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Subcontractors file case against contractor

Two companies, subcontracted to build foundation works of 400kv/dc transmission lines from Punatsangchu Hydropower Project (PHPA-I) to Lamoizingkha, have filed a case in Wangduephodrang court against Gammon India limited, accusing it of fraud and corruption.

The case was filed on May 24 by Indra Construction and Paljor Construction, who work as subcontractors for Gammon India, after completion of foundation works for two towers at Tsangkha in Dagana and two other towers at Jarizampa and Baychu in [... Read More]


No dirty pool, please!

In the next few days, candidates of the two political parties will be on full swing campaigning.

Perhaps it would be worthwhile for each candidate of the two political parties to take with them a Bhutanese saying that informs us not to propel ourselves up by pulling others down.

Although not much was heard of during the primary elections, there were instance when political parties were mocking at each other’s promises to the voters, accusations were hurled [... Read More]

Is there room for urbanisation?

Works and human settlement officials feel with the country emphasising protection of forest and agriculture land, urbanisation would have to fight for space

The country would have to ‘negotiate and compromise’ other priorities to find adequate land for urban development, a Korean research fellow from the Korean Institute for Human Settlement (KRIHS) Dr Hee-Nam Jung said.

“Bhutan will have to find a middle way,” Dr Jung told urban planners and works and human settlement officials at the [... Read More]

Three-day power cut for final stringing

tsirangsubstationNearing completion: The Dajay substation, Tsirang

Tsirang and Dagana will have to do without over the weekend for a system upgradation   

The two districts of Tsirang and Dagana will experience a power cut for three days, starting today, from 8 am to 6pm, to allow for the final stringing of the transmission wires at Rurichu bay.

The work includes conductor stringing, fixing of wave trap, erecting conservator tank and jumpering of conductor at the bay.  Rurichu bay is one of the six [... Read More]

LG leaders and civil servants reminded to stay apolitical

lgReminded: Local leaders and sector heads are briefed on their apolitical status

This follows unsubstantiated complaints made about political activities of local leaders 

Rumour doing arounds in Bumthang is that some local leaders have been actively influencing people of their gewogs or supporting a particular party.

Some party workers had called the dzongkhag election office to complain about the gup (elected village leader) of Ura gewog for influencing people to vote for Druk Phuensum Tshogpa.

However, the Ura gup said he was out of the country until May 26, and [... Read More]

‘Bhutanese’ persona non grata to Indian immigration

gyal2Travel document for residents

Resident travel document holders are being denied air travel into and out of India

Those holding resident travel documents cannot legally travel to India currently, as Indian immigration has stopped recognising the document.

The resident travel document, distinguishable by its green cover, is an identification document used for travelling issued to foreigners legally married to Bhutanese and their legitimate children, according to information available on the home ministry’s website.

It is also issued to those, whose citizenship status [... Read More]

To allow two upland communities to pick cordyceps

People of Lhenkhebji and Belpa in Kazhi, Wangduephodrang, would now be allowed to collect cordyceps.

The proposal to allow people from the two villages to collect the priced medicinal fungus was made on June 4 after forestry officials met with local residents and gewog officials.

The decision was reached following forestry officials’ comparative study of the two villages with another neighbouring village of Baeldro where residents were allowed to collect cordyceps.

Social Forestry Division chief forest officer Gyaltshen [... Read More]

Indigent family under siege from elephants

elephantJatsho tries to fix the pillar the elephants damaged, while his wife talks of their plight

On top of living a hand to mouth existence, they have to deal with marauding tuskers 

Every time it rains heavily or they hear an elephant, Jatsho Wangdi, 80, and Dechen Dema, 76, spend the night praying inside their see-through makeshift home.

Rain seeps in from every angle of the roof of their one-storied house, constructed with old bamboo mats.

Besides wild elephants destroying what little they have planted, the two of them also look after their 17-year-old [... Read More]

Bhutanese agencies threaten court proceedings

Their gripe is the long overdue payment owed to them by Gammon India ltd. 

Bhutanese sub-contractors, suppliers and transporters, working for Gammon India ltd., at the 990MW Punatsangchu hydroelectric project (PHPA) II in Wangduephodrang, are considering stalling work and going to court, since they have not been paid for work done.

There are more than 10 such agencies deployed by Gammon to handle excavation work, transportation of boulders, sand, muck, stones, aggregates, and cement to the project [... Read More]

Threat assessment done of artificial lake at Godona

rockThe giant rock that fell into the Mochhu and created a lake at Godana, Gasa Picture courtesy: Gasa Dzongda Sonam Jigme

Conclusion: threat to Punakha settlements and dzong but not Wangdue power projects 

The lake formed last month at Godona, Gasa, after a giant boulder, the size of a four-storied building, fell into the Mochu river, could pose a threat to some settlements downstream, including the Punakha Dzong, if the lake bursts.

But it does not pose a threat to the hydropower projects being built over the Punatsangchu in the lower valleys of Wangdue district.

This is the assessment [... Read More]

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