Friday , July 20 2018

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Imported vegies and fruits safe

More tests will be conducted to see winter crops are contaminated 

Food: Vegetables and fruits from across the border imported for sale in Phuentsholing are safe to consume, Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) officials have confirmed.

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Hydropower targets reprioritised

MTR: The delay in commissioning of the 1200MW Punatsangchhu I project has come at the cost of slashing the 11th Plan target of augmenting the installed power capacity to 4,546MW.

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The long wait to open a One Stop Crisis Centre

Health: The judiciary could be deciding cases based on incomplete or inaccurate facts provided by the forensic and toxicology unit in absence of necessary equipment at the Thimphu referral hospital, doctors said.

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“I was just a facilitator”

WHO: Former health and education minister Sangay Ngedup, who was recently conferred the Excellence in Public Health award in Timor-Leste said that the recognition has come at a time when the country is celebrating the 60th birth anniversary of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

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Over 100 percent cost escalation for roads and bridges

Alarmed with the cost overrun, the PM has directed DoR, GNHC and MoF to discuss  the issue

MTR: The Department of Roads (DoR) would require an additional budget of Nu 15,979M (million) to complete the construction and upgradation of roads and bridges for the 11th Plan.

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High level advocacy programme to sensitise students

A programme to gauge how informed the youth are on life skill education began from Thimphu 

Awareness: A high level advocacy visits to three schools in Thimphu saw students and teachers discussing issues on reproductive health, teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, mental health, substance abuse and suicide prevention with health and education officials.

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Dekiling elects new gup

LG: Dekiling gewog’s new gup Padam Singh Mongar has not only won by a  huge majority, but has his eyes set already on the next election.

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Water wastage is money going down the drain

Thromde to take over community water supply

Resource: Judging by the damage it had done to the road, the water had been overflowing for quite sometime. The excess water drains on to the road from a pipe washing debris and gravels along its way. It has eaten away sections of the road, worsening the already created potholes.

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