Friday , August 26 2016

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Investigation team rules out foul play in custodial death case

The team reported that it was a clear case of suicide
Crime: The custodial death of a 35-year-old man at the Dorokha police station, Samtse, on April 20 is a clear case of suicide, a report by an independent investigation team comprising four police officers and health officials stated.

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Traditional medicines in short supply

One of the main reasons is limited production hours which could be solved if the govt. pays for overtime
Medical: Traditional hospitals in the central region have been facing a shortage of essential medicines for quite sometime now.

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Artists learn from each other

A SAARC Artists’ Camp is being held in Bhutan for the first time

Art: Thirty-eight artists from South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Artists’ Camp are in the capital to showcase their artworks based on the theme ‘Ancient Landscape – Nature at its Best’. Karma Tshering Wangchuk, programme officer with SAARC Cultural Centre, said that the camp allows artists to share their ...

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Only ada rachu for women

Ada rachus

The decision was made by dzongkhag cultural officers during their sixth annual conference  
Culture: Women across the country will now have to wear only ada rachu on all occasions, according to a circular from the home ministry.

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Monitoring irrational medicine prescription

The health ministry is conducting a survey to study prescription patterns
Medical: The health ministry is monitoring and studying the irrational prescription of medicines in the hospitals across the country.

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Govt. cyber security team formed

ICT: With the country developing, both public and private organisations are focusing on e-governance. Various agencies are now rolling out many of their services online.

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Project MyBhutan comes online

Each trip to Bhutan purchased on the travel platform will contribute to Tarayana Foundation's efforts to empower rural communities 
Tourism: MyBhutan, a social enterprise that aims to create a better Bhutan through initiatives that target Bhutan’s most pressing issues, was launched April 25, according to a press release from the project.

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Relocation to Denchi to begin soon

Land: Questions are being raised in Pemagatshel on the delay to relocate the town to Denchi. It has been more than a decade since the intention to relocate the present town to Denchi, 18km away, was announced.

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My Country, My Town

  • Road read: The question is whether it’s advice (while good, no doubt) for self or others or both? Photo Bidur Rai
  • Powerful wishes: Did these footballs hung from a tree have anything to do with the Leicester City victory? Photo by Tshering Doma, ICS
    Powerful wishes: Did these footballs hung from a tree have anything to do with the Leicester City victory? Photo by Tshering Doma, ICS
  • Dancing goat: Sometimes one just gets the urge to get up and shake a leg Photo by Kelzang Wangchuk, Kuensel, Thimphu