Saturday, November 1st, 2014 - 7:10 PM
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Pressure on Rupee eases

INR: The economy’s total Rupee borrowings are today down to Indian Rupees (INR) 10B, a little short of the cost of building Dungsam, the country’s largest cement plant in Nganglam, that awaits commissioning.

This reduction in INR borrowings by almost half from earlier this year is largely attributed to the country’s strengthened foreign currency reserves through grant inflows and earnings from the tourism industry, as well as higher hydropower generation this summer.

The remaining INR [... Read More]


Business at the bottom of the pyramid

Our neighbour to the south has 800,000 people living on less than 20 rupees per day.  Bhutan is fortunate that its poorest citizens have historically been able to turn to the land around them to provide for their food and sun subsistence.  In such a context, poverty on monetary terms may still allow one to be well fed and live with dignity.

However, as so many elements of society are evolving and modernising, it will become [... Read More]

The price of the ‘repeat’ pledge

Allowing class X and XII failures a second shot may well have some hidden costs

Education: The intention to allow class X and XII students, who fail the board examinations, to repeat once in government schools, as pledged by the government, may be good for students, but not necessarily for others involved in their schooling say education officials.

While the pledge is still on the cabinet’s table educators are discussing what it could mean, should [... Read More]

Tashi’s Airbus A320 lands

IMG_3712The aircraft was received with a marchang ceremony yesterday

Aviation: It was to a large audience with cameras and smart   phones all set to shoot, that Tashi’s new aircraft  touched down at the Paro international airport.

Sporting a fish logo and “Bhutan Airlines” printed  on its sides the arrival of Tashi Air’s 150-seater  Airbus A320 signals its entry into the international  market that, so far has been dominated for more  than two decades by the national airline, Drukair.

“Our aircraft has arrived,” Tashi Air [... Read More]

Picture story

A delegation of South Asian chief election commissioners led by the country’s Chief Election Commissioner Dasho Kunzang Wangdi called on Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay yesterday.
Bhutan is hosting the 4th meeting of the Forum of Electoral Management Bodies of South Asia, which begins today in Thimphu.

Peer mediation to help resolve conflicts in schools

Bhutan national law institute is endorsing the practice in schools through law clubs

Workshop: If two children are fighting for an orange, the mediator should be able to make a decision that satisfies both, without being biased.

This is what theunlam or peer mediation is, Professor Melinda Edwards, managing director of MeWise pvt ltd, said in a peer mediation program that started yesterday at the Tarayana centre in Thimphu

With the aim to teach young people [... Read More]

Police investigate explosives death

Accident: Police in the eastern district of Mongar are investigating the death of a 37-year old man, who died from an explosion on the evening of September 29.

The incident occurred around 6pm at a place called Geshiwang near the banks of Gongrichu (Drangmichu) river.  It is suspected that the man was trying to throw the explosive into the river to catch fish, but it exploded in his hand killing him on the spot.  [... Read More]

Picture story

The ambassador of the Republic of Austria (right), Bernhard Wrabetz, and the ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, Hüseyin Muftuoglu, presented their credentials to His Majesty The King at the Tashichhodzong yesterday. They also called on the prime minister later in the day.


The fuelwood paradox

There is reason to be happy in knowing that firewood or fuelwood consumption in Bhutan, which is one of the highest in the world, is decreasing.

Bhutan is known for its environment conservation policy, and it does not bode well when we are up there with countries without sound environment regulations as the highest firewood consumer.  With an ambitious programme to electrify all households in the country by the end of this year, it will only [... Read More]

Welcoming the cranes to their winter habitat

craneFor the long legged visitors: Clearing the artificial ponds in Phobjikha

Artificial roosts are being readied for the incoming guest-birds

Wildlife: With the endangered black-necked-cranes expected to arrive in another two weeks at their winter roosting grounds in Bhutan, work is underway in Phobjikha valley to welcome the birds that are considered a harbinger of good luck.

At Wangdue district’s Phobjikha valley, one of the two winter roosting grounds in Bhutan, the Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN) yesterday cleared the wild grass covering the [... Read More]