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Seven men convicted for gold smuggling

Verdict: After five months of exhaustive court proceedings, the Paro district court yesterday sentenced seven Indian nationals to terms ranging from one and a half years to three years in prison for their involvement in two gold smuggling cases earlier this year.

Three Indians, including two gold carriers, were convicted of smuggling two kilograms of gold worth Nu 6.110M to their home country, India, by using Bhutan as “illegal trade route” on February 21 [... Read More]

The ground realities of land acquisition

IMG_2325At the conference: Land commission secretary consults home minister

Among others, the NLC secretary informed the dzongdas that compensation or substitution would hence be made before the Act

Conference: In what is pleasing news for landowners, the secretary of National Land Commission (NLC), Pem Chewang, said that henceforth substitute land should be identified and allotted or compensation made before the their land is acquired.

The secretary said this at the 21st dzongda conference, where officials from the commission met with dzongkhag administrators.

“Land commission will [... Read More]


A national malady: at what cost?

A strange thing is brewing at the nation’s backyard. The thing, however, is that no one has the knowledge of what it is, wherefrom it is born, and what it all means to the life of the nation.

This ignorance, willful or not, is dangerous. Our national wealth – young people – are increasingly losing hope and taking sad actions that could otherwise be easily prevented. Well, ours’ is a happy country, a welfare state that [... Read More]

Picture story

Lucrative: Farmers find a ready market for local produce as commuters wait for the traffic to open near Thinleygang between Thimphu and Punakha yesterday.


DT seeks gewog’s name change from Samrang to Doserling

DSC_5645What’s in a name : Samrang gup informs the tshogdu

Chiefly to distinguish it from its namesake across the border

Nomenclature: Following a request from Samrang gup to change the name of the gewog to Doserling, the Samdrupjongkhar dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) members unanimously agreed to it.

Samrang gup Man Bahadur Gurung informed members that villagers wanted a Dzongkha name, as Samrang being derived from Sanskrit, none of the villagers knew what it meant.

“Villagers are also not aware of how the village got the name,” the [... Read More]

Picture story

Twenty senior executives including Chief Executive Officers from DHI companies are attending a three-day workshop on leadership development, which began in Paro on August 12. Resource persons from Kianian Institute, a leadership coaching institute in Singapore is conducting the workshop that’s expected to build leadership talent pool in DHI companies to drive transformation of the companies into highly efficient and competitive entities.


Dzongdas – Point men in fight against corruption

IMG_5727ACC Chairperson Dasho Neten Zangmo interacts with dzongdas

Given that most cases from the dzongkhags stem from systemic weaknesses

Conference: Dzongdas have a big role to play in preventing corruption in the country, Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) commissioner, Kezang Jamtsho said at the 21st dzongda’s conference in Thimphu yesterday.

He said dzongdas are the bridge between the government and people.  They take plans and policies that government draw, to implement at the grassroots level, where people reside.

“Most of the corruption cases reported to [... Read More]

Chorten vandalism tops crime list for 2013

Police records show a spike in this particular offense in Trashigang and Trashiyangtse

RBP: Chorten vandalism, followed by battery cases, topped the list of crimes committed in the eastern districts of Trashigang and Trashiyangtse in 2013, records with Trashigang police show.

The two districts recorded 72 chorten vandalism cases last year from 43 the previous year.  This was followed by battery cases that were mostly related to domestic violence, which saw a marginal increase with [... Read More]

Orientation programme begins for 2,308 graduates

DSC_9524NGOP: Graduates at the opening ceremony in RIM,Thimphu

NGOP: With 2,308 graduates, the national graduates orientation programme (NGOP) began at the Royal Institute of Management in Semtokha, yesterday.

Themed, “becoming a better human being,” policy orientation, cultural orientation and personal development are the main components of the NGOP this year.  Various ministries and agencies will brief graduates on government policies and socio-economic issues.

At the opening yesterday, labour minister Ngeema Sangay Tshempo said that it was important for graduates to know the status [... Read More]

The bugbears of the mining business

Dzongdas draw attention to the problems that beset the sector 

Conference: Politicisation, unreasonable expectations from the community and favouritism are the biggest hurdles in the mining business, dzongdas pointed out, which, if not addressed, would barricade the government’s plan to establish a state mining corporation.

The issue was raised at the ongoing annual dzongda’s conference during their interaction with the Department of Geology and Mines (DGM), yesterday.

Samtse dzongda, Karma Weezir, who raised the issue, said, [... Read More]

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