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Awaiting the pay raise

There is a lot of expectation, suspense and speculation among civil servants with the Pay Commission’s report now resting with the government.

Will there be a raise? How much will be the raise? Will we get housing allowance? When will it come into effect? These are some of the burning questions on civil servants’ mind even as they wait for the government to review the report and make the final decision.

The government and the Pay Commission [... Read More]

Lack of control ups price beyond MRP

Trade: Customers in Bumthang pay more than the than the maximum retail price (MRP) for most commodities, which shopkeepers say is due to rising transportation cost.

From groceries to toys to cosmetics, residents say they end up paying Nu 2 to 10 more than MRP.

But it’s not just shops in Bumthang that charge more than MRP.

A Thimphu resident Karma Yangchen said she heard shopkeepers weren’t allowed to charge more than the MRP. “I always [... Read More]

Two percent less to vegetable sufficiency

Vegetables: The country may be far from achieving food self-sufficiency, but it has today achieved 98 percent vegetable self-sufficiency.

From producing 44,650MT of vegetables in 2011 or 79 percent self-sufficiency, it has increased to 56,756MT in 2013.

The country also exported 2,822MT of vegetables in 2013, which amounts to Nu 53M. Export figure in 2012 was Nu 36M (2,088MT), Nu 16M (973MT) in 2011.

Cabbage, carrot, pea, radish, green chilli and beans were among the top [... Read More]

Weighbridge weighs heavy on truckers

pic-a-truckAt present truckers have the option to weigh or not

Transport: If the Phuentsholing thromde finds the weighbridge a bottleneck for the smooth flow of traffic, truckers want it to be done away with or increase the load trucks are allowed to carry today.

The bridge is seen as a hurdle to their business. If they have to follow the maximum weight rule, they would not make ‘any” profit, they claim. And they want to carry more than what the rule permits to “make [... Read More]

Picture story

The Wheaton College of Massachusetts, USA, renewed their academic partnership with the Royal Thimphu College (RTC) last week with the signing of a memorandum of understanding. Ten RTC students will visit Wheaton College every year for a two-week study program starting spring next year. The academic association between the two colleges began in 2010. About eight to 12 Wheaton students study [... Read More]

Druk United FC 4 – U-18 1

IMG_0968Sonam Yoezer scores Druk United FC’s second

Football: Druk United FC defeated U-18 4-1 in the Thimphu ‘A’ division league tournament yesterday.

A quick goal in the first half did not help the U-18. Minutes before the whistle, Druk United FC scored its fourth goal against the U-18.

The loss is U-18’s second in the tournament.

It was Druk United’s Diwash Subba who scored at the 60th minute and changed the game. Sonam Yoezer added one more, followed quickly by Thinlay Dorji.

The visibly tired U-18 [... Read More]

Picture story

Not school examination: Civil servants, corporate and private employees sit the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test at Kelki school on Saturday. Institute for Management Studies, an authorized centre for IELTS conducted the test.


[... Read More]

Fee and college ranking top on minds of students and parents

DSC_5364Choices: Students compare fees and courses

Education: Universities and colleges from India are in the capital with various academic offers for Bhutanese students wishing to pursue further studies.

At the eighth education fair, about 60 universities came with offer of more than 200 courses.

College ranking, fees, course availability and the number of Bhutanese studying at the particular college were among the foremost determiners in the minds of students and parents attending the fair.

Tandin Wangmo, 19, said university ranking is important [... Read More]

Number of missing people on the rise

No study has been conducted, however, to find out where and why they go

Society: Although the number of people reported missing increases annually, the authority’s attention to address the problem is also missing.

Police recorded 64 missing cases across the country in 2004.  A decade later, the number of people, who went missing, more than doubled to 183.

While the numbers have changed, the way people, who go missing and are traced, has remained the [... Read More]

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