Tuesday , October 25 2016
  • Bhutan has 96 snow leopards survey finds

    The estimated population of the endangered cat globally is between 4,080-6,590

    Wildlife: Bhutan has 96 snow leopards (Panthera uncia) according to the first national snow leopard survey carried out by the Department of Forests and Park Services (DoFPS).

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Latest News

Wangdue-Tsirang highway blocked


Connectivity: Following continuous rain, two huge boulders have blocked the road above the Punatsangchhu Project-I dam site at Bjimthangkha on the Wangdue-Tsirang highway since yesterday.

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Treating migraines with acupuncture

Therapy: Dr Huang Yu, who is a specialist in migraines, treated more than 1,000 migraine patients with acupuncture therapy at the National Institute of Traditional Medicine in Thimphu recently. Dr Huang Yu, who lives in the US, was invited to treat people with migraines. She spoke with Kuensel’s Tenzin Namgyel on the issue.

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Pasakha dry port environmental impact can be minimised: Study

Report: Construction of the proposed Pasakha dry port in Phuentsholing will have some negative impact on air, water, noise and soil but with mitigation measures it can be minimised, according to an environmental assessment report recently released by the economic affairs ministry.

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Standardising care for domestic, sexual violence survivors

Guidelines: In an effort to standardise care for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, the national referral hospital in Thimphu is working on formulating national guidelines for management of domestic and sexual violence survivors in the health sector.

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My Country, My Town

  • Back-up security: Just the sheer number of locks on this gate, it is hoped, will dissuade any would-be burglar/s Photo by Tshering Doma, ICS, MoAF
  • Ominous sign: If such is the state of the instructions, one shudders to countenance the shape of the equipment Photo by Dawa Yoezer
  • The perils of alcoholism: Wonder how much the sleeper will get charged for parking Photo by Tshewang Chogyel, DBCW, Khasadrapchu, Thimphu
  • Nothing is safe nowadays: Still it’s hard to figure out what exactly is under lock and key here Photo by Tshering Doma, ICS, MoAF
  • Crate expectations: Either a bumper apple crop is expected or the harvest turned out to be below par Photo by Pema Tshering, RBG, Thimphu
  • Plastic in place of plants: The presence of this manmade material is all-pervasive on the planet Photo by Pema Tshering, RBG, Thimphu