Thursday , May 24 2018

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Hot and wet, yet no water

No sight for permanent solution until 2018

Service: Samdrupjongkhar at this time is wet with the monsoon not relenting. But what they lack is reliable drinking water. Residents are irked with the shortage of water for the last two months.

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HM appoints Privy Council members, dzongdags

Appointment: His Majesty The King conferred the orange scarf to Dasho Sangay Wangchug of the Privy Council, and granted dhar to appoint the Privy Councilor of the Privy Council, and three dzongdags yesterday.

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Mid summer forest fire in Thimphu

Fire: Smoke billowing above Balithangkha village, opposite Wang Sinmu in Thimphu didn’t convince villagers that there was a forest fire above their village until the fire spread and covered about three acres yesterday afternoon.

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Trade holds imposed distance on bars in Trongsa

The trade department says the dzongkhag tshogdu has no authority to frame such rules

DT: The Department of Trade has put off enforcement of bylaws to space out bars by 50 meters from dzong and institutions in thromde and 100 meters from gewog centers and its institutions in Trongsa.

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Trongsa decides not to suspend gup

The ACC had left the decision up to the dzongkhag following the gup being charged with corruption in Dagana

Law: Trongsa has decided not to suspend the Langthel gup, Lham Dorji, despite an Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) directive that permits the dzongkhag to suspend him after he was charged for criminal offences in Dagana court.

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Senior government official detained

A Bhutanese businessman and two non-bhutanese detained too

Update: The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has detained the former director of regional revenue and customs for interrogation.

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International standards on auditing adopted

AASBB: While 33 companies and financial institutions both listed and state owned, have adopted the Bhutanese Accounting Standards (BAS), derived from international financial reporting standards (IFRS), there is a dearth of auditing these standards.

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LGP cylinders safe: Indian Oil

Beginning this month expired LPG cylinders are being removed from circulation 

Coodking Gas: Officials from the trade department and Indian Oil Corporation Ltd have said that the LPG cylinders circulating in Bhutan are safe.

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