Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 - 6:18 PM
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Use the benefit of education to become productive citizens: PM

DSC_0178Lyonchhoen speaks to the graduates at the YDF hall yesterday

Lyonchhoen reminded university graduates to be mindful of the sacrifices their parents made for their education

NGOP: Congratulating them for successfully graduating, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay yesterday reminded the 2,407 graduates who are attending the orientation, to be mindful of the sacrifices their parents made to get them where they were today.

Before speaking to the graduates, Lyonchhoen gave the floor to the president of Bhutan Kue-Nam Party, Sonam Tobgye and vice-president of Druk Nyamrup [... Read More]

Democracy in Bhutan – The first five years


Review: Since the election of Druk Phuensum tshogpa (DPT) in 2008 as the government until the end of its term, Bhutanese witnessed it bring in ‘commendable socio-economic development’, despite its liabilities, and also subjected the government to vehement criticisms on some of its decisions.

Its relationship with other political or non-political organisations, and its contribution, or the lack of it, towards strengthening democracy and other major developments in the country are encapsulated in the [... Read More]

Stepping out of the shadows

IMG_3664Other options: Simson (L) and Sonam (R) with Lama Shenphen Zangpo who has been helping them get started

Two young recovering addicts show that where there’s a will (plus some skill), there’s a way

Rehab: A tattoo that resembles a swastika is apparent on his forearm: perhaps, a mark of darker times in his life.

Sonam Wangchuk has been fighting for the past few months to stay away from drugs.  This is the third time he has returned from rehab in India.  He is 23 years old.

More tattoos show up on his arms [... Read More]

No place to park in Trongsa

IMG_5568The existing parking at Thrupang is enough for only 12 vehicles, forcing other vehicles to park along the highway

Parking: Trongsa’s new truck parking, which was supposed to be ready by last July remains incomplete and unused today.

The parking has enough space for about 18 heavy vehicles and is expected to ease congestion in the present parking area near Thrupang. The Thrupang parking is enough for only 12 vehicles and the rest are either parked along the highway or near the Bhutan oil distributer area.

With the number of vehicles increasing in Trongsa [... Read More]

Month-long discourse starts tomorrow

IMG_8395Devotees have to walk for three days to reach Singye dzong, the venue for the religious discourse.

Besides the merit of the blessing, Singye dzong is a pilgrimage site in its own right

Drupchen: It was almost 2:30am on October 3 when Choki Wangmo, 39, and Dechen Wangmo, 25, from Mongar town, along with their group friends of six, started their journey towards Kurtoe, Singye dzong.

They were joining thousands of other pilgrims who were hiking for three days to Singye dzong to attend the month long religious discourse by Buddhist teachers, [... Read More]

From too foul to too far

IMG_8822Like many other students, Yeshi waves to cars passing by to hitch a ride home, which is about an hour away from their school

Moved to a new site because of pollution, Chumethang MSS faces a new problem now

Education: Carrying a small school bag and looking tired, eight-year old Yeshi Wangmo, shouts for a lift to every vehicle that zooms by.  With each unsuccessful try, she sits on the ground by the roadside with a grumpy face, only to get up again and wave at another car.

Yeshi Wangmo is a class III student of Chumethang middle secondary [... Read More]

Agriculture ministry troops on the ground

DSCN4035Agriculture minister with his team at Lemukha

To get a feel of the issues facing farmers and hopefully learn of solutions as well

Farming: In Lemukha, a gewog in Punakha, farmers see cultivating winter crops more as a burden, having to guard fields from wild animals than an opportunity the promised benefits of earning more income brings.

To that extent, farmers of Lemukha said agriculture ministry’s attempt at encouraging them to grow crops even during winters in fields, which otherwise remained fallow [... Read More]

Much ado to cope with social media

DSC_8119Participants discuss on educating social media consumers

After quizzing at length about how to educate users and consumers of the platform, the issue remains a quiz

SAFMA: To regulate social media, it was agreed among participants of a seminar on “Interface between news media and social media” would be impossible.

Subsequent agreement following panel discussions on the issues was that educating consumers of social media was, therefore, imperative.

At the conference held against the backdrop of the emergence of social media, particularly Facebook [... Read More]

Why I’m not a polyglot


Or how come my long sojourn in this fair land has left me in the dark, far short of fluency in her tongues

Tongue-tied due to circumstance and by choice   

ONE other factor that conspired against the growth of my repertoire, so to speak, was the fact that I spent precious little time at a remote post.

In my first years on the job, I served three months at Dechenchholing PS, then half a year with Jakar [... Read More]

Phurpa readies for a bath

tailore2Members learn to use the sewing machines at the training

Y-VIA: Eight members of ‘young volunteers in action’ (Y-VIA) are currently attending a month long training on tailoring, which began from October 1 in Damphu.

For the first few days, the trainees, six from Dungkarchholing village under Kilkhorthang gewog, and two others from the town and the school, have learned the basics of tailoring, like setting up the sewing machine, its basic operation, pedalling, oiling and cleaning.

Starting yesterday, the trainees have started to stitch [... Read More]