Saturday, September 20th, 2014 - 3:57 PM
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Subsidies are back … from today

Some valuable lessons have been learnt between its removal and reinstatement

Fuel: Subsidies on cooking gas and kerosene from the Indian government will be reinstated from today.

Which means a refilled LPG cylinder in Thimphu will now cost Nu 504 and not Nu 1,196, which was the price following subsidy withdrawal towards the end of June.

A litre of kerosene is Nu 15.35, down from the unsubsidised price of Nu 56.95. (Refer box for regional prices)

The [... Read More]

Picture story

Trading fungus: At Dodeyna yesterday, a family awaits its turn to auction the cordyceps they gathered. The auction, which lasted for more than eight hours had about 244 collectors from Lingshi participate in it.
The highest amount paid for a kg of cordyceps was Nu 671,000 and the lowest Nu 286,000. Auction for cordyceps from Naro begins today.

(Photo: Lhendup Tharchen, Park [... Read More]


Seeking alternatives

What the lifting of subsidies on cooking gas showed was, better than the country’s complete dependence on its neighbours, its people’s ability to adapt to alternate sources of energy.

Many homes, across the country had switched to electric cookers, electricity being the country’s main source of energy and its economy.

Jokingly as it might have been, but some people in Pemagatshel, a few days after the subsidy on gas and kerosene was lifted, said perhaps they should [... Read More]

Giving govt. agencies some social media savvy

Workshop: Recognising that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are being utilised by some government agencies, the information and communications ministry has commenced an effort to create social media guidelines that would ensure its use effectively.

Currently, local media houses, and the corporate and private sectors lead in utilisation of social media, with only a few government agencies having adopted the communications medium.

However, more government agencies can be observed to be moving [... Read More]

Fuel inflation in Gelephu

fuelUntil the bridge is restored, motorists might have to continue paying the inflated fuel price

The flood-damaged bridge at Deosari has sent transportation costs through the roof

BOD: Fuel prices in Gelephu, where it used to be least compared to other districts, given its proximity to the border, is today the highest in the country.

A litre of petrol today costs Nu 68.27 against its  initial price of Nu 66.62, after the latest revision of more than Nu 2.  Likewise, diesel costs Nu 52.60 a litre against the last price [... Read More]

The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few

lemonStudents carry harvested lemon grass to the oil extraction site at the Zero Point Feeder road of Drametse on the Mongar-Trashigang highway

LGOC: Member farmers of the lemon grass oil corporative (LGOC) in Mongar are hopeful for a good production of lemon grass oil this year, given the quality of grass that has grown with the place receiving adequate rainfall.

LGOC’s manager Tshering Wangchuk, who is working along the Mongar-Trashigang highway roadside at Drametse, said that, although the lemon grass has grown well, he is facing labour problem.  He said people prefer other work, since they [... Read More]

Too much monkey business in Trongsa dzong

monkeyTrongsa torment: Monkeys rest on a tree next to the dzong during a rainy day

The simians there now seem to have a free run of the premises

Wildlife: Around 6am yesterday, some monkeys had broken in through the windows of Mugtsen lhakhang in Trongsa dzong, and also managed to push open the wooden doors to turn the place into a mess.

Besides eating up the tormas (religious cakes), they had splattered all offerings made in the room, and the butter lamps were tossed on the floor.  Luckily, the butter [... Read More]

Mass dog sterilisation extended by two weeks

dogsThe sterilised and vaccinated strays are kept under observation at the animal husbandry

The month long camp steralised and vaccinated 1,753 dogs in the city

Stray: The month long ‘mass dog sterilisation program’ has been extended by two more weeks.

According to the project coordinator with Humane Society International (HIS), Antoinette Bradley, the extension is for the same purpose of sterilising and vaccinating more dogs in the city to have ‘fewer and healthy dogs, and for a safer community.’

Although the mass Catch Neuter Vaccinate Release (CNVR) campaign couldn’t [... Read More]

Yeedzin enters the semis

footballStretchign out: Machhindra captain pulls the ball back in the Yeedzin box

King’s Cup: It was a nail-biting match that had many spectators jumping out of their concrete stadium seats shrieking, this Yeedzin FC vs NMB Machhindra FC one yesterday.

When the Bhutanese team did win 3-2 goals against its Nepalese opponent, the excitement among spectators culminated in spot dances on the passages between rows of concrete seats.

There was no shortcoming of support from the crowd for Yeedzin FC.

Both teams were evenly matched that right from [... Read More]

Lower voter turnout in east

Elections: The six eastern dzongkhags saw less than half the registered voters turn up to cast their votes at the polling stations, as opposed to western dzongkhags, on poll day, the recently compiled election data show.

Of the 17 constituencies in Trashigang, Trashiyangtse, Pemagatshel, Samdrupjongkhar, Mongar and Lhuentse, Mongar constituency saw the highest turnout, with 49.25 percent votes cast on the electronic voting machines (EVM).

In Khar-Yurung constituency, Pemagatshel, of the 8,575 registered voters, only [... Read More]