Sunday , December 17 2017

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Govt. open to discuss thromde issues, not boundary

Thromde: The government is open to discuss issues on taxation, use of land or any other matters concerning the Paro dzongkhag thromde except for the delimitation of the dzongkhag thromde boundary, which the Parliament endorsed in June.

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Dorokha dungkhag court inaugurated

Construction of court buildings has been an integral part of reforms in the judiciary

Judiciary: Signifying that infrastructure is vital for the delivery of justice, the newly constructed dungkhag court in Dorokha, Samtse was inaugurated on July 25.

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First small step, giant leap for public e-services

The launching of the G2C Wallet allows online payments for public services for the first time 

Tech: In a development that marks another major transition towards e-governance, an online payment system for G2C (government to citizen) services, the G2C Wallet, was launched, yesterday.

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Mongar town cries for streetlight repair

Facility: Mongar’s town area is a dark and difficult place at night. Streetlights don’t beam from the light poles because there has been no repair or maintenance done in the last six months.

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Are collectors hiding cordyceps?

i>With better price in the black market, govt. could lose revenue from royalty

Royalty: The government could lose hundred of thousands of ngultrums from royalty imposed on cordyceps if legitimate collectors are skipping the auction to evade royalty.

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