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Mipham’s Dialectics and the Debates on Emptiness


To be, not to be or neither

Review: Karma Phuntsho is a Bhutanese scholar, who is already well known in the Tibetan monastic colleges of India, Nepal and Bhutan as a teacher and as the author of some widely used and well respected text books.

It was only after completing his training and graduating with the highest degree of khenpo from Namdroling, the leading Nyingmapa monastic college in India, that Karma Phuntsho began his second [... Read More]

Thimphu City defeats Ugyen Academy 4-2

DSC_1023Squeezed mid-air: City defenders and goalie take the Ugyen Academy striker head on which resulted in a penalty shoot out.

Football: Thimphu City FC beat Ugyen Academy FC 4-2 yesterday in the Coca-Cola national league at the Changlingmethang stadium.

The two teams tested oneothers defence since the start of the game until the 20th minute when City’s Raju opened the score.

While Thimphu City with their frequent short passes were constantly trying to penetrate inside the box, Ugyen Academy’s run along the side lines time and again threatened the city’s defence around the corners.

Ugyen Academy [... Read More]

Sarpang tops regional sports meet

stds-with-trophiesAward ceremony: Nine schools took part in the meet

Schools: Sarpang emerged on top in the regional sports meet in Drujeygang, where nine schools from Sarpang, Dagana and Tsirang competed in football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis and chess over the weekend.

Boys of Damphu HSS won the football defeating Gelephu HSS in the final.  In the girl’s category, Dagana’s Geserling MSS defeated Mendrelgang MSS in the final.

Sarpang’s Kuendrup HSS (private school) won the volleyball (boys), while Sarpang HSS won the girl’s trophy.

Boys [... Read More]

Picture story

The Javins were chasing the Transformers to close their three-point lead until the final five minutes. Transformers paid for the fouls it committed and Javins grabbed the lead in the last three minutes ending the game 73-69.

Mangdechhu’s additional Nu 780M financial implication

Audit: The 720MW Mangdechhu hydroelectric project authority in Trongsa incurred additional financial implications of Nu 780M due to major changes in the detailed project report (DPR) during execution of the project.

This was reflected in the joint audit report on accounts and operations of the project, which was submitted to its chairman, economic affairs minister Norbu Wangchuk last month.

An audit team from the director general of audit, Kolkata, representing the Comptroller and Auditor General [... Read More]

Waiting for GoI

The govt. has yet to get started on its plans as funds are still to arrive

Budget: The government has not yet received funds from India for the economic stimulus plan or the 11th five-year plan, which kicked off on July 1 this year.

This means that capital works of the 11th Plan might begin only some time next year, considering that it takes between four to six months to float tenders after funds are [... Read More]

Documents show Education City land was legally approved

Land commission secretary stands his ground saying formalities the rules prescribed were not fulfilled

Land: Contrary to land commission official’s earlier statement that the 1,000-acre land identified for the Education City project was illegal, documents with other relevant agencies show otherwise.

Land commission secretary Dasho Sangay Khandu some time last month said the commission did not approve the 1,000-acre land and that the commission was not informed about the project.

But officials working on the project [... Read More]


Getting off to a slow start

In recent days, word is that the government is broke.  Too broke to even pay salaries and travel claims of civil servants on official tours.

Fixed line telephones of some government agencies did play the familiar tune and voice when disconnected.  This, for some, was proof that coffers were empty.

All this talk and speculation is linked to donor funds flowing into the country for the 11th Plan, particularly from India, Bhutan’s largest and most important development [... Read More]

Handel in Bhutan

operaRe-creation: A scene from the rehearsal of Acis and Galatea, the opera set to premier on October 12 at the Royal Textile Academy, Thimphu.

An opera by the composer gets a Bhutanese makeover on 2nd anniversary of royal wedding

Opera: In a brightly lit room at the royal textile academy (RTA) in Chubachu, Thimphu, 11 instrumentalists from different parts of the world are seated on plastic chairs, eight with violins in hand.  The conductor gestures and a synchronised tune fill the room.

The melody is interrupted.  The conductor, with a distinct Italian accent, talks to the head violinist for [... Read More]