Saturday , August 1 2015
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Petrol up by almost Nu 3 a litre

At the Damchen fuel station in Changzamtog, Thimphu, the recent hike in petrol price came into effect only last morning. That is because they their fax machine had broken down and therefore could not receive the revised fuel rates from the trade department. “We found out from the Druk petroleum ...

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BICMA should take accountability: HC

Kaa Jaa (The Order): In case of any harmful effects such as inciting violence against public officials and developing hatred among people against lawful authority, the judiciary holds Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA) and National Film and Television Review Board (NFTRB) responsible. This was what the High Court’s letter of ...

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Early dissolution called off


New parties welcome the decision Almost a month after the first democratically elected government proposed for an early windup before completion of its full term, the bid has been called off. Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley, while presenting the state of the nation report at the Parliament yesterday, said the ...

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DPT served with distinction

State of the Nation: In a nutshell, the first democratically elected government passed with flying colours. At least that was what came out quite clearly from Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley’s assessment of his government’s five-year term, a report card of a sort, this annual state of the nation report, ...

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PM says Rupee shortage is only temporary

Touching on the Rupee issue in his state of nation report to parliament yesterday the prime minister gave re-assurance that the rupee shortage is only temporary and everything possible was being done to ease the situation. “While we do need to be concerned and to take action as we are, ...

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Not much direct savings, but huge direct benefits: says PM

Meet the press: Although the government is yet to fully realise a direct saving to fully cover the consultancy fees of Nu 430M it paid McKinsey and Co, the government is “extremely satisfied” with the “direct benefits” of the accelerating Bhutan’s socio economic development (ABSD) program, Prime Minister Jigmi Y ...

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Eloped girl safe in Dadgari village

Two weeks have passed since a Bhutanese girl eloped with an Indian man and her parents are distraught on how to get her back. “We’ve approached concerned authorities yet we haven’t received any response so far,” the girl’s mother, Phurpa Wangzom, said. The 17-year-old class VII student went missing from ...

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Vying for the Council from Vellore, India


Election 2013: Wangduephodrang, the dzongkhag known for popular oral literature such as the Ballad of Pemi Tshewang Tashi and Gyelong Sumdar Tashi, now has a radio jockey known for his oratory skills as a councilor aspirant. Kinley Wangchuk, 32, known as Gaseb Kinley Wangchuk to Kuzoo listeners, and who battled ...

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Not simply preparing people for jobs


Education is about building people for the nation, says education minister Meet the Press: “Over all, when you look at the state of education in the country, I must say it’s good,” education minister Thakur S Powdyel said yesterday at the 24th Meet the Press session. The education minister was ...

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By 2016-17 annual Rs earnings projected to be more than 19B

Hydropower: When Punatsangchu I and II, and Mangdechu hydropower projects are commissioned in 2016 -17, it will bring in a projected additional annual revenue of 19.63B Rupee from export of power to India the prime minister said yesterday in his fifth state of the nation report to parliament. “Hydropower development ...

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Jigmeling training center is now an institute


Passing out Parade  The Royal Bhutan Police will establish divisional offices headed by a superintendent in all 20 districts. As of now there are only 11 divisional offices in the country. The home minister, Minjur Dorji, made this announcement at the Jigmeling Police Training Centre in Gelephu during the passing ...

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“It’s our plan”

The two reports the Prime Minister presented to the Parliament yesterday, the state of the nation, and fulfillment of the pledges, permeated stories of success throughout most of the pages. But how much of its success can be credited to the first democratically elected government? The question comes in the ...

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  • The new dispensation

    It was busy yesterday (Friday), with Thimphu residents engaging in another round of exchange of goodwill and offering of khadars, as a new group of officers take up important posts in the government and constitutional offices.

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  • Living in new times

  • A safe haven

My Country, My Town

  • Waifs but well fed ones: Either these pups have a guardian angel or there’s a butcher nearby Photo by Yash Wangchuk, Gelephu
  • From wheel to wall: A bicycle ringer finds a more static use in the form of a makeshift doorbell Photo by Bidur Rai, Mountain Hazelnut, Risrrbu, Wamrong
  • Shooting the messenger: An electric fence and a signboard mutilated by those shocked by the former Photo by Janga Bdr MoAF, Yusipang, Thimphu
  • The old and the mule: Both the taxi and the ass do not belong any longer on the road Photo by Arjun Subba, Kheyrig Institute