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President’s absence in south concern DNT supporters

Party president and candidates, however, believe it is more about their ideologies at this stage

Primaries Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa candidates and supporters in Samtse are worried having learnt that their president will not be visiting Samtse.

The worry, they said grew more disturbing knowing that two political party presidents had already made their visits to the the south, particularly Samtse, which is the largest vote bank among all dzongkhags, while the president of a third [... Read More]

More applications for ballots accepted

With this, more than 43,000 voters will vote by post for the primaries
Primaries An election returning officer in Mongar recalls almost a “nightmarish” experience when he was bombarded with hundreds of postal ballot applications from voters across the country for the primary election.

He received it via emails and posts. Hundreds of emails and with about 160 individuals emailing the same application almost two to three times also led to the clogging of [... Read More]

Punatsangchu diverted

DSC_0014Diverted: The chief advisor to the interim government, chief justice Sonam Tobgye, inaugurates the river diversion for construction of Punatsangchhu-II dam. The completion of the diversion tunnel before the monsoon has advanced the project’s commissioning schedule by six months.

The completion of the tunnel signals the next stage in phase II of the project 
Hydropower In the early hours of last morning two giant concrete gates, each measuring 6m across and 12m high, built on a sheer rock face on the left bank of Punatshangchu river, remained closed.

Facing the gates was a pool of water partly drained out from the main river to be piped through an 888-m long diversion tunnel connected [... Read More]

DCT president in former PM’s constituency

IMG_2516At Nangkhor: DCT president makes her way to the school auditorium

Bearding the lion in his den is a formidable task as most opponents have found
Primaries Druk Chirwang Tshogpa’s (DCT) presidential campaign at the former prime minister’s constituency Nanong-Shumar in Pemagatshel was not taken seriously by Pemagatshel voters.

Around 50 voters turned up to attend her campaign speech at Nangkhor high school auditorium last morning.

Pemagatshel voters are of the view that no other presidents seem as capable as Jigmi Y Thinley to become prime [... Read More]

To tackle 
disasters together

Workshop The region was home to a fifth of the global population, yet, it was one of the most disaster prone regions in the world.

As such, the need for the countries in the region to come together to respond to disasters was ever more crucial.

Highlighting the message, the five-day regional workshop on disaster management took off in Thimphu yesterday.

“South Asia has more seismic active mountain systems, more than 12,000km coastal line, many islands [... Read More]

The mushroom malady


Incidents of death from consumption of inedible varieties have been widespread 
Health “Collect mushrooms that are consumed regularly and you are familiar with,” states the notification that the national mushroom centre issued yesterday.

The cautionary notification comes on the onset of mushroom season in Bhutan and on the heels of the death of four family members in Samtse, who succumbed to mushroom poisoning last week.  It’s however not the first case reported this year.  [... Read More]

DNT president campaigns in Menbi Tshenkhar

IMG_5208Elect the best party: Dorji Choden with Menbi voters

Primaries More than 200 people of Menbi Tshenkhar constituency in the eastern district of Lhuentse, attended the campaign speech by Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s president, Dorji Choden, at the Menbi gewog centre yesterday.

President Dorji Choden said Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa was formed to give power to the people, not power to a few people.

She said the party’s 47 candidates are from different backgrounds who have had their share of struggles, and are in a position [... Read More]

Diseases that afflicted domestic animals


National centre for animal health report 2011-2012 showed H5N1 was the major outbreaks in the two years
Livestock More than 2,500 domestic animals in the country have fallen ill or died in the past two years from notifiable diseases like rabies, anthrax, and foot and mouth diseases, among others.

Among notifiable diseases, highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1 commonly known as Bird Flu was the major disease outbreak in the past two years in [... Read More]

Picture story

A farmer harvests areca nut (betel nut) in Samtse. The harvest season has begun and are auctioned off to a contractor or sold directly across the border.

A farmer harvests areca nut (betel nut) in Samtse. The harvest season has begun and are auctioned off to a contractor or sold directly across the border.

Beware! The wild mushrooms

Some time towards the end of April, a 10-year-old girl in Samdrupjongkhar died after eating a dish of wild mushrooms.

The rest of the family members survived.

Alas, the same could not be said for a family of four in Samtse, where a dish of wild mushrooms claimed the lives of an entire family.

The last the country recorded of a similar incident where consumption of wild mushroom wiped out an entire family was back in 1995.

What makes [... Read More]