Monday, September 1st, 2014 - 1:31 PM
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Crossfire in Sarpang

Security: Villagers in Chuzergang and Umling gewogs in Sarpang patrolled their villages last night after a reported crossfire between a Royal Bhutan Army patrol team and miscreants from across the border last morning.

The crossfire, sources in Gelephu said, occurred at 6:30am in Chuzergang and at 7:30 am in Umling.

A resident of Chuzergang said he was doing his morning prayers when he heard the firing. He went to his neighbors place and found out [... Read More]

Lhuentse keeps a foot in each camp

One is a respected incumbent in opposition and the other a ministerial hopeful

Results: Meme (grandpa) Rinchen, 80, from Khoma, has many things to share why the people of Lhuentse chose a crane from his constituency, and the lower constituency chose a horse.

“The horse was the main mode of transport in the past and we have to respect it, the crane is a heavenly faithful bird, which can predict everything, and we must respect [... Read More]

PDP bags both Gasa seats

One result (the ex-AG’s) was expected, but the other was a bit of a touch and go thing

Results: A couple of days before poll day, DPT’s Kinley Dorji had high hopes of winning a second term from Khamaed-Lunana constituency in Gasa.

That never happened.  He lost by two votes to PDP’s Pema Drukpa.

While telecommunication facilities, solar panels and water supply that remote Lunana were provided with in the past five years worked well for [... Read More]

The new political platform

Though to what extent it contributed to PDP’s victory is debatable

Social media: The political role and importance of social media should significantly expand in the next five years with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) being elected to govern, on Saturday.

It is common knowledge that the prime minister-elect, Tshering Tobgay, as opposition leader used social media extensively to share information and interact with citizens, in the past five years.

The first indication that social media [... Read More]

PDP’s Punakha clean sweep


The valley’s complete turnaround from the last time around took many by surprise

Results: As the election results were broadcast live on the evening of July 13, Ap Kencho, 72, remained glued to the television, closely following every word of the announcer for he couldn’t read the votes given in English.

As more constituencies were declared for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Ap Kencho wore a forlorn look.  And when Punakha results were announced, he [... Read More]

India assures assistance for 11th Plan

vpharanIndian ambassador VP Haran

Plan: India would have rendered assistance to Bhutan, even if Druk Phuensum Tshogpa had come to power following the recent general elections, according to Indian ambassador to Bhutan, VP Haran.

While campaigning the general elections, winning party, People’s Democratic party candidates had accused the former government Druk Phuensum tshogpa of weakening ties between India and Bhutan, which “led to India denying commitment to fund the 11th Plan.”

“We were only waiting for the new government, [... Read More]

The riddle of the Dorokha-Tading volte-face

Results: Why Thakur Singh Powdyel, the former education minister, lost in the general elections remains a question many people and observers in Dorokha-Tading constituency, Samtse district, have no answer to.

During the primary round on May 31, they went behind DPT’s Thakur Singh Powdyel, and on July 13 they did exactly the opposite.

Even before the election, word was going round that the electorate of Phuentshopelri-Samtse constituency was going for a change this time, but [... Read More]

Official figures

Results: More than 40,000 people who did not vote for the primary round on May 31 showed up to vote for the general elections on July 13.

This has taken the overall voter turn out to 66.1 percent this time, from 55.2 percent during the primary, according to the official figure election commission released on Sunday.

Of the 381,790 registered voters, 211,018 people had voted during the primary. But this time, of the same list [... Read More]

Picture story

The chief election commissioner of India, VS Sampath, signed a joint communiqué with the chief election commissioner of Bhutan, Dasho Kunzang Wangdi, on July 14 at Hotel Taj Tashi. VS Sampath also observed the general elections poll day and visited polling stations in Thimphu.

An expected outcome

gopalCross the line: PDP’s Gopal Gurung takes a short cut to the his polling station in Gelephu on poll day

Analysis:Gelephu town was abuzz with vehicles and people like any other day. But what makes the post election days different is the way people in town greet each other with puns on the general election result.

“PDP gey dey treg trey ra tang ye mosh,” one visitor said to a shopkeeper in the main town. When the shop owner said he had no comments and was not interested in politics, the customer said he [... Read More]