Tuesday , August 22 2017

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Yenlag thromde, more questions than answers

Update: Whether a yenlag thomde would fall under the administration of the geowg or dzongkhag is not decided more than a month after the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) had written to the government for directives.

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BTL ready to perk up Internet connectivity

Connectivity: The Japanese government has handed over equipment worth more than 20 million Japanese Yen to Bhutan Telecom yesterday to help enhance skill and knowledge of Bhutan Telecom engineers in improving and providing high broadband services to its customers.

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Man electrocuted in Uruk

Accident: A 36-year-old technician with Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) died yesterday in Chumey BHU, Bumthang after an electric shock flung him off the Uruk substation.

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Tax exemption on books unconstitutional: opposition

Although the intention is good, the government is urged to abide by the laws in place 

Duty: While the intention is appreciated, the government’s decision to exempt the payment of customs duty and sales tax on all books imported this year, according to the opposition violates Article 14,

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Transporting private timber is not an emergency: OAG

Defendant Rinzin Dorje is liable to restitute Nu 111,640 for misusing pool vehicle

Judiciary: Submitting the grounds of appeal against the Haa court ruling in favour of the former foreign minister yesterday, the Office of the Attorney General’s (OAG) prosecutors requested the High Court Bench I to interpret whether the pool vehicle the defendant had used can be construed as pressing and emergency personal need.

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Caterpillars, silk kiras and lots of cash

Cordyceps: The bucolic setting of Tsento gewog in Paro becomes a busy bazaar once in a year around this time. For two days, the gewog centre becomes a mini town with rows of temporary shops lining the entrance to the centre.

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Five potential butterfly subspecies found

UWICE: At least five new butterfly subspecies are likely to be discovered in Bhutan if claims from Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment (UWICE) are confirmed. Subspecies are a division of species of plants or animals considered lower than the species distinguished genetically from other such similar species. UWICE’s ...

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Crowding in compact dens

ILCS: At this time of the year, Trongsa remains covered in thick fog. And the hilltop in Taktse, where the Institute of Language and Culture Studies (ILCS) sits, is wet. Nineteen-year-old Sonam,

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Mechanising more Bhutanese farms

A target to increase the mechanisation percentage of arable land from two to 20 percent is being pursued 

Agriculture: The Agriculture Machinery Centre (AMC) is targeting a 20 percent increase in farm mechanisation. Currently, only around two percent of arable land or around 65,000 acres is considered partially mechanised.

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