Sunday, November 23rd, 2014 - 6:00 PM
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Mt. Jomolhari festival to be held annually

IMG_3553Students perform traditional dance wearing “snow leopard caps” Bhutan Foundation and Snow Leopard Conservancy gifted

This was decided following feedback from particants of the festival and interest people of the local community showed

Festival: It was a gala occasion, particularly for residents of the northern community who were joined by tourists, government officials and those of the tourism industry, this first Jomolhari mountain festival.

The two-day festival that ended on October 24 was held at the Jhomolhari base camp at Dangochong where people of Soe Yutoe and Soe Yaksa performed [... Read More]

Nearest gas station, not near enough

dagapella-station-free-during-daytimeDagapela gas station

Civil servants and businessmen are most inconvenienced by the almost 45km drive to nearest fuel station

Fuel: Dagana town residents have to drive almost 90km, to and fro, for about two hours over steep hills, narrow roads that is riddled with zigs, to fuel cars.

That is almost like driving between Thimphu and Paro, only short of slightly over 10km but driving almost an hour more.

Dagana town residents drive to Dagapela, where the closest fuel [... Read More]


Motivation can make a mule dance

Teacher motivation and morale in Bhutan

Behind every famous face lies an unsung hero, i.e. a teacher who has provided the inspiration and motivation for success in life. Even an ordinary person reaches a peak in his/her respective field by virtue of his or her education and deeds, which are necessarily modeled and tailored by a teacher.

Teachers are arguably the most important group of professionals in any nation building. Teaching force being education system’s most important [... Read More]

Picture story

Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay awards, last evening, the rolling trophy to Lt Col. Shishir Bhardwaj, the net winner in the AWP 2nd Royal Wedding Anniversary golf tournament.
A total of 103 golfers took part in the tournament played over the weekend at the RBG golf club in Dechencholing, Thimphu.

Final draft on stimulus plan

ESP: A task force, instituted soon after the government was formed, to recommend how to stimulate the economy, will submit their final draft to the government next week.

According to the draft, the first phase of stimulating the economy would involve injecting banks with Rs 2.1B  in the form of capital infusion and subordinate debts. (For details see graph).

Finance minister Namgay Dorji said everything is in its final stage, even the money to be [... Read More]

Grilling the grads

RCSC: How do you interview 1,498 university graduates for nine days?  What do you ask each of them?

The royal civil service commission (RCSC) has handpicked 75 officials above the chief and deputy chief level in the civil service to interview the 1,498 graduates vying for the 538 posts in the civil service.

They have been divided into 15 committees, each consisting of five members including a chairperson, who holds an executive post.  The interviews [... Read More]

Destination Australia

Down Under has become a magnet for Bhutanese wishing to pursue further studies

Education: After almost waiting for an hour, Wangmo, dressed in a bright-coloured kira with matching purple tego, gets to walk into the office located at the clock tower premises that resumes after lunch.

Once seated in front of the so-called agent, she fires off numerous questions, all aimed at one destination – Australia.

Wangmo is at Ugyen Pee education consultancy to browse options [... Read More]


The Aussie experience

The talk of the town for the past several weeks has been about the growing number of Bhutanese heading off to Australia to further their education.

In day-to-day conversations, numbers are generally rattled off to indicate a sort of exodus.

Examples are the long lines waiting to get medical clearances, people in all sectors resigning to do the paperwork and running around, half the Drukair flight to Bangkok full of people heading for Down Under.

For Bhutanese, Australia [... Read More]

The pledge to the indigent old

IMG_4022Gae Norbu spends his day in front of the old Nagtsang

The PDP promise to house the aged is one that is timely and much anticipated

Society: Gae Norbu, in his late 80’s, is lying down on a step of stone slabs at the old locked up Nagtsang in Phongmey, a gewog in northern Trashigang.

Resting against a pillow made from a sack, feebly seated on a dusty old mat sewn from tattered clothes, he chants prayers.

Gae Norbu spends time alone at that spot almost everyday [... Read More]