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Low utility due to non-availability of services

Community Centres: Non-availability of frequently used public services on the G2C (government to citizen) online platform is the reason behind its low utilisation by rural communities with access to G2C, says the operator of community centres (CC), Bhutan Post.

The company also points out that the lack of a legal framework and clear cut guidelines between Bhutan Post and the government is impeding G2C service delivery through CCs, and has actually lengthened the time [... Read More]

A two-minute vehicle cleanup service

carwashCar wash in progress

ST Auto Spa: Motorists, who find that it’s a long wait to get their vehicle washed, could check out ST Auto Spa in Babesa, Thimphu.

ST Auto Spa offers automatic services that can wash the outside of a car in two minutes.

The set up, imported from China, was installed at the cost of Nu 8M, according to proprietor Sangay Tshering. “It uses recycled water and biodegradable detergents, so it’s environmentally friendly,” he said, adding [... Read More]

Agriculture grows despite challenges

goatA farmer in Kalapang Mongar with her goat, which survived a leopard’s attack. (file picture)

Like they have done for the past five years, farmers in Tongla gonpa village in Kengkhar, Mongar have started staying up day and night to guard their potato and maize fields from being ravaged by boars, rodents, porcupines and monkeys.

Located close to a dense forest, Tongla village’s fields are however seeing a decrease in wildlife this year because of a farm road excavation work, farmers said. “But wherever I go, I must still come back [... Read More]

Education fair brought in more opportunities

educationStudents fill registration forms at the fair

Particularly for those who did not make it to government colleges  

Thousands of students and parents visited the two-day third annual international education fair in Thimphu where 120 international universities and colleges had come together to offer choices in higher education.

The participants included education institutions from Thailand, India, Malaysia, Mauritius, Australia and Bhutan.  Of the total, 11 were international universities and colleges outside India.

Most university representatives Kuensel talked to said the response from students was [... Read More]


Breaking News: National Council election will be held on April 23

Breaking News: National Council election will be held on April 23

Committee found guilty

gyalpoizhingHanded down: Drangpon Gembo Dorji walks out of the courtroom after passing the verdict yesterday in Mongar. The Speaker’s representative follows.

The members given compoundable sentences ranging  from a year to 30 months

Gyalpoizhing Land Case: Mongar district court yesterday sentenced three defendants to a year, and two-and-half-years in prison, in connection with the Gyalpoizhing land allotment case, the hearings for which began in December last year.

The defendants have the option of paying thrimthue, or money, in lieu of a prison term, within 10 days from the day of passing the judgment.



National Assembly speaker Jigme [... Read More]

Shoo-ins not such a sure thing

gyalpoizhingtownOverview of Gyalpoizhing town

 On the eve of the next parliamentary elections, and following Mongar court’s verdict yesterday, many Druk Phuensum Tshogpa supporters in the dzongkhag wondered if the speaker and home minister could stand for re-election.

A party supporter, who was at the court to hear the judgement, said the two candidates were shoo-ins for the coming elections.

DPT party supporters said they feared losing ministerial candidates from the dzongkhag.

According to one of the provisions in the election Act, any [... Read More]

Uniform sentence for committee members

Two were acquitted and the two studying abroad will be tried on their return

Gyalpoizhing Land Case: All 13 plot allotment committee members between 2005 and 2006, when Lyonpo Minjur Dorji was the dzongda then, were sentenced to a year in prison, with the option to pay thrimthue in lieu of prison term.

The verdict said they were guilty of failing to perform their duties with due diligence, in that, as committee members, they left [... Read More]

Royal Decree to be issued today

National Council: Almost five years on, after the first democratic parliamentary elections, it is time for Bhutan to head for another round.

Triggering the process of the elections into motion, His Majesty will issue the Royal Decree, calling elections to the second National Council of the Parliament of Bhutan today.

The election commission will, in accordance with the directives contained in the Royal Decree, issue a notification tomorrow.

It will detail out election schedule, nomination of [... Read More]

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