Tuesday , March 28 2017

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The rising burden of cancer

Cancers of the head and neck topped the list of referral cases to India

Health: The steady increase in cancer cases in the country is fast emerging as a major burden on the health ministry’s coffer.

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Bhutan’s parks in good state

Environment: Bhutan’s forest cover as of 2016 is 70.59 percent and the protected areas in Bhutan are well managed, the first ever status report on Bhutan’s 10 wildlife parks and the Royal Botanical Park in Lamperi reveals.

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Taksha Silli farm road to be realigned

The realignment is expected to prevent villages and a school from being cut off every year 

Infrastructure: The people of Taksha and Silli villages will no longer have to worry about repeatedly clearing the only farm road connecting it with other places in Wangdue as the gewog is planning to re-align the farm road to avoid a slide zone.

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His Majesty The King awards patang to thrizins

Award: Following the National Day celebration at the Sherubling Central School grounds, His Majesty The King granted patang to the chairpersons or thrizins of the Dzongkhag Tshogdus (DT) of the twenty dzongkhags in the goenkhang of the Trongsa Chokhor Rabtentse Dzong yesterday evening.

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