Friday, August 1st, 2014 - 11:46 AM

Why six?

It’s the optimum age, when a child is best suited for formal education

School Entry Age: For the past two years, Kuenzang Dema had been requesting teachers to enroll her son into Baling primary school.  The last time she asked, teachers told her he was still too young for admission, because he would not turn six when the academic session starts.

“I wanted to enroll him early, so he could learn something,” the mother of [... Read More]

What’s the (eco) state of the state?

The high annual rate of land degradation has assumed alarming proportions, draft report

Draft Bhutan Environment Outlook, 2012: It will only take 72 years to degrade all the land in the country, if land degradation continues at the current rate, the draft Bhutan Environment Outlook, 2012, states.

Land is degrading at 1.4 percent annually, the draft outlook by the National Environment Commission states, and the area of degraded forest in Bhutan has increased by more [... Read More]

Affected families to be compensated first: PM

pm12jan13One of the villagers to be affected by the Amochhu project, like many, expressed desire for land substitution

… and leave reassured that they are being cut a fair deal

 Amochhu Power Project: Speaking in Lhotshamkha, Lyonchhen Jigmi Y Thinley,  assured families who are to be affected by the soon-to-begin Amochhu power project works, that they will be compensated before they are displaced or the land is acquired by the project.

The families, in turn assured that they have no issues in giving away their land, provided they are compensated on [... Read More]


The best start

Most of us have heard those stories from our parents, grandparents, relatives, maybe even teachers.

When modern schooling in the country first started to expand in the late ‘50s, students for schools, set up in makeshift huts with a few teachers, had to be picked up from the villages.

Parents hid their children, declared some to be not normal, and put forward those, who probably had an inclination towards mischief.

They went to school with perhaps only a [... Read More]

Hearings over for one former committee member

The judge will work on a verdict, based on what was heard in the district court

Land Allotment Case: After exchanging several statements and rebuttals in the last couple of weeks, both Anti-Corruption Commission and Dechen Singye submitted their closing statements at the Mongar dzongkhag court yesterday.

Dechen Singye is one of the three indicted for official misconduct, allotment of government land and illegal registration of plots in relation to Gyalpoizhing land case, the other [... Read More]

Residents housing crunch issue with PM

They were assured that all points raised would be looked into soon

Phuentsholing Thromde: Phuentsholing residents, at a meeting with the prime minister yesterday, raised housing crunch faced by the town as an issue urgently in need of a solution.

Lyonchhoen Jigmi Y Thinley, who was in town to visit families who will be affected by Amochu hydropower project works, also met with residents, who included civil servants, business community, corporate employees and others.

Lyonchhen assured [... Read More]

A statistician throws his hat into the ring

karma12jan13Karma Lhendup

The former labour ministry chief statistical officer feels he’s the right man for the job

Drametse-Ngatshang Constituency, Mongar: A statistician, with the reputation of being quite a talker, has declared his intention to contest the 2013 general elections from Drametse-Ngatshang constituency, Mongar, as a candidate with the People’s Democratic Party.

Karma Lhendup, 33, who recently resigned as the chief statistical officer with the labour ministry, said he chose PDP because he likes and agrees with [... Read More]

Delinking still some ways off

Parliament is yet to be discuss, let alone endorse, this parting of ways 

Tourism Council Of Bhutan Secretariat: The Tourism Council of Bhutan secretariat (TCBS) cannot be delinked from the civil service, unless endorsed by Parliament, according to officials of the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC).

Section five of the civil service Act (CSA) states that delinking any government agency from the civil service may be determined by Parliament.

The Cabinet, in June last year, approved [... Read More]

BIG problem for small businesses

Life without LPG is possible, economists say, by a switch to electricity 

Industrial Gas Cylinders: One table of the nine in Tulsi Ram’s restaurant at the Zangdopelri complex in Thimphu had customers at around noon yesterday.

The smell of freshly fried fish wafted from one end of the small restaurant, where Tulsi Ram, wearing a dirty blue apron, prepared fried rice in his crammed kitchen.  A helper prepared tea and fried chopped beef, while his [... Read More]