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Editorial: Public affairs out of the public eye?

23 June, 2009 – Its not the most popular show on national TV but it is the only one that allows every Bhutanese to see and be informed on how business is
conducted in Parliament.Now, after three sessions, a majority of parliament members do not want
the session broadcast live because they say TV cameras influence their
conduct to suit television rather than contribute to a more vigorous

In other words, minus the cameras, [... Read More]


K2: Bhutanese Rock on the rocks

22 June, 2009 – For a society that grew up listening to Hindi and Dzongkha music, hard rock is heard as noise.

Todays generation, though, is into heavy, alternative, punk, death and slow rock music. So much so that theyve taken the next step to form their own bands. However, local bands members say they get little or no support in any form from anyone.One Thimphu local band that lasted for only five months [... Read More]


K2: Five Questions

22 June, 2009 – Tashi, 26, from Haa, runs a travel agency. He shares his views on gangs.

1) Why do you think people join gangs?
Many jobless youth, with problems at home, form gangs to keep away from trouble. While there are others, who just form gangs to show off and seek attention.2) What do you think gangs do when they meet?
When I go around I usually see them [... Read More]


K2: Sunglasses Look Back, Retro Style

22 June, 2009 – Fashion trends are bound to repeat themselves and eyewear is no exception. Oversized frames, John Lennon-inspired round sunglasses, boxy cubic forms and aviators are some of the hot buzzwords in sunglass land. And, this summer, one word sums up all things sunglasses: Retro.Everything is bigger, bolder and retro and Bhutanese people cant seem to get enough of it.

I like the big, black and brown framed ones … its very [... Read More]


K2: Sonam Choki – The Perfect Girl

22 June, 2009 – Shy but elegant, actress Sonam Choki of Muti Thrishing -The Perfect Girl fame exudes warmth and innocence as she talks.

In her six years of acting, Sonam has ten movies under her belt. She has worked with many established actors and new actors in her short career, including veteran actor Tshering Gyaltshen.She first broke into the Bhutanese film industry with her debut film Muti Thrishing-The Perfect Girl in [... Read More]


K2: A Steamy Turkish Delight

22 June, 2009 – Located in the heart of town, right beside the Zangtopelri complex, Turkish Spa is the only place where you can enjoy a traditional Turkish bath experience. Equivalent to a steam bath, a Turkish bath can also be considered a close relative to a wet sauna.The spa, which is a part of the Phuntsho Pelri hotel, specialises in Turkish baths, along with other spa facilities, which include a [... Read More]


K2: Ask Mr Thimphu

22 June, 2009 –
Im 42, 59 and weigh 78 kg. I go for a regular brisk walk for about 5 km but Im still not ableto reduce my weight and bring it under 75 kg. Is there any health club in Thimphu with trainers that we can joinfor weight exercises? Please advise.

At 42, it takes more effort to get results in gaining [... Read More]


Editorial: The piper calls the tune

22 June, 2009 – When it comes to salaries and perks, everyone believes that they deserve much more.

The ministers felt they should get more for newfound political leadership, but public and media outcry derailed its passage. Civil servants, who got a 35 percent raise, expected at least a minimum 50 percent.Now its employees of government-owned corporations grumbling about the 15 percent raise proposed by the finance ministry. Hopes were pinned for a raise [... Read More]


Editorial: Corporate pay hike debate

21 June, 2009 – Not long ago, when Bhutanese corporations said they were commercially destined, it was hardly convincing because its working culture was very much like the government’s. With summer and winter timings, long lunch breaks, public holidays, and overtime payments, observers were puzzled by the claims of more difficult working conditions.Even the proclaimed increases in the profitability of many corporations stemmed not so much from the commercial innovations of the managements [... Read More]



20 June, 2009 – Thimphu, the capital, may have attained true city status with the evolution of gangs.
Gangs are an urban phenomenon, which began in Thimphu about a decade ago. These gangs went as far as to carry knives and chains.Today, the phenomenon has mellowed and gangs are now referred to as groups. Youth find it fashionable to belong to a group, as it gives them a sense of [... Read More]

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