Thursday, April 17th, 2014 - 6:48 AM

NC discusses lease land issues

IMG_0235In session: Good governance committee’s chairperson presents the review of the performance auditing report

NC’s good governance committee reviewed the lease of government land and GRF land and mines

NC: Lack of policy framework, weak enforcement of legal provisions and occupation of government land and government reserved forest (GRF) land, were the highlights of the Good Governance Committee’s review report.

The committee had reviewed the Royal Audit Authority’s performance auditing of lease of government land and GRF land and mines, which was released in August last year.

Presenting the report [... Read More]

Studies favour national referral hospital’s autonomy

All that is required is the Cabinet’s approval

NA Q-hour: The health ministry was awaiting the Cabinet’s approval to give the national referral hospital autonomy.

Lyonpo Tandin Wangchuk said the ministry had already submitted its proposal detailing the importance and benefits of such a move to the Cabinet.

He said the national referral hospital’s autonomy was important to facilitate its management and administration.

The minister was responding to Bumdeling-Jamkhar constituency representative Duptho’s question in relation of the [... Read More]

We are steadily making progress

SJThrompon Karma Sherab Tobgyal

Q&A: What is the biggest challenge in implementing decisions in Samdrupjongkhar (SJ) thromde?

The biggest challenge is the lack of adequate resources in terms of budget and human resource. Without these two critical elements, any decision or plan however grand they are, cannot be implemented.

Why has SJ town stagnated in terms of growth as compared to other border towns?

Samdrupjongkhar town, though one of the oldest in the country, has stagnated due to unprecedented events [... Read More]

Picture story

Breaking all records till date, Trashigang nyagoe (strongman) Jurmi Wangdi finished the competition in first place, completing all tasks of carrying a log, truck tyres and a sand bags among others, in four minutes and four seconds. Nyagoes from Trongsa, Bumthang, Trashiyangtse and Wangduephodrang were among the top five. Others who did not make it to the finals will partake in separate [... Read More]

Drukyul Club wins championship

Twe180 students participated in the championship

Taekwondo: Drukyul Taekwondo Club bagged eight gold, three silver and five bronze medals to win the first Invitational Taekwondo Championship held in the capital yesterday.

Fifteen teams, including seven from Assam, Darjeeling, Mizoram, Sikkim, Gorkhaland, Jaigoan and Bodoland clubs participated in the two-day championship.

Bodoland Taekwondo Club came second after winning three gold, three silver and four bronze medals. Thimphu Taekwondo Club was third with one gold, four silver and six bronze medals.

About 180 students [... Read More]

Chukha tariff revised upwards by 25p a unit

Power: The export price of Chukha’s power has been revised by 25 paisa a unit, following a meeting between officials from the economic affairs ministry and their counterparts in India early this week.

The new export rate is now fixed at Rs 2.25 a unit from the existing Rs 2 a unit.
Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay announced the revision yesterday, during the monthly meeting between cabinet ministers and the local media.

With the 25-paisa increase, [... Read More]

Bans – Two down, one to go

PMMeet the PM: Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay was the lone Cabinet minister to meet the press yesterday

Lyonchhoen said the govt. awaits the pay commission report before deciding on vehicle import

Meet- the- press: The government, Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay said will lift the ban on import of vehicles following pay commission’s recommendations on addressing the pool vehicle and vehicle quota systems in the civil service.

The only one representing the Cabinet at yesterday’s meet-the-press session, Lyonchhoen said the only reason the government was extending the ban was because it was awaiting the [... Read More]

Royal visit to remote communities of Mongar

HMHis Majesty the King shares a moment with the people at Samten Chhoiling Lhakhang in Tsakaling, Mongar

Visit: His Majesty the King accompanied by Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen visited Silambi gewog of Mongar yesterday.

Before that, on February 5, Their Majesties visited Tsakaling and Chali gewogs.
These remote settlements are connected by bumpy farm roads save for a few communities, precariously perched on hilltops, looking down at the roads, waiting for it to snake up to them.

Their Majesties visited the Samten Chhoiling Lhakhang and the Nagtshang in Tsakaling, where the people [... Read More]

Govt. seeks closure on Ed. City stalemate

Meet- the- press: The government hopes to bring closure to the Education City project next week, lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay said yesterday at the sixth meet the press session in Thimphu.

“Closure in the sense that we must decide once and for all what we’re going to do and where it’s going to go,” lyonchhoen said. “Closure doesn’t mean closing the project, it means closure to the issue.”

The government, he said, is already studying carefully [... Read More]


Rural leaders disagree with NC’s tobacco decision

Concerns that some local leaders in the east share on the National Council’s recent decision to allow sale and import of tobacco speaks of lack of consideration of rural take on it.

Perhaps our council and assembly members need to consult a little more on the issue to strike a chord with the rural folks that comprise a majority of the country’s population.

It was this argument of majority support in rural areas that was used to [... Read More]