Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 - 9:44 AM
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A Promising Outlook for Business

The PDP Government came to power with a strong promise of change, most obvious in their manifesto and the ambitious 32 agenda items pledged for the first 100 days. I’m certain that the new Government is already aware of the challenges ahead: Not everything will be easy to implement, and many items are not even within control of the party or the Government. In this column and next week’s, I will provide some rational thoughts [... Read More]

Meet the new Cabinet


… and being new it has a chance to effect change

Executive: Quite a congeries of a makeup the new Cabinet is that comprises former bureaucrats, consultants and businessmen.

It is for the first time that the ministers will be shouldering the responsibility of heading a ministry, something most of them admit they never even reached anywhere close to taking on such a formidable task.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has been lavish in allocating four [... Read More]

A matter of hard choices

Cabinet: The first and foremost thing that prime minister-elect Tshering Tobgay looked into, while choosing the Cabinet ministers to form the government, was “national interest,” officials of People’s Democratic party said.

With discussions on the much speculated subject on who would become what minister put to rest to an extent yesterday, discussions have now moved to how the minister nominees were chosen.

The announcement of who will be in the Cabinet comes four days after [... Read More]

Likely Lekey doesn’t make minister


Bardo-Trong constituency is aghast at not gaining its first ever minister

Portfolios: When the names of Bhutan’s next set of cabinet ministers were made public yesterday, what was also much talked about, besides who was which minister, was on who was not on the list.

Among others, Bardo-Trong’s elected representative, Lekey Dorji, who many had forecast as a sure-fire minister candidate, not making it to the list of ten names invited many discussions among people, [... Read More]

Two stabbed on July 24

Crime: Two men, suspected of stabbing an 18-year-old man on the night of July 24 near the clock tower square in Thimphu are in police custody.

“One of the two suspects was arrested at 9:45pm yesterday and the second around 3:30am,” a police spokesperson said.

The two suspects, a 19-year-old one was undergoing a driving course in Thimphu and the other, a 26-year-old was a private employee.

The victim, police sources said was supposed to undergo [... Read More]


The new lyonpos

One of the first tasks of the newly elected government soon after the elections results was to immediately decide on ministerial candidates to form its cabinet.

The list was finally revealed yesterday, a day after the interim administration completed its 90-day period as government, and a day left for the 10-day election petition period to be over.

By all accounts revealing the ministers of the new government has generated as much, if not more, excitement and emotional [... Read More]

Solar not hydro energy is the future

hydroThe panelists: All about the sun

Experts at the Vision conclave press the case for the sun over water

REPA: Bhutan has the potential to generate four gigawatts (GW) of solar energy by 2022, which is almost the four times higher than the generation of Tala hydro power (1020MW), experts participating at the Hydro Vision conclave in Thimphu say.

The 1020 MW Tala plant generates 4865 million units of  energy generation a year.

Hetal Mehta, joint president of renewable energy promotion association [... Read More]

East and West united in energy

There is now a single transmission grid throughout the country

BPC: After being delayed by more than a year, the Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) yesterday finally put in place the final link connecting the western and eastern transmission grids and making it one for the whole country.

“By 9am last morning, the grid was connected,” the director of BPC, Gem Tshering, said.  Connecting the two grids cost Nu 616M, which was entirely funded by BPC.

The [... Read More]

Mechanising Bumthang farms

riceDemonstration: The reaper will take traditional farming to a new level

Agriculture: Farmers of Jalikhar, Bumthang, watched with joy as the wheat reaper neatly laid the wheat stalks on one side of the trail.

Villagers were heard saying the machine will greatly help solve labour shortage, save time and money.

It was for the same reasons the agriculture ministry is introducing a reaper, to harvest cereal plants, and a potato digger in Bumthang.

A team from the regional agriculture and machinery centre (RAMC) in Bajothang, Wangduephodrang had [... Read More]

Bumthang’s sunflower bounty

sunIts the seeds: Sunflower fields forever

A reliable cash crop, whose seeds are a popular snack in the valley

Horticulture: When farmers in Bumthang valley face a drop in the yield of potato, they fall back on sunflowers.

Farmers cultivate sunflowers as an additional source of income from selling its seeds, which are edible and considered to be high in nutrients.

Farmers pack the seeds in small plastic pouches, similar to the ones in which doma is sold.  Each pouch contains a [... Read More]