Sunday, October 26th, 2014 - 7:50 AM
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Police investigate explosives death

Accident: Police in the eastern district of Mongar are investigating the death of a 37-year old man, who died from an explosion on the evening of September 29.

The incident occurred around 6pm at a place called Geshiwang near the banks of Gongrichu (Drangmichu) river.  It is suspected that the man was trying to throw the explosive into the river to catch fish, but it exploded in his hand killing him on the spot.  [... Read More]

Picture story

The ambassador of the Republic of Austria (right), Bernhard Wrabetz, and the ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, Hüseyin Muftuoglu, presented their credentials to His Majesty The King at the Tashichhodzong yesterday. They also called on the prime minister later in the day.


The fuelwood paradox

There is reason to be happy in knowing that firewood or fuelwood consumption in Bhutan, which is one of the highest in the world, is decreasing.

Bhutan is known for its environment conservation policy, and it does not bode well when we are up there with countries without sound environment regulations as the highest firewood consumer.  With an ambitious programme to electrify all households in the country by the end of this year, it will only [... Read More]

Welcoming the cranes to their winter habitat

craneFor the long legged visitors: Clearing the artificial ponds in Phobjikha

Artificial roosts are being readied for the incoming guest-birds

Wildlife: With the endangered black-necked-cranes expected to arrive in another two weeks at their winter roosting grounds in Bhutan, work is underway in Phobjikha valley to welcome the birds that are considered a harbinger of good luck.

At Wangdue district’s Phobjikha valley, one of the two winter roosting grounds in Bhutan, the Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN) yesterday cleared the wild grass covering the [... Read More]

Spreading the largesse of the tourism golden goose

Focus has shifted to developing the east in a bid to attract more tourist footfalls

TCBS: To distribute the benefits of tourism, the Tourism Council of Bhutan Secretariat (TCBS) is working on developing eastern Bhutan, one of the least explored regions in the country, as a tourist hotspot in the coming years.

TCBS officials said that special intervention strategies in the 11th Plan, such as incentives to tour operators taking more tourists to the east [... Read More]

Weeklong brownout in SJ

IMG_0621BPC office in Samdrupjongkhar town

Power officials said this was being done to restore damaged electric poles and transmission lines heavy rain cause this monsoon

Power: Erratic power supply during monsoon is what Samdrupjongkhar residents live with, knowing it is unavoidable, but not post monsoon brownouts.

After monsoon is when residents are happy about power supply stabilising.

However, Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) has notified through local media of power cut in Dewathang and Samdrupjongkhar beginning September 28 between 8am and 5pm.

Power [... Read More]

Devotees leave in droves for drupchen at Singye Dzong

pressureFit as a fiddle: A Singye dzong pilgrim gets his blood pressure checked by a health official to make sure he is fit for the three-day hike

Blessings:Kinzang Choden, 55, from Dewathang in Samdrupjongkhar was one of the happiest persons on earth yesterday when health officials checked her blood pressure and cleared her for a trip to Singye Dzong in Lhuentse.

She will join hundreds others who will hike up to the sacred place in next three days.

Kinzang Choden had reached Khoma in Lhuentse yesterday, where health officials carried out checkups to determine if individuals were fit for the hike.

“Even with [... Read More]

Man dies from wasp sting

Death: A 23-year-old man from Khomshar village in Zhemgang died last morning after killer wasps stung him on October 1.

The deceased and a friend were on their way to the forest to collect fodder when the incident occurred. The friend, Sangay Khandu, 33, said he and the deceased were engrossed in a conversation and didn’t see the wasp hive above the footpath they were treading. He said he saw two wasps, probably the [... Read More]

Mixed results in Rameytey farmers’ cooperative’s first year

photoPadam Badhur checks his seedlings

While the vegetable yield was good, the returns from sales were disappointing

Agriculture: Farmers in Rametey under Phuentsholing gewog saw a good vegetable yield this year, after the formation of a cooperative last year, following shortage of rupee in the country.

With an increase in vegetable productions, they are now working on establishing a proper market.

The agriculture ministry had encouraged farmers to grow vegetables locally to curb import from India that saw a substantial outflow [... Read More]


The dynamics of satisfactory under performance

Now a days most of the Indian companies who were in the various businesses in last two decades, have already started realizing a steady decline in their physical and financial performances and some of them even have gone for corporate debt restructuring, realizing the fact that survival of the businesses is not possible in the near future.

Let us look back and analyze the reasons of such decline in the performances of the companies and broadly, [... Read More]