Friday, October 24th, 2014 - 3:15 AM
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Tsirang’s strongmen battle it out

pema-dorjiPema Dorji clocked 12.14 mts to qualify for the national contest

Contest: The otherwise slow and jejune Sunday for Tsirang residents was charged with the nyagay, or strongman competition in the dzongkhag this time.

More than 100 Tsirang town residents formed the borders of the school football field and filled it with war cries as they cheered for their strongmen.

Buoyed by the support showered on them, the five contestants from four gewogs of the dzongkhag doubled up their brawn to drag a 109kg log from [... Read More]

Audit questions repayment legalities

Parties: Although the second general elections are over and the first two political parties have switched roles, they have not yet resolved irregularities as reflected in annual audit report 2012, say officials of the Royal Audit Authority (RAA).

“The issues reflected in the report haven’t been resolved,” an auditor said. “The parties failed to respond to the audit findings, despite several reminders.”

The official said, while the parties might have cleared their party debts, RAA [... Read More]

Expats on an exodus out?

Better offers in India (and family duties, they say) draw teachers of key subjects away

Education: Expatriate teachers, who have been an integral part of the Bhutanese education system ever since it began some 100 years ago, have now started to leave the country, some for better opportunities back home in India, and some for their families.

The attrition rate is “normal”, according to education ministry officials, but when high school teachers leave, even one [... Read More]

Picture story

Retreat ceremony: The lowered national flag is carried to the Dukhang in a ceremonial procession to signal the close of official hours at the Tashichhodzong in Thimphu


Reports of ketamine abuse in Bhutan

Crime: While the recent arrest of a Bhutanese woman in Bangkok, Thailand, has raised suspicion that Paro airport and Bhutanese are being used to smuggle controlled substances, it is also beginning to surface that the controlled substance is misused within the country.

Although police sources say no seizure had been made of ketamine that is used as a tranquiliser for animals, and no one had been arrested for abusing it, it has been learnt [... Read More]

Four men and a minor held for dzee heist

Crime: Gasa police have detained four men and a minor, in connection with the attempted robbery of a dzee, an antique ornament, from a 45-year-old woman.

Those detained are a 21-year-old man from Trashiyangtse, three non-Bhutanese, and a minor from Punakha.

While the 21-year-old man and 16-year-old minor were arrested for attempted robbery, the three men from India were arrested for aiding and abetting the crime.

Punakha police said the two main suspects, the 21-year old [... Read More]


Fill in the blanks

The sort of blasé attitude among education ministry officials about Indian teachers in some of the schools in the capital city leaving makes many parents ambivalent about the situation.

It is quite difficult to interpret the indifference, with which they consider the issue of many Indian teachers, most on contract, leaving for their own country, where they have been offered better perquisites and salary.

Just as Indian nationals have been key players in literally building the nation, [... Read More]

Picture story

Loday Chophel’s Rent and Grains won the best fiction film 2013 at the closing ceremony of Beskop Tshechu in Thimphu yesterday. Other awards were the winning documentary, My Paralympic Dream by Karma Gyeltshen, and Chand Bhattarai’s animation film Nowhere. A total of 11 animation and fiction films, and documentaries competed during the festival.

Beskop Tshechu is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and [... Read More]

First tusker raid on Samtse gewog

IMG_2334An elephant throws a glance at the villagers

A herd of some 30 elephants invaded the area from across the border

Wildlife: It was 30 minutes past midnight Sunday, when a cracking sound woke up Darlay Dukpa.

He shone a torch from his bedroom window to see an elephant trying to enter Majathang village, Samtse gewog, in the southern border district of Samtse.

Darlay Dukpa quickly called forest officers and nearby villagers to be alert and, within minutes, a herd of elephants was seen [... Read More]

Punakha tops hotel occupancy rates

The hotspot centres of Paro, Thimphu and Bumthang fared less well by way of bed nights

Tourism: Hotels in Punakha, followed by Wangduephodrang and Haa, saw the highest occupancy last year compared to the main tourism hotspots, according to the recently launched Bhutan tourism monitor.

The main tourism hotspots of Thimphu, Paro and Bumthang registered lower occupancy rates from an oversupply of beds compared to lesser-visited areas, which have fewer hotels, the monitor states.

The five [... Read More]