Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 - 8:55 AM
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Picture story

Round Two: Voters of Photshorong chiwog in Mongar gewog caste their vote to choose their candidate for the gup’s post yesterday. The second round of bye-elections for the vacant post will be held on April 6.


Fulbright scholarship was awarded fairly: DAHE

Education: The allegation against the award of a US Fulbright scholarship, which was shared through an anonymous letter on social media, is invalid, the Department of Adult and Higher Education’s (DAHE)director general said.

“The selection process was fair and inclusive,” director general Tshewang Tandin said.

The letter, posted on social media, alleged that the scholarship recipient was a class 12 graduate of 2013. “The student’s class XII academic session started in mid 2013 and completed in mid 2014, so technically, he qualifies.”


Online portal for all geospatial data by 2017

But a data sharing policy will have to be drafted first 

Land: Since its launch in October last year, an online geo-portal for geospatial data has hardly been accessed.

National Land Commission (NLC) officials said there is a need to create awareness about the the web portal for geospatial information. The web portal is useful for planners and local government officials while framing planning developments activities.

However, the commission is yet to draft a data sharing policy. NLC secretary, Pema Chewang, said that to define who will have access to what level of geospatial data, a data sharing policy is a must.

“Without a policy, we can’t say what kind of data will be freely accessible to whom,” he said. “We’ve to consider the sensitivity of information.”


Two forest fires in Wangdue

Forest fire: Two forest fires that are blazing since March 15 at two locations, Jarigang and Baychutop in Kamichu, Wangdue has razed hundreds of acres of forest and is still not under control.

A forest official at Kamichu, Namgay said the forest fire at Jarigang started at 9pm while the other fire at Baychutop broke out around 7:20pm on the same night.

Strong winds, rocky terrain and absence of water sources are making it challenging for the fire fighters to contain the fire.


Dagachu is up and running

After a series of deadlines missed, the first Bhutanese managed project is commissioned

Hydropower: The 126 MW Dagachu hydro power project (DHPP) is now fully commissioned, with the second 63MW (megawatt) unit test on March 15.

The first test was conducted on February 20.

The national load dispatch centre (NLDC) has confirmed the operation date to the eastern regional load dispatch centre in Kolkata (ERLDC) and the Indian national load dispatch centre in Delhi.

After a three-month delay, the project faced a cost escalation of at least Nu 160M (million).


More than a mere game

The national football team came home on Saturday to a heroic reception.  The big win in our first World Cup qualifying match against Sri Lanka has suddenly turned the attention on the national squad.

There is a feel of togetherness at home, at least among those who follow football.  Wishes are overflowing on social media for the Dragon Boys.  Beyond the mountains, our first win made headlines.  There were many rave reviews of our first game.  But the match is not over.  There is a second leg to be played.

There is confidence in the air among the squad that we will emerge winners.  Call it mind games or overconfidence, both teams are predicting not only a win but by how many goals.


Priority clearance for Bunakha reservoir scheme

This was revealed in the MoEA’s draft annual performance agreement

Hydropower: The Bunakha reservoir scheme, which will generate 180MW of electricity, and augment the generation of Tala and Chukha downstream, is to be cleared for implementation within the next financial year.

In its draft annual performance agreement, the economic affairs ministry plans to clear at least one joint venture project for implementation among the three identified – Bunakha, Chamkharchu-I and Wangchu.

During a coordination meeting between the ministries and dzongkhags on March 12, the economic affairs’ joint secretary, Sonam P Wangdi, said the Bunakha reservoir would be prioritised among the three.


Shopkeeper-fire victims at a loss what to do next

The temporary relief camp set up will remain in operation for just another couple of days

Disaster: Days before the fire that razed half of Sarpang’s makeshift town to the ground, Ganga Raj Chhetri had stocked his shop.

School was reopening soon and the business from Gakiling had stocked school uniforms worth Nu 40,000.  There were stationery and other goods.  His was a “general shop.”  Ganga Raj Chhetri lost everything in the fire.

Almost a month after the fire, Ganga is a tensed man.  “I have no business and a lot of money to pay,” he said.

Ganga Raj lives in his own house in Gakiling and is in a better position.  Another businessman, Baharam Islam, originally from Dupo district in Assam, lost everything in the fire.  He will have to vacate the temporary relief camp in a couple of days.

“My whole family was dependent on the business that I’ve been running in Sarpang town for many years,” the 44-year-old businessman said. “Other than the general store in Sarpang, we have nothing.”


S/J RE project due to complete this month

DSC_6073Vilagers of Doongmanma carry a portion of an electric pole that will be used to bring electricity to their village by the end of this month

Scheduled to end by 2013, the programme faced a host of problems, causing the delay

Electricity: After more than a year of delay, the rural electrification (RE) project for Serthi and Lauri gewogs in Samdrupjongkhar is expected to complete this month.

Although all the villages of the two gewogs are yet to be electrified, a total of 526 households in 20 villages in Serthi and Lauri gewogs, among the most remote in the country, are now connected with power.

Eleven gewogs in Samdrupjongkhar are now connected with electricity.  The two gewogs are in Samdrupcholing dungkhag.

Last month, 187 households in nine villages, including the gewog office in Lauri, received power, while 339 households in 11 villages in Serthi gewog were connected in December last year.


Dragons take on Lions in return encounter today

photo1Gearing up- The national team practice for the l big game today (Photo courtesy: BFF)

Football: A draw is enough for the Dragon Boys to progress to the second round of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers.  But the national team is high on confidence to take on Sri Lanka today for the second leg of the qualifiers.

Coach Chokey Nima said the team was under a lot of pressure from the win, but expected to pull off a similar result. “The win there (Colombo) wasn’t a celebration for us but a preparation for this match,“ he said at a press conference yesterday. “We made history on March 12, we want to repeat it.”

Head coach of Sri Lanka, Nikola Kavazovic, said that the new Bhutanese national team took him by surprise when they faced his team in Colombo. “This team was nothing like the former team of 2013. We didn’t expect such a good performance from them,” he said.