Saturday , August 1 2015
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  • Aviation

    Relocation of air force camp finalised

    … the move has been welcomed by the two airlines as it will mean a larger apron and enhanced safety on the ground

    Aviation: Bringing to an end an almost decade long process, the relocation of the Air Force Element (AFE) camp of the Indian Military Training Team (IMTRAT) at Paro international airport has been finalised.

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Quash trial court decision, dismiss case

Speaker’s defence counsel said while the appellant followed the set criteria, ACC failed to on its part by prosecuting the case   National Assembly speaker Jigme Tshultim, his legal counsel at the High Court yesterday said did not have to respond to the charges Anti-Corruption Commission pressed against him. The ...

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Food security for the monastery

Without a road, older monks of Phajoding monastery, which overlooks Thimphu valley, take turns to come down to Thimphu town on weekends to do grocery shopping and transport it manually and on horses. The uphill walk takes at least three hours. “We don’t even get to eat them fresh, because ...

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Committee members’ hearing closed


Agreeing they were going over the same arguments they did at the Mongar court, both  Gyalpoizhing  plot allotment committee members’ legal counsel and Anti-Corruption Commission’s representative at the High Court requested to close further hearings. The High Court will pass its judgment on the case based on the evidences and ...

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Bhutanese woman stabbed to death in Jaigaon

A 29-year-old woman from Haa succumbed to stab injuries in Phuentsholing hospital around 3am last Saturday. She had suffered a major injury on her abdomen, following an incident that took place in front of her apartment in the “Chinese line” of Jaigaon, the adjacent Indian border town. Police said the ...

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First time candidate and incumbent neck and neck in Chukha

One can already predict that Chukha, with a voter population of over 21,000, is up for a tough race this council election. The dzongkhag’s two candidates, incumbent Tshewang Lhamo from Bjachog gewog pitched against Pema Tenzin from Chapcha, with a business administration background, had come out equally strong during the ...

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Haa debate provides some drama

The electorate have a good mix of young and old to choose from Haa witnessed a comparatively vibrant public debate last night, when its four candidates, a good mix of young and old, went for “confident” presentations, one after the other. A good command of the language, the candidates talked ...

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The bill for the NC ballot

Going by the scope, it could be on a slight higher side as compared to the first council election The election commission released slightly over Nu 8.7M as election campaign fund for the National Council candidates last week. The candidates, 67 of them, were entitled to Nu 130,000 each, the ...

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Picture story

Blood pressure – take control: Bhutan observed World Health Day yesterday in Punakha dzong by screening more than 400 people for hypertension. Of the 319 monks from the Zhung dratshang, 71 were found to be at high risk or vulnerable to suffer from non-communicable diseases. Photo : Health Ministry

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Security measures come into play at Samtse

Restriction of movement of people and vehicles imposed from nine pm to five am With about two weeks to Council poll day, the southwestern border district of Samtse has tightened internal security, by restricting movement of people and vehicles from nine pm to five am. The restriction will be implemented ...

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“Our final objective is to form the government”


With a focus on building a “strong and prosperous middle class family, starting from the grassroots”, Druk Chirwang Tshogpa was the second of the new political parties to seek registration in November last year.  Lily Wangchuk  became the first woman to lead a political party, by formally becoming its president.  Kuensel spoke ...

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To vote or not to?

Some indications are that voter turnout will be higher this second time around Holding her three-month-old on her lap, she hitched a bus ride from Thimphu that cold winter morning. With her husband, who was working as a driver, staying back for work, there was no one to help her ...

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Bhutan steps up but still below

The country’s human development index is still below the regional average Bhutan ranks 140 in human development in 2012, a step up from the previous year out of 187 countries in the medium development group, the Human Development Report, 2013, which was launched yesterday in Thimphu stated. However, its human ...

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  • The new dispensation

    It was busy yesterday (Friday), with Thimphu residents engaging in another round of exchange of goodwill and offering of khadars, as a new group of officers take up important posts in the government and constitutional offices.

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  • Living in new times

  • A safe haven

My Country, My Town

  • Waifs but well fed ones: Either these pups have a guardian angel or there’s a butcher nearby Photo by Yash Wangchuk, Gelephu
  • From wheel to wall: A bicycle ringer finds a more static use in the form of a makeshift doorbell Photo by Bidur Rai, Mountain Hazelnut, Risrrbu, Wamrong
  • Shooting the messenger: An electric fence and a signboard mutilated by those shocked by the former Photo by Janga Bdr MoAF, Yusipang, Thimphu
  • The old and the mule: Both the taxi and the ass do not belong any longer on the road Photo by Arjun Subba, Kheyrig Institute