Monday, December 22nd, 2014 - 5:55 AM
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Bandying about of allegations begin

The usual dirty linen is being washed in public without as yet seeking recourse to proper channels

Just a week after the four political parties hit the constituencies for the primary election campaign, allegations are beginning to surface that parties are resorting to “unhealthy” means to woo voters.

Word is out that parties are hosting meals for villagers in Punakha, Bumthang and Trashigang. Some voters have allegedly been paid for attending party meetings in Trashigang while others [... Read More]

The protocol for the trappings of power

When is a minister not a lyonpo, so to speak? 

With the election campaign on, former parliament members re-contesting have hung their symbols of authority – kabney (scarf) and patang (ceremonial sword) – and titles, such as lyonpo or dasho, are not in use to ensure a level playing field, as required by law.

But ambiguities still persist on the usage of titles and symbols, particularly when individuals are no longer serving in those positions.

This is particularly [... Read More]

Rules for replacements

An ECB notification has spelled out the conditions for such an eventuality

Only registered members of the parties and the candidates, whose names have been submitted to election commission while filing the letters of intent, will be allowed for “official participation” in the ongoing primary round of elections.

This also apply to representatives parties appoint for official participation.

Election commission, through a notification issued yesterday, clarified that those candidates, whose names have been submitted, may be allowed to [... Read More]


Taking a turn for the worse?

Signs are already beginning to show of one of the things we most loathe about electioneering, the possibilities of political mudslinging in the days to come until the general election.

Political party presidents and candidates have been accusing one another of giving rural voters money, along with their pamphlets, to attend campaign meetings or for attending them.

Some party candidates have been accused of distributing gadgets like mobile phones, while a few others have been providing meals, [... Read More]

Poor turnout for Athang common forum

athangAthang- Thedtsho constituency’s representatives at the common forum

Druk Phuensum tshogpa’s candidate from Athang-Thedtsho constituency in Wangdue, Pasang Thinlee once again promised a farm road for Jarogang and Zawa, the two remote villages in Athang gewog during the common forum on May 16.

Of more than 800 eligible voters in the gewog, 85 people attended the forum, while there were only 45 from Athang, which also has same number of eligible voters.

DPT had promised a road for the villages in 2008. “It’s already in [... Read More]

DNT downplays promises in Punakha

punakhaWho to go for? Voters of Lingmukha-Toewang constituency in Punakha check out an election advertising board in zomi gewog centre where the common forum was held yesterday.

The other parties, bar DCT, though, are far more forthcoming with their offers

Unlike the other three parties Druk Nyamrup tshogpa’s (DNT) candidates are not making too many promises during the common forum.

Like the candidates in Wangdue, DNT’s Dr Tandi Dorji of Lingmukha-Toewang constituency in Punakha, during the common forum yesterday at Zomi gewog, pledged only two things: reduce the gap between rich and poor, and among regions, and disburse constitutional development grants, based of the [... Read More]

Bhutan Youth bites the dust, Bhutan Times’ suspension lifted

Other media houses have been advised to meet licensing terms and conditions or else …

Bhutan has one newspaper less, with the Bhutan infocomm and media authority (BICMA) revoking the license of Bhutan Youth, a weekly paper on youth in March this year for not meeting the licensing terms and conditions.

The newspaper was already under suspension for a month and, after it didn’t get any response from the paper, the authority on March 19 cancelled the [... Read More]

Four parties five questions

To allow a comparison to be made, the same queries were put to the various political factions in the mix

Druk Chirwang Tshogpa

What is your party ideology?

Our philosophy and political ideology is based on the wisdom, principles and values of social democracy – liberty, equality, and solidarity.

We believe in strengthening democracy by upholding the Constitution, protecting civil rights, and ensuring a just, united, prosperous [... Read More]

DCT president woos locals in their language

dtcmongarDCT president interacts with the people of Mongar

The people of Mongar were happy that the Druk Chirwang tshogpa (DCT) president Lily Wangchuk spoke to them in their local dialect, Sharchop, on May 16.

For, before her arrival, the voters, who were waiting for more than an hour, were worried that they may not be able to understand if she spoke in Dzongkha.

A woman voter from Chali gewog said that many people in the east do not understand Dzongkha well, which is why most [... Read More]

Promises, promises …

tsirangVoters of Dunglagang gewog collect the parties’ brochures during the common forum

Pataley-Tsirangtoe is fed with pledges from all four parties at its common forum 

More than 130 voters of Dunglagang gewog gathered at the gewog centre on May 16 to listen to the representatives of four political parties of Pataley-Tsirangtoe constituency.

Druk Chirwang tshogpa’s representative, Sangay Tamang, 27, and former NC contestant, told voters that the party was formed by a group of common people, and will focus on unity and rural problems.

If elected, his party would strengthen [... Read More]