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Books go a-begging

booksThe monks were among the few buyers at the book fair

Participants and organiser not happy with sixth national book fair in Mongar

The sixth national book fair, which was held in Mongar for five days, had just one element missing, the buyers.

The 28 participants at the book fair, organised by Norbooz Enterprise in Samdrupjongkhar, had to return home disappointed, after having received a lukewarm response from the potential buyers.

So much so, they ended up submitting a letter to the curriculum department of the education ministry, complaining [... Read More]

“Come campaign in our pasturelands”

MerakherdersHerders in Merak: They want political parties to come and campaign at the pasturelands so that they know who to vote for

If you want to reach us, say the nazips (yak herders) of Merak and Sakteng

Herders from Merak and Sakteng gewogs in Trashigang suggest that political parties try campaigning in critical brangsa (winter pastureland) points like Khaling, Kharungla, Kangpar and Shingkhar Lauri to be able to reach out to the nazips (yak herders living there).

More than 60 percent of nazips still live in brangsa on the lower mountains of Khaling, Kangpar, midway to Khasheteng, Khelephu and [... Read More]

Daga dzong restoration work nears completion

restoration2Men at work: Restoration works will be completed by July

Restoration works on the Daga Trashi Yangtse Dzong is likely to be completed soon, nearly three and half years after the work took off.

The project manager, Kinley Gyeltshen said, almost 90 percent of the work is over and it would be completed in the next three months. “The outer part of the structure is targeted to complete by June, and the inner sections, like partitions, and the whole project will be completed by July,” Kinley [... Read More]

The tale behind the buffalo horn of Daga Dzong

hornThe buffalo horn at Daga Trashi Yangtse dzong

Any visitor to Daga Trashi Yangtse Dzong cannot miss the enormous buffalo horn, one of the main relics (nangtens) of the four-hundred-year old dzong.

Measuring a length of 4.5ft, it wears a dark and silky colour and remains under lock and key inside a glass box in the goenkhang of the dzong.

It is displayed only once a year, along with other relics some time in April upon completion of a weeklong tendoe (a ritual of relics).

The [... Read More]

New school starts sans furniture

schoolWith or without furniture, classes must go on: Class IX students of Karmaling HSS take notes

The order was placed only in Feb. and the supplier has been unable to deliver untill now

For the last two months, 122 students of Karmaling higher secondary school (HSS) have been sitting on the floor while attending classes and using their knees as desks to take notes.

Karmaling HSS is a new high school in Samdrupjongkhar, which started enrolling students since February this year.  It is located about five minutes drive away from Samdrupchholing dungkhag (Bhangtar).  [... Read More]

Detoxifying the Memeylakha landfill

memalakhaOverflowing: 60 tonnes of garbage is dumped here everyday

Leachate formation has been tackled to an extent, but methane accumulation is yet to be addressed

Although thromde officials deny any threats the old Meymeylakha landfill may pose to the environment, a visit to the dumping site has a different story to tell.

Waste is littered on the slopes just above the highway; leachate flows down to the road, as stray dogs continue to feed on the dump.

A waste management organisation, Greener Way’s promoter Karma Yonten, said [... Read More]

Picture story

The Honorary Consulate of the Netherlands along with the Dutch community celebrated Dutch Queen Beatrix’s 75th birthday in the capital yesterday. The day simultaneously marked the abdication of the throne to the Crown Prince, who is now His Majesty Willem-Alexander. The ascension to the throne was telecast live to the audience who sang the national anthem to mark the day.

ECB sets May 5 deadline for parties

Bhutan’s five registered political parties, aspiring to contest the National Assembly elections, have been asked to submit “letter of intent” to the election commission, starting yesterday.

The political parties, in accordance with the election Act, are being given exactly seven days, starting from the date of issue of notification by the commission, to submit the letter of intent.

May 5 is the last date.

“The letter of intent that is expected to be submitted by the parties will [... Read More]

PM, cabinet ministers leave office

PMOutgoing Cabinet offers tashi moenlam at the Lhengye Zungtshog hall

Says it was a unique and historic honour to serve for five years

The first democratically elected prime minister Jigmi Y Thinley and his cabinet formerly resigned from office yesterday after deliberating the 158th and concluding session of the Lhengye Zhungtshog (cabinet).

Lyonchhoen signed a government order relinquishing the office of the prime minister. In an emotional farewell address on national television, which was telecast last evening, Lyonchhoen  said the first defining stage (duerim dangpa) of the [... Read More]

Picture story

Almost complete: Restoration work on the more than four century old Daga Trashi Yangtse dzong is expected to be completed in the next three months, almost three and half years after work began in January 2010.