinness world record

Anniversary: The clock is ticking. With music blaring from the loudspeakers, the area is filled with commotion as the crowd shouts and sings to cheer the men.

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At least three fleeced in possible scam

An advertisement on mobile phones published in Tashi Delek magazine turned out to be a scam

Advertising: A couple and a relative of theirs claim to have lost around Nu 122,850 or USD 1,950 after responding to an advertisement for mobile phones published in one of the recent inflight magazine issues of Drukair.

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Constitution of Bhutan Children’s Parliament signed


Election to the Children’s parliament  will be held in September this year

Democracy: About 220 student representatives from 135 democracy clubs from schools across the country signed the Constitution of Bhutan Children’s Parliament in the kuenray of the Punakha dzong yesterday.

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My Country, My Town

  • Off road: A milestone makes for a handy peg to which cattle may be tethered as they graze Photo by Tashi Dawa, BNBL, Tingtibi
  • For convenience’s sake: What may seem like a case of gilding the lily is actually pretty darn useful Photo by Pashupati Diyali
  • In lieu of alarm clocks: Three roosters willing and able to wake up the neighbourhood faithfully at dawn Photo by Ugyen Tshering
  • Amateur plumbing: Curious how a tap and some DIY ingenuity can add dignity to a bathroom Photo by Bidur Rai, Mountain hazelnut, Riserbu
  • Beat that, black-necked cranes! Is what this pair of cavorting goats might tell those famous birds Photo by Karma Tshering, Phuentshogling
  • Not gone but all but forgotten: Snail mail is due a comeback with the new address system in place Photo by Choidup Zangpo, MoAF, Thimphu
  • Stairwell in lieu of a shed: The housing crunch would appear to extend to the cattle population as well. Photo by Melam Dorji, Gaeddu college (BBA- final year)
  • A new leaf from an old book: Wall painting of campus done in traditional style seen in temples Photo by Tempa Rabgay, Mountain Hazelnut, Mongar