Thursday , April 26 2018

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Year of the Chopper

Yearender/Aviation: The highlight of the aviation sector in the year of the Sheep was undoubtedly the arrival of Bhutan’s first helicopter adorned in the colours of the national flag in November.

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The meaty slaughterhouse debate

Yearender/Meat: It is not clear whether or not the government had planned a slaughterhouse. What was crystal clear was it did lead to an intense debate almost throughout the year.

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A (baa)ad Sheep for the tourism sector

The debate on the tariff liberalization was the highlight of the year

Yearender/Tourism: Spring in Bhutan, characteristic of peak tourist arrivals, did not favour the tourism industry since the beginning of the Wood Female Sheep year.

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More than a sheepish frisk in hydropower

Shift from IG to other modalities of HEP financing observed

Yearender/Hydropower: Albeit the 10,000MW by 2020 is dead and down the rivers, the Sheep year unfurled a new era in Bhutan’s hydropower ambition as the country brace for a different modality of implementation, swaying from conventional inter-governmental model.

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Tukuli and the Kuensel Editorial

Yearender/Profile: Meet Tukuli (Pema Yuden). She’s just over three years old and she’s the youngest member of the Kuensel family. Don’t underestimate her tender age since she’s the feistiest one of all.

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Windstorms wreck havoc in past year

Fires also killed six children in Phuentsholing 

Yearender/Disaster: Astrologers predicted terrible windstorms and fire in the year of the Sheep. Looking back, the predictions had come true with several windstorms and fires recorded in the year.

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Rongthong celebrates Gyalsey’s birth

Celebrations: As the morning warmth slowly descended upon Rongthong valley yesterday, Phuntsho Norbugang, the paternal ancestral home of Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen, was in a festive mood.

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Travellers may import Zika: Dr Ornella Lincetto

38f474a-1Q&A: World Health Organization’s representative, Dr Ornella Lincetto, talks to Kuensel’s Kinga Dema on the risks of Zika virus diseases and what measures Bhutan could take in the event of the rapid outbreak of the virus.

It is not even in the region yet. Why should Bhutan worry about the Zika virus?

Bhutan should be worried about the Zika virus because the Aedes mosquito, primarily Aedes aegypti, which transmits this viral disease, is present in all countries in the South East region, including Bhutan.

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The auspicious Fire Male Monkey Year explained

The Gyalsey was born on a Yangza when the element of Za and Karma was in a perfect union

Astrology: While Bhutanese are convinced that the birth of His Royal Highness The Gyalsey in the Fire Male Monkey Year coinciding with the birth year of Guru Rinpoche marks a very special significance, not many are aware of how is it significant.

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