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Drop in honey production stings beekeepers

IMG_9271Bee hives in Jalikhar outside the association’s office

Increasing construction activities and changing weather are attributed for the slump

Business: Honey production in Bumthang this year plunged to a record low of 10.5 metric tons(MT), the lowest in the last 13 years.

According to the beekeepers association of Bhutan (BAB), honey production was on steady rise from 2002. Since 2001 BAB has produced over 15MT of honey annually.

“This year’s 10.5MT is the lowest since 2001,” BAB chairman, Tul Bdr Chettri said.

Cash earnings from [... Read More]

From a farm road to a gewog center road

PICLyonpo Yeshey Dorji inaugurates Narang gewog center road

A five- hour walk to the road head is down to an hour due to the farm road

Connectivity: After serving as a farm road for almost a year, the 14.1 km Narang-Rolong road in Mongar was formally inaugurated as a gewog center (GC) road by the agriculture and forest minister, Yeshey Dorji, yesterday.

Since the other road that has access to Narang gewog diverts from Dremeste zero point along the Trashigang-Mongar highway, was too [... Read More]

West Bengal strike strands Bhutanese in P/ling

Security: Following the announcement of a 12-hour strike in West Bengal, about a hundred people had gathered at the Phuentsholing gate yesterday to request the police officials to allow them to travel to Samdrupjongkhar today.

The ongoing Assam strike had stranded many families and individuals in Phuentsholing until yesterday. Although, the Assam strike was called off yesterday evening, a fresh one was called in West Bengal.

One of the stranded, Yoenten Phuntsho with his family [... Read More]

More than a thousand Bhutanese attend 6th ADC in Nepal

Religion: More than a thousand Bhutanese devotees have gathered in Kathmandu, Nepal to attend the 6th Annual Drukpa Council (ADC) that begins today at the Druk Gawa Khilwa nunnery.

Among them is Ugyen Zangmo, 72, from Bumdelling village in Trashiyangtse. She wears her orange hat constantly so that the person who escorted her for the ADC can easily spot her among devotees from other Himalayan countries. Like her, there are more than 800 devotees [... Read More]


The Fourth King and our ecological health

དགའ་བའི་ཚལ་ན་ལྷ་རྣམས་རྩེ་བ་བཞིན།།  ཁུ་བྱུག་མྱོས་པའི་གདངས་སྙན་གླུ་ལེན་ཅིང་།།

དུས་རླུང་བསེར་བུས་མེ་ཏོག་འགྲིམས་པ་བཞིན།། སྤྲིན་གྱི་གླང་པོ་དགའ་བའི་སྒྲ་འབྱིན་ཅིང་།།

ཆར་གྱི་སྣང་བ་རབ་བཟང་བསིལ་བསིལ་བཞིན།། རྩ་བ་ལོ་མ་འབྲས་བུའི་ཁ་ཟས་ཀྱང་།།

སྡིག་དང་མ་འདྲེས་ནགས་ན་དུས་བཞིར་ལྡན།། ཉོན་མོངས་རྣམས་ཀྱང་ངང་གིས་ནགས་ན་འགྲིབ།།

མི་སྙན་བརྗོད་པ་སུ་ཡང་མ་མཆིས་ཤིང་།། འདུ་འཛིའི་གྲོང་ལས་རྒྱང་རིང་གྱུར་པས་ནི།།

ཞི་བོའི་བསམ་གཏན་ངང་གིས་ནགས་ན་འཕེལ།། དམ་པའི་ཆོས་དང་མཐུན་ཞིང་སེམས་འདི་དུལ།།

ཉེ་བར་ཞི་བའི་བདེ་བ་ནགས་ན་ཐོབ།། མདོར་ན་ནགས་ཀྱི་ཡོན་ཏན་མཐའ་ཡས་ཏེ།།


Like the gods dance in an enchanting forest,  

Cuckoo sings sweetly in a heady note.   

Like the flowers sway in a gentle season’s breeze

The five-headed elephant of Indra trumpets delightfully.

Like a shower that freshens our consciousness

Those edible roots, leaves and fruits of four seasons,

Uncontaminated by sins exists in the woods.

Many mental toxins naturally wane in the woods.

There is none to say any mean things

Being far away from any [... Read More]

Special escort for teachers on evaluation duty

unnamed-6Closed: The Samdrupjongkhar border gate

Indian police agreed to escort the teachers along with the MoEA minister from Samdrupjongkhar to Phuentsholing

Security: A special escort provided by the Indian police to the economic affairs minister was also extended to more than 100 teachers from the eastern districts today morning to ensure that they reached Phuentsholing on time to report for evaluation of board examination papers.

They leave Samdrupjongkhar at 6am.

The Phuentsholing bound teachers were stranded for more than four days [... Read More]

Trade deficit cross 2013 level by mid October

Economy: The country’s trade deficit as of October has already surpassed the 2013 figures indicating that the trade imbalance could increase by the yearend.

Trade deficit decreased by Nu 3.2B in 2013 compared with 2012, but the provisional trade statistics with figures compiled between January until mid-October this year reveals a deficit of Nu 22.9B already. Last year, the deficit was Nu 21.42B according to the Bhutan Trade Statistics.

In 2013 the country exported goods [... Read More]

Value tourist’s spending pattern, not duration of stay

IMG_9026About 50 of the 1,300 tour operators are attending the induction program

Tour operators should sell Bhutan as a premium destination instead of undercutting

Tourism: Contrary to the Bhutanese tourism industry’s value for more number of nights a tourist spends in the country, the focus should be on their spending pattern instead to judge the tourism sector’s performance.

This is how Singaporean tourism expert Barkathun Nisha highlighted the importance of revenue from tourism at the tour operators’ induction program yesterday in Thimphu.

Barkathun Nisha said tour operators shouldn’t [... Read More]


A fiery issue

Thimphu witnessed its first major forest fire yesterday when a fire that started opposite Bap lhakhang, on the outskirts of the city, spread over the Kuenselphodrang within hours. Fortunately, the fire fighting team brought it under control before it caused a massive damage and spread towards the city.

Those of us watching the smoke engulf the city skyline got a fright. With the strong afternoon wind fanning it, the fire could have gone anywhere. It did [... Read More]

Bhutanese shoppers go online

unnamed-1Waiting: Residents from both Phuentsholing and Jaigaon at the online product delivery center

Bhutanese orders make up almost 60 percent of the daily shipment

Purchase: With less than a week left for the New Year, a Phuentsholing resident, Tshewang has already started to prepare for the day.

She has bought a new dress for the occasion. But what’s different this time is the mode of shopping. The dress was ordered from an online shopping site.

“I ordered it about a week ago,” the corporate worker, who is also a [... Read More]

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