Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 - 10:43 PM
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Bulls slaughtered; rogue ‘butchers’ on the prowl

Village guarding their crops from pests now have to watch out for human predators

Crime: With their innards, heads and skins neatly separated and left behind, the killing of two bulls in Bangla Chuba in Tangsibje gewog, Trongsa on the night of September 6 was not done by wild animals.

Two weeks ago, another bull was slaughtered in the same manner, but miscreants of both the incidents haven’t yet been traced.

This time, however, the gup [... Read More]

Grasshopper infestation in Gomkora

IMG_3339Both Neten Dorji and the dratshang have agreed not to spray pesticides

Six acres of sharecropped dratshang paddy fields have been destroyed within a month

Pestilence: Grasshoppers have infested and, in a month, destroyed over six acres of paddy fields of Gomkora dratshang in Trashiyangtse.

The infestation began over four months ago from Lakorlung in Tongzhang gewog.  Lakorlung is located four kilometres above Gomkora on the way to Tongzhang gewog.

“They didn’t attack crops in the beginning, with plenty of grass to feed on in the forests, but [... Read More]

Things to do…on the home front


Home minister Damcho Dorji takes time out to respond to Kuensel on some of the immediate issues confronting the ministry. 
Lyonpo Damcho Dorji, who served as one of the opposition members during the first Parliament, is also National Assembly representative of Goenkhatoe-Laya constituency in Gasa.

Q&A: As the home minister, what is your priority for now?
To ensure that the security of the country is protected and law and order maintained at all times. [... Read More]

Third meet-the-people draws large numbers

DSC_0248The last of some hundred people wait for their turn to meet the Cabinet

Many jobless consider this opportunity as the last chance for a lucky break

Employment: Life wasn’t any easy for Ganesh Dahal after graduating in 2005 from the College of Natural Resources (CNR) in Lobesa.  Even with a diploma in animal husbandry, he could only manage to get few temporary jobs in private stores in Thimphu.

Without a security clearance certificate, Ganesh Dahal was left without a job for three years.  He later got the security [... Read More]

Tour of the Dragon, twice in a row

IMG_4786Ready, steady, go: The race flags off from Bumthang at 2 am

Last year’s winner of the grueling mountain race, Amankora’s Sonam, does it again

Cycling: Last year’s winner, Sonam, won the “tour of the dragon” race for the second time in a row on Saturday, but the 37-year-old was unable to break his previous timing record.

Riding a Trek 8500 bike, the Aman Kora employee got past the finishing line at the Thimphu Clock Tower Square at 1:13pm clocking 11 hours 13 minutes to complete the [... Read More]


Picture story

Around 300 students from nine schools participated in the intra-school taekwondo tournament in Trashigang on September 7 and 8. Jampeling higher secondary school bagged the first prize in senior weight category while Jigme Sherubling took the runners up place. In junior weight category, Kanglung primary school stood first and Rangjung lower secondary school came second place.

Holes in airport surveillance

IMG_3604The x-ray machines at the departure area were purchased in 1998

Wise after the event, the authorities concerned are now seeking to plug all the gaps

Smuggling: The recent incident involving a large amount of ketamine, a controlled substance, getting past Paro airport scanners, revealed how untrained and ill-equipped airport authorities were to counter drug smuggling.

Thai airport authorities, however, detained the woman who made it past the Bhutanese airport security checks with 4.9kg of ketamine on September 1.

This meant Paro airport scanners had been unable [... Read More]

Dagachhu makes speedy progress

men-at-work-at-the-surge-s-copyMen at work: Workers concrete line the surge shaft at Dagachhu

Hydropower: The 126megawatt (MW) Dagachhu hydropower project, which was supposed to have been completed in April this year, is now scheduled for commissioning by April 2014.

The yearlong delay came following a major setback some time in 2011 when the project encountered some unexpected geological challenges while boring through a tunnel.

Project’s chief executive officer Thinley Dorji said they were making speedy progress.

At the hydropower construction site, about 15km from Dagapela, where stood once a [... Read More]

Ten targets to combat NCDs

Eleven South – East Asian countries are expected to adopt 10 targets to prevent and control non-communicable diseases by 2025, a press release from the WHO SEARO stated.

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which claim an estimated 7.9M lives, 55 percent of all deaths in the region every year, are the biggest killer in WHO’s South-East Asia Region.

Four major NCDs – cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, cancers and diabetes together kill the largest number of people in the [... Read More]