Monday, November 24th, 2014 - 1:58 PM
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Samdrupchholing begins double-cropping paddy

sjAum Rinchen Lhamo, 54 is happy that double paddy plantation on her field is likely to yield well

Reviving a practice that died about a decade ago following security issues

It is not yet season for paddy transplantation, still a patch of paddy field in Phuntshothang gewog, Samdrupjongkhar already wears a green look amid brown untilled terraced surroundings.

It is only towards the end of May that farmers of the gewog begin tilling their fields and transplanting paddy sometime in June.

Samdrupjongkhar’s maximum rice growing dungkhag, Samdrupchholing (Bhangtar) has, this year, begun double-cropping and four households [... Read More]

Two new rhododendron species discovered

RhododendronProposed names: Rhododendron khochii and princenamgiae

Plant and flower enthusiasts have two more names to add to their list.

Officials of the nature recreation and eco-tourism division and the royal botanical park at Lamperi under the forest department have recorded two new species of rhododendron last week.

The department’s information and communication officer, Ugyen Tshering, said park officials, while collecting rhododendron flowers for the upcoming festival, found the plant species at Dochula, between 2,600m to 3,600m above sea level.

Of the two new species, [... Read More]

Reasons behind Bumthang incumbent’s loss

He remembers the time, when he rushed to Bumthang from Thimphu at 3am, having learnt the Chamkhar town was on fire.

As one of the core team members, he had played an active role in putting up the structures back in place.  He had worked to garner fund support from people around.

Wherever and whenever possible, he had also taken part in events and activities in the dzongkhag.  He had pursued issues related to the dzongkhag, besides [... Read More]

A snapshot of the council election

ecbReceiving results : Officials at the National Elections Results centre in Thimphu worked late into the night on April 23, to receive and cross-check council results pouring in from dzongkhags.

One paradox: more voters than last time around, yet less percent turnout

Around 5,500 voters more exercised their franchise for the second National Council elections on April 23, as compared to the first one some five years ago.

An official figure, the election commission released yesterday, shows 171,544 voters cast their votes this time.

However, with the total registered voters increased to 379,819 as opposed to 312,502 back then, the voter turnout percentage dropped to 45.16 percent this [... Read More]

False alarm!

A scientific study on lead contamination in rice imported by the United States, including red rice from Bhutan, has been withdrawn by the author, who accepted that there were flaws in its findings.

Foreign media also reported that the study was never verified or peer-reviewed, as is the norm with such research on lead content in rice in the US.

Monmouth University professor, Tsanangurayi Tongesayi’s research concluded that rice imported by the United Stated was heavily contaminated [... Read More]

Missing VPICs recovered

The 35 voter photo identity cards (VPIC) that went missing on April 22 on the eve of National Council election was found yesterday and delivered to their owners.

They were handed over to villagers of Khalong under Narang gewog in Mongar after the election official who visited the village to investigate the case recovered them from a villager.

Dzongkhag election officer Sangay Dorji said election officer and local leaders recovered all VPICs around noon from a house.

On [... Read More]

Furniture house, grocery store, labour camp burnt

fireFire doused: Fire fighters scan the area while expatriate workers and residents in the locality look on

An open-air fire that construction workers made to keep warm from the recent chill that came with the recent showers, fire fighters believe caused the blaze at Kabe Rongchhu under Babesa in Thimphu.

The fire, which started around 4:45pm on April 23 destroyed Sonam Furniture’s machines, wood stored to make furniture and finished furniture products.

It also consumed grocery items from a grocery store adjacent it, including other personal belongings.

Furniture house owner Ugyen Wangdi from Pemagatshel claimed [... Read More]

Why Wangdue went the way it did

The general feeling was in favour of an infusion of new blood

As the provisional results of the council elections were being broadcast live on Tuesday evening, Tashi Dorji, 31, from Rubesa remained glued to the television, waiting for the final confirmation.

Unsure on how to react, even after he got congratulatory calls from well-wishers, he went on to say his win was yet to be confirmed. No one was there to represent him at the vote [... Read More]


A thought for the ones turned away

Quite paradoxical that many voters, those that we have been encouraging to cast their ballots through post or in person, were turned down during the recent National Council election.

Ironic still that, on the one hand we expect good voter turnout during elections to ensure its success, and instill this sense of responsibility among voters that their participation is crucial in electing representatives to Parliament, on the other hand, sometimes that very sense people come feeling [... Read More]

Clear victory in Pemagatshel

jigmirinzinThe chosen one: Jigme Rinzin walks out of Khothakpa community primary school polling station after casting his vote on April 23

The difference was winning over the ‘neutral’ gewogs by a large margin

While all three council candidates of Pemagatshel secured the highest votes from the gewog (county) that nominated them, councillor elect Jigme Rinzin, 41, managed to secure highest votes from the other eight gewogs in the dzongkhag (district).

After Shumar, Jigme Rinzin’s gewog, which gave him 817 votes, the highest, Zobel gewog also gave him 449 of 629 votes cast on council poll day, April 23.  [... Read More]