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Blasting training for roads engineers and others

PIC_0013Bomb squad: Trainees ready explosives for their practical tests

Given the ubiquity of the activity, a need was felt to ensure it was safe, systematic, and controlled 

Blasting: Around 31 junior engineers and assistant engineers with the Department of Roads (DoR) from its nine regional offices across the country now have hands-on experience in safe, systematic, and controlled blasting.

The training, initiated by the department, concluded yesterday.  Along with the engineers, there were 18 trainees, who were already blasters but not certified as specialists.

During [... Read More]

Closing in on cheaper broadband

Countries in the region agree to set up working group for planned information superhighway

Internet: More affordable internet is one step closer for the Asia-Pacific, especially landlocked countries like Bhutan, after countries in the region agreed to set up a working group for a planned information superhighway, at the fourth session of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) ICT committee.

At the ESCAP ICT committee meet, held between [... Read More]

It’s either too little water or fear of too much

unnamed-9Drying up: Water sources in Wangdue are disappearing

While most farmers have run out of the resource, those in Punakha worry about overflowing lakes

Water: Of late, farmers of Rubesa village, in the central district of Wangduephodrang, are in search of new water sources for drinking and irrigation purposes.

Although water sources in the locality started drying up a few years ago, farmers did not  face acute water shortage like they do today.

This, according to the Rubesa gup, Gyeltshen, was because of timely [... Read More]

Judge open to out of court settlement

unnamed-7Waiting repair: Some houses in Gidawom allegedly cracked by blasting at the mines

The conflicting parties were offered a way out of an otherwise long drawn out affair

Gidawom: The legal battle between Gidawom community members and the four mines that operate above the villages has boiled down to two issues, the court stated, even though the parties continue to hurl numerous charges.

Thimphu district court’s bench II drangpon, while presiding over the evidence submission from the defendants on October 15, said the main issues of contention are [... Read More]

Company appeals against compensation verdict

Contract: Lama Industry, awarded a contract, which was later retracted, has appealed to the high court against Dagana dzongkhag administration’s tender committee.

The verdict, passed on September 12, required payment of compensation to Lama Industry.  For issuance of acceptance letter without proper verification, the dzongkhag tender committee had to pay Nu 17,143 as compensation, and Nu 7,500 (two months wage rate) for holding the performance security deposit for two months.

The company’s appeal letter to [... Read More]

Chengkari road in decrepit condition

unnamed-12Bumpy ride: Cracks and the potholes along the road have irked many

DoR: Barely three years after the road from the Indian border up to Chengkari in Nganglam was handed over to the Department of Roads (DoR), residents complaining about its poor quality.

The road, which is part of the Nganglam-Gyalpozhing highway, passes through Nganglam town to Chengkari, where the Dungsam Cement corporation limited (DCCL) is located, is damaged.

Road users say accidents occur on this road frequently because it is difficult to negotiate the numerous potholes [... Read More]

Norbuling’s non-functioning farm road

Tashiding: Three years after Norbuling chiwog in Tashiding, Dagana, was connected with a farm road, residents are yet to reap its benefits, as the farm road is not pliable.

The five-kilometre farm road, constructed in 2011, connects the village to the Sunkosh-Dagana highway.  But the road is pliable for only two kilometres from the highway.

The former Norbuling tshogpa, Thak Bahadur Rai, said people have to carry their goods on their backs even though there [... Read More]

White cane safety day observed in Khaling

unnamed-10Right of way: Visually impaired students and Khaling residents observed the day with a walk

An international day to pay tribute to the international symbol of blindness

Occasion: International day for “white cane safety” was observed by the Muenselling Institute in Khaling, Trashigang on October 15.

The white cane is an instrument used by the blind for walking.

To observe the day, students from the institute, Jigme Sherubling higher secondary school, and Khaling lower secondary school, visited the Rongthong Draktsho vocational centre.

In Rongthong, almost a hundred officials of various agencies joined [... Read More]

Couple convicted for criminal elopement

Crime: Tsirang dzongkhag court convicted a man for criminal elopement and sentenced him to one year and six months in prison.  The woman he eloped with was sentenced to six months in prison.

The defendant, Lok Bahadur Rai, 26, and the woman he eloped with, Suk Maya Rai, 32, are from Semdenjong village of Sergithang gewog.  They eloped to Gelephu in February this year after telling Suk Maya’s husband, Birkha Bahadur Rai, that she [... Read More]

The Begana community of senior citizens

IMG_4622Left behind: More than twenty abandoned elderly people have made Begana chorten their home

Left to fend for themselves, these old folks can do with whatever help is forthcoming 

Lifestyle: Like the elderly circumambulating the memorial chorten, about two dozen elderly men and women can be seen at the Begana chorten in the capital.

But unlike the elderly in the city, who return to their families in the afternoon, the elderly at Begana go back to their rat-infested huts, curtained by a thick forest, a few metres above the [... Read More]

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