Saturday , May 19 2018

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A school with special focus on waste management

The school collected 118.757MT waste in the last five years (Photo: Jigme Losel PSS )

Jigme Losel Primary School in Thimphu is one of the schools in the country that emphasises on welfare of disadvantaged communities and environmental conversation. Every year, the school extends its charity services by giving cash to underprivileged students to support their studies, clothes to monks, and donate to NGOs. The …

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Construction project at Phajoding nears completion

The construction project at Phajoding monastery in Thimphu is expected to complete this year (Photo: DoC)

The construction project at Phajoding monastery in Thimphu, which began in 2013, is expected to be completed this year despite challenges like labour shortage and transportation problem. The project activities include renovation and rehabilitation of historic temples, hermitages, installation of firefighting system in the four main temples, construction of a …

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Errors in textbooks are being reviewed

Subjects like History are going textbook-less Textbooks filled with errors are being shared on social media sites and have become the subject of discussion among educators and parents. The director of the Royal Education Councel, Kinga Dakpa, said textbooks are being reviewed, revised, recitified, and contents are being updated. “We …

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Know Your NC Candidate (Mongar)

Chimi Dorji  Age: 32 years Village: Shilling Gewog: Sherimuhung Qualification BSc Computer Science Work experience Shift in-charge for more than 2 years at Ferro Silicon, SJ Worked as sale associate in Dubai for a year. Why should the  people vote for you? I will serve the Tsawa-Sum with utmost loyalty …

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Know Your NC Candidate (Lhuentse)

Jurme Tenzin  Age: 36 years Village: Chakzom Gewog: Kurtoed  Qualification Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (PGDFM) from Royal Institute of Management. Bachelors of Arts (honours) in Economics from Sherubtse College. Work experience Worked as an Investigation Officer at Anti-Corruption Commission, and as a travel agent. Why should the  people …

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Picture story

A two-day Festival of Assam held as part of the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the establishment of formal diplomatic relations between India and Bhutan ended yesterday.

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Two sentenced in Gelephu visa scam

Gelephu drungkhag court sentenced a 23-year-old man to six years and a 34-year-old woman to two years in prison for larceny by deception in a United States visa scam case. Kuenga Gyeltshen from Sipa village in Larjyab, Dagana, was given a six-year non-compoundable sentence for conning more than 22 people …

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NCD officials rescue Kabesa tiger

The spotting of an adult female tiger in Kabesa, Thimphu on March 21 came as a big relief to the foresters of the National Tiger Centre (NTC). Officials say they have been searching for tigers in the vast forests of Royal Manas National Park (RMNP) to collar and study. Five …

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Know Your NC Candidate: Gasa

Dorji Khandu  Age: 33 years Village: Lungo Gewog: Laya   Qualification Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), Thailand Master of Engineering (Civil/WREM), Sri Lanka Work experience Worked as RJ (Dzongkha) with Kuzoo FM Radio, Thimphu. Worked as Project Engineer Founder and CEO at Dragon Herbs Bhutan. Why should the people vote for …

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Know Your NC Candidate: Haa

Ngawang Tobgay  Age: 29 years Village: Langpa-Nobgang Gewog: Samar  Qualification Double Bachelors in Arts and Law, BA LLB from India. Post Graduate Diploma in National Law (PGDNL) from Royal Institute of Management in 2017. Work experience Volunteered for mass plantation of trees, paddy cultivation above Tendrelthang, and oral transmission of …

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BT propose bandwidth expansion at schools in Yangtse

Teachers in some of the schools in Trashiyangtse have to stay late after school hours so that they can have access to average Internet speed. With a bandwidth subscription of 1Mbps, slow Internet speed is one of the major challenges faced by teachers at the Bumdeling lower secondary school. The …

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JDWNRH to improve the quality of care in PICU

Meningoencephalitis, an inflammation of the membranes of the brain and the adjoining cerebral tissue, is one of the main causes of deaths in children in the country, according to health officials. Mortality from meningitis or encephalitis in the country increased to 47 in 2016 from 28 in 2012. Of a …

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