• USD hits record high at Nu 73

    Indian rupee (INR) has been sliding against the USD in recent months and Bhutanese ngultrum, because it is pegged to INR, is under pressure. Losing 12 percent this year, INR is labelled by the Bloomberg as Asia’s worst performing currency.

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Drukjyegang-Tseza voters familiar with parties and candidates

Whoever comes to power, Dagapela residents want the town to develop

Two people take shelter from heavy rain under a roadside vegetable shed in Drukjyegang, Dagana. They are discussing politics and which gewog will support which party. They often use their fingers to calculate. They say they have capable candidates in their constituency, Drukjyegang-Tseza. While some have the qualification and work …

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WWF Bhutan and RSPN bring Asia’s biggest wildlife quiz to Bhutan

WWF Bhutan and the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature (RSPN)  introduced Asia’s biggest wildlife quiz, Wild Wisdom Quiz  in Bhutan. Winners from the middle secondary level at the national-level quiz, Kuenga Palmo (Class 6, Changzamtog Middle Secondary School) and Rigden Kuenga (Class 6, Etho Metho Primary School) will …

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Which party will win in Samtse?

Politics is not an open topic of discussion in Samtse town. With the ongoing town construction and a dull weather, there are also not many people in the town. Yet Samtse is the most important dzongkhag, after Trashigang because of its 47,360 registered voters. Winning Samtse is significant for all …

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Lhuentse residents prepared for poll day

A decade ago, most residents in Dungkar, Lhuentse were apprehensive when the country held its mock elections. Not any more. Singye Zangmo, 62, from Darjaygang village, said she was then nervous about the voting process and the future of the country. “The past elected governments have done their best with …

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DNT ends campaign in Dagana

“Should money be out of the equation, Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) has a very good chance to win. I repeat, should money be out of the equation, this year will be something totally different,” DNT president Lotay Tshering said at DNT’s campaign in Lhmoidzingkhag-Tashiding constituency yesterday. A new party can …

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Kabisa-Talo candidates concerned over rumours of corrupt practices

As the primary round of the third National Assembly (NA) elections nears, party candidates of Kabisa-Talo constituency in Punakha shared concerns over rumors of corrupt practices to win votes for individual parties. Although the election office in Punakha has not received a single written complaint against any party members, the …

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Low female voter turn out at common forums in Lunana

With a day left for the campaign period to end, the common forum scheduled today for Wachey chiwog in Lunana was cancelled with the candidates opting for the door-to-door campaign. The lone female candidate from Khamed Lunana constituency, Yeshey Dem from Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa could not go for the door-to-door campaign at Wachey Chiwog. The candidates of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT), Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Tshogpa (BKP), and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) left for Wachey chiwog that has 13 households. The common forum for Lunana gewog began on September 10. The forum ended yesterday at Lhedi chiwog. In both the common forums, only about 20 voters turned up and saw not more than four female voters. The candidates said male voters in Lunana are more aware of politics than female voters. DPT’s candidate Dhendup said men are aware of political parties and its pledges while women were less aware. “Female voters rarely turned up for the meetings,” he said. “It might be because they are busy with household chores or they don’t have the habit of attending such meetings.” He added that some chiwogs were not aware about the common forum. “However, the response during the door-to-door campaign was good. They said the presidents’ debate and constituency debates helped them choose,” said Dhendup. Considering a higher voter concentration at Thangza and Tshojong chiwogs, DNT candidate Yeshey Dem said she expected the turn out at the first common forum in Tshojong to be not less than 50. However, the forum saw 24 voters from more than 70 households. “Only one female attended the forum at Lhedi. Women were less interested in political discussions and they don’t watch constituency debates,” said Yeshey Dem. Yeshey Dem said some voters she met shared on the need to vote for change. “Some had already decided whom to vote for after watching the presidents’ and constituency debates. However, there are some who are not at all aware about the election,” she said. The candidates of PDP and BKP who were in Lunana could not be reached for the comments. Meanwhile, residents said female voters are engaged with household chores and herding yaks away from home. It is said that men are the decision-makers at home and were also the most influential in the community because they have more acquaintances outside to seek information. Save for DPT’s candidate Dhendup who reached Lunana a day ahead of the other three candidates, the campaign in Lunana began from September 9. They were involved in the common forum from September 10. The candidates had to cover more than 185 households spread across 13 villages in less than five days. The gewog in the past elections has played a vital role in deciding the election results. The candidates shared about their concerns on limited campaign time in Lunana. They had to wait for two days at Paro because of bad weather, which did not allow the flight to Lunana. Nima | Gasa

With a day left for the campaign period to end, the common forum scheduled today for Wachey chiwog in Lunana was cancelled with the candidates opting for the door-to-door campaign. The lone female candidate from Khamed Lunana constituency, Yeshey Dem from Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa could not go for the door-to-door …

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Poll day offers time for families to come together 

Most elderly residents in Phuentsholing who live with their relatives and children have voted through the facilitation booths. Some have still opted to travel to their villages to vote through the electronic voting machine (EVM). They said that the poll day is an important day for all to elect the …

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Heavy rain cause several roadblocks

The vented crossway in Sarpang that heavy rain damaged (Photo: CB Mongar)

Incessant heavy rain on September 9 night caused about six road blocks across the country. In Sarpang, the rain damaged the vented crossway about two kilometers away from Sarpang. Gelephu’s Department of Roads’ (DoR) chief engineer, CB Mongar said that the crossway collapsed around 7:30 in the morning. “It was …

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Samtse court acquits DT chairman in gambling case

Samtse dzongkhag court yesterday acquitted Tendu gup Nima Dukpa in a gambling case that took place at a picnic on December 31, 2017.  On July 18, Sipsu dungkhag court had handed Nima Dukpa, who is also the chairman of Samtse Dzongkhag Tshogdu (DT), a prison term of one month for …

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Draagteng_Langthel candidates campaign over the phone

After candidates of Draagteng_Langthel constituency in Trongsa decided to not campaign door to door, the candidates are campaigning over the phone. Representatives of the four political parties in Trongsa’s Draateng-Langthel constituency summited a letter to the returning officer (RO) requesting not to conduct a door- to-door campaigning in the constituency …

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Bumthang sees almost 90 percent voter turnout at FB

Voters queue at the postal ballot facilitation booth in Wangduechholing LSS, Bumthang

Campaigns by presidents of Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa, Druk Phuensum Tshogpa and People’s Democratic Party in Bumthang have set the election mood in Bumthang. The common forum also ended yesterday in Tang gewog. Chamkhar town development is on the agenda of all four parties and candidates.  As the postal ballot facilitation …

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