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Last cranes leave for Tibet

crane-1Last cranes leave for Tibet

Wildlife: Two adults, probably a couple, and a juvenile, which flew on March 13 from Phobjikha valley in Wangdue, were the last set of black-necked cranes to leave for their summer habitat in Tibet.

The winged visitors must have either left for Bamtsho or Yamtsho and Yumstho, in Tibet, where they roost for more than six months, said the royal society for the protection of nature’s (RSPN) field coordinator in Phobjikha, Jigme Tshering.

Yamtsho and [... Read More]

S/J’s housing crunch

IMG_20120106_180401Low and middle-income civil servants occupy NHDC’s 158 units

Thromde: It’s been more than a year since Karma Wangmo, a civil servant, has been a paying guest in Samdrupjongkhar town.  Not out of choice but due to the acute housing shortage that the thromde is still grappling with.

“Its not easy or comfortable as a paying guest,” she said.

With all regional offices catering to the six eastern dzongkhags located in the core town, finding a flat for rent is as tiresome as ever, [... Read More]

Govt. website competition

A group of private sector IT and web design experts will decide the best and worst

ICT: The best and worst government websites will be named by an independent group of experts in May.

Government websites could be graded on simple criteria, such as correct grammar and spelling, all the way to more complex items, like having error free source code.

The government has completed selecting a group of IT and web design experts from the [... Read More]

YabYum- Duality and Union

Untitled1Card sent to Father by Class X, 1981 Photo: Bhutan Canada Foundation.

Celebrating Father Mackey 

“Every temple contains statues and pictures; every home has its own statue of Yab Yum -mother and father squatting in the marriage act-similar to the Song of Songs in the Bible.”

Father William J Mackey S,J, (1915-1995) describes how the Bhutanese represent the union of the mind and the body of affection and love and the oneness of individual with the Supreme Being.

In 1963 when the Canadian Jesuit came to Bhutan, he became the [... Read More]


What’s up with education down today?

A layman’s (as opposed to academic) diagnosis of the state of health of our school system



Say something often enough and, even if false, it can get to sound like fact

CORRECT me if I’m wrong, but to my own hazy recall the first real talk of a drop in standards of education was bandied about around the same time some bright sparks in the dept. of ed. resolved in their collective wisdom to drop Shakespeare [... Read More]

Deployment of Google Apps delayed

None of the companies that bid to implement the system has been selected to date 

E-Governance: More than a month after the government’s Nu 15M first-year subscription to Google Apps was activated, its deployment has been delayed.

After the subscription was activated on January 30, the government had to choose a company to deploy the online office suite.  The chosen company would have been responsible for training 5,000 civil servants on the system.

While three companies [... Read More]

Clearing the road for electric cars

Transport: As the government’s move to electrify the transport system in the country picks up, Bhutan Power corporation (BPC) is also working on integrating the chargers onto the grid.

This is necessary because for the first time BPC will have electric vehicles as a load on their system.

Project manager from the national load dispatch centre (NLDC), Ujjwal Deep Dahal, said this would enable them to remotely monitor power flow to the chargers.

“All we need [... Read More]

A day to focus on the kidney

DSC_2022World Kidney Day: Thimphu residents queue up to check their blood pressure, glucose, and body mass index yesterday at the clock tower square

Occasion: Bhutan Kidney Foundation and the Royal Institute of Health Sciences in Thimphu observed World Kidney Day in the capital yesterday.

The programme was held to raise awareness about how important the kidney is to maintain one’s overall health and wellbeing

Currently, there are 137 patients with end stage kidney problem in the country.

The government has spent a total of Nu 59M on kidney transplantation from 2006 to date.

At the event, health minister Tandin Wangchuk [... Read More]


Management by compact

The government will be signing compacts under its performance management system initiative to boost the outcome of work and better manage government performance.

It will start with signing compacts between the lyonchhoen and the ministers, dzongdas and various agencies this year, followed by gups next year.  By signing compacts, ministers, secretaries and dzongdas will be bound by agreements, which will come with targets to fulfill.

The initiative sounds familiar.

The previous government also tried a similar strategy to [... Read More]

Getting to grips with epilepsy

A research study is being proposed to raise awareness about this much-misunderstood ailment

Health: It lasted for only a few minutes, but life was different after 22-year-old Dorji had an epileptic fit in college about a year ago.

He had fewer friends and feared going out alone.  He became conscious about his problem and, whenever he was around people, he felt everyone around him knew he had epilepsy.

“There’s a stigma attached to it with very [... Read More]

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