Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 - 10:41 PM
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Tired of boring lectures on democracy? Well you can learn it while playing a game.
Election officials last week were trained on SIM Democracy, a board game, that helps one learn about democracy and democratic process through interactive role plays and simulated learning mechanism.
With support from Fridrich Naumann Foundation, about 300 sets of the board game will be distributed across schools and [... Read More]

Home minister answers questions on Sarpang abductions


NC: The porous border and insurgencies across the border were the main reasons leading to security problems in southern border districts according to the home and culture affairs minister, Damchoe Dorji.

He was responding to Sarpang councilor, Dhan Bdr Monger at the Council’s question hour session on September 20 who asked about the government’s measures and strategies to solve the repetitive abduction problems in Sarpang district.

Damchoe Dorji said miscreants enter the country and either [... Read More]

Youth volunteer groups clean up Thimphu


Youth organisations in Bhutan joined the global community for the environmental campaign “Clean Up the World” last Sunday in Thimphu.

More than 100 youth from different organisations gathered on the Clock tower Square early in the morning and spread out to collect thrash on the streets of Thimphu town.

The cleaning campaign is only the beginning of many activities and events that will be organised by the Community Based Scouts (CBS) in Bhutan. More than 30 new [... Read More]

CDG and LGG – What’s the diff?

Will the council that nixed the former find similar fault with its new avatar?

Analysis: Many eyes will be on the National Council (NC) when it takes up the national budget deliberation this week, especially when they reach the part that reflects the new government’s initiative of Nu 2M grant for each gewog, as pledged.

Going by the discussions on the grant during the adoption of the budget at the National Assembly (NA) last week, [... Read More]

It still pays to have connections?

DSC_6465National Council in session on September 18

Jobs: For the last four years, a 28 year-old economics graduate has been fishing around for a job, sticking his head into many government and corporate offices whether they announce vacancies or not.

So far, his quest has been an unfruitful one.

For the being, the 28 year-old continues with temporary jobs, particularly as a guide of a tourism company.

But working as a civil servant with steady income, opportunities for trainings abroad and a secure [... Read More]

Bhutanese cuisine lack variety

This is one of the most common complaints about the country among international tourists

Tourism: Lack of variety in choices of food items and restaurants that serve selection of meals were the main complaints among international tourists, including the Dollar paying ones, with regards to their experience in the country.

A tourism agency, All Bhutan Connection’s (ABC) managing director Tshering Dhendup said a major chunk of a tour operator’s money went into food and accommodation.

For [... Read More]

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Moenlam chhenmo: More than 1,000 people from Chukha, Phuentsholing and Thimphu have gathered at Chukha for the annual moenlam chenmo that 11 gewog administrations under the dzongkhag conducted at the dzong courtyard. Presided over by His Holiness the Je Khenpo the week-long prayer ceremony began since September 20.



Counting chickens?

The reasons are obvious why any situation that stalls progress of construction of mega hydropower projects like the Punatshangchhu I becomes a serious concern.

With the country’s economic dreams all placed in the hydropower basket, any situation, geological or otherwise, that could result in delays to harness clean energy of the perennial snow fed rivers has wide ranging implications.

With the right bank of the Punatshangchhu I project site, where one end of the dam will rest, [... Read More]

Rupee trading at 62 against the USD

INR: After touching 69 against the US dollar a few weeks ago the Indian Rupee (INR) was trading at 62 yesterday in a clear sign of recovery following several measures introduced by the central bank of India.

The most important reform was the Reserve Bank of India selling US dollars directly to state run oil companies in India to import oil so that it does not need to buy from the open market and [... Read More]

A male dominated bureaucracy

Gender: Although women make almost half of the country’s population, the number of them working in the civil service only tells that the Bhutanese bureaucracy, to this day, is still a male dominated one.

According to the recent Civil Service Statistics (CSS) report produced by the Royal Commission of Civil Service (RCSC), only 8,217 women are working in the civil service of the total 24,856 civil servants across the country, as of June 30. [... Read More]