Saturday, January 31st, 2015 - 12:28 AM
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Pay raise implications on inflation, entrepreneurship

Yesterday’s headlines announced that the promised pay raise for civil service is anything but certain. If the government is serious about kick-starting the private sector and encouraging entrepreneurship, giving indiscriminate handouts to civil servants will be a counterproductive measure.

The Pay Commission, which has been established has a carefully worded remit with some clear guidelines. Among these, commissioners are cautioned that “Increases should largely be met through cost cutting and other measures by streamlining government expenditures.” [... Read More]


No GLOF in winter, a wrong Siren

Untitled1Fragile moraine holding Tshokar of Singye Dzong, Lhuentse

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the international scientific agency, in its successive research reports, is confirming climate change from historical anthropogenic emissions. The intensity and pace is said to be accelerating. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) recognizes mountain ecosystems as vulnerable areas. The Seventh session of the Conference of Parties (COP7) of the UNFCCC held in Marrakesh, Morocco gave opportunity to Least Developed Country (LDC) members to develop and [... Read More]

Pay raise not a done deal

Above all, the Pay Commission must ensure that current expenditure does not exceed govt. revenue

Salary: The reviews on salary and benefits of public servants the Pay Commission is carrying out will not necessarily result in a raise, officials said.

“Everybody is expecting upward revision, but whether we can really meet the expectations is a big question,” commission’s chairperson, Druk Green Power Corporation managing director Dasho Chhewang Rinzin said.

The commission, which has entered into the [... Read More]

What of mothers coming in conflict with law?

Especially those that come with babies to breast-feed  

Law: A 33-year-old mother, sentenced to six years in prison, is not only worried about her two sons she had to part with, but also about bringing up her six-month-old baby in prison.

Paro court had convicted her for impersonation and forgery in June this year, but was granted maternity leave of six months.

The woman was asked to report to the court on December 30.

“While my [... Read More]

Home truths about intimate partner violence

Victims of abuse more liable to report miscarriages and induced abortions

NCWC: Women, who are victims of violence, were more likely to report miscarriages and induced abortions than those who aren’t.

This was one of the main findings of a recent study on the ‘situation of violence against women in Bhutan’ by the National Commission for Women and Children (NCWC).

About seven in 100 women, who were pregnant, were likely to be physically abused during pregnancy, [... Read More]


Golden goose chase

The road safety authority is coming down hard on those who have not changed ownership of second hand vehicles sold or bought.  The announcement alarmed many.

If a quarter of the total vehicles in the country have changed hands, but not transferred the ownership, it is a lapse on the part of the authority.  There is a standing rule saying ownerships should be changed within 15 days of the transaction.  While there is no up to [... Read More]

The latest on the overseas employment front

If agencies speed up their paperwork, the first batch of workers can leave within a month

Jobs: If overseas employment agencies can submit all the required documents and proposals and speed up registration, the labour ministry would be able to send the first batch of workers overseas in the next few weeks, according to labour ministry officials.

About 1,000 jobseekers have already expressed interest in the “overseas employment program,” labour officials said.  The ministry is [... Read More]

Fee revision for companies listed under stock exchange

The revision takes effect in January 2014

RSEBL: The country’s only stock market, Royal Securities Exchange will be revising listing fees for companies listed under it to meet its operational expenses.

A listing fee is a charge a company paid to the stock exchange, which listed the company’s shares in the exchange so it could be officially traded in the market.

The new fees will be based on the strength of a company’s paid up capital, [... Read More]

56 students for 9th PYPP

IMG_0994Ninth batch: Student participants with Drangpon Tashi Dorji at the city police station in Thimphu

A 15-day initiative to involve young people in a productive way during winter vacation 

RBP: Fifty-six school going students are participating in the ninth phase of police youth partnership program (PYPP) that started in the capital yesterday.

The 15-day program will orient students on community police, crime prevention, child rights, drug education, fire and traffic safety, first aid and emergency responses and driglam namzha, among others.

The Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) initiated PYPP in 2008, as [... Read More]

Engaging locals in community development

Such initiatives is also expected to instill a sense of ownership over services provided to  communities

CSC: To engage people in planning, monitoring and evaluating development activities in their own communities is to empower them.

Taking this on board, Anti-Corruption Commission officials with a consultant from India are conducting a weeklong training on the use of Community Score Card (CSC) for 21 participants representing the government, civil society organisations, training institutes, private sector, media and [... Read More]