Monday, April 27th, 2015 - 1:05 PM
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Strong winds blew off the roof of a two-storied traditional house in Lobesa, Punakha yesterday evening. The gewog has provided plastic sheets to protect the house from rain.


Govt to solve critical aviation shortcomings

.. By allowing the recruitment of required personnel at the market rate

MoIC: In a major move that will settle a longstanding issue for the civil aviation sector, the Ministry of Information and Communications will be able to recruit an airworthiness officer and an air safety officer.

The decision for immediate recruitment of the two officers, according to MoIC officials, came after the ministry, Royal Civil Service Commission, and the finance ministry met at the prime minister’s office earlier this month.

The two officials will be on contract. The air safety officer is a pilot and an airworthiness officer is an engineer who periodically inspects and certifies that an aircraft is fit for operation.

MoIC secretary Dasho Kinley Dorji said, “What took more than 17 years to resolve was decided within half an hour and all of us returned with a huge sigh of relief.”


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Pro-Bhutan, a private German philanthropic association donated equipment worth Nu 500,000 to Punakha hospital on March 17.

The equipment includes four water tanks, nine panel heaters, a refrigerator with 250-litre capacity and a deep-freezer. The hospital also received a washing machine with 8.5kg capacity, a projector for conference hall, a wheel burrow and a grass-cutting machine.

Punakha hospital’s chief medical officer Dr Choeda Gyaltshen, who requested for support, said Pro-Bhutan has continuously supported the hospital for years.

He said the fund for the equipment was provided by the German embassy in New Delhi through the initiative of the executive chairman of Pro-Bhutan, Herald Nestroy. Dr Choeda Gyaltshen said the donor would also construct an 18-unit staff quarter for the hospital.


Cross-examination exposes inconsistencies

Both defendants submitted conflicting statements yesterday against their bribery charges

Update: Discrepancies arose in the submissions of the parties involved, when the Haa district court conducted a cross-examination hearing yesterday to establish facts in the alleged bribery case of a public servant in the ongoing Lhakhang Karpo case.

Both the defendants, Nima of Pema Tshongkhang in Paro, and project engineer of Lhakhang Karpo, Tashi Gyeltshen, yesterday submitted conflicting statements against their bribery charges.

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG), which is currently prosecuting seven defendants in connection to the case, implicated Nima for bribing the project engineer with a Samsung Galaxy phone worth Nu 33,500 and the latter was charged with soliciting the bribe.


ADR training for all local leaders: Wangdue DT

Fears of the Trongsa contagion spreading may partly be laid to rest

Judiciary: Almost a week after the Trongsa dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) passed a resolution to hand over mediation and conciliation of civil cases to the judiciary, local leaders in Wangdue are requesting the judiciary to train all local leaders on alternative dispute resolution (ADR), mediation and conciliation.

At the second day of the ongoing DT session, local leaders requested the judiciary to provide ADR training to tshogpas, and, if possible, to all local leaders, including gups and gewog administration officials.

Local leaders said that, since local people come with civil cases to the tshogpas first, the training would help tshogpas intervene and settle disputes amicably, as allowed by the law.


Looking straight into our soul self

Voice. One voice. That’s what we needed. And that’s what we got when Bhutan played Sri Lanka on the home ground Tuesday at Changlingmethang National Stadium in Thimphu.

We saw our worth, for the first time, in the mirror of our national soul.

We are worth more, much more than we think we are. That’s what we learnt that day. The World Cup is a big event. And we will fight tooth and nail if we have to, to get there in 2018, in Russia.

We passed that message to the unbelieving world, that this nation may be small but it’s got a heart of a real dragon.


Indo-Asian Academy issue resolved for now

Bengaluru: After more than three weeks, confusion among the 195 students studying at the Indo Asian Academy in Bengaluru, India is purportedly cleared for now.

The students were given a reassurance after a new memorandum of understanding (MoU) was drawn last week between Careerinfo Bhutan, a consultancy based in Thimphu and the students.

The new MoU states that the students studying in the first and second semester, who were sent under the financial aid programme, will continue to receive the aid unless they fail.  Those who fail will have to pay the hostel fee if they stayed on campus.


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Lyonchoen Tshering Tobgay urged the innovative, creative and skilled Bhutanese to return and invest in Bhutan when he met the Bhutanese community in New York recently. The priame minister also encouraged the community to open foreign currency accounts with banks at home.

To raise awareness for the ‘Bhutan for Life’ initiative, the prime minister is on a nine-day visit to the US.

Lyonchen and his delegation also met the co-chair and members of Bhutan Foundation and the president of Waterkeeper Alliance, Robert Kennedy Jr.  Following an interaction with senior editors and reporters, the prime minister spoke on Bhutan and “Bhutan for Life” at the Harvard Club.


DCA dismisses Drukair’s safety concerns

Aviation: The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) has found no cause for concern regarding similarity in radio call signs between Drukair and Tashi Air subsidiary Bhutan Airlines.

A radio call sign is assigned to a specific aircraft and used by an Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower to give instructions to that aircraft using radio communications, such as whether to lower or increase altitude.

The national airline had raised safety concerns that the call signs of the two airlines, “Royal Bhutan” for Drukair and “Bhutan Air” for Bhutan Airlines was too similar and could lead to an incident.


Collecting garbage in a Greener Way

DSC_1318A resident avails the evening service at NPPF colony

The private agency finds it has to raise awareness as much as it needs to collect waste

Disposal: Although more than a thousand residents have registered with Greener Way, only seven have availed the special service, where garbage is collected after 5pm.

More than two months after Greener Way took over the collection and disposal of waste in the central and southern zones in the city, the company initiated the special evening service to curb the problem of residents disposing of their waste in open public places.

The special waste collection service is only for those households that have no one at home to dispose of garbage between 9am to 5pm.  On March 16, the Greener Way started the special service with two households, one each in Motithang and Changzamtog.