Friday , October 21 2016

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Measures taken to prevent water borne diseases

Medical: Despite heavy rain and floods inundating properties and settlements in places like Gelephu, Sarpang and Phuentsholing, no reports of communicable diseases have been recorded by health facilities, according to health officials from these areas.

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Eight villages cut off in Athang


Bridges in Athang, Laya and Lunana were washed away

Connectivity: At least three bazams or wooden bridges in Athang gewog, Wangdue have been washed away following heavy rainfall since last week leaving more than eight villages totally cut off.

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Heavy rains likely to continue


Weather: Heavy rains are likely to continue at least until the end of August according to the weather report that the Department of Hyro-Met Services submitted to the Prime Minister.

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Large number of epileptic patients in Bhutan

However, accurate data to deduce the degree of the problem and required medical equipment to treat the disorder are lacking

Medical: Some 67 new cases of epilepsy were registered with the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital’s psychiatry department in Thimphu last year.

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PHPA-II dam construction site flooded

The flooded PHPA-II dam site

However, the project’s managing director says there will be no delay or extra expenses incurred
Flood: A swollen Punatsangchhu spilled over the Punatsangchhu Hydropower Project Authority (PHPA)-II coffer dam and flooded the main dam construction site yesterday.

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Flood waters recede in Phuentsholing

Mitigation works were carried out to prevent the Omchhu from flowing into Phuentsholing town

Gomtu A 11-year-old boy was washed away by the Sukti river in Gomtu yesterday. The incident occurred at around 2:30pm. The class IV student had gone swimming with his friends in the river. The boy was not found as of yesterday.

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DoR exploring measures to restore Dzongkhalum bridge

The damaged bridge at Dzongkhalum

The partially damaged bridge collapsed on July 24 following continuous landslides
Connectivity: A temporary bridge could be constructed over the Dzongkhalum stream in about three months to restore road connectivity, as construction of the same bridge that collapsed on July 24 would take about a year.

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Embracing the digital tsunami

Innovation and aspiration to develop smart nations to better citizen’s lives are key discussion topics
ConnectGov: Information technology is likely to grow at an exponential rate necessitating that  humanity and governments across the globe adapt to the change.

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Bumthang and Trongsa running out of fuel

Sale is being limited to a few litres in Bumthang to ensure the depots do not run out fuel

The fuel stations have put in place preventive measures for even distribution
Fuel: Fuel stations in Bumthang and Trongsa could run out of fuel with the existing stock expected to last only for a few more days.

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My Country, My Town

  • Back-up security: Just the sheer number of locks on this gate, it is hoped, will dissuade any would-be burglar/s Photo by Tshering Doma, ICS, MoAF
  • Ominous sign: If such is the state of the instructions, one shudders to countenance the shape of the equipment Photo by Dawa Yoezer
  • The perils of alcoholism: Wonder how much the sleeper will get charged for parking Photo by Tshewang Chogyel, DBCW, Khasadrapchu, Thimphu
  • Nothing is safe nowadays: Still it’s hard to figure out what exactly is under lock and key here Photo by Tshering Doma, ICS, MoAF
  • Crate expectations: Either a bumper apple crop is expected or the harvest turned out to be below par Photo by Pema Tshering, RBG, Thimphu
  • Plastic in place of plants: The presence of this manmade material is all-pervasive on the planet Photo by Pema Tshering, RBG, Thimphu