• Confluence: The muddied Phochhu, after two subsidiary lakes breached on Thursday night, increasing the water volume, meets the Mochhu river at Punakha. (Photo: Tshering Palden)

    Experts to visit Thorthormi today

    The water level flowing out of Thorthormi lake in Lunana was normal as of yesterday night. However, the stability of the moraine walls surrounding the main lake is uncertain.The chief of hydrology and water resources division, Sangay Tenzin said this is because of the two subsidiary lakes that breached on the evening of June 20. There is erosion and an outflow from the subsidiary II lake, which could destablise the moraine dams of the main Thorthomi lake. 

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Four decades in trash business

Kezang Norbu

In 1976, Kezang Norbu took a decision that his friends that time thought was dirty. He opened a small waste shop and started collecting waste in Thimphu to sell it to India. He was 37 years old. At 80, Kezang Norbu is still in the business. He didn’t keep count …

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Plastic ban confusing people, says minister 

While the ban on the plastic carry bags, doma wrappers, and ice cream pouches take effect from April 1, there is already confusion in major urban areas, the finance minister said yesterday. Finance minister Namgay Tshering said the government has received complaints from certain individuals in Phuentsholing claiming that once …

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Waste in the name of religion?

The year of the Pig is not good for Ugyen. The astrologer asked him to conduct a rimdo. One rimdo required him to discard his old clothes, utensils, crockeries and many more. The location chosen was a busy crossroad. An environmentalist by heart, Ugyen was in a dilemma when it …

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A school without dustbins

Dustbin free campus of CMSS

When it comes to waste, what comes to Changangkha Middle Secondary School goes back. With a zero waste policy, the school enjoys an environment that many schools could envy. There is no dustbin in the school because students do not generate waste. Pencil shavings, exhausted pen refills, half eaten apples …

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“We are the sweepers of Thimphu city”

Scraps at the junkyard in Olakha

Secluded by a long line of bamboo fencing below the Olakha bridge on the Thimphu-Babesa expressway is a scrap dealers’ hub. The Olarongchu flows by the clustered huts made from old metal sheets. Patches of fresh grasses and new shoots of willow trees indicate the coming of spring. A few …

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Whence the waste problem?

Picture this: The year is 2027. Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital and the biggest city is growing fast and expanding rapidly. The city’s population of little more than 100,000 has more than doubled and, with it, urban poverty aggravated by rising unemployment and lack of affordable housing. Failure to manage urban growth …

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Medical waste on the rise

It is 8am. Krishna Kumar Gurung switches on the geyser connected to the autoclave machine. He started working at the national referral hospital in Thimphu as a ward boy 29-years ago. His routine has not changed much. The 51-year-old wears the gloves, an apron and a facemask and gets ready to …

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Untreated liquid waste, a problem in Thimphu

The defunct treatment plant at Olakha

Mechanics are busy at work. The sound of tools and the noise of machines is heavy. A mixture of oil and water flows through the drains to Olarongchhu. Near the entrance of Olarongchu bridge lies an idle treatment plant. Built to treat the chemical waste from the automobile workshop at …

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Waste Management: A blame game

Waste dumped at Changzamtog

It is a special edition on waste, I was told. I was asked to look for an idea. As a newcomer, I didn’t know. All ideas were taken. My editor asked me to take a walk, about a kilometer, and see what I could find. Walking more than a kilometer, …

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Where the capital city’s garbage ends up

It is filthy. The stench could make anyone sick. It is a vast wasteland, literally. This is Memelakha. That’s where the capital city’s garbage ends up. Located about 12 kilometres from the city centre, the otherwise beautiful hilltop on the outskirts of Thimphu city is overwhelmed with waste. Built in …

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SJ thromde starts reinforcement of plastic ban

Even before the ban on use of plastic bags from April 1, omes into effect, Samdrupjongkhar thromde is already reinforcing the ban along with awareness programmes. Thromde officials have started seizing plastic bags and doma wrappers from people. Locals are being sensitised on the plastic ban through a local channel …

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222 Class X students forgo govt. scholarship

About 222 class X students did not continue their studies this year despite the government’s offer to enroll them in private schools on full scholarship. Of the 12,033 students who appeared the examinations, 4,473 students did not score 59.4 percent pass mark to get admission in public schools.

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