Saturday, July 26th, 2014 - 7:04 AM

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Volunteers with a caravan of horses, who were on a weeklong cleaning campaign trek along the Druk Path trail, collected about 70 sacks of garbage last week. The volunteers trekked from Paro along Jili dzong, Tshoklam, Narithang, Bjimilangtsho and returned to Thimphu from Phajoding. The cleaning campaign was organsied by Amazing Dragon Holiday and supported by ABTO and NRED.Photo [... Read More]

Radhi-Sakteng DPT supporters unfazed …

… even though their replacement candidate is yet to file his nomination papers

Durk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) jabchorpas (party workers) in Radhi-Sakteng constituency are unperturbed, although its replacement candidate Jigme Wangchuk is yet to file his nomination papers.

The PDP candidate in the constituency,  Kinley Dorji, is already going strong with the door-to-door campaign.

Former Druk Chirwang Tshogpa candidate Jigme Wangchuk from Joenla was approached after DPT’s candidate, Jigme Tshultim, was disqualified during scrutiny of nomination papers on [... Read More]

DPT candidate and coordinator get a rap on the knuckles

The election dispute settlement body has warned the pair not to repeat their mistake

DPT’s Trashicholing constituency candidate Durga Prasad Chhetri and a Kuchintar chiwog party coordinator in Tendu gewog have been warned by the election dispute settlement body in Samtse dzongkhag for serving food and drinks to villagers on June 12 during a party coordination meeting.

The Druk Chirwang Tshogpa’s former candidate, Nima Drukpa, from Tendu gewog filed a written complaint on June 13.  Nima Drukpa [... Read More]

Improved delivery in Dzongkha

Druk Phuensum Tshogpa’s (DPT) Ugyentse-Yoeseltse candidate Lila Pradhan fared much better than in the primaries, in terms of her speech delivery.

Seemingly looking confident, the former Parliament member, although struggled reading her written speech, managed to communicate her pledges for the country and her constituency at a public debate conducted at the Samtse dzongkhag hall on June 17.

Lila Pradhan, who was reckoned among many people as a bench warmer during her five-year tenure at the Parliament [... Read More]

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121 inmates of Chamgang left for Dongkala, Pangpetsa and Euta gonpa in Paro and Lhakhang Karpo, Takchu goenpa and Yongtong goenpa in Haa yesterday.

The inmates are among the second lot who will serve the open-air prison term. In the first phase, 30 prisoners were sent to Euta goenpa in Paro in March this year.

Of the 121 inmates, 30 were sent to Dongkala lhakhang, [... Read More]

When pension payment exceeds earnings

NPPF officials fear that day is not far
The National Pension and Provident Fund (NPPF) will experience a deficit between contributions its members make and pension it has to pay to its retired beneficiaries earlier than projected.

Initially it was projected the situation would arise by 2042, 29 years from now.

However, with NPPF being unable to make new and better investments, officials worry the mismatch might occur much sooner.

NPPF officials explained several factors would contribute to [... Read More]

Absconding workers caught at Tanaglung

Six expatriate workers, who fled from their employer, were caught a few kilometres away from Tanaglung checkpoint at around 2am on June 17.

A team from the KD Construction company, who were also on a lookout for 16 workers, who had “absconded” the camps the night before, and the checkpoint officials had spotted them coming out of a taxi that had managed to by-pass the checkpoint.

The cab driver had hidden the six workers under some sacks [... Read More]

Women on top?

Women politicians in the fray are, however, confident there will be more of them in the House this time

If primary round results are any indication, the country could experience a repeat of 2008, when it comes to electing women National Assembly representatives.

For the ongoing general elections, 10 women candidates, five from Druk Phuensum Tshogpa and another five from People’s Democratic Party, are contesting.

However, in the case of Thrimshing-Kangpara in Trashigang, with Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s Dorji [... Read More]

Northbound to conduct common forum

With cordycep picking season on, election officials are worried if there would be people in communities up north

Given the vagaries of weather in the country’s north, a common forum for candidates of the four political parties during the primaries could not be organised.

For the National Council elections, some candidates had to bear helicopter hiring cost so they could make it to the communities up north to campaign.

For the general round of the National Assembly election, [... Read More]