Monday , October 23 2017
  • An ageing population brings up issues of associated vulnerabilities, social and income insecurities. This raises questions as to why the government shouldn’t come up with old age homes.

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Bhutan breaks plantation record

100 volunteers planted an average of eight trees a minute to beat the Guinness world record

Anniversary: The clock is ticking. With music blaring from the loudspeakers, the area is filled with commotion as the crowd shouts and sings to cheer the men.

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At least three fleeced in possible scam

An advertisement on mobile phones published in Tashi Delek magazine turned out to be a scam

Advertising: A couple and a relative of theirs claim to have lost around Nu 122,850 or USD 1,950 after responding to an advertisement for mobile phones published in one of the recent inflight magazine issues of Drukair.

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Constitution of Bhutan Children’s Parliament signed

Election to the Children’s parliament  will be held in September this year

Democracy: About 220 student representatives from 135 democracy clubs from schools across the country signed the Constitution of Bhutan Children’s Parliament in the kuenray of the Punakha dzong yesterday.

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Has Bhutan gone greener?

Latest assessment shows marked increase in forest coverage, though the jury is still out

Forest: As Bhutan attempts to set a record today and observe the social forestry day, forest coverage in the country in the last two decades has increased to about 80 percent from about 72 percent in the 1990s.

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Judicial interpretation of independence sought

As per the National Council’s good governance committee’s report on the commission

ACC: The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) was inclined to seek the judiciary’s interpretation on the constitutional provision regarding its independence, the good governance committee of the National Council (NC) reported yesterday.

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Overall drop in crime

But certain crimes have increased

Crime:  Despite the drop in the overall crime rate in the country, police records show an increase in crime against property like larceny and burglary, offences against the Ku-Sung-Thukten or statues, scriptures, and lhakhangs, among others.

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No replacement for Drukair CEO found yet

Aviation: It may be a while before the national airline has a new CEO.

Drukair’s former CEO, Tandin Jamso, who submitted his resignation to the Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) board in March, left office at the end of last week.

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Heavy rains cutoff Gasa

Roadblocks at various points follow heavy and continuous rainfall since May 31

Disaster: Gasa is once again cutoff from the rest of the country since May 31 evening, when heavy rains blocked the only road connecting the dzongkhag at various points between Puntshopang and Damji.

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