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Senior citizens

Formulate a national strategy to address homelessness of senior and aging citizens


Review Foreign Direct Investment  policy to encourage more FDI

A progressive interest rate policy that benefits financial institutions and citizens.

Rationalise income tax slab

Restart lottery business


New pay scheme and incentives to attract and retain excellent teachers

Introduce ICT learning aids, teleconference and interactive teaching models in colleges


Introduce career opportunities in various sporting fields and expand and upgrade sports facilities


Launch new parks, trekking routes, bird watching tours, [... Read More]

Whose Haa is it anyway?

electionboardAn election board in Haa

That’s the million-ngultrum question that will be answered on May 31

There is an old expression in Haa, which the elderly have been repeating to candidate and supporters of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa – “Lha sap wa dre nyim da (An old ghost is better than a new god).”

While the analogy is a bit of a left-handed compliment to the candidate of upper Haa, Bji-Katsho-Uesu constituency, Dr Gado Tshering, said he is happy anyway with the expression [... Read More]

1. Will you vote?

2. What will your vote be based on?

3. One issue the party you voted for should address immediately if elected.



Tandin Wangmo, 18, student

1. Yes, for the first time

2. Capability and strength of the party.

3. The rupee problem



Sherub, 37, painting teacher

1. Yes

2. Capability and leader of the party.

3. Water shortages faced in [... Read More]

Pazaps, Pamos crowned champions

basketballCoronation cup: The winners and the runners up.

The finals of 2013 coronation cup basketball championship played on May 25 was a fun weekend for both players and spectators at swimming pool complex indoor basketball court in Thimphu.

Both men and women finals put on a good competition with close match ups that sent spectators in a crowded court screaming throughout the game.

In the women division, Pamos defeated ABC Tours 74-56.

Until the end of the third quarter the score tied at 50 each with [... Read More]

Yeedzin FC on top…

footballHeading: Drukstar FC defence heads out the ball that Yeedzin FC player tried to head into the post.

…it has to meet Thimphu City FC to retain that position on the league table

In the ongoing match of the Thimphu ‘A’ division football league Yeedzin FC yesterday beat Drukstar FC 4-0 to move another place towards the league title place.

Yeedzin FC scored its first goal in the 26th-minute, the scored in the 34th.

The team scored two more goals in the second half, 58th and 78th-minutes of the match.

Although both Yeedzin FC and Thimphu City [... Read More]

Putting a price tag on the promises


It may, however, be easier to reckon the cost than figure how to pay for it

The political parties have made numerous pledges.  From black topping farm roads, establishing banks in each gewog, rationalising salary and allowances, providing power tillers to each chiwog, fuel depots and workshops and rationalising tax slabs among others.

How much is this going to cost?

Rationalising tax slabs

The pledge is to raise the tax slab from Nu 100,000 to Nu 200,000 so those [... Read More]

Not the nice kind of GALS


By Passang Norbu

The curse of the giant African land snail descends on Gyalpoizhing

Even as agriculture officials try to contain the widespread infestation of the armyworm in agricultural fields, which is now crawling into office buildings and homes, farmers in Gyalpoizhing, Mongar, are battling another outbreak, that of the disease-carrying giant African land snail (GALS).

In Gyalpoizhing, where daytime summer temperatures can soar to close to 40 degrees, farmers are anxious with their maize and chili crops [... Read More]

PDP clarifies on issues DPT raised against it

Besides, backing DNT, it also spoke in favour of the common forum

It was Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) the day before and yesterday it was the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that wished to respond to Druk Phuensum Tshogpa’s (DPT) thoughts on the common forum.

It was first DPT’s south Thimphu candidate Yeshey Zimba who called a press conference on May 21 to talk about the darker side of the common forum, where candidates criticised one another, particularly [... Read More]

Picture story

Interim government chief advisor Lyonpo Sonam Tobgye delivers his inaugural address in presence of chief justices from six SAARC nations during the opening of 9th SAARC Chief Justices’ and 12 SAARCLAW conference yesterday in Thimphu.