Saturday, December 20th, 2014 - 11:08 AM
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Rabid-dog-bite child victim recovering

IMG_20131120_115348Kinzang Choden at the Dewathang military hospital

Also, the military hospital has not received any like cases since November 15

Dewathang: As a staff of the Dewathang military hospital approach her bed at the female ward, Kinzang Choden badgers her father, saying the injections she receives are more painful than the stitches on her face.

The eight-year-old, who was attacked on the face by a rabid dog, was one of the seven, who reported to the hospital after dog attacks.

Two dogs that [... Read More]

Picture story

The information and communications minister D N Dhungyel represented Bhutan at the Connect Asia-Pacific Summit, which was held on November 18 in Bangkok. Heads of state, ministers and industry leaders from the region attended the summit to push forward a common vision for an inclusive, development-centred and innovative digital society by 2020.
Photo and info courtesy :MoIC


Are we heading for a fiscal cliff of our very own?

With the external debt to GDP ratio at 97 percent, the prospect of insolvency can’t help but loom

Finance: If you have Nu 100 in your pocket, Nu 97 belongs to your friends and relatives you borrowed from, and to whom you are liable to pay back with interest.

This is the state of the Bhutanese debt situation today.

According to latest figures available with the central bank, the economy’s total debt stands at around Nu [... Read More]

Rehab to buy utility vehicle from funds raised

DSC_7371Volunteers perform at the clock tower in Thimphu as a part of the awareness program

TRCDAD: One of the major problems faced by the rehabilitation centre at Serbithang, about 15km from Thimphu town, was to transport patients, who got sick, to hospital.

They were also left in want of a ride, when some of those in rehab had to go for regular checkup, or when the centre had to carry out shopping.

The treatment and rehabilitation centre for drug and alcohol dependence (TRCDAD) has therefore decided to buy a new [... Read More]

Veterans are at it again

DSC_0064The match between Drukair and RBP veterans ends in a tie

Football: When most Thimphu residents are beating the cold in the comfort of their homes, more than 20 men, aged 35 and above, in shorts and sleeveless jersey, were sweating at the Changlimithang stadium last evening.

The ongoing veteran football tournament is an attraction for the so-called “old folks,” football aficionados within and around the capital every year.

It is not only an opportunity for them to talk about local football, but an occasion to [... Read More]

Pay should increase by minimum 21 percent

The figure was reached considering the last three year’s inflation that increased by 21 percent

Salary: While the pay commission the government recently established has yet to discern by how much civil servants’ salaries should be increased, local economists say it must be by a minimum of 21 percent of their existing pay scale.

The figure was reached considering that the inflation over the last three years increased by 21 percent. Pay hikes, as a [... Read More]

Reissue of lag thrams to be restricted

NLCS: To curb multiple land sales and mortgaging, the National Land Commission secretariat (NLCS) will now restrict the reissue of lag thrams  (land ownership certificates) to landowners.

Handing over new sa-thrams for 11 gewogs under Punakha dzongkhag to dzongkhag officials yesterday, commission secretary Dasho Sangay Khandu, said it was to close the window of controversy regarding land.

“In the past, landowners were given as many lag thrams as they requested for, paying just Nu 30 [... Read More]

Katsho villagers apply for sokshing lease

Conservation: Of late, people of Katsho gewog in Haa have been rushing to the dzongkhag forest office to acquire sokshing (woodlots) on lease.

About 50 people from the gewog had put in applications to take sokshing on lease.

Katsho Gup Chundu said some people in the locality were of the perception that once they took sokshing on lease, they would have ownership over the trees and stones in the area.

Villagers of a community as a [... Read More]

Picture story

PM meets Chinese ambassador: Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to New Delhi, Mr Wei Wei called on Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay at the Gyalyong Tshogkhang yesterday.
During the meeting, Lyonchhoen said people and the government of Bhutan valued and attached high importance to its relations with the people and the government of China.
Lyonchhoen also expressed his satisfaction on the growing [... Read More]


Living off one’s wits

Much to the appreciation of the 200 “entrepreneurs” and those waiting to become one, the prime minister when addressing the opening of the Global Entrepreneurship Week on Monday, announced a grand plan.

Not only is there a serious plan to boost entrepreneurship in the country, the Lyonchhoen had committed a huge fund, Nu1.9B, out of the government’s economic stimulus plan to restart the Business Opportunity and Information Centre through which entrepreneurship will be promoted. With the [... Read More]