Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 - 10:46 AM
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30 Bhutanese undergo rare ear surgery

photoLinked In: Dr Wolfgang Wgitzsaecker, his wife, and the Bhutanese medical support team in Paro

A German surgeon performed the operation gratis on patients of eardrum infection

Health: About 30 Bhutanese received a type of ear surgery not usually available in Bhutan, in Paro, last week.

A German ear surgeon, Wolfgang Wgitzsaecker, provided the surgeries at no cost to the patients.  The surgeon also provided the equipment for the surgery and prostheses.

The type of surgery provided was for an ear disease that is caused by the eardrum being pierced or [... Read More]

Body found eight days after drowning

Police recovered a body of a 30-year-old man near Wangdue bridge on the evening of September 28.

The body was identified to be of a man from Shangana, Punakha, who had drowned in Mochhu on September 20. According to police, the man drowned near Changyul, Rimithang, when he was swimming across Mochhu, on September 20 morning.

“We are not sure whether he got exhausted or suffered a cramp while swimming,” police said.

Police said people nearby saw him [... Read More]

Yeedzin Vs. Phuentsholing game end 0-0

DSC_0860Free Kick: Phuentsholing FC mid-fielder’s failed attempt to beat the wall

The latter, short of a player in the second half, managed to hold against the former’s desperate attempts

Football: With just 10 players in the second half of the game, it seemed as though Phuentsholing FC wanted to make sure they disallowed their opponent from scoring a goal if they were on the disadvantage from doing the same.

The team did manage to hold the score line 0-0 against Yeedzin FC, in the seventh match [... Read More]

Power handouts to rural poor

MeetAround the table: Members of the Cabinet take questions from reporters at the second meet the press session yesterday

Electricity: The government, during its monthly meeting with the local media yesterday, said it is exploring the possibility of providing 100 units of electricity for free to the rural poor.

It is also studying the possibility of providing partial or full subsidy on electrical appliances such as rice cooker, curry cooker and water boilers to the same section of the population.  This means these items would either be provided free of cost or at [... Read More]

Foreign booze, a common cost-cutting theme

But the measures have no targets as has been the case with several circulars issued since 1985 

Austerity: All government agencies are ‘required voluntarily’ to come up with their own austerity measures by the end of this month for submission to the government, a finance ministry circular states.

The guidelines, which was issued for strict compliance and enforcement, according to the circular, is in line with the ‘government directives for austerity measures in controlling recurrent [... Read More]

Not a matter of if, but when

The govt. is committed to reopening the business but no timeline has been given

Lottery: The government reiterated its commitment to restart the Bhutanese lottery business in India, but is yet to specify when it would resume business.

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay said, at the second meet the press session yesterday, that Bhutan still has an agreement with the government of India that allows the sale of Bhutanese lottery in India.

“Selling lottery in India was [... Read More]

Meet the press II: Warming up to each other

So far, so good, things are more informal and less confrontational for now

Observation: Having been summoned almost an hour earlier, the energy the newspeople carried into the National Assembly conference room was starting to wear away.

The vigour, of course, automatically restored when the men in orange finally walked in.  Taking their seats among the media representatives, the prime minister and five ministers readied to take the questions while media representatives set their cameras [... Read More]


Mixed signals from economy

Several things about the Bhutanese economy are clear.

One, it is import driven, because it does not produce or produce enough of most of the things it consumes whether it is rice or fossil fuel.

Second, it is facing a shortage of the Indian Rupee (INR) because its rupee earning from hydropower and tourism and industries in the south is less than all the imports made from India.  Therefore, it has to borrow rupees from India to [... Read More]

Young lady to step into JYT’s shoes

Dechen-ZangmoDechen Zangmo

DPT has opted for a businesswoman to contest the vacant Nanong-Shumar seat 

By-election: A young businesswoman will represent Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) in the upcoming by-election of Nanong-Shumar constituency in Pemagatshel, if the election commission clears her nomination.

Dechen Zangmo, a mother of two, is in the process of finalising her registration requirements with the party, and clearing documents in preparation to contest the elections in November, the process for which will start early next [... Read More]