Thursday, January 29th, 2015 - 12:10 AM
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Substantial increase in course fees

The institute, though, says these are actual charges sans concessions given till now

RIM: A business graduate from Gaeddu College, Dophu Tshering, was recently taken aback when he learnt the course fee for post-graduate diploma in financial management (PGDFM) at the Royal Institute of Management (RIM), for those who wish to pay, had more than doubled for the upcoming session.

The fees for post-graduate diploma in national law (PGDNL) and PGDFM, where interested university graduates, [... Read More]


Signs of today, caution for tomorrow

The fear of vacant households (gungtong) in the villages, emanating from rural-urban migration, was one the country always had more than a decade ago.

Balanced development, in that taking modern amenities that came with country’s progress was seen as a possible solution to this problem then, which in absence of any today, continues to be still.

Today, many villages have been connected with farm roads, the lifeline, as villagers in the once remote parts of the country [... Read More]

Leadership course on the lines of desuup program

leadership-program-5The two week long leadership program began at the Tenchholing military training centre yesterday

For the first time, under royal command, will such a training be conducted at Tencholing

Scout: With their white full sleeved shirts tugged into white cotton trousers and wearing red berets, 102 students from western dzongkhags of Punakha, Wangdue, Paro, Haa and Thimphu are undergoing a leadership program for scouts that began at the Tencholing military training centre in Wangdue yesterday.

A first of its kind in the country, the two-week long program is aimed [... Read More]

Keeping students engaged

IMG_8434Students participate in a reading session, one of the winter activities organised at the Nazhoen Pelri

Youth: More than 250 students from across the country gathered at Nazhoen Pelri in Thimphu to utilise their winter break “innovatively and productively”.

One of them was Kinley Dorji, 15, from Nobding Lower Secondary School in Wangduephodrang, who had joined to keep his reading interest alive during the break.

Choing Yangsel, seven, from Early Learning Centre said she was there to improve her reading skills.

A minimal registration fee of Nu 100 was charged for students [... Read More]

The citizen’s report card

A tool to gather popular feedback on service providers is in the making

Governance: If it works out well, it will basically serve as a report card on the performance of agencies, including government, which people have rated.

Calling it  citizen report cards (CRCs), the idea is to have a tool in place to address “governance deficit” by way of getting citizen’s feedback on a particular service provider.

For now, organised by department of local government [... Read More]

Writer’s workshop for content development

curriculum-workshopBrainstorming: Experts deliberate on improving contents of Dzongkha texts

Dzongkha: Experts in the country have come together to work on improvising the Dzongkha curricula for classes VII to XII that will have a “better content”.

The team of about 16 from Dzongkha Development commission, education ministry, education monitoring and support division and Dzongkha teachers from schools are working on it by debating, deliberating and making presentations on different topics.

Called the writer’s workshop for content development that started from December 20, the team in [... Read More]

Diverted Chamkharchhu threatens downriver fields

IMG_6620Loss: The diverted river has washed away portions of paddy field

A ‘promised’ Gabion wall is yet to be built and farmers fear for their holdings

Chamkharchhu: With the Chamkharchhu slowly eating into paddy fields, farmers, who own fields along the river, are worried that their fields will be washed away, if river protection work is not carried out soon.

Five landowners in the area claim that about 20 decimals each were washed away by the river since 2010, after the river was diverted towards the [... Read More]

PM accepts petition

IMG_0283Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay receives the petition from Chithuen Phendey association president Ugen Tshechup Dorji in presence of staff and volunteers of the association yesterday.

Traffickers: The prime minister accepted the petition bearing signatures of 13,400 individuals that sought harsher penalty for drug traffickers, at his office in Thimphu yesterday.

“The government will, as soon as possible, invest in development of human resources, establishing facilities for treatment and rehabilitation, and amend laws to help address drug issues,” Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay said.

In receiving the thick file from Ugen Tshechup Dorji, president of Chithuen Phendey association (CPA), lyonchhoen said, although [... Read More]

Paro-Bangkok fares bottom out

IMG_3703The coming of Bhutan Airlines benefitted travellers

Competition between airlines has given passengers something to smile about

Aviation: Air travellers are reaping the benefits of competition on the popular Paro-Bangkok sector.

Airfares currently available to Bhutanese travellers, while discounted, given the tourist off-season, are at an all time low.

National airline Drukair is charging Nu 10,500, exclusive of taxes, for a round trip economy class ticket to Bangkok from Paro.

A ticket with private airline Bhutan Airlines (Tashi Air) is going for Nu 10,399, [... Read More]

Bhutan in numbers

From the National Statical Bureau’s statistical yearbook, 2013