Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 - 12:43 PM
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Asset brokerage firms mushroom in Thimphu

parkingFor sale: Used cars in the absence of new ones

A quadrupling of such agents best indicates this boom in the used car sales business

Asset brokers, who deal in the sale of used cars in Thimphu, are on the rise, figures, maintained by the regional department of trade and industries, show.

From six licensed and operating brokers in 2011, the number has today increased by four times to 24.  The year 2012 alone saw an inclusion of 15 brokers.

Regional director with the department, Dungtu, said, while [... Read More]

Picture story

International Biological Diversity Day: In order to inculcate sense of conservation in the hearts and minds of children, so that they will love, respect and conserve nature for the benefit of the country and the future generations, International day of biological diversity was held for the first time in a school.

Celebrated at Babesa middle secondary school, quiz, arts, essay writing and speech competitions [... Read More]

The open drains of Bajo town

drainOpen and risky: The drain next to the bus stand in Bajo town

New pipes are to be installed, but the problem is a labour shortage

Take a closer look at Bajo town, where 131 buildings are clustered, and you are greeted with a foul smell from clogged drains and unattended garbage.

Drainage at eight different locations in the town area has been dug out.  One drain next to the bus stand, which is on the right side of the town, and seven others on the extreme left, have been [... Read More]

Why here?

hospitalMore than 50 percent of gynecology patients in Pemagatshel are Samdrupjongkhar residents

Health officials feel gynaecology services would be apter at a more accessible hospital than Pemagatshel 

Almost a year after Pemagatshel hospital began providing gynaecology services, health officials there say the district is not centrally located to provide such services.

Health officials in Pemagatshel feel gynaecology service should have been established either in Dewathang or Samdrupjongkhar, because it would have been a convenient centre for patients to visit.

Last July, Pemagatshel hospital started gynaecology service along with an operation [... Read More]

Farm machinery (plus operators) on hire in Paro

tractorMost welcome: A hired tractor readies a field for transplanting paddy

Farmers in the fertile valley welcome with open arms this facility extended by AMC

Farmers in Dopshari gewog are welcoming the launch of the farm machinery hiring service by the government, over the weekend, in fertile Paro valley.

“This is so helpful,” farmer Kinley Wangmo said, as she planted rice seedlings in her field that had been ploughed by a tractor hired from the agriculture machinery centre (AMC). “Even though we had a tractor prior, it was [... Read More]

Tangsibi hosts Bumthang’s last common forum

While some candidates welcome this ECB facility, others are not so keen  

With most of the candidates of the four political parties saying it was an effective mode to reach out to many people, the common forums for Bumthang came to an end yesterday.

The last one was held at Tangsibi.

Candidates said the common forum was the most convenient and fairest means to campaign.

“It was convenient for the candidates like us to meet and talk to [... Read More]

Picture story

Removing an allergy: City officials cut down trees at the foot of the snake road yesterday.

There’s gold in them hills


Protecting watersheds and biodiversity is vital for Bhutan’s economy

There is no doubt about Bhutan’s abundant biodiversity.  The whole country is located within one of 34 designated global biodiversity hotspots.  Ranging from sub-tropical to alpine ecosystems, the country is endowed with rich habitats that host a number of endemic and endangered species.  By creating protected areas in over 50 percent of country’s geographical area, and designating biological corridors to connect the protected areas, Bhutan has demonstrated [... Read More]

Yeedzin FC beats Druk United (3-0)

footballFailed attempt: Yeedzin FC striker tries to deflect a corner kick into the Druk United FC’s post.

Despite being a tough opponent, Druk United FC lost to Yeedzin FC (0-3) yesterday in the ongoing Thimphu ‘A’ division football league.

The winner of last year’s Thimphu ‘A’ division league was expecting to score more for being pitched against one of the top two teams from last year’s ‘B’ division.

Yeedzin scored its first goal in a penalty shootout when its striker Chencho sent the goal to the back of the net in 33 minutes and [... Read More]

A ground invasion


Worms Just as Dorji, a canteen operator in Thimphu, was about to splash a jug of water from the bucket on his vegetables as he usually did every morning, his hands suddenly swerved and misfired.

His eyes caught the sight of several tiny black worms and wondered if they were the same insects he had heard people talk about at the office.

On a closer look, much to his dismay, they were. That was on [... Read More]