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Picture story

Fifteen nuns of the thirty three from Kila Gonpa in Paro will be the first batch from government run anim shedra to appear the Dratshang board examinations this year.

Awaiting experts to examine ceiling collapse

ceilingLecture theatre: Remains of the ceiling

A lecture theatre ceiling made of rock wool fell on empty chairs, which otherwise seated 150 students on May 3

Students of Institute of Language and Cultural Studies in Taktse, Trongsa are disappointed over being disallowed from using their auditorium.

The students normally look forward to their weekend extra-curricular activities in the auditorium.

There is nothing wrong with the auditorium, but it is the ceiling, made of the same material as that of the lecture theatre, which collapsed [... Read More]

Giant Guru statue due for completion this year

statuteRains have hampered the works on the construction of Guru Nangsey Zilnoen in Takila

Construction of the enormous bronze statue of Guru Rinpoche in the form of Guru Nangsey Zilneon in Takila, Lhuentse, is expected to complete this year.

The 154-ft tall statue is seated on a 38-ft high lotus-base on a hill in Takila, overlooking Tangmachu village in Menbi gewog.

More than 35 skilled workers are working to meet the deadline, some busy with the interior work and some on the statue, but the rains have been hampering their, work [... Read More]

At the helm in the interim

The acting govt. issues an order listing its functions until the elected govt. takes office

Completion of the 10th plan, while developing the 11th, and mobilising aid and other financial assistance from foreign entities would be some of the responsibilities the interim government would assume.

Apart from that, ministries and other agencies will continue signing memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with foreign governments and agencies, especially those that the previous government approved.

[... Read More]

Keeping them apolitical?

Civil servants have been ordered to stay put during the campaign period

The interim government yesterday issued an order to secretaries of various ministries, advising civil servants not to plan travel within the country during the election process that has begun for the National Assembly.

It said civil servants’ tours should be postponed until the election was over and that, if a tour was unavoidable, an approval of the interim government should be sought.

The order cited section [... Read More]


Archery federation to choose best eight


The Bhutan Archery Federation (BAF) will conduct a two-week intensive course from May 11 this month for the 100 candidates who were short listed from Winter Coaching Camp last winter.

Some 1,100 people participated in the winter camp. Of the 70 boys and 30 girls shortlisted, more than half would be eliminated in the first week based on their performance. The high scorers would progress onto the second week.

By the end of the course, only the [... Read More]

All parties submit letters of intent to contest the primary round

The clock on the wall struck five minutes to deadline and, with two political parties yet to show up, media personnel waiting in the election commission director’s chamber grew apprehensive, as well as excited.

It almost had them thinking that probably it could be just the three political parties, who filed in their letters of intent earlier, that Bhutan would see in the primaries.

Meanwhile, in another room, a team of election officials had started working on [... Read More]

Importance of social capital

The group phenomenon is like a panacea to a slew of problems, according to the report 

Social capital allowed for higher levels of growth, poverty alleviation, access to services, welfare promotion, and maximising happiness, according to the Bhutan Living Standard Survey (BLSS) 2012 report.

Social capital is defined as networks, groups or relationships between people formed to enable collective action for common benefit.

The survey took three forms of social capital: structural social capital that is membership in [... Read More]

Three bodies in two days

A 23-year-old man died on the spot around 9:40pm, when an Alto-taxi he was travelling in hit a culvert and toppled on May 4, while another passenger and the driver escaped unhurt.

The incident occurred at Rurichu, on the Wangdue-Tsirang highway, around 20km from Bajo town.

Medical report stated that the deceased sustained multiple fractures on the skull and excessive bleeding.  Police said the deceased was crushed and dragged, when the car toppled about three times before [... Read More]

A complete DCT


Druk Chirwang tshogpa managed to ready all its 47 candidates just in time for the party to file in letter of intent yesterday.

While they were left with just eight candidates before completing the list, they had to replace candidates of two other constituencies. As such, the party revealed 10 new candidates yesterday.


Norbu Gyeltshen

Having served as the president of the student body while studying in Sherubtse, the party’s 29-year-old candidate from  Nanglam Decholing constituency in Pemagatshel [... Read More]