Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 - 2:37 PM
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The country can lead a change: PM

PmChanges and Challenges: Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay delivers the inaugural “Friday Forum” lecture at RIGSS yesterday

Making do with battery-run cars where possible was the example Lyonchhoen used to get his message across 

RIGSS: Talking about change, for a change, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay played with the idea of replacing petroleum-fired cars with the battery-run ones where possible.

Speaking to more than 20 participants attending a senior executive leadership program at Royal Institute for Governance and Strategic Studies (RIGSS), Lyonchhoen was using the example of battery-run cars as it conformed to [... Read More]

JAWA – Final judgement : A fillip to the fine but fading art of theatre


Review: Yangden and Tenzin are in love.  Holding hands, they stroll down a forest path passing a chorten. Yangden sits down on a wooden bench and reassures Tenzin of  her love.

Yangden informs Tenzin that she has become pregnant.  Tenzin is shocked.  He is angry and leaves her.  Yangden follows Tenzin to his home, where his parents are seated on a sofa seat.  Tenzin refuses to know her, and his rich parents throw her [... Read More]

State Beyond Thought

Untitled1Sey Dhopola and Gendun Choephel

“Some strict monks claim that sex and alcohol are bad i.” Gendun Choephel (1903-1951) told his travelling companion, Gelong Rahob Jigme, in Kolkatta. “Well! For me, they are good things. When your spirit is happy, that is true religionii .”

The former monk who is considered to be one of the “outstanding figures of 20th century Tibet,iii ” drank alcohol openly and freely and engaged with woman, but claimed his mind to be free. “As for [... Read More]


Buddhist jurisprudence and laws

Thousands of years have passed treading under the blazing trail of Lord Buddha, who said:

“I shall go to Banaras where I will light the lamp that will bring light unto the world. I will go to Banaras and beat the drums that will awaken mankind. I shall go to Banaras and there I shall teach the Law.”  1

It is that statement of law, which inspired humanity. Basking in the glory of the radiance of Lord [... Read More]

Sarpang kidnappers sentenced

13 men get between three and 38-years prison term

Verdict: The Sarpang court yesterday sentenced five men between three and 19 years in prison and eight others who were absent from the court between 24 and 38 years prison term.

For security reasons, the hearings, four in total, were conducted in Thimphu instead of Sarpang.

The first five men were arrested between December 6 and 7 last year in connection with kidnapping of taxi driver Binulal [... Read More]

Residency program a “win-win”

Health: It almost got called BUMS, but while that didn’t happen, the process to get the first in-country residency program started seems to be a bumpy one for the university of medical sciences of Bhutan (UMSB.)

If all ‘immediate’ plans come through as planned, the university of medical sciences of Bhutan will start its first in-country residency program between January next year and June 2015, more than seven years after the idea was first [... Read More]

Picture story

Offering: UN Resident Coordinator Christina Carlson and foreign minister Rinzin Dorje light butter lamps at the Trashichodzong to commemorate UN Day yesterday

Private sector looks askance at cap on projects

The 5MW limit, feels the business community, makes such an enterprise unfeasible

AREP 2013: The newly approved alternative renewable energy policy (AREP 2013), which says it will allow public participation in developing projects, has not been well received by the private sector.

The policy covers harnessing solar, wind, bio-energy, geo-thermal and hydropower (pico, micro, mini, small), to generate, in total, 25 megawatts (MW) by 2025.

Prospective private developers are interested in getting into hydropower, but say [... Read More]


What the ketamine case says

The recent ketamine case with regards which officials of the attorney general’s office found no legal basis to prosecute suspects involved in smuggling the substance raises several issues.

How is it that ketamine, an anesthetic substance, was not among the list of those controlled ones in the country?

If that was the case, on what basis were the suspects, three of them arrested?

While they may be released today, what happens to them should the substance be included [... Read More]

Running on empty

The current US debt-ceiling crisis has the potential to trigger a global economic meltdown

Crisis: During the initial stages of the global financial crisis of 2008, local analysts said, in case of Bhutan, only the tourism sector might be affected.

There could be fewer tourists from America, where the crisis had started.  But otherwise Bhutan was safe, since it was not integrated with the global economy.

But several months down the line, the newly set up [... Read More]