Sunday, November 23rd, 2014 - 1:09 PM
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PM, Cabinet ministers receive dakyen today

studentsChadi time: Motithang school students help pitch tents around ministers’ enclave yesterday

His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo will confer dakyen to the prime minister-elect and the Cabinet minister-elects of the new government today.

The ceremony will take place at 10am in the throne room at Tashichhodzong.

After receiving dakyen, the prime minister and the Cabinet ministers will have a photo session at the dzong courtyard. Lhengyes will then proceed to goenkhang and kuenrey to offer nyendhar and lighting of butter lamps.

Lhengyes will also proceed for chhawang and blessing of [... Read More]

No change in 10,000 MegaWatt plan

Hydro: Dispelling reports that appeared in the Indian media, the Indian ambassador to Bhutan, VP Haran has said that the harnessing of 10,000MW of power by 2020 through the building of hydropower projects between Bhutan and India will continue as earlier agreed upon.

“The agreements that have already been drawn cannot be changed,” ambassador VP Haran said in an interview earlier this week.

The Indian external affairs ministry had, through media reports, expressed reservation on [... Read More]

It’s time for local greens

cfmLocal thrives: A customer buys local radish at farmers market yesterday

CFM: With the local vegetable season on, local vegetables are selling better than the imports at the Centenary’s Farmers Market (CFM) in Thimphu.

The quantity of the local vegetables that arrived at the CFM, as of the third week this month, was 55 metric tonnes (MT) against 29 MT of imported greens records with the department of agricultural marketing and cooperatives (DOAMC), ministry of agriculture and forest, show.

As of last evening the price of [... Read More]

Politician by chance, PM by choice


Leader: Grunting and jostling, the sliver Prado climbs up the steep bumpy road to Dorokha middle secondary school that is perched on a hilltop.

It comes to a halt at the school ground and out of its front seat hops out a tall man, in a navy blue gho, glasses and shaved head.  He shakes hands and smiles at the people lined up for him; but the smile doesn’t reach his eyes.

For a Sunday, [... Read More]

Tailor made for the home ministry


The former attorney general and opposition MP is best suited for the job

MoHCA: He is the kind of person, who enjoys sharing inspirational and love quotes on Facebook.  But you would expect this the least of the person, if you go by appearance.

One of the two opposition members in the first National Assembly, Damcho Dorji, 47, from Khailo village in Gasa, was one of those serious faces in the House, standing only to [... Read More]


Exploring energy options

The hydro vision conclave this week in Thimphu that had experts and officials from India and Bhutan participating did provide a different perspective on energy and harnessing energy.

While the Bhutanese private sector was looking at avenues to collaborate and own hydropower projects, experts talked about solar energy being easier and cheaper to harness than hydropower.

According to one expert, Bhutan had the potential to tap 4.4 gigawatts of solar energy by 2022.  This is equivalent to [... Read More]

From ‘communicator’ to communications


MoIC: The only time DN Dhungyel was seen subdued in his own game of shooting one’s mouth off was on the day he was appointed the information and communications minister.

His deep-set eyes, crow’s feet playing havoc around them were peeled to shoot beyond Changangkha school, from the window of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) office below the monastery. The lights accentuated his scanty, rusty hair, a few strand of grey brushed to the [... Read More]

Officials consider hike in taxi fare

cabDorji Choden at her village in Kangpara

Transport: After having revised the bus fares in December last year, the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) is now holding discussions on possibility of revising the taxi fares.

This discussion comes at a time when the petrol prices have escalated to Nu 67.07 (Thimphu) and diesel to Nu 51.09 per litre. The last revision took place in August, 2011, when RSTA increased the per kilometer charge to Nu 15.

“We have been revising fares [... Read More]

A first again, but a bigger one

dorjichodenDorji Choden at her village in Kangpara

A trailblazer for her gender from pioneer engineer to historic minister

MoWHS: She will go down in the books as the country’s first woman to wear orange.  While that’s a big deal, many who know her well saw it coming.

At the age of 53, Dorji Choden becomes the works and human settlement minister.

But it was quite a journey for the mother of two to make it here today.

Despite being seen as a strong candidate, [... Read More]