Friday, December 19th, 2014 - 8:20 PM
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Picture story

Phuentsholing police personnel are going from one house to another creating awareness on securing homes from robberies, especially when one left the house. It included informing people on safety tips like installing doors with peepholes, interlock, door chain or even basics like informing neighbours before leaving home on a vacation. They were also warned against keeping valuable items at home. The team visited [... Read More]

Labour fracas holds up Bhutanese consignments

Eighty trucks en route to Bangladesh were stopped from 9am to 7:30pm  

Export: Eighty Indian trucks carrying Bhutanese consignments were stranded for more than 10 hours near Changrabandha under Cooch Behar district in India, following a fight that broke out among local labourers on August 17.

They were allowed to move around 7:30pm after being stopped around 9am that day.

Of the 80 trucks, 10 were carrying apples, with auction season having started on August [... Read More]

Kilikhar MSS celebrates silver jubilee

students-on-celebrationWhere it began: Students perform for the school’s former students

The once community school notches up 25 years with a tally of 2,495 students to date

Anniversary: It was not mere luck of fortune that Jigme Dorji, 32, is today an officer in a government ministry in the capital but the sheer support of his school, teachers and family that made it possible.

“This wouldn’t have happened if there was no school in Kilikhar in the ‘80s,” he said.

He was among the thousand former students, [... Read More]


The Reality of Truth

So wondrous is one’s mind! If you feel there is no mind, then isn’t there some thing which recognizes that, which is itself the mind? If you feel there is a mind, can it be seen or grasped? If you think there is no mind, then don’t you have a knowing and conceiving faculty which is the mind? Isn’t this amazing?

Modern technology such as a television displays stories in the form of shapes, colours and [... Read More]

Sherab Tharchen is the best archer

archeryAll eyes on the target: The best archer contest draws a large crowd at the Changlimithang archery range yesterday

Archery: After hitting 13 kareys in 15 rounds and defeating 14 archers in the on-going 17th Yangphel open archery tournament at the Changlimithang range yesterday, Sherab Tharchen is the best archer in the country.

Last year, the best archer, Tshewang Dorji, struck 18 kareys in 15 rounds in the Best of Bhutan Shootout competition. He managed only seven kareys this year.

Sherab Tharchen of Team Mepham construction hit 13 kareys, five times on the bull’s [... Read More]

Gyalsa Tewa wins departmental volleyball


Volleyball:  Team Gyalsa Tewa became the new champion of the departmental volley ball tournament care 2013 after beating City Police at the Changlimithang on August 17 afternoon.

Gyalsa Tewa dominated the first two matches allowing City Police to score only 11 and 19 points. The players smashed their way to easy victory, before the opponents could settle down in the game.

City Police came back stronger to the excitement of the spectators, who banged empty [... Read More]

GoI assistance for 11th plan “extremely positive”

talksAfter talks: Delegates of the two countries walk out of the convention hall yesterday

Talks: The final figures the Indian government will give the country for the 11th plan will be known only during the prime minister’s visit to India towards the end of the month.

During the day long plan talks between officials of the two countries, one of the Bhutanese delegates at the talks, Gross National Happiness Commission secretary Karma Tshiteem said, was in keeping with expressions of support the Indian government made at various levels.

“We [... Read More]

Bhutan, not government will spearhead GNH

The UN-assigned task Bhutan has been entrusted with will go on

Paradigm: Even though the new prime minister will not be directly involved, the mandate given to Bhutan by the global community to work on a new development paradigm post 2015, to promote wellbeing and happiness as a global goal, will continue.

After the high level meeting Bhutan organised last year on April 2 in New York, following the passing of the international happiness day [... Read More]

Educating rural folks on legal provisions

img2A participant in Dagala raises an issue following the legal talk

Five teams of four legal officials each, taking 10 Acts with them began the assignment since August 13

Law: By the end of 2014, rural communities of 1,044 chiwogs under 205 gewogs are expected to be aware of their rights, duties and obligations the country’s laws prescribe.

This, according to Bhutan National Legal Institute director Pema Wangchuk, would be made possible with the dissemination of provisions of laws to rural communities.

Under the initiative of the [... Read More]