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A feeble fourth estate

The Journalists’ Association of Bhutan (JAB) has a damning report about the state of the Bhutanese media.  About 50 percent of practising journalists disagree that there is freedom of press that the Constitution guarantees.  This is worrying, to say the least.

Democracy will service only when there is vibrant media.  The report, at best, gives us a picture of doom.  It says the “hope of revival is grim and gloom.”

Eight years ago, when the country was [... Read More]

More dirt dug up on dungpa

Abetted by the administrative assistant, a series of fraudulent practices were perpetrated, as per the report

RAA: From the series of fraudulent practices reported by the Royal Audit Authority involving the Gelephu dungpa, the report found that dungpa Pema Wangdi, in collusion with administrative assistant Sonam Norbu, attempted to divert money into his personal account from the Sershong community group (SCG) account.

The Gelephu dungkhag court, through an order issued on December 7, 2012, allowed [... Read More]

Has journalism lost its mojo?

The findings from a situation assessment of the profession points to such an inference

JAB Report: The privatisation of media started off with a bang.  It was to be glorious, this fourth estate taking on its role in the new era of democracy.

But less than a decade later, it could end with a whimper, or so indicates the situation assessment of journalists report, researched and compiled by the Journalists Association of Bhutan.

Since privatisation in [... Read More]

Revise our salary too: NWF

The ripple effect of the civil service pay revision has impacted on the cost of living and hurt the least paid most 

Wages: The recent civil service salary revision has affected the lowest paid of the national workforce (NWF) the worst, according to members of the NWF with the department of roads in Zhemgang.

NWF, working outside the civil service with the department and the home and cultural affairs ministry (MoHCA), whose existing minimum wage [... Read More]

Roadblocks cleared until Pantang

IMG_5611Opened: Vehicles started plying the Tingtibi - Panbang road yesterday, eight days after landslides had closed the traffic

Zhemgang: The roadblocks between Tingtibi and Panbang under Zhemgang have been cleared till Pantang after eight days of roadblocks following heavy rain.

The road has been opened for vehicles including heavy vehicles like trucks and buses from 11 am yesterday after the major blockades at Tatalabi and other stretches were also cleared.

“Public transport bus from Gelephu started plying to Rindhibi from yesterday,” Tingtibi department of roads (DoR) junior engineer, Ashoka Rai said.

The movement of [... Read More]

Solar fencing keep elephants away

DSC_5670-1Extra security: A farmer install a box for bees along the solar fence

Samrang’s farmers have been spared the annual depredation by marauding elephants

Wildlife: The installation of solar fencing has worked in protecting crops of Samrang gewog farmers and, this year, unlike in the past, they have been able to harvest maize.

Elephants have otherwise damaged crops and farmers of three chiwogs of Ngangtshohangtoe, Ngangtshohangmey and Dhamsagangmey under Samrang have lost their livelihood to the tuskers for decades.

Farmer Talak Bahadhur Bista, 68, said, since solar fencing was [... Read More]

Fingers crossed for a vegetable market spin-off

bDSC00078Isolated: The present market sheds

A longstanding need, it is hoped, will be met with the advent of the KHP

DT: Abandoned by vendors and wearing a desolate look, the Trashiyangtse town’s vegetable market shed stands at the edge of the town.  Budget constraint is keeping the dzongkhag from coming up with a new two-storied vegetable market.

However, with the coming of Kholongchu hydropower project (KHP), Trashiyangtse dzongkhag is also looking forward to the prospect of constructing the vegetable market.

It [... Read More]

Most affiliated companies on track to meet compact targets

Such were the findings of the midterm review conducted by parent company officials

DHI: Most of the companies under the Druk Holding and Investment  (DHI) are on track to achieve the set targets, both financial and non-financial, officials, who conducted the mid term review, said.

Although Kuensel could not get the details for each of the companies’ performance, an official from the DHI said that most of the companies have achieved their targets, and a [... Read More]


Time to Adapt to Climate Change in South Asia

Climate change will sow confusion and concern as it unfolds across South Asia in coming decades.

Home to a quarter of the world’s population, this vast region will be hit harder than just about anywhere else. Sudden flooding, storms, droughts and other hazards will upend lives, livelihoods, and economies.

As this grim future takes shape, the price of global inaction is rising each year. Up to 9% will have been stripped annually from South Asia’s economy on [... Read More]

NDA cadet commits suicide

Royal Bhutan Army officials confirmed that a Bhutanese cadet at the National Defence Academy (NDA) in Pune, India had allegedly committed suicide on August 21.

The cadet, freshman from Punakha joined the Academy a month ago in July. He was with the Charlie squadron at the Academy. The reasons behind the incident were not clear. Police in Pune has started investigating the incident.

NDA officials in a press release said, “The cadet was found hanging with a [... Read More]

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