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The Great Nalanda – Then and now

The Nalanda Mahavihara (ancient Nalanda University) had been a great seat of learning for about eight hundred years (from 5th century to 13th century A. D.) At the very beginning it was a monastic institution accommodating thousands of travelling monks coming from different regions. During their stay at Nalanda monastery the Buddha’s Dhamma and Vinaya based on ‘Pariyatti’ and ‘Patipatti-dhammasasanam’ were preached where the senior monks gave their sermons while the junior monks attended. This [... Read More]


“Growth National Happiness”

Over the past weeks there have been some headlines in local and international news about Bhutan abandoning its dear concept of Gross National Happiness. While it is clear that prioritization of jobs and the domestic economy are necessary, it will also be important for citizens not to forget the long-term goal of happiness and wellbeing.

If it has been fair to question GNH over the past decade and a half, some criticism has been centered around [... Read More]

INR 5B grant to be sought for stimulus plan

Liquidity: The government is in the process of requesting the government of India for a grant of Rs 5B for its economic stimulus plan to address the liquidity crunch in the economy.

The grant for the economic stimulus plan, one of the pledges made by the new government, is expected to be finalised during prime minister Tshering Tobgay’s official visit to India next week.

Meanwhile, the special task force formed to address issues confronting the [... Read More]

Second Parliament’s first session next month

Parliament: It could be almost a month before the second Parliament convenes its first session.

Speaker Jigme Zangpo said, for now, they have decided on September 7 as the date to have the session.

With His Majesty, Parliament will comprise 25 National Council members, and the National Assembly formed by 32 members in the ruling and 15 in the opposition.

Jigme Zangpo said the date they have arrived at was adjusted as per the Prime Minister’s [... Read More]

24 new HIV positive cases

The health ministry will introduce HIV testing through antenatal care in all 184 BHUs from next month

Health: Bhutan has diagnosed 24 new HIV positive cases between December 1, 2012 and June 30 this year, taking the country’s total number of detected cases to 321, almost two decades after it detected its first case.

Of the new 24 cases, 13 are males and the rest females. According to the health ministry, 38 percent of the [... Read More]

The hills are alive with the sound of Mountain Echoes

IMG_7930Ani Choying performs Mangal Vani- Chants of Peace at the fest’s inaugural

Litfest: With Ani Choying’s chants of peace setting the mood for the fest, the mountains for the next three days will again reverberate with stories that literature scholars from Bhutan and India would share, as they engage in a cultural dialogue for the fourth time.

The fourth Mountain Echoes, Bhutan’s festival of literature, art and culture opened yesterday evening in Thimphu, on the heels of the elections, with a lamp lighting ceremony at the [... Read More]

Picture story

Reaping the fruits: Farmers from six eastern dzongkhags were introduced to some of the best practices in handling, harvesting and packaging fruits during a three-day training held yesterday at Wengkhar, Mongar.



The proprieties of resignation

Druk  Phuensum Tshogpa president’s wish to resign from the Parliament has generated much discourse among the public.

While there is no question of disallowing him from his choice to resign, should he be allowed, what procedures should be made so it could serve as a standard for similar cases in future?

Like in any organisation, government or corporate, if employees put in their resignation, there are certain rules penned down for it to follow and formalities to [... Read More]

With the subsidy comes the rush

IMG_1226Gas rush: Thimphu residents await their turn to have their empty cylinders exchanged for the refilled ones on August 7, at Motithang depot.

Since reinstatement of subsidy on LPG, depots in Thimphu sold more than 3,500 cylinders so far

LPG: It was to a deluge of people this reinstatement of subsidy on liquid petroleum gas opened the depots in the capital city.

Since August 1 that the subsidy was reinstated until yesterday, gas depots in Thimphu sold as many as 3,520 gas cylinders.

Tashi Commercial Corporation (TCC) gas depot at Motithang sold more than 2,900 cylinders since August 1 [... Read More]

Employment figures fall far short of initial estimates

itparkIT park (file photo)

Barely a third of the projected number of jobs have been made available in the stipulated period

IT Park: Initial estimations on the number of jobs that would be created at the IT park have been significantly reduced.

In March, the CEO of the IT park’s operator Thimphu TechPark pvt ltd, Mike Holland, said that at least 500 fresh jobs would have been created between June-September this year.

Currently, there are 167 employed by the park’s [... Read More]