Wednesday, July 30th, 2014 - 7:07 PM

Wangdue-Tsirang highway to reopen from 6am today

Sequence-02_2Risky: The sunken stretch near the Punatsangchu I dam site

The Wangdue-Tsirang highway, which closed to traffic at 7:30pm yesterday, after a section of the road near the Punatshangchu I damsite sunk, will reopen to traffic from 6am today.

A six-foot stretch of the road had sunk around 7km from the Wangdue zam (bridge).  Traffic was closed, foreseeing the risk to travellers at night.

Road safety officials said, if rain continues, a ridge alongside might collapse and fall at the dam site, which is being excavated to [... Read More]

Interim govt. completes its term

The first interim government formed after the country’s transition into a democracy and under the Constitution that was adopted in 2008, its chief advisor, in a press release yesterday said completed its 90 days successfully.

“Within the last 90 days of the interim government, as stipulated by the Constitution, the elections for the National Council and National Assembly were successfully held,” the press release stated. “On behalf of the interim government and the nation, it is [... Read More]

P/ling border gate sealed for 36 hours

IMG_7182Shut: People return after the gate was closed not knowing what to do

Just as the clock was about to strike 6pm last evening, a drama began to unfold at the Phuentsholing border gate, with pedestrians and vehicles trying to get in or out before the gates shut.

The Phuentsholing gate, the country’s main port of entry for trade and commerce with India, closed yesterday at 6pm because of the panchayat elections in the adjoining Indian district of Jalpaiguri, West Bengal.  It will re open at 6am on July [... Read More]

Bhutanese business seeks bigger role in hydropower development

Govt. should move beyond mere lip service to pvt. sector participation 

Business The conclave yesterday, organised by Enertia foundation, called ‘Hydro vision to improve private sector participation’ in terms of hydropower development in Bhutan fell short of the expectation of the Bhutanese private sector.

The meeting mostly provided a platform for Indian hydropower companies to market their products in Bhutan, a businessman said, outside the conference hall.

Indian companies, like Bharat Heavy Electrical limited (BHEL), which manufactures [... Read More]

Manang optimistic about winning King’s cup

DSC_0524Saved: Yeedzin makes an attempt in the first half

A win over the country’s national champion was a shot in the arm 

King’s cup A victory over the national champions Yeedzin FC and Nepal’s LHM Manang club is all poised to win the King’s Cup.

Manang club yesterday beat Yeedzin FC 3-1.

The match kicked off as usual and both teams had just begun testing their coordination on the field and teased each other’s defense in doing so.

But it took only nine minutes for the Nepalese [... Read More]

Party affiliated graduates can sit BCSE

RCSC: University graduates, who were associated with one of the political parties that contested the 2013 parliamentary elections as members can register for Bhutan Civil Service Examination (BCSE) and sit for the upcoming preliminary examinations.

This was in accordance with the royal decree His Majesty issued, that waived off requirement of three years “cooling off” period for the present lot, allowing them to sit for exams to join civil service.

With the Bhutan Civil Service [... Read More]

Inflation not diversion

vpharanVP Haran

Was reason for sudden spike in Bhutan’s subsidy levels, stated the Indian ambassador

Fuel: The Indian ambassador to Bhutan, VP Haran, has clarified that the sudden increase in the level of subsidy for LPG and kerosene consumed by Bhutan was mainly because of the increase in global oil prices between 2010 and 2012.

Reports in the Indian media had earlier hinted that the sudden increase in the subsidy bill, which the ministry of external affairs [... Read More]

P/ling gate sealed for Jalpaiguri panchayat elections

noticeNotice served

Earlier, the Jaigaon side had been closed for the general election over here

Border: Phuentsholing gates will be closed for vehicles as well as pedestrians once again, but this time for the conduct of elections across the border.

Phuentsholing dungkhag announced that the two gates would be closed from 6pm today until 6am on July 26 for security reasons during the panchayat election in Jalpaiguri district under West Bengal, India.

The decision comes after the dungkhag [... Read More]


Face off

The silly season of election has dissipated and, with it, hopefully, the heat all that friction generated.

We have a new elected government and a much bigger and experienced set of opposition this time to expect a sort of governance most of us wish would be one worth emulating in times to come.

Actually, there has just been a swap in the political parties to play the government and its opposition, besides the new candidates one witnessed [... Read More]

Picture story

No smoking: Signs go up walls and windows around Thimphu city yesterday