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Breaking into the top 100 by 2016

Ranking: Besides aiming to improve the economy, the government is also targeting to advance on to the list of top 100 countries of “ease of doing business index” within the next two years.

A high ranking on the ease of doing business index, an international method to rank economies, meant the regulatory environment was more conducive to the starting and operation of a local firm.

This was highlighted at the assembly yesterday, when north Thimphu [... Read More]


A win-win contract

The department of forest and park services’ policy of paying for environmental services, also called as paying for ecosystem in some countries, is a good policy that should be welcomed, if it can be translated into action.

If such a policy can help both reduce poverty and save natural resources, both priorities of the government for a long time, it deserves full support and top priority.  It is, like we often say, to kill two birds [... Read More]

Targeting the Thai market

As per the PM’s directions, tour operators are preparing packages for the lean season 

Tourism: Following the prime minister’s instructions, tour operators and hoteliers in the country have begun working on developing packages to attract Thai tourists during the leaner months of June, July, and August this year.

Some tour operators have already set targets and started appointing marketing representatives in Thailand, while hoteliers are working out discounts they could offer besides Thai specific services.

Last [... Read More]

Electrification of Lauri and Serthi deferred again

IMG_20131206_124729Trucks wait to be loaded with electrical equipment at Samdrupjongkhar

The hitch now is Indian police disallowing equipment through on ‘unauthorised route’ 

REP: After missing the first deadline on December 17 last year, and extending it until March this year, the electrification of Lauri and Serthi gewogs is again extended and expected to complete some time in May.

The Indian border police in Nunai, Assam, disallowing the transportation of equipment, on grounds that it was an unauthorised route, has halted work on the 21.5km long [... Read More]

What went wrong with the 4th SDP?

If the fund doesn’t come through, it could upset the 11th Plan apple cart

GoI: The government of India has, in writing, stated that they won’t be able to sanction Nu 660M grant for the fourth small development project (SDP) initiated in the 10th plan.

Finance minister Namgay Dorji said that was because the previous government refused to pay heed to certain procedures and guidelines that the two countries were required to adhere to.

“Some works [... Read More]

Pay hike deliberation in summer session

Parliament: The findings of the pay commission will be presented only in the third session of the Parliament, which will happen only sometime mid year.

Finance minister Namgay Dorji, in presenting the status of the pay commission’s report at the session yesterday, said upon the commission’s request, the government gave the pay commission a month’s time to wrap up the report.

The minister said the pay commission took longer to research and review because of [... Read More]

To be inaugurated albeit incomplete

This piquant situation has arisen thanks to the many wrangles and delays that plagued the project

SC Complex: After being mired in controversy, which delayed its construction for about four years, the new Supreme Court complex in Hejo, Thimphu will be inaugurated next month.

But although March 14 is set as the inauguration date, it does not mean the court’s construction has been completed. “It may take another year to complete the entire project of [... Read More]

Picture story

Interaction: Dzongsar Jamyang Khentse Rinpoche interacts with participants at the on-going “Excellence in Leadership and Management” workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal. The six-day leadership training for young Buddhist leaders started on February 14. Representatives from various monasteries and lineages of Tibetan Buddhism from across Asia and the west are attending the program. The Khentse Foundation is funding the workshop, which ends today. [... Read More]

Escalating the conservation initiative

The payment for environmental services policy needs a proper framework so as to expand

PES: A give and take initiative of the department of forest and park services (DoFPS) could save natural resources, and even help reduce poverty in rural areas, if it gains momentum.

The policy, ‘payment for environmental services’ (PES), is a system, where an individual or an organisation utilising natural resources pays environmental service providers or those who take the initiative to [... Read More]

Verdict against cop charged with child abuse upheld

Crime: The high court bench two upheld Gelephu dungkhag court’s verdict against a police officer, who was sentenced to two years and 11 months in prison in October last year for child abuse.

The officer, major Tashi Tobgay, was charged with rape of a minor and solicitation of paedophilia, but the dungkhag court sentenced him for child abuse, and stated the initial charges could not be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

His grounds of appeal to [... Read More]

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