Thursday , June 21 2018

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Civil service reform to prevent stagnation: RCSC

RCSC chairperson disappointed that civil servants approached PM with their grievances on the reform Administration: One of the main purposes of the recent Bhutan Civil Service System (BCSS) reform on career progression according to the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) is to address longstanding grievances of stagnation faced by the majority of civil servants in the Supervisory & Support (S&S) category.

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Election dispute body will not nullify zomdu result

Aspiring S/J thrompon candidate Sangay Tenzin had asked that the zomdu be nullified given discrepancies LG: The Samdrupjongkhar Dzongkhag Election Dispute Settlement Body decided the results of the chiwog zomdu cannot be nullified despite a complaint being lodged by aspiring thrompon candidate, Sangay Tenzin.

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7th edition of Mountain Echoes begins

Mountain Echoes 2016: Thunder roared in the sky, a sign befitting to the most-awaited literary festival of the year, the seventh edition of Mountain Echoes, which began in the capital yesterday.

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OAG challenges court’s acquittal of 7 defendants

… in motor vehicle accident claims case

Judiciary: The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) on August 24 appealed to the Chukha dzongkhag court against a lower court’s judgment, which acquitted seven of the 11 defendants in connection with misappropriation of money from the sale of 53 salvaged vehicles.

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Policy drafted to recognise national standards

Standards: The government recognises the important frameworks to boost international and regional trade, standards being one of them. Nonetheless a clear delineation of policy making and regulatory functions is needed.

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Chiwog zomdus conclude in Bumthang

LG: Eleven gup and 15 mangmi candidates will contest in the local government elections to be held on September 29 in Bumthang. Their nominations were finalised following the conclusion of the chiwog zomdus on August 23.

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2,659 graduates clear prelims

At least five graduates will be vying for a vacancy in the civil service 
Result: About 75 percent of the 3,536 university graduates who appeared the preliminary examination (PE) on August 7 scored 50 percent and above to qualify for the main examination.

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