Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 - 11:18 PM
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The council election’s voting pattern


A district’s turnout percent, to an extent, was inversely proportional to its number of voters

While the council election held this week saw an overall turnout of less than half the registered voters, among the districts, voter participation varied from 33 to 73 percent.

However, some dzongkhags, with the smallest voting population had the highest voter turnout, in terms of percentage, while it was just the opposite for dzongkhags with big number of voters.

Gasa, which has 1,840 [... Read More]


Decoding the council elections

It was not only the electorate but also political parties that were closely following the outcome of the recent council elections.

There were obvious reasons. Political parties are running out of time to have all 47 candidates in place, a prerequisite to be able to contest the primary and general elections.

They needed to move fast and make an offer that would be difficult to refuse to council candidates, who did not make it on their own, [... Read More]

Dewathang to get a planned town at last

But there are land issues (excess holdings by local residents) that must be resolved first

Dewathang core throm (town) that has not changed for decades will finally have a local area plan (LAP), urban planners from the capital told residents yesterday in a public consultative meeting.

The planners from the ministry of works and human settlement told residents that an individual needed a plot of 2400 sq ft (square feet) as a standard size, which is almost [... Read More]

The walking students of Khengpagang

studentsGoing home: Sarita Rai leads the pack from school

Daily, 39 of them, aged six and above, walk four hours to and fro school

Thirty-nine students, including a few as young as six, from Khengpagang village in Samtenling gewog, Sarpang, walk for about four hours to school and back every day.

Santosh Rai, a class one student, along with other students studying in pre-primary to class one, wait for seniors from the same village to finish their classes.

The students, especially the young ones, choose to wait [... Read More]

8.3 percent inflation measured in first quarter

This rate will be the last of its kind using the 2003 base year, and the existing basket of commodities

The annual inflation rate from January to March this year was 8.3 percent, according to the National Statistics Bureau’s consumer price index (CPI).  For the same period last year it was 9.5 percent.

In the past 12 months, food prices increased by 7.86 percent and non-food prices by 8.66 percent, according to the CPI.

At the major group [... Read More]

Picture story

Chief election commissioner of Bhutan, Dasho Kunzang Wangdi, awarded “certificate of election” to 12 National Council elects yesterday in Thimphu. Eight others, who were elected during the poll day on April 23, were unable to make it for the award event.

Khitsang town development on track

tempaLosing shape: The present Duksum township

The long-awaited relocation of Duksum town dwellers may take place at last 

Development of Khitsang township in Trashiyangtse is beginning to take shape, with the dzongkhag administration having floated tenders for the construction of internal urban road network.

Dzongkhag officials said about 40 contractors have submitted their tender documents, which are currently being scrutinised by the committee.

Khitsang township is being developed to relocate the existing Duksum town.

“By next week, the contract will be awarded to the lowest [... Read More]

Picture story

The Director General of Border Roads (DANTAK) Lt. Gen. AT Parnaik, SM, VSM, who is on a six-day visit to the kingdom calls on the Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley at the Gyalyong Tshogkhang yesterday.

Exchange students help rebuild Konchosum lhakhang

studentbuiltFun and rewarding: Students at work

Eleven students of Wheaton College in United States, who are on exchange program at the Royal Thimphu college, invested their three days in the country to help in reconstruction of Konchosum lhakhang in Bumthang.

Resident director of the program, Prof Bruce Owens, said they moved rocks on the structure, plastered the walls, pounded the clay and put the bricks together.

“The main objective is to give back to the country in the form of such social service,” [... Read More]

Contractor sentenced in Narang BHU case

houseVerdict out: The collapsed Narang Grade II BHU (Basic Health Unit) after the September 21, 2009, earthquake

Court also revoked defendant’s license and directed him to refund Nu 6.979M to govt.

After more than a year of exhaustive proceedings, the Mongar district court has sentenced a 36-year-old class C contractor to two years in prison for fraudulent and deceptive practice, bribery and compromising quality of construction of the basic health unit (BHU) in Narang, which collapsed during the 2009 earthquake.

The court verdict, which was handed down yesterday, stated the defendant, Ugyen Wangchuk, has [... Read More]