Friday, August 29th, 2014 - 5:13 AM
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Parties harp on Sangay shamu at Genekha forum

DSC_8474Issue-based: It was more about crops and mushrooms candidates discussed with voters than their manifestos

Elections Along with the pledges made by party candidates during the South Thimphu common forum in Genekha on May 17, the issue on Sangay shamu (Masutake mushroom) was the forum’s highlight.

Save for Druk Chirwang Tshogpa’s (DCT) Kinley Dem, candidates of the other three parties spoke on the potential of the fungus in lifting the gewog’s economy through better management.

Farming is the main occupation for people of Genekha and the mushroom is the gewog’s [... Read More]

The pinch of a price hike for power


Bhutan Power corporation’s proposal to revise domestic energy rates will increase bills by more than 100 percent for low voltage users like households, according to calculations by a private research firm.

For medium voltage users, like mine processing plants and plywood factories, it is a 99 percent increase; and for high voltage users like steel and cement plants, it is a 38 percent increase.

So basically, assuming the same amount of energy is used, what is being [... Read More]

Picture story:

An event to promote medical tourism in Thailand was held on May 17 at Tashi Taj in Thimphu by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Druk Air. The services provided by hospitals in Thailand entailed a range of medical treatments, beauty, wellness and other aesthetics.


Picture story:Volleyball

Kelki school boys and girls teams win the Thimphu Thromde inter-school volleyball championship, the finals of which was played on May 18 at Kelki school court. A total of 24 teams participated in the championship.


To put the money where the mouth is

At the rate political parties are making promises, the impression one gets is that there are plenty of funds to do so.

Some of the promises are blacking topping thousands of kilometres of dirt roads to make them all weather, a power tiller in every chiwog, banking, fuel depots and workshop in each of the 205 gewogs, a new ministry for gender and social development.

Purchase of two helicopters for emergency services, hiking travel and daily allowance [... Read More]

Lhuentse’s common forum draws a fair crowd

lhuentseAfter the forum: Voters leave for their villages taking with them besides pamphlets and brochures, promises party presidents made them

Voters seem to be using the occasion so as not to mix up the many parties

Elections: Despite the heat and sweat, more than 300 people of Menbi Tshenkhar constituency in Lhuentse, who came to listen to the four political parties’ representatives on May 18, were happy they attended the common forum.

The common forum at Tshenkhar gewog’s auditorium hall in Phowan was so packed with party supporters that some voters had to watch the [... Read More]

Picture story

Baseball: Five students of the registered 50 will be selected to represent the country at World Children’s Baseball Fair in Japan this August. A joint baseball coaching program by BOC, JICA and JOCV started on May 18 at the Thimphu athletics ground. A recent survey carried out during Olympic day celebrated on May 2 at Gedu showed baseball among the top [... Read More]

Babesa Bhutan TechVillage in next five-year plan

The IT Park was only the first phase of this aspect of the egovernment master plan

Tech. The government will spend an estimated Nu 250M to develop the Bhutan TechVillage in Babesa, in the next five-year plan, according to the egovernment master plan.

The Bhutan TechVillage includes the current five acres being used for the information technology (IT) park, and an additional 13 acres around the park.  The IT park is the first phase of [... Read More]

On prime political opponent’s home ground

pdpinpgatshelPDP president Tshering Tobgay campaigns in Nanong-Shumar

PDP president lists his commitments and also points out the former government’s flaws during its five-year tenure 

Elections While some Pemagatshel voters were impressed with Peoples Democratic Party’s pledges, some remained sceptical about its promises as they were with the other political parties.

This was the mood among voters after sitting through People’s Democratic Party president Tshering Tobgay’s presentation of his party and what it stood for yesterday at former prime minister Jigmi Y Thinley’s [... Read More]

Tshokhana avoids a near disaster

trailerNarrow escape: The trailer was stopped from crashing in the house by an electric pole

Tragedy was luckily averted when a sand-laden ten-wheeler truck went off road 

Accident Had it not been for the electric pole in front of the house, which bore the brunt of the impact, tragedy might have struck a two-storeyed traditional home in Tshokhana, Punakha.

On Saturday afternoon a 10-wheeler trailer truck loaded with sand rolled backwards on the steep approach road from the Natural Resources Development corporation limited’s (NRDCL) sand depot and fell below the [... Read More]