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If I were the government Part III

Similar strategy could also be adopted for animal husbandry and horticulture sectors.

With the growth of commercial farming and to create a ready market and add value to its produce, the government must act as a catalyst in setting up export based agro (including diary) industries. This could be achieved in partnership with commercial farms and private sector similar to the setting up of industries like the calcium carbide and Ferro silicon and under FDI. When [... Read More]

In Pictures: Strong men of Bhutan

Trongsa nyagoe, Phuntsho Wangdi, 35, is the strongest of the nyagoes.

Phuntsho Wangdi beat the other four to take home Nu 300,000 and the rolling trophy at the final competition held yesterday at Changlimethang to celebrate his Majesty the King’s birth anniversary.

What next for education city?

Land: In its recent development, Bhutan Education City board, on February 18, presented to the Cabinet documents related to processing of the project land at Wangsisina in Thimphu, following the National Land Commission’s (NLC) final stand on the issue.

Bhutan Education City CEO, Dr Karma, said since the education city was “also” a government project, the board would go with whatever decision government took.

“As for the project, we would wait for the government’s decision [... Read More]

The Education City master plan

The uncertainty over the project has put a damper on some ambitious schemes

Plan: Although embroiled in legal issues, the Bhutan Education City pvt ltd is hopeful the project takes centre stage and the legality of the 1,000 acres land gets resolved.

Bhutan Education City pvt ltd is a foreign direct investment company formed by the consortium of Infrastructure Leasing and Financing Services (IL&FS) and Infinity Infotech Parks Limited (IIPL), the only one to be [... Read More]

Bad loans add up to Nu 1.5B

Most of these non-performing loans are to be found in housing, manufacture and trade

NPL: More than Nu 1.5B worth of total credit financial institutions sanctioned last year turned out to be non performing or bad loans, as clients failed to repay even by the end of the year.

Bad loans were mostly concentrated in the trade and commerce, manufacturing and industry and housing sector.

These three sectors contributed 63 percent to total non-performing loans (NPL).  [... Read More]


Celebrating His Majesty’s birthday

As Bhutanese come together once again to celebrate His Majesty the King’s birthday today, and offer prayers for a long a healthy life to His Majesty the King, there is so much to celebrate.

Beyond the festivities, we are celebrating the Druk Gyalpo as the symbol of unity for the country and the population, even as we undergo unprecedented political transformation. We are also celebrating the wisdom of a King, who recognises the weakest and the [... Read More]

Pemagatshel still without a proper fuel station

IMG_20120101_213706Kherigonpa fuel depot

Finding a plot to relocate to is proving to be a major hurdle

Township: One immediate wish that tops the list for Pemagatshel residents is a proper fuel station.

Residents said, making do with a basic one so far, a Bhutan Oil corporation (BOC) outlet, where motorists manually fill the tanks using jerry cans, was starting to get frustrating.

The fuel at the station at Kherigonpa, about five kilometres from the town, is stored in barrels [... Read More]

Raising the profile of the met dept.

A Finn study finds hydromet services to lack capacity and to be under utilised

Meteorology: The hydro-meteorological service in the country, it appears, doesn’t have the capacity and was not fully utilised.

A socio-economic study conducted by experts from Finland for the hydro-met services department (DHMS) found agencies, such as agriculture, tourism, and aviation, have not used meteorological services to the optimum in its development.

The draft report, which was prepared as a part of the [... Read More]

Two options for proposed Gelephu-Panbang highway

However, both pass through Royal Manas National Park and require clearance from the ministry concerned 

Road: If everything goes as planned, construction of another national highway from Gelephu to Panbang is expected to begin from August this year, according department of roads (DoR) officials.

DoR officials are considering two options through which the new highway would be proposed.  If the bridge over Maokhola (river) comes up, officials said it would mean a distance of just [... Read More]


A mobile royal court

Travelling with Their Majesties around the kingdom is a unique memorable experience

When His Majesty the King begins a journey across the country, the people of the court do not try to estimate when they will arrive at a destination.

The purpose of the travel is not to arrive, but to organise what is perhaps the most unique royal court in the world – a mobile one.  It is not uncommon to reach the end of the [... Read More]