Saturday , July 2 2016
  • Bhutan makes progress in childcare and development

    But certain areas still require addressing 
    Report: About one in five children under the age of five in Bhutan still remain stunted, the UNICEF’s representative to Bhutan, Shaheen Nilofer, said during the launch of the State of the World’s Children (SWC) report yesterday.

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Latest News

People of Borongma demand separate chiwog

Cjiwog: Borongma villagers of Menchu-Nganglam Chiwog in Pemagatshel have requested the gewog officials to bifurcate the village and make it a separate chiwog. Borongma has 51 households and population of 399.

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Vacancies for monastic schools to be re-announced

Only one of the seven slots for English teachers was filled last month Education: To address the acute English teacher shortage in monastic schools, vacancies for six contract teachers that went unfilled last month, will be re-announced.

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Four gewogs to remain without road

Connectivity: Lunana in Gasa, Soe and Lingzhi in Thimphu and Geling in Chukha are likely to remain without road connectivity even by the end of the current Five-Year-Plan. None of these four gewogs currently have road connectivity.

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Illegal settlers along Amochhu begin leaving

The thromde cut their electricity connections in February

Housing: With no electricity for close to two months, more than 20 families that had illegally settled along the Amochhu embankments in Phuentsholing have left their makeshift houses to settle elsewhere.

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Health officials educate Tangsibji villagers

Health: Health officials in Trongsa are educating the people of Tshangkha and Tangsibji chiwogs about their vulnerability to different diseases as the communities grow with the construction of Tangsibji Hydro Energy Ltd (THyE).

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Pemagatshel Dzong construction on track

Initiative: Making it clear that the people aren’t questioning the performance of the workers, Shumar Gup Lepo, during the 11th dzongkhag tshogdu (DT), asked the new Pemagatshel Dzong construction project manager on the status of the project.

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Famous Yongla gets sertog


Heritage: In commemoration of the naming ceremony of HRH The Gyalsey, the dzongkhag administration and dratshang installed a serthog at the Yongla Gonpa in Pemagatshel on April 16.

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My Country, My Town

  • Road read: The question is whether it’s advice (while good, no doubt) for self or others or both? Photo Bidur Rai
  • Powerful wishes: Did these footballs hung from a tree have anything to do with the Leicester City victory? Photo by Tshering Doma, ICS
    Powerful wishes: Did these footballs hung from a tree have anything to do with the Leicester City victory? Photo by Tshering Doma, ICS
  • Dancing goat: Sometimes one just gets the urge to get up and shake a leg Photo by Kelzang Wangchuk, Kuensel, Thimphu