Friday, October 24th, 2014 - 10:08 PM
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Loan taken no cause for alarm

Money was borrowed as repayment for Tala hydropower project had been rescheduled

The Druk Green Power corporation (DGPC) yesterday allayed concern among bankers and local economists that the economy’s top revenue earning sector had run short of cash and was borrowing from local commercial banks.

“The corporation isn’t broke, we just borrowed some money, since the repayment of loans for the Tala hydropower project has been rescheduled,” a DGPC official said.

Earlier, DGPC made yearly repayment in December.  [... Read More]

Samtse’s dispute settlement body packs up

This is, as per the rules and regulations, nine days before poll day 

Having seen just one dispute since the National Council elections, Samtse’s dispute settlement body will dissolve from today, in accordance with election dispute settlement rules and regulations.

The rules and regulations require dissolution of dispute settlement body at the dzongkhag level nine days before poll day, which is July 13 for general elections.

This means, if there is any election-related complaint, it will be directed [... Read More]

Unauthorised use of an engineer’s curriculum vitae

The phenomenon of identity theft has reared its ugly head in the country

It was shocking for a civil engineer, Tshewang Namgyal, when he learnt last April that two of his former employers were using his curriculum vitae (CV) to procure contracts worth millions.

While Lhomen Builders and Rirab Constructions, without Tshewang Namgyal’s knowledge, had used his CV, the former did pay a compensation of Nu 300,000.  But Rirab Constructions has been reluctant to date and Tshewang [... Read More]

Serial burglar sentenced to three years

A pelpon (sergeant) of the Royal Bhutan Police, who was arrested on June 4 last year, in connection with serial burglary, was sentenced to a non-compoundable prison term of three years by the Thimphu district court on July 1.

He was arrested for repeatedly breaking into vehicles and stealing hard currency and varied valuables, the verdict stated. “Last year, he had stolen a chain of red-pearls and a three-eyed dzee (cat’s-eye), a golden dorjee (ritual implement), [... Read More]

Close contest on the cards

DrnDzongrabDPT’s candidates Dr Sonam Wangyal Wang during his campaign

The Limungka-Toedwang constituency saw a narrow win for PDP in the primaries

A common fund to compensate crop loss, loan to farmers and to run a shop that will be owned by a group of villagers are some pledges PDP’s Chimi Dorji of Limungka-Toedwang constituency in Punakha is offering to his voters.

Citing an example of Shengana village, where farmers lost a huge amount of paddy to a hailstorm two years ago, Chhimi Dorji, 56, said the [... Read More]

Freedom from fear and want for human security

The late Dasho Keiji Nishioka, known throughout Bhutan as Dasho Nishioka or Japan Sahib, while promoting rice and vegetable cultivation technology and agricultural mechanisation in Paro and Zhemgang, had used the bottom-up approach, an important component of the human security.

That important component was discussed yesterday morning in Thimphu during a discourse on human security to ensure Gross National Happiness for all people and communities.

JICA Bhutan’s chief representative, Yumiko Asakuma, in her presentation on JICA’s perspective [... Read More]


A kitchen crisis

While discussions continue between the two countries on the cooking gas and kerosene subsidy, Bhutanese consumers continued to gather yesterday at LPG gas depots, which still had cylinders procured at the subsidised rate.

By last evening, depots with the subsidised stock were all cleaned out, which means the new unsubsidised price will automatically come into effect from today.

Domestic or household users have been startled by the new unsubsidised pricing, not only because of a natural tendency [... Read More]

The mechanics of moving voters

For almost a week, Pem Dorji from Trongsa has been making several trips to the Lungtenzampa bus terminal, trying for a ticket back home, so that he can go and vote for his choice of candidate on July 13.

Deprived of luck so far, Pem Dorji is considering hiring a cab, which, he said, would cost him Nu 1,500.

Of late, ticket counters have been sending back many people like Pem Dorji, who came enquiring for ticket [... Read More]

300-hour economic blockade

Much to the relief of many commuters, including students stranded in various border towns, the two-day strike in Indian state of Assam by Bodoland territorial autonomous districts ended today, with vehicles bound to ply via Assam allowed to move in convoy from the border gates of Phuentsholing, Gelephu and Samdrupjongkhar.

But with the All Koch-Rajbanshi students union (AKRASU) in Assam demanding separate state status calling a 300-hour economic blockade, businessmen in the south-central and southeastern parts [... Read More]