Friday, August 1st, 2014 - 9:43 AM

Religiously avoiding politics

Strictly abiding by the rules in place, the monastic body is putting conscious efforts to stay out of the ongoing political process.

Officials of central monastic body and some lam netens said, besides a reminder notification from election commission of Bhutan and the electoral rules, they received a “standing order” from His Holiness the Je Khenpo.

Through the order, all rabdeys under the central monastic body were advised to strictly remain out of politics in accordance with [... Read More]

WFP extends its stay until 2018

It will phase out once some of the country’s hydropower projects begin bringing in revenue

Although World Food Program (WFP) was supposed to pull out its assistance by end of December this year, the organisation has decided to extend its support until 2018.

The office in-charge of WFP country office in Thimphu, Dungkar Drukpa said a delegation from Bangkok had flown in, spent about two weeks in the country during which time they met with Gross National [... Read More]

The Bhutanese says it clarified untrue, exaggerated information

In response to Druk Phuensum Tshogpa’s (DPT) clarification on the Education City story that appeared in The Bhutanese newspaper, its editor-in-chief Tenzing Lamsang said the clarification itself was misleading.

He said the DPT had mentioned it was the Royal Education Council that had identified the Education City site and not the DPT government.

“The Bhutanese has formal and recorded interviews with DHI Infra staff saying that DHI, during DPT government’s tenure had explored various options across the [... Read More]

It’s like deja-vu in Bumdeling-Jamkhar

bumdelingCandidates interact with voters in Jamkhar after a common forum

The same pair of opponents from 2008 is back again for a head-to-head in 2013 

After almost 28 years, Druk Phuensum Tshogpa’s Bumdeling-Jamkhar candidate, Drupthob, returned to one of the almost dingy classrooms in Kunzangling lower secondary school.

It was the same school he studied in 1985, which was then called Tongzhang primary school.

But the purpose of his visit was way different from his childhood days in the school.  He was there to solicit votes.

Referring to the [... Read More]

Campaigns down south incomplete without discussing census

samtseVoters after the PDP meeting in Dorokha

The other issue people expressed their discontentment was over Amochhu project to which some lost their land and were not compensated adequately

Although election commission has asked political parties to refrain from discussing the census issue, no campaigning in south is complete without a mention of it.

Although political party presidents might not talk about it, voters raise questions on both census and citizenship issue.

The census issue was raised soon after People’s Democratic Party president Tshering Tobgay [... Read More]


The passing of the tenth plan

While the parties are in the thick of mud slinging, as the race to form a government heats up, the weekend will mark an important ending.

The 10th plan, perhaps the most ambitious of development plans, in terms of outlay, and the first under a democratically elected government, will officially come to a close on June 30, Sunday, after five years.

It had an outlay of Nu 148B, almost twice the size of the previous plan, and [... Read More]

PDP challenges DPT to prove allegations

The People’s Democratic party (PDP) filed a complaint with the Election Commission of Bhutan yesterday, requesting the commission to ask Druk Phuensum tshogpa (DPT) to prove the allegations it has made during campaigning.

Should DPT fail to prove the allegations it has made, PDP wrote to the commission that it would have no option than to file a case of defamation in the court.

“As [... Read More]

PDP likely to repeat upper Wangdue primary win

NiyshoAt rest: Kuenga and Gyem Dorji at Phangyul

An anti incumbency wave is amplified by a string of unmet pledges made by the DPT ex-MP

A majority of voters in Kazhi and Phangyul gewogs of Niysho-Saephu constituency in Wangdue, during the common forum on June 24, indicated they would  ‘not change’ their choice of PDP, despite DPT president’s recent visit to the dzongkhag.

In the primary elections, DPT secured 2,306 votes against PDP’s  2,977 from the constituency.  Many voters said they would go with the [... Read More]

Resident permit-holders dilemma unresolved

More than six months after the issue first arose, talks are underway between the two governments

Discussions are currently underway in Thimphu between the governments of Bhutan and India to resolve the issue of New Delhi airport immigration not accepting the travel document issued to residents of Bhutan.

New Delhi immigration stopped accepting the travel document in September, last year.  Immigration in Kathmandu, Nepal has also stopped recognising the document.

Additionally, those holding special resident permits, issued for [... Read More]