Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 - 3:16 AM
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Tourists flood Trashigang tshechu

tshechu-2013Local style: A tourist family attends Trashigang tsechu in gho and kira

Their numbers have more than doubled when compared to last year

Occasion: Tourist arrivals at Trashigang tshechu that began on November 11 doubled this year, going by hotel occupancy in the district.

Hotel operators said, from around 300 tourists during the tsechu period last year, it increased to over 830 this year.

Over 824 tourists stayed in about 10 hotels in Trashigang like Druk Doethjung hotel, Lingkhar resort, Hotel KC, Keyling guesthouse and Tenzin Gombo hotel [... Read More]

Picture story

Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay passes through a guard of honour at the Suvarnabhumi international airport in Thailand yesterday before boarding the flight home.

Thailand’s minister of Culture,Sontaya Kunplome, who was the minister-in-attendance during the PM’s visit sees him off at the airport yesterday


It’s 26% fulfilled not 74 %: Opposition

It claims the government made 42 pledges during its campaign 

Politics: The government had only fulfilled 26 percent and not 74 percent of the pledges they said they would fulfill in the first 100 days in office, the opposition party claimed.

The opposition’s assessment comes after the government, in a press conference earlier this week, claimed they fulfilled 74 percent of the 100 days pledges they made.

Claiming that it was not 34 but 42 pledges [... Read More]

Rule of law, the source of happiness

PMLyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay delivers his statement at the Bangkok Dialogue

Was the PM’s premise in his address yesterday at the Bangkok Dialogue

Visit: The source of happiness is the rule of law, Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay said, in his address yesterday at the Bangkok Dialogue on ‘Investing in the rule of law – Justice and security for the post 2015 development agenda.”

Citing a popular Bhutanese proverb, which stresses importance of rule of law, lyonchhoen, who is on an official visit to Thailand, said, according to [... Read More]

Energy import not likely this year

This is mainly due to Dungsam Cement not operating to its full capacity just as yet

Power: Bhutan may not have to import energy from India to meet the domestic demand from next month as anticipated.

The shortage in domestic demand is predicted on the account of commissioning of Dungsam Cement, and the construction of hydropower projects, aggravated by low generation during the lean winter months.

However, officials from the economic affairs ministry say that Dungsam [... Read More]

Electricity for all by 2013

The country’s target to electrify 43,951 households across the country by the end of the 10th Plan, according to officials with the Department of Renewable Energy (DRE), will be met.

Latest figure with DRE shows a total of 41,753 households electrified as of today, which is 95 percent of the total target. “This includes both grid connection and the standalone solar panels distributed in the off-grid areas,” DRE’s chief engineer Mewang Gyeltshen said. “We are almost [... Read More]


Land of smiles meets land of happiness

Lyonchhoen’s recent visit to Thailand on the invitation of the Thai prime minister rekindled the strong bond the two nations share.

Like Thailand’s prime minister said the ties that bind the two nations rest in the close relationships royal family members of the two countries share, as do the governments and most important, the people of the two nations.

Within the last few years, the number of Thai tourists visiting the country has been increasing, as has [... Read More]

Enough stock of salt, no price hikes

IMG_9413For auction: A custom officials confiscated more than 500kg of salt on the night of November 14

FCB officials, who restricted grocery shops from selling more than three packets of salt to each customers reaffirmed this

Update: Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCB) officials with those of the trade yesterday directed all shopkeepers in Phuentsholing to sell only three packets of salt to customers to ensure which, trade inspectors kept strict vigilance of the shops.

To allay fears among public of grocery stores, including FCB running out of salt stock, FCB officials said [... Read More]

Out of pocket spending adds to govt. revenue

This is due to, what is known as, ‘out of pocket’ spending by visitors

Tourism: There is more than the hard currency that the country earns from its tourism sector.  Foreign currency earning from the tourism sector was about USD 30M, as of August this year, but findings indicate that, in reality, the earnings could be much more.

For instance, last year, the government earned about USD 63M from the convertible currency paying tourists, of [... Read More]