Tuesday , September 1 2015

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Panbang – Nganglam highway almost ready

A section of the highway

Only eight kilometres of the 55km highway remains to be completed

Road: The Panbang – Nganglam highway is expected to be completed ahead of its second deadline.

A 30km section of the highway originating from Ngamglam dungkhag in Pemagatshel was completed on May 3, while the second 25km section from Panbang dungkhag in Zhemgang is almost completed.

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Govt. promises all pledges will be fulfilled

The government has said it will fulfil all the election pledges during its five-year tenure

Assembly: While the discussion on culture and tradition went smoothly in the National Assembly yesterday, the house switched to a tensed mood as it moved on to the next issue – the government’s election pledges.

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Council continues to train its guns on BOiC

The 15th session of the National Council began yesterday

Misgivings about legitimacy of govt. decision have not been adequately allayed

NC: The National Council still sticks to its earlier stand that the establishment of the Business Opportunity and Information Centre (BOiC) contravenes the existing laws.

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Police to resume checking at Chuzom

Superintendents of police

Crime: At the Royal Bhutan Police’s annual crime conference in Thimphu yesterday, superintendents of police (SP) said that there is a need to start past midnight vehicle checking at Chuzom check post. 

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National language and dress remains a priority

Assembly: To promote the national language, Dzongkha and the national dress, South Thimphu member of parliament (MP), Yeshi Zimba, yesterday asked the National Assembly to create job opportunities for people with Dzongkha-based qualifications.   

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Winding up existing leases would be unlawful

Marchang ceremony: the 15th session of National Council commenced yesterday (Photo courtesy: nationalcouncil)

Concerned agencies responds to National Council’s resolution

Mining: Nationalisation of mining activities would breach mines and minerals Act and the mines and mineral management regulation, the ministry of economic affairs has informed the National Council.   

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Getting their acts together towards a standard action plan

The various ministries, sectors and agencies have yet to coordinate their efforts

Disaster: Although Bhutan is theoretically prepared for a bigger disaster, it’s yet to have a standard action plan for coordination and preparation.   Bhutan also requires clear operation procedures during national disasters.

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MoA directed to clarify Forest Act provisions …

… particularly with respect to timber requirements for lhakhang renovation

Assembly: The National Assembly yesterday directed the ministry of agriculture and forests to disseminate information on the provisions of the Forest Act and related laws for better understanding of the people, and research on how to go about the issue of timber for lhakhang renovation, and for constructing houses for summer and winter.

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My Country, My Town

  • Curious shoppers: Even the bovine finds shops worth a visit. Photo by Tashi Dawa, BNB, Tingtibi
  • Off road: A milestone makes for a handy peg to which cattle may be tethered as they graze Photo by Tashi Dawa, BNBL, Tingtibi
  • For convenience’s sake: What may seem like a case of gilding the lily is actually pretty darn useful Photo by Pashupati Diyali
  • In lieu of alarm clocks: Three roosters willing and able to wake up the neighbourhood faithfully at dawn Photo by Ugyen Tshering
  • Amateur plumbing: Curious how a tap and some DIY ingenuity can add dignity to a bathroom Photo by Bidur Rai, Mountain hazelnut, Riserbu
  • Beat that, black-necked cranes! Is what this pair of cavorting goats might tell those famous birds Photo by Karma Tshering, Phuentshogling
  • Not gone but all but forgotten: Snail mail is due a comeback with the new address system in place Photo by Choidup Zangpo, MoAF, Thimphu
  • Stairwell in lieu of a shed: The housing crunch would appear to extend to the cattle population as well. Photo by Melam Dorji, Gaeddu college (BBA- final year)
  • A new leaf from an old book: Wall painting of campus done in traditional style seen in temples Photo by Tempa Rabgay, Mountain Hazelnut, Mongar