Friday, July 25th, 2014 - 3:33 AM

SC verdict reverses high court ruling, warns bank’s management

Victim and two witnesses were dumbfounded to receive conviction

Fraud: Judgments from the trial court to the Supreme Court (SC) on the first internet banking fraud case have taken both the appellants and defendant on a roller costar ride.

The highest appellate court, on July 31, reversed the High Court’s judgment, and ruled that the Bank of Bhutan limited (BoBL) pay an interest amount to the victim, while the main accused repay the amount to [... Read More]

Picture story

Hundreds of Bhutanese vehicles including public transport plying across the border roads via Assam were stranded since yesterday following the 96 hour strike in Assam. The All Koshi Rajbangshi Student Union (AKRSU) has called for 36 hour strike from August 1 while the ABSU has called for another 60 hour of strike from tomorrow.


Rupee was, is and will be a challenge

The country’s economy and the rupee shortage it faces are two immediate issues people wish to see straightened out in the next five years of the new government’s reign.

During its campaigns, some candidates of the party that forms the government today had said they would not borrow any more money, and that they would instead look at reviving some of the businesses, which would bring the country revenue, in rupees.

It would be interesting to see [... Read More]

Judiciary should decide election disputes

roOfficials and the candidates leave the RO’s office after the first hearing in June (file photo)

Cadre of both parties question the efficacy of the existing bodies to resolve issues

DEDSB: Post election, party officials and workers in Trashigang are left feeling respective district courts should handle the election disputes for both National Council and Assembly elections for effective and proficient prosecution of electoral offenses.

Under existing election Act, election disputes are handled by dzongkhag election dispute settlement body (DEDSB), headed by dzongda (district administrator), supported by electoral officer, legal officer [... Read More]

Abduction carried out by repeat kidnappers

A ransom call was made from the same Bhutanese mobile number as in the last case

Update: Residents of the border town of Gelephu have been anxious ever since the abduction of a 28-year-old man on July 18, the sixth reported case this year.

Following the abduction, Deo Kumar, 19, a class-XI student of Sarpang higher secondary school said he was now scared to travel alone to Gelephu from Sarpang.  “I used to frequently go [... Read More]

Raising a family from flattened maize

maizeKezang Choden Nu 1,000-2,000 everyday selling flattened maize

It may not sound like much, but Kezang Choden is proud to make do on her own steam

Profile: On a bright Wednesday morning, Kezang Choden, a young mother of two, emerges from her house below the main highway, carrying fresh corn in one basket and tengma, flattened maize, in another.

At the sound of an approaching vehicle, she hurries, but her accompanying four-year-old son slows her down and they miss the car.

Kezang Choden arranges [... Read More]

Fuel stations fills trucks with water instead of diesel

fuelA mechanic returns one of the oil tanks after draining it of water

The presence of a layer of H2O in its underground tank was responsible for the mishap

Fuel: Two trucks broke down at different locations in Phuentsholing at almost the same time yesterday, after both refilled the tanks with diesel at Damchen Petroleum to leave for Mangdechu hydropower project in Trongsa.

Karma Dorji, who was driving one of the trucks, said he was shocked when his truck engine suddenly stopped functioning a few metres away from [... Read More]

P/ling cylinder sales slowly pick up

gasNo rush: Porters wait for LPG cylinder owners to pay for their services

With word of subsidy reinstatement yet to spread, there’s been no rush as yet to refill

Gas: After confirming with the fuel stations and friends that the subsidy had been restored, residents of Phuentsholing hurriedly took their empty LPG cylinders to the gas stations yesterday morning for a refill.

Many said they had deliberately waited for a month with the hope that the fuel’s price would drop, based on media reports.

Some said they had also [... Read More]

BICMA takes licensing online

BICMA: Starting yesterday, Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA), has started its online system to approve licenses, to enable applicants from across the country to apply online for media licenses.

The authority’s ICT officials said the online system will reduce ‘cost and time of service delivery’ while increasing ‘transparency and accountability.’

“The system will also facilitate in checking the status of the application and download an e-copy of the license irrespective of the geographical location,” [... Read More]

Game over for Thimphu City

footballAfter the 1st goal: In the midst of the game

King’s Cup: Despite Baichhung Bhutia playing full time yesterday against Thimphu City FC, unlike in earlier matches, Sikkim United did not enjoy the crowd support.
All cheers from the crowd went to the local team, which notwithstanding lost the match to Sikkim United 2-0.
Baichhung came on the pitch as the central defender for the Sikkimese team.
It was the mis-passes that cost the Thimphu City its ticket to the semifinals.
One mis-pass [... Read More]