Thursday, July 31st, 2014 - 3:14 AM

Joint survey at Pasamlung next month

DSC_4685Chinese vice foreign minister Liu Zhenmin talks with Bhutanese foreign minister Rinzin Dorje and foreign secretary Yeshey Dorji

Both sides satisfied with the boundary talks

Border: The 21st round of boundary talks between Bhutan and China, held in Thimphu yesterday, agreed to conduct a joint technical field survey in the first week of September in Pasamlung area in Bumthang, one of the three disputed areas.

A release from the foreign ministry stated that the delegates representing the two nations at the discussions expressed satisfaction with the talks, and reaffirmed their commitment to resolve [... Read More]

Lunana arrow victim airlifted to Thimphu

helicopterKinley Drukpa is escorted to a waiting ambulance after the chopper landed at Lungtenphu helipad around 10am Photo: Karma Yangzom Dorji (Facebook)

The government hired Indian military chopper this time while efforts are on to procure the two helicopters that were pledged

Helicopter: An Indian military chopper came to the rescue of 20-year old Kinley Drukpa yesterday, after he was hit by an arrow in Lunana, Gasa, on August 21.

The patient was airlifted, after it arrived to Thimphu around 8:50 am and left for Lunana with a medical team.  It returned around 10am with the patient, [... Read More]


Govt. breaks new ground

Well, soliciting public views and opinions on changes the government wishes to incorporate to slash expenses, considering the economic challenges the country is faced with, is new of this government.

Perhaps more deft this prime minister than the former one in terms of using social media, the move is receiving plaudits from many users of the forum.

It is hoped the same would be done with most other public policies the government wishes to craft in future, [... Read More]

Gup by-election in Darla, Chukha

Necessitated by the sudden death in a car accident of the former incumbent 

LG: In slightly over two months after having gone to the polls, villagers in Darla gewog in Chukha will go and exercise their voting rights once more on September 19, this time to elect their local leader.

A by-election is being held to elect a gup following sudden demise of late gup Budhiman Samal on August 8, who died after he met [... Read More]

Commemorating 50 years from Dr Borlaug’s first visit

BGRI: Despite for four years of intensive wheat rust surveillance in Bhutan, no reports of it has been reported in the country.

The Borlaug’s global rust initiative (BGRI) has special interest in Bhutan mainly because it falls on the path of the wind direction where the wheat rust called Ug99 (stem rust) blows from Uganda towards the east.

Ug99 is the name of a stem rust, which arose from Uganda in 1998 and is predicted [... Read More]

Revision of taxi fares expected

The authority has notified its regional offices to compile reports in a lead-up

RSTA: Following a marginal increase in petrol and diesel prices again, the head office of the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) has sent notifications to all its regional offices to compile necessary reports for the revision of taxi fares.

As of yesterday, the price of petrol and diesel had been raised by Nu 0.75 and Nu 0.53 a litre respectively as [... Read More]

Custom seize wine consignment

IMG_7431Confiscated consignment: The wine bottles were hid inside the grocery item boxes

Contraband: Over 1,200 bottles of wine were confiscated by customs officials in Phuentsholing yesterday.

Spy wine, a product of Thailand, was found concealed by the importer, a businessman in Thimphu, in 50 cartons containing grocery items.

Joint collector with regional revenue and customs office (RRCO), Pema Wangchen, said the custom inspector on duty became suspicious when the quantity of grocery items imported and the value declared at the checkpoint was unusually lower than what importers [... Read More]

Fifth construction delay in Pajab-Khamana connect

IMG_0029Workers cut the rock face for the road construction

The contracted firm blamed difficult climatic conditions for the deferments 

Farmroad: The road construction from Pajab to Khamana in Sombeykha gewog in Haa has been delayed for the fifth time.

The 32km road construction that began in June 2011 was initially scheduled to be complete by June 2012, but its deadline had to be pushed five times.  It was last set to be complete by June 31 but, as of today, the road is anything [... Read More]

Picture story

The University of Madras, India, awarded Major Chogyal of the Royal Bhutan Police a gold medal on August 17 for topping his master of arts in criminology and criminal justice administration. Major Chogyal is the first foreign student to receive a medal from the department since the establishment of the university in 1960.


Will education render extinct a way of life?

DSC_0257Makeshift homes at Labatama, Dagala

Dagala nomads fear that both yaks and herders will vanish from the land in times to come 

Highlanders: Realising the importance of modern education, and cattle being the sole income generator for the nomads in Dagala, a remote gewog in Thimphu, every effort has been made to send their children to school.

But the move, over the years, has left the nomads worrying that the community might be left uninhabited in times to come.

Children go [... Read More]