Thursday, September 18th, 2014 - 7:36 AM
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Flash flood damages 6 acres

flashfloodVolunteers work to stop water from entering homes

Farmer Kinley Pem will have nothing to harvest from her two langdo (area ploughed by an ox in a day) of paddy fields this season.

The fields on which she had just transplanted paddy, was covered with sand. The flash flood also washed away more than six acres of paddy fields at Kabjisa valley in Punakha yesterday morning.
Kinley Pem’s paddy field was left buried under sand and boulders. “Since it wouldn’t be easy [... Read More]

Picture story

Her Majesty the Gyeltsuen plants a tree in Thimphu to commemorate World Environment Day                                                                                                                                 

Study finds public trust in media on the decline

In terms of credibility, BBS radio scores head and shoulders above the rest

Public trust in the media has declined in recent years, according to the final draft version of the Bhutan information and media impact study (BIMIS) 2013.

Concerns among respondents about financial issues causing media to compromise editorial independence, inaccurate content, lack of in-depth analysis, and that some media are politicised and carry partisan views, are some reasons mentioned for the observations.

The study, conducted over [... Read More]


A post-mortem

Political analysts point to several reasons why the two new parties did not make it through the primary round.

The parties themselves say there was just too limited campaigning time to let the electorate know of its existence, why they were formed and what they plan to do.

The parties were formed almost a year ago and appeared in the media many months before. They perhaps also had a few people on the ground in the interiors [... Read More]

Last hiccup before ‘let there be light!’

IMG_4801Delayed but being delivered: Electric poles headed for Artola chiwog under Thangrong gewog, Mongar

The long-awaited electrification of two remote chiwogs will have to wait a wee bit longer

Bringing smiles on faces of some 109 families, Lingkhar and Ngarpontang chiwogs in the remote gewog of Thangrong, Mongar, will finally be lit in two weeks.

The electrification work, which started last year, is complete.

Although the chiwogs were to receive electricity by the end of last month, problems in transformer had delayed the much-awaited event.  However, it was replaced on May 26.

The [... Read More]

Main town road in sore need of repair


Complaints have been made but the municipality is hamstrung by a lack of budget

While a lot is being talked about Gyalpoizhing in Mongar, in relation to its land issues currently under trial, the residents, especially in the town areas, have other things to worry about.

And on the top of the list is the poor condition of road.

Residents said the road, which was a few decades old, was not maintained for many years, and blamed municipal [... Read More]

Picture Story

Students performed on the ill effects of tobacco at the RBG ground in Dechencholing, Thimphu yesterday where the country observed the World No Tobacco Day. The day, which falls on May 31, was themed “Ban on advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products.”

DPT, PDP share Paro’s two constituencies

paroTwo by two: So they came and so they voted for the two parties in two constituencies

Voters of one constituency were content with former government’s performance, while the other sought change 

The two constituencies of Paro were split between the country’s first two political parties and the lead each of them had against the other in each constituency were also similar.

Of the dzongkhag’s two constituencies of Lamgong-Wangchang and Dogar-Shaba, the former favoured Druk Phuensum Tshogpa, while the latter voted for People’s Democratic Party.

In Dogar-Shaba constituency, PDP secured 2,654 votes against DPT’s 1,632, [... Read More]

Zhiwa Ling’s gone green

zhiwalingThe sewerage and waste water treatment plant at Zhiwa Ling

From recycled wastewater to segregated garbage, the high profile Paro hotel is eco-friendly

It’s another hot afternoon and the water sprinklers across the premises of Zhiwa Ling hotel in Paro are at work.

But the water coming through the sprinklers is not drawn from a natural water source; it is recycled water from the hotel’s sewerage and wastewater treatment plant.

During peak tourist season, the hotel uses about 30,000 litres of water a day, Zhiwa Ling’s general manager, [... Read More]

Without a barber, it’s either all hair, or none at all

Barbar“You cut my hair, I’ll cut yours”

Until recently, it was not unusual in Zhemgang to come across people with flowing locks and those shorn of them.

In other words, needless to style them, villagers and a few Zhemgang residents wore a rock star-like dishevelled hairdo, or left their scalp shining, come rain or shine, as do some NBA players.

It was rare to come across somebody with neatly cropped hair, unless one was returning from other neighbouring dzongkhags.

Pema, a corporate employee, was transferred [... Read More]