Thursday, November 27th, 2014 - 3:16 PM
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Three sentenced in Nganglam land scam

44.16 acres of land were restituted to the rightful owner, namely, the government

Crime: Nganglam dungkhag court in Pemagatshel on September 25 sentenced a former land record officer, a former gup and a businessman to prison terms ranging from one to three years for illegal encroachment into government land between 2005 and 2010.  The court also seized 44.16 acres of land and restituted it to the government.

Tshering Dendup, the former land record officer of [... Read More]

Potential exists to save energy (and thus money)

Starting with industries, then buildings and transport, there is much scope to recoup

DRE: Bhutan has potential to save energy by using it more efficiently and investing in energy efficient technology, say officials of the department of energy (DRE).

The maximum energy efficiency potential is with the industrial sector, as it is the highest energy consumer.  Buildings and transport are other two sectors where energy could be saved.

“When energy consumption is higher, the potential of [... Read More]


Look beyond today

Assembly deputy speaker had only to move a motion to amend some Acts in connection with Druk Phuensum Tshogpa president’s recent resignation to spark debates carrying subtle messages.

Gauging from the debates on the issue, it sounded like one side felt its pride being thinned out with the former prime minister’s refusal to return in the opposition, while the other seemed to have reasons for the move its president made but chose not to delve into [... Read More]

What exactly constitutes “other investments”?

It seems, though not spelt out, investments in the hydropower sector are included

Budget: Finance ministry officials say that the category “other investments” under the country’s overall balance of payments included more than just short term Indian rupee (INR) borrowings from India.

“The category also includes the loan portion of the existing hydropower projects,” finance secretary Lam Dorji said yesterday in a telephone interview.

Going by the national budget report 2013-14, the source of information for [... Read More]

Canadian delegation in Bhutan

DSC_0043Mr Stewart Beck and the delegation the Prime Minister yesterday

The Canadian Ambassador to Bhutan, Mr Stewart Beck, accompanied by a 12-member delegation called on the Prime Minister, Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay at the Gyalyong Tshogkhang yesterday.

Conveying his deepest appreciation, Lyonchhoen welcomed the delegation and thanked them for visiting Bhutan shortly after the formation of the new government.

“Bhutan and Canada has been sharing this remarkable bond of friendship since the 1960s and it is good to have friends by our side who support and guide us [... Read More]

NC members quiz finance minister on country’s economy

Council: Although the budget outlay for the 11th plan was Nu 65B more than that of the previous plan, current expenditure in the current plan surpassed capital expenditure by Nu 29B.

Finance minister Namgay Dorji, however, said this was being done to tackle the country economic situation vis-à-vis Rupee problem.

The 11th plan has a total outlay of Nu 213B, of which Nu 121B is allocated for current expenses and Nu 92B for capital expenditure.

During [... Read More]

Seventy-two smiles restored

175Volunteers of ‘Operation Smile’ and duty nurses attend to a child at Mongar regional referral hospital

A team of volunteers from Singapore completed a restorative surgical camp in Mongar

Surgery: For the young couple, Thinley and Yuden from Chukha, their son’s cleft lips were a source of constant worry.  The couple didn’t have enough money to take their son for surgery abroad.

But today, after visiting Mongar regional referral hospital, Thinley and Yuden returned home following a successful restorative surgery on the lips of their nine-month old son.

This is because the [... Read More]

Saving on Fuel

With the price of fuel not likely to decrease significantly anytime soon, driving your vehicle is only set to get more expensive. However, there are some ways you can minimise the costs of driving.

Here are 7 tips recommended by vehicle experts:

1. Regular vehicle maintenance: Getting the vehicle serviced regularly (changing engine fluids, cleaning/replacing air filter, etc…) as per the time frames specified in the vehicle’s owner manual, is one of the most important ways of [... Read More]

Defunct irrigation channel equals fallow paddy fields

DSCN3958Gone fallow: Kinzang Yeshi’s paddy fields

Who’s to blame? Thirsty built up structures or road widening fallout – take your pick

Agriculture: For many years, farmer Kinzang Yeshi harvested around 400kg of rice from his 189 decimal paddy field that sits on a wooded slope overlooking Jomtshang and Udzorong villages.  Then three years ago he took to growing maize.

The farmer from Tsushing village in Kanglung, Trashigang, was forced to switch crops when the irrigation that watered his fields started drying [... Read More]

About one in five minor females married

A multiple survey indicator showed the country’s early child marriage prevalence was 15 percent

Meeting: While age of consent for women to marry is a contentious issue, where men have gone behind bars for their relationship with minors below 18 years, about one in every five females between 15 and 19 years are currently married.

This is what Bhutan Multiple Survey Indicator, 2010 unveiled.

This takes the percentage of early child marriage in the country to [... Read More]