Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 - 5:26 AM
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In new township shopkeepers play lords

new-town-taking-shape1New town: About 20 buildings are being built on a 4-acre land

Rents of some apartments shopkeepers built are as high as those of the capital city

Township: Dagana dzongkhag authority extended the deadline until December 31 for shopkeepers to move to the new township identified for them.

The initial deadline of October 21 had to be scrapped following works and human settlement ministry directives asking the dzongkhag authority to defer the deadline until schools closed for winter break.

The directive was based on shokeepers’ request to the [... Read More]

“You are what you eat”

IMG_9248Dr Julia Jusa

Talk: Cow’s milk is for calves and not for infants.

Force feeding children with cow’s milk believing that the child will grow healthy is nonsense, according to Dr Julia Jus, a health consultant who gave a talk “You are what you eat-The Cause and Cure of Human Illness” at the Nehru-Wangchuck centre, Thimphu yesterday evening.

“Pasteurized milk or heated milk sticks to their (children) intestines with layer upon layer of slimy sludge interfering with absorption [... Read More]

Picture story

Environment Journalists: Information and communications minister DN Dhungyel and Earth Journalism Network director James Fahn launch the Bhutan Forum For Environment Journalists yesterday in Thimphu. The forum will serve as a platform for local journalist to network and share knowledge and skills on environment issues.

Police officer convicted of child abuse

The initial charges of minor rape and solicitation of paedophilia could not be proved

Crime: The Gelephu court added a charge of child abuse on the office of attorney general’s charges of rape of child above 12 years, and solicitation of paedophilia against a police officer, and sentenced him to two years and 11 months in prison yesterday.

The additional charge was levied, according to the verdict, to do justice to the 16-year old girl, [... Read More]

Royal wedding at Domkhar dzong

hmThe Royal Family at the wedding of His Royal Highness Prince Jigme Dorji Wangchuck and Yeatso Lhamo at Domkhar Dzong in Bumthang

Nuptials: His Royal Highness Prince Jigme Dorji Wangchuck wed Yeatso Lhamo yesterday at the Domkhar dzong in Chumig, Bumthang, the maternal home of the bride.

The Domkhar dzong was built by His Majesty the second King Jigme Wangchuck in 1937 as a summer palace for himself and his elder Queen, Ashi Phuntsho Choeden.  It was restored in 2004 to be the residence of the then Trongsa Penlop, now the King of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar [... Read More]

Rife with radiation leakage

The first such national survey, 2012, found just four hospitals to be free of the hazard

X-rays: Except for four hospitals, all X-ray rooms of the remaining 20 hospitals and basic health units that offer the service have radiation leakages from the main doors, windows and console areas.

Of the health facilities studied in the first national radiation survey, 2012, Bali BHU in Haa was found to leak the highest amount of radiation from its [... Read More]

Picture story

Health minister Tandin Wangchuk along with health officials who are attending the health conference got tested for HIV on the sidelines of the conference. The test was organised for health officials who are usually involved in creating awareness on getting people tested for HIV.

Nine of 10 gewogs affected in Paro

DSC03879Drenched paddy harvest at Bondey, Paro (File Picture)

The paddy harvest has been hard hit to the extent of about 65 percent damage

Agriculture: The recent rainfall, according to the preliminary report from the dzongkhag administration, affected about 65 percent of the paddy harvest in nine of the 10 gewogs in Paro.

Paddy harvest in Paro began since October 9, after which it was left to dry in the fields for about a week, when a sudden downpour, a peripheral effect of cyclone [... Read More]


What galls city traffic

Exceeding speed limits, drink driving and use of cell phones while driving were some of the offences road safety officials have maintained records of and fined offenders.

The result of constant monitoring by traffic officials along the expressway for vehicles crossing speed limits and using mobile phones is evident.

Although traffic police may not be present to monitor and nab drivers zooming along the stretch, motorists have begun following the 50km speed limit, fearing a surprise appearance [... Read More]

Gups aghast at slashes in current gewog budgets

Govt. cites time constraints as the reason for dropping most planned activities in 2013-14

LG: The central government slashing planned activities from proposed gewog budget has disappointed local government (LG) officials in Trashigang, who say they were not even consulted.

Recently, the gewogs received a finance ministry budget notification issued on October 7, which has already pushed majority of the gewogs’ planned activities in 2013-14 fiscal year (FY) to the next fiscal years, reasoning time [... Read More]