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132 years sentence for real estate developer

However, a fine of Nu 5.973 million in lieu of the imprisonment term was allowed

Fraud: The Thimphu district court’s bench V yesterday convicted and sentenced a 40-year old real estate developer to 132 years and nine months in prison for committing various offenses, including tax evasion, fraudulent insolvency, forgery and breach of contract.

The proprietor of Sambhav Real Estate, Dechen Tshering, was found guilty in all three cases filed against him in connection with the transaction of flats with 12 buyers, and defaulting a loan with Bhutan National Bank (BNB).


Sipsu gewogs chip in for outpatient department

DSC_0555Sipsu hospital

GDG: Five gewogs of Sipsu dungkhag in Samtse contributed a total of Nu 1.5M (million) from their gewog development grant (GDG) for the construction of an outpatient department in the dungkhag.

The building that will have seven rooms is expected to ease the shortage of patient beds at the hospital in Sipsu, which has a history of recording a huge inflow of patients in summer.

The hospital has accommodated 10 beds in the corridors of its ground and top floors.

In 2014, the hospital had to admit 1,219 patients.  The hospital received a total of 148 patients in July, and 57 patients in December, last year.


Home ministry could ban sale of knives to youth

IMG_20150212_142525Police display weapons seized from youth in a press conference last month

But it will depend on a strong link being found between possession and use in violent crime

Law and Order: The home ministry is leaning towards banning sale of knives for youth under 18, as proposed by the police.

But on imposing a time curfew that would restrict youth from being on the streets after a certain hour, the ministry says the law already addresses the issue.

Both measures were proposed by the police, given rising incidents of youth crime involving weapons.

However, the home minister, Damcho Dorji, said that a ban on sale of knives would also depend on strong evidence linking them to violence. “There’s no reason why the state shouldn’t impose a ban on the sale of knives to children below the age of 18 if there’s overwhelming evidence that minors are putting themselves and the general public in harm’s way by arming themselves with dangerous weapons,” he said.


The labyrinth of copyright litigation

ap-boktoAp Bokto Picture courtesy: Athang Animation Studio

All too often, the burden of evidence falls on the victim of the intellectual property theft

Crime: Producer of animation film Ap Bokto, Karma Dhendup, is hunting for evidence to register a case with the police after the film, popular with children, was leaked about a month ago.

It is getting late for the producer. “The damage is already done, as the movie was made available on USB drive four months after its release,” he said.  But without concrete evidence of infringing copyright, he couldn’t register the case last week.

While the source of the leakage is suspected to be from his office, the producer suspects the film had gone viral after it was loaded in the servers of two organisations in Thimphu.  He refused to name the organisations.


Lapon denies embezzlement, admits tampering with witnesses

LHAKHANG KARPO: Of the two charges the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) framed against the site supervisor (lapon) of the Lhakhang Karpo conservation project, Lhab Dorji denied embezzling Nu 126,305 for 19 labourers.

Rebutting the charges, lapon Lhab Dorji submitted at the Haa district court that he issued receipts for the money collected and accounted for the same. “It’s not fair that someone, who hasn’t committed any offence, is charged for embezzlement,” Lhab Dorji said.


Nu 508 million remitted in 2014

Remittence: There was a small but increasing flow of remittances to Bhutan from Bhutanese working abroad, particularly in the US and Australia.

Non-resident Bhutanese remitted various currencies worth Nu 508 million (M) from January to December, 2014, according to the Royal Monetary Authority’s monthly bulletin of February. This was an increase of Nu 164M from Nu 344.6M in the previous year during the same period.

In other words, remittances increased by 47 percent last year. This also means that the number of Bhutanese citizens working abroad has increased significantly over recent years.


Online scholarship application saves time and money

The DAHE facility serves as an example for other online services in its ease of access and use 

G2C: Now into its third year, the Department of Adult and Higher Education’s (DAHE) online scholarship application service continues to save students and the department, time and money, and serves as an example of how other public services can be provided under the G2C (government to citizen) model.

A total of 755 applicants did not have to travel to Thimphu to apply for a scholarship, this year.

With no need to travel to the capital city, applicants were able to save on both costs and time.

If travelling all the way from Trashigang, transportation and accommodation costs can run into the thousands for the applicants.


Pilgrims are the biggest litterbugs

DSC07503An eyesore: Who is responsible for Taktshang’s growing garbage problem

Despite numerous cleanup campaigns, the trail to Taktshang remains strewn with trash

Tourism: From its base in Ramthangka until the monastery, the garbage strewn along the trail is evidence that the Taktshang monastery in Paro is one of the most visited destinations in the country.

Polythene bags, pet bottles and empty packets of packaged food litter the trail.  Three huge dustbins placed at different locations are overflowing.

Despite the recent cleanup by Clean Bhutan, a project initiated last year to advocate behavioural changes, the place still remains littered.

Project coordinator Nedup Tshering said people don’t take responsibility to empty the overflowing bins, let alone clean t

he trail. “The responsibility lies with the community but they don’t do it,” he said. “We’ve asked the community to inform the municipality after they bring down the waste.”


Reflections on the De-Suug Program

The De-Suung training has reinforced my respect and admiration for the dedicated services our military is providing in the service of our motherland. With just the basic remuneration, our military men and women appear to be a highly motivated unit, taking pride and equipped to perform at their peak within their respective ranks.


What will it take to civilise us?


A four-part tongue-in-cheek attempt to ferret out the distinctive features that validate an educated person

Part I

NB AT the onset that I treat the two terms ‘educated’ and ‘civilised’ as one and the same.  Still, it must be said, as a PS of sorts to that intro, that neither is civilised contingent on wealth, nor educated gauged by degrees.  IE: one need not be rich to be refined, or a graduate to be genteel.

And now that the mist over the semantics has been cleared, lets get straight to the heart of the matter. (more…)