Saturday, November 1st, 2014 - 12:03 PM
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Bhutanese skilled workers go a-begging

Despite TTIs churning out graduates in numbers, they find few takers in the job market

TTI: Six months after graduating from a technical training institute (TTI), Sonam Wangmo hasn’t found a job yet.  Her only hope is the most recent interview she was called for.

Coming from a humble background, Sonam Wangmo couldn’t continue school after class X and joined TTI in Bumthang.  The trained plumber from Thinleygang, Thimphu, said she was told that there [... Read More]

Vegetable exports double

The goal in the 11th Plan is to halve what comes into the country and triple what goes out

Agriculture: The trade deficit in vegetable may be widening, but the country saw its vegetable exports double this year.

Bhutan exported 1,563 metric tonnes (1MT = 1000kg) of vegetables from January to August this year, earning more than Nu 24M.  This was the highest export volume since 2008.  Total export in 2012 was 707MT worth Nu [... Read More]

A high valley haven for large-billed crows

crowA murder of crows foraging in a forest below Sonam Kuenphen school in Chumey, Bumthang

While the species has vanished from urban centres like Thimphu and Paro, it thrives here

Environment: After appeasing local deities with rituals for two days, the tormas (ritual cakes) were placed on the roof.

Those gathered for the ritual, at a home in Chumey, Bumthang, kept observing to see if the crows came to feed on it.  Others kept their ears alert for the birds’ cawing.

Soon the crows came and started rummaging and feeding on [... Read More]

First flock of three lands in Bumdeling

Although delayed by five days, sanctuary officials said it was a start that will lead other flocks until mid-December

Wildlife: Three black-necked cranes, a juvenile and two adults landed in Bumdeling valley, Trashiyangtse on the night of November 3.

Although spotted on November 4, the first flock of black-necked cranes, Dungzam park ranger Sangay Drukpa said the birds must have landed by the afternoon of November 3.

“Black-necked cranes usually arrive towards late afternoons, or in [... Read More]

Six black-necked cranes spotted in Tshokona

Tshokona-15-1Cranes, but not black-necked, below the area where the birds were spotted (Photo: NRDCL)

Wildlife: A Tshokona resident, Nado, woke up to a familiar sound yesterday morning. When he looked out of the window, he spotted six black-necked cranes below his house near the river (Punatsangchhu).

“At around 6:30am, my niece called me after hearing the sound made by the birds. “It’s been almost 15-20 years since we last spotted these cranes here,” said Nado. “Out of excitement, I called the neighbours and shared the news.”

At around 7am, [... Read More]

First Bhutanese woman to compete in world fitness championship

DSC_0090In shape: Yeatoeh gearing up for the competition

Fitness: Not long ago, Yeatoeh Lhamo Penjore and her mother hit the gym to “shed some weight”.  Soon, both of them became passionate about fitness.

Yesterday, at Planet Gym, Yeatoeh walked to a slow music, stretched her arms and flexed her biceps.  She posed to reveal her six packs and, as the posing session ended, those working out in the gym paused to applaud her.  Yeatoeh had been practising this move for months.

On November [... Read More]

What the by-election means for the parties

Analysis: With the first ever by-election to the National Assembly due in three days in Nanong- Shumar, Pemagatshel, two candidates contesting for the seat are making the best of the campaign, which closes tomorrow morning.

But equally enthusiastic about the election are the parties the two candidates are representing, Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

While PDP is pitching Pema Wangchuk, a familiar face having this year alone contested in three parliamentary [... Read More]

Dungsam to earn Rs 6B annually

IMG_0820The Dungsam cement plant

The electricity, the plant will consume, will push the country to import a significant amount of energy  

Cement: Dungsam cement plant, which in a month’s time will begin selling its produce in India and within the country, its officials reckon, will earn the country a gross revenue of Rs 6B annually.

The plant started producing cement last month and to begin exporting the produce to India and sell in the domestic market, the project [... Read More]

100-day pledges progress

PDP: The cabinet deliberated at length yesterday on the People’s Democratic party’s pledges for the first 100 days in office that completes today.

It will formally declare its achievements on Friday.

Of the 34 pledges it made during the election campaign, the prime minister declared 11 as fulfilled, including one partially fulfilled, during a meet the press forum on October 28.

Since then a few more pledges were fulfilled, as ministries launched their programmes.

The ministry for [... Read More]

GNH taking root in Japan

IMG_0401JICA vice president Toshiyuki Kuroyanag with Nancy Strickland

The JICA vice-president says the Bhutanese development philosophy has struck a chord in his country

JOCV: The prime minister, Tshering Tobgay, during his first foreign visit to India last August, took pears as one of the gifts to Indian prime minister, Dr Manmohan Singh.

These pears, according to the vice president of Japan international cooperation agency (JICA), Toshiyuki Kuroyanagi, were grown with support from Japan’s farm mechanisation project for horticulture research and development in Wengkhar, [... Read More]