Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 - 9:51 PM
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Picture story

Five men participated in a Naagye (strong man) competition at Bajothang Higher School yesterday.


Former PM’s resignation accepted

Nanong-Shumar constituency will have to go to polls once more to elect a replacement

Parliament: Nanong-Shumar constituency in Pemagatshel will go without a representative in the first session of the second Parliament next month, with the National Assembly speaker accepting the resignation tendered by its elected member, former prime minister Jigmi Y Thinley.

With this, the constituency, having officially been declared “vacant”, is up for a by election to elect a National Assembly representative within [... Read More]

Tashi Air inaugural int’l flight on Oct. 10

Tashiair2 Airbus A320

Aviation: Private airline Tashi Air released its international airfares and sold its first passenger ticket on Saturday.  The airline is planning to fly its first international flight between Paro and Bangkok, Thailand on October 10.

A one-way fare for Bhutanese and Indian nationals flying Paro to Bangkok will cost Nu 11,000, while a round trip is Nu 21,000.

In US dollars, a one-way fare is USD 360 and round trip USD 720 for economy class.  [... Read More]


The mob mentality

Well, we are used to hearing Bhutanese spectators, comforted by the refuge the crowd provides, often name-calling and identifying players on the field with their physical imperfections.

Players on the football field would rather be anything but bald, or dark complexioned, two stark attributes that Bhutanese cannot not refrain from bursting out with lurid remarks.

That becomes worse, as evident from the many matches of the King’s Cup that ended yesterday, when the match up is between [... Read More]

Rahul Bose : The man with a mission to make people happy

rahulboseRahul Bose

The actor/writer/director/social activist has started The Foundation to eradicate discrimination

Litfest: It may not be known if being in Bhutan made him happy, but what makes one of India’s most respected actors Rahul Bose happy is making others happy.

The actor, writer, director and social activist, who was in the capital for the literary fest, said that doing a job well without hurting anyone with excellence, integrity, and with compassion is what makes him happy. [... Read More]

Journalists should struggle to keep societies reasonably just

mountainechoesTarun Tejpal

This is one piece of advice editor-in-chief and publisher of Tehelka, Tarun Tejpal, who was in the capital as a participant at Mountain Echoes, which ended yesterday, had for Bhutanese journalists. 

Kuensel met the author of The Alchemy Of Desire and The Story Of My Assassins following his session on August 10 for a quick interview and compiled the excerpts.

What does it take to write tough stories, especially challenging the wrongs of the powerful and the [... Read More]

Two new books launched at Mountain Echoes

MiphamsMipham’s Dialetics and the Debates on Emptiness (Photos courtesy Upasana Dahal)

The scholarly tomes are by a pair of distinguished researchers, doctors Yoshiro Imaeda and Lopen Karma Phuntsho

Litfest: Two new books on Bhutan were launched at the Mountain Echoes literary festival, yesterday.

The two books are: The Successors of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel: Hereditary Heirs and Reincarnation by (Dr) Yoshiro Imaeda, a well known scholar of Bhutan; and Mipham’s Dialetics and the Debates on Emptiness (To be, not to be or neither) by (Dr) Lopen Karma [... Read More]

Mountain Echoes ends

MountainKPramod Kumar KG

Litfest: The four-day Mountain Echoes literary festival ended last evening in Thimphu with a renewed sense of hope and anticipation of yet another round next year.

The fest saw personalities from renowned authors, musicians, artists, actors and journalists among others from Bhutan, India and abroad.

Audiences ranging from different backgrounds, from both Bhutan and India, from different range of ages and backgrounds filled the halls and was mostly packed, proving how well received the festival [... Read More]

Mangoes refuse to fruit up

farmer-Jambay-GyeltshenHelpless: Jambay Gyeltshen said he would care for the fruit trees better for better yield next year

Villagers claim to have come across powder-like insects that destroyed all flowers on the mango tree

Crop: It is difficult to find an expression for a circumstance such as being surrounded with mango trees with none bearing fruit.

Expressionless, that was exactly how 45-year-old Ugyen Pelmo and her husband Jambay Gyeltshen from Horong in Mongar appeared when the 140 mango trees they were surrounded by refused to bear fruit.

Jambay Gyeltshen remembers taking two truckloads of [... Read More]

Paro Sangchoekhor shedra starts 45-day summer retreat

yerneyMonks whitewash the lhakhang during the summer retreat

Yarney: The 150 monks of Paro Sangchoekhor shedra (monastic school) have started their annual 45-day yarney (summer retreat), where they essentially remain within the shedra, focus on religious practice and skip supper.

The retreat, which lasts for six weeks, began from the 15th day of the 6th month of the Bhutanese calendar and concludes on the 29th day of the 7th month.

“During the yarney, monks observe special vows and strict monastic discipline,” Jigme Phuntsho, [... Read More]