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Chain saw operators – A cutting edge job

powerchainQuick money: Kado slices planks in Morong

Many in the east have turned to this device to earn ready money

Unlike a few years ago, today, most farmers in rural villages of eastern Bhutan carry chain saws, instead of an axe, when they go to collect wood from the forest.

Not only has it replaced the axe; power chain saws have become popular income generators for rural villagers.  Villagers move to other dzongkhags with a power chain saw looking for a contract to fell [... Read More]

Volunteerism: For the sake of wisdom

studentA student teaches monks names of animals

Despite a busy academic schedule, students of Sherubtse College find time to teach monks

More than 100 monks of Kanglung Thubten Choekhorling shedra and Wogmin Choekhortse Buddhist college are learning English, Mathematics and translations from Sherubtse college students.

About 26 arts and science students are involved in teaching the monks as part of the college’s social service unit’s (SSU) education project.

The education project to teach monks at the two shedras started in 2004, but SSU has been [... Read More]

TV’s stand-alone influence on society

And Bhutanese television, in particular; while radio and print media have far less effect

Bhutanese television is having the most influence in the way Bhutanese are thinking, talking, behaving, and dressing, followed by Indian TV and then other foreign TV channels, according to the draft final version of the Bhutan Information Media Impact study (BIMIS) 2013.

This finding was also reflected in BIMIS 2008.

Bhutanese television had the most influence (57 percent) on thinking and attitude, followed by [... Read More]

Court to clear convoluted census case

Of the three people allegedly recorded in the census of a family in remote Wamling village in Zhemgang, one was found to be the son of the complainant, civil registration and census officials have found.

The census status of the two other men in their early 20s are yet to be confirmed, as the man who initially told census officials that the two men were his sons, kept giving inconsistent statements, officials said.

Census officials in Thimphu [... Read More]

Three-year long ethnographic study presented

A two-day international conference on ‘leveraging cultural diversity’ that discussed cultural practices across the region, indigenous arts and craft promotion and community experiences ended in Thimphu, yesterday.

Presenting ethnographic studies of four communities in Bhutan – the Lhops of Lotokuchu, the Khengpas of Nganglatrong, the Rais of Lumbey and Sharchops of Kengkhar – the conference also discussed the need and ways to improve livelihood of these communities.

Project coordinator with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, Kunzang Dorji, said the [... Read More]

Will there be a doctor in the House?

Not, it seems, if the electorate has anything to do with it!

The medical profession has never been represented in the house, yet the Bhutanese electorate seems clear that they do not want doctors to become politicians, if results of the last two elections are any indicator.

While the primary round was about choosing the party and not about the candidate per se, none of the four doctors, who represented the three parties, won in their constituencies [... Read More]

Flash flood damages 6 acres

flashfloodVolunteers work to stop water from entering homes

Farmer Kinley Pem will have nothing to harvest from her two langdo (area ploughed by an ox in a day) of paddy fields this season.

The fields on which she had just transplanted paddy, was covered with sand. The flash flood also washed away more than six acres of paddy fields at Kabjisa valley in Punakha yesterday morning.
Kinley Pem’s paddy field was left buried under sand and boulders. “Since it wouldn’t be easy [... Read More]

Picture story

Her Majesty the Gyeltsuen plants a tree in Thimphu to commemorate World Environment Day                                                                                                                                 

Study finds public trust in media on the decline

In terms of credibility, BBS radio scores head and shoulders above the rest

Public trust in the media has declined in recent years, according to the final draft version of the Bhutan information and media impact study (BIMIS) 2013.

Concerns among respondents about financial issues causing media to compromise editorial independence, inaccurate content, lack of in-depth analysis, and that some media are politicised and carry partisan views, are some reasons mentioned for the observations.

The study, conducted over [... Read More]


A post-mortem

Political analysts point to several reasons why the two new parties did not make it through the primary round.

The parties themselves say there was just too limited campaigning time to let the electorate know of its existence, why they were formed and what they plan to do.

The parties were formed almost a year ago and appeared in the media many months before. They perhaps also had a few people on the ground in the interiors [... Read More]