Sunday, April 19th, 2015 - 8:06 PM
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GoI hikes aid to Bhutan

Bhutan’s share of assistance this year comprises 63 percent of total grants and loans 

Budget: The government of India (GoI) has significantly increased the financial aid package to Bhutan to Rs 61.6 billion in its annual budget for 2015-16 presented in the Indian parliament last week.

This is an increase of Rs 12.88 billion from last year.  India had allocated Rs 48.72 billion for the fiscal year 2014-15 under the “Grants and Loans to Foreign Governments” expenditure head.


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No Parking: To avoid congestion and allow easy thoroughfare for ambulances, the JDWNRH, starting yesterday stopped allowing vehicles to park in the emergency department premises


Bengaluru college appears to renege on agreement

Tuition/hostel fees that were earlier waived for Bhutanese students are now being claimed

Education: Bhutanese students, studying in the Indo Asian Academy in Bengaluru, India, are frantic after the college recently refused to accept their examination fees, and are now asking them to pay the tuition and hostel fees in full for the coming semester.

The college on February 20 had also issued a circular, asking all 195 of them admitted there through the college’s financial aid programme, to pay the fees in full.


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The Indian Ambassador to Bhutan, Gautam Bambawale launched a book, Bhutan – On The Wings of The Peaceful Dragon by DG Mallikarjuna yesterday at the Nehru – Wangchuck Cultural Centre, Thimphu.

A photograph, book cover and stamp exhibition was also organised by KS Muddappa Smaraka Trust in collaboration with the centre at the launch. The 176-page book was originally written in Kannada. The writer’s wife Sowmya translated it to English for the readers outside Karnataka, India.


Waste segregation introduced in two Phuentsholing localities

SUNYA: Residents and students of housing colonies of the National Pension and Provident Fund (NPPF) and College of Science and Technology (CST) in Phuentsholing are currently practicing methodical waste management as part of SUNYA—Towards Zero Waste project.

The project is being implemented by the Phuenthsoling thromde. Phuentsholing is one of seven cities in South Asia that received European Union (EU) funding. The NPPF and CST activities are two pilot projects under SUNYA.


The story of the mule’s egg

History: Pema Dorji has a story, of mule’s egg in Trashiyangtse. There is total silence in the room.

The mule’s egg came to the museum in Paro in 1928. How it did, no one really knows. But then the believe is that Tshongpon Wangdi, a businessman, had two mules, Kezang Jamu and Tshering Jawla.

“The two mules were extraordinary, well built with amazing strength,” says Pema Dorji. Each could carry loads that five horses could carry. “The mules were his companions, his treasured possessions,” said Pema Dorji.


A continuing lack of etiquette

Thimphu national referral hospital’s management has blocked the entrance, for vehicles, to the emergency department.  This will cause inconvenience to those visiting the hospital.

But the management had to do it.  Despite a huge parking space around the department, vehicle congestion is a common sight.  The final decision, it was learnt, was made after an ambulance couldn’t enter the area, as it was blocked with vehicles parked carelessly.


Little improvement in quality of gov’t websites

WEB: A total of 71 government websites have dropped in rank according to the results of the second website competition.

Only 21 websites improved in rank, while two remained the same.

A total of 137 websites were evaluated in the second competition, with 101 of those also being evaluated in the first. The results of the first competition were declared in June, last year.

Farmers resent cooperative’s stranglehold on egg sales

Alleged strong-arm tactics of the Tsirang collective have ruffled many feathers  

TPC: Poultry farmers feel cooperatives are monopolising the market.  Cooperatives, like a Bhutanese maxim says, feel farmers are finding sides on an egg in the egg business in Tsirang, the so called the egg capital of the country.

The bone of contention is the mandatory rule of having to sell all eggs to the Tsirang Poultry Cooperative (TPC).  It prohibits even non-members of the cooperative from selling eggs to other dzongkhags.  Farmers are not welcoming this, as they feel that they have the right to sell what they produce.


Phumzur – The village that time (almost) forgot

IMG_0688Phumzur village

Developmental activities have by and large passed this remote Langthel settlement by

Monpa: No road leads to the village.  No electricity powers their homes.  Even leaders and officials do not walk up to the village.  The home of the Monpa community in Phumzur, the remote village in Langthel, Trongsa has fallen on a blind spot of development for years.

Until recently, most of its 22 households lived in wooden shingle huts.  With help from Tarayana Foundation, they have now started building stonemason homes.