Thursday, November 27th, 2014 - 8:42 AM
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Lower voter turnout in east

Elections: The six eastern dzongkhags saw less than half the registered voters turn up to cast their votes at the polling stations, as opposed to western dzongkhags, on poll day, the recently compiled election data show.

Of the 17 constituencies in Trashigang, Trashiyangtse, Pemagatshel, Samdrupjongkhar, Mongar and Lhuentse, Mongar constituency saw the highest turnout, with 49.25 percent votes cast on the electronic voting machines (EVM).

In Khar-Yurung constituency, Pemagatshel, of the 8,575 registered voters, only [... Read More]

Who’s entitled to wear what scarf?

The kabney protocol, vis a vis colour, in the new dispensation is yet to be determined

Culture: Irrespective of whether the elected members were former ministers or not, the present lot of National Assembly members, besides the executives, might have to settle for blue kabney (scarf).

Former advisor to the culture department, Dasho Sangay Wangchuk said, while there was no specific rule in place about kabney entitlement, personally, he said it was only logical, since [... Read More]

Picture story

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay met with seven Indian businessmen from Phuenstholing, who represented India-Bhutan Friendship Association yesterday. The businessmen had called on lyonchhoen to congratulate him for assuming the office.

Thanking them, Lyonchhoen said they were “trusted friends who have decocted their entire lives in Bhutan” and assured them that the government would work closely with them.


‘Sharper than a serpent’s tooth …’

Of  all the cruelty in the world, the ingratitude of one’s own child, it’s said, is the most painful.

This is something all parents today, deep down in their hearts, fear most and stories of children abandoning their parents, clothed in rags, wandering from one place to another, seeking shelter and food, only reinforce that fear.

All these years of modernisation and the country’s stride towards development might have brought the country and its people much wealth [... Read More]

Ambiguity in retroactive application of law

Analysis:Legal experts studying and comparing the country’s two notable court cases of Gyalpoizhing land allotment and the country’s first constitutional ones exposed some ambiguities between the judgments of the two.

It was found that the judiciary’s interpretation of laws pertaining to the two cases were “inconsistent” and “contradictory”.

One legal counsel cited the precedent set in the first Constitutional case where the Supreme Court, citing section 10 of the Constitution had ruled that any law, [... Read More]

Late blight bites into Bumthang’s tuber yield

potaSaved: Farmers store what little they could save before the rain ruined it again

Farmers fear the disease will more than halve this year’s potato harvest

Agriculture: A potato disease called ‘late blight’ has resulted in a poor potato yield in Bumthang this year.

The disease is caused by complete “chlorosis”, browning and death of plant tissues, such as leaves, branches and twigs.  This has left many farmers worrying that they will not be able to harvest even the half of what they did last year.

Having incurred loss in [... Read More]

Picture story

The construction of a new waste disposal yard in Bumthang was completed and handed over to the dzongkhag on July 29.

The waste disposal area was relocated to the present one near Kilila, 8km from Chamkhar town, after the previous area near Bhutan Power Corporation substation, about 5km from Chamkhar, had proven “unhygienic” for residents and guests.

BPC had proposed relocation last year, agreeing [... Read More]

Only two doctors at P/ling general hospital

hospiWaiting: With three doctors short, patients queue like so for more than two hours since last two months for consultation in Phuentsholing

While, elsewhere patient’s waiting time has reduced, here it’s the exact opposite

Health: After three of its doctors left the hospital some two months ago, Phuentsholing general hospital has been grappling with a shortage of doctors, with the remaining two doctors attending more than 400 patients a day.

The officiating medical superintendent, Dr Manish Raj Gurung, said the hospital is still waiting for replacement of the three doctors.  One of them left for studies, another [... Read More]

Corporate social responsibility in action

plantationPlant and protect: The plantations near Wangdue zam

Among others, a plantation project to green the Wangduephodrang-Tsirang highway

PHPA: To make up for the loss of vegetation caused by the construction activities of Punatsangchu hydropower projects, plantation programs have been carried out along the Wangduephodrang-Tsirang highway.

Covering more than 10km along the highway, the Punatsangchu project I, so far, planted more than 3,000 saplings, which are grown in warm broadleaved and dry chirpine zone.

Locally raised on a five-acre land, species such as oak, [... Read More]

Delay in plan implementation stymies local governance

11th FYP: While the second Parliament is yet to convene for the first sitting, which would then finalise and endorse the new government’s Plan, gewog officials in Trashigang expressed worries that implementation was getting delayed.

While a plan draft is in place, officials had explained that it was up to the new government to re-work on it and take its ownership.

Gewog officials said, once the plan was readied, the new government would have to [... Read More]