Thursday , December 14 2017

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First batch of 13 cranes lands in Phobjikha

Wildlife: Flying all the way from Tibetan Plateau covering a distance of more than 200 kilometres, 13 black necked cranes - 11 adults and two juveniles landed in their winter habitat, Phobjikha in Wangdue, yesterday.

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Highway turned farm road

The slow and lingering progress of Samdrupcholing-Dewathang irks travellers and residents 

Connectivity: There is a highway that connects Samdrupcholing dungkhag to Dewathang, but the condition of the road is worse than a farm road, according to motorists that ply the road on a daily basis.

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Single engine helicopter is safe: govt

Service will be free in times of emergencies

Aviation: Common citizens affected by natural calamities and facing emergencies in the country will not be charged if the services of the government’s helicopter are required.

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Hawkers told to go

Business: Thimphu will no longer have people selling thukpa, momo and tea along the streets. Chief of Police, Brigadier Kipchu Namgyel, informed 43 hawkers yesterday that mobile business is illegal.

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Thimphu to get 18 new city buses

Transport: Eighteen more buses would add to Thimphu city bus fleet within the next six months, the information and communications minister DN Dhungyel said during the National Assembly’s question hour yesterday.

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Hydromet service comes of age

Weather forecasting and flood warning to be done in real time  Tech: June 28, 6:30pm. Lemthang tsho had burst. The lake at the source of Mochu above Laya had the Prime Minister and an entire monitoring team including the economic affairs minister gauging the situation from Thimphu.

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NA adopts eight recommendations to promote Dzongkha

Language: Following the directives from the last National Assembly (NA) session in May to review the shortage of Dzongkha language teachers in some Dzongkhags, the Social and Cultural Committee of NA presented a total of eight recommendations to the Parliament yesterday.

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Body of the drowned guide yet to be recovered

The search will continue today from 7.30 am

Update: The search team in Bumthang was not able to find the body of the 26-year-old guide who drowned in Mebartsho, Bumthang on November 4 despite a daylong search yesterday.

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Customs Bill to modernize customs administration

The bill will be discussed in the summer session of Parliament next year

Assembly: A separate Customs Act will be enacted as part of the government’s commitment to reform and modernize customs administration. This will mean the separation of the Customs portion from the Sales Tax, Customs and Excise Act 2000.

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Two men caught stealing flower saplings

Crime: Thimphu police caught a 56-year-old man and his ​cook, 29, stealing flowers from Doeboom Lam around 2:50am yesterday. Police said that the man who owns a hotel in Paro had come to Thimphu to buy pastries for a catering service yesterday.

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