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Blood pressure – take control: Bhutan observed World Health Day yesterday in Punakha dzong by screening more than 400 people for hypertension. Of the 319 monks from the Zhung dratshang, 71 were found to be at high risk or vulnerable to suffer from non-communicable diseases. Photo : Health Ministry


Deliver democracy at doorstep?

In the light of the vagaries in the weather that will be when elections begin, inquiries are being made on some of the suggestions the government made sometime last year.

One suggestion among a spate of other propositions the government made the elections commission was with regards to the possibility of having polling stations in the capital city and a few other urban centres.

This would certainly make sense and be most convenient for many Bhutanese, especially [... Read More]

Not much public or debate

sjNCJust like the other one: The three again

The district is seeing a rerun of the 2008 bout with the same three rivals in the ring

Much to the dismay of election officials, very few people turned up to attend the public debate for council candidates of the southern eastern district of Samdrupjongkhar.

About 20 Samdrupjongkhar residents showed up to attend the debate on April 6 and most of them were requested to attend by election and dzongkhag officials.

Samdrupjongkhar residents said they would rather watch [... Read More]

Candidates slug it out in Sephu and Phobjikha

wangdueAll in the 30s: The threesome drew a crowd of more than 300 in Sephu

The common forums saw a fairly decent crowd turn up for the action

At the common forum held at Sephu gewog centre yesterday that was attended by more than 300 people, council candidate of Wangthrom, Chador Namgyal, promised to simplify laws so that common people understand them.

“Law should benefit everyone, regardless of social standing,” he said.

Chador Namgyal, 34, said he would visit house to house and address their problems.  This, he said, he would do in [... Read More]

Security measures come into play at Samtse

Restriction of movement of people and vehicles imposed from nine pm to five am

With about two weeks to Council poll day, the southwestern border district of Samtse has tightened internal security, by restricting movement of people and vehicles from nine pm to five am.

The restriction will be implemented until poll day April 23, as decided by the dzongkhag security committee.

The district’s chief election coordinator, Samtse dzongda Karma Weezir, said the restriction was decided to avoid [... Read More]

Candidates spell out priorities for dzongkhag

trongsaTrongsa’s three during the common forum

Two of the three Trongsa National Council candidates said they would work towards solving the issue of youth unemployment if they were elected, while the youngest candidate wished to review the local government Act.

If re-elected, former council representative Dr Jagar Dorji, 58, said he wanted to look into the issue of growing youth unemployment and helping school dropouts.

“We need to bring in new ideas,” he said. “Although it’s not the job of the council, it [... Read More]

Samtse seven make their pitch …

samtseNCThe first speaker conveys his intention to run for elections while the other six wait their turn

… at a sparsely attended public debate in the high school auditorium

About 60 people attended the public debate in Samtse on April 4, where the district’s seven council candidates, the maximum, did their best to explain their intention for wanting to contest.

The live audience, occupying only a quarter of the Samtse higher secondary school auditorium, appeared to be listening as candidates tried their best to make their stand in the 10 minutes allocated to them.  [... Read More]

“Our final objective is to form the government”


With a focus on building a “strong and prosperous middle class family, starting from the grassroots”, Druk Chirwang Tshogpa was the second of the new political parties to seek registration in November last year.  Lily Wangchuk  became the first woman to lead a political party, by formally becoming its president.  Kuensel spoke to her to learn about the party and its developments.

Q Why should anyone vote for DCT?

It’s a people-centric party, offering newer ideas, newer solutions and [... Read More]

To vote or not to?

Some indications are that voter turnout will be higher this second time around

Holding her three-month-old on her lap, she hitched a bus ride from Thimphu that cold winter morning.

With her husband, who was working as a driver, staying back for work, there was no one to help her with the baby, who cried almost throughout the journey.

On reaching Samdrupjongkhar, she managed to get a ride on a local truck until her village in Pemagatshel.

Despite being [... Read More]

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