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From no teeth to teeth to false teeth?

It was the implementation of the rule, which was weak, that it necessitated a proper law instead.

A law was crafted and tabled for parliamentarians to debate.

Merely having a law, experience showed, was not good enough, it had to be given teeth to bite violators with.

Parliamentarians deliberated and prescribed penalties so stringent that, in less than a month of its enforcement, it netted its first victim.

That was about the tobacco control law, which was a culmination [... Read More]

Thimphu team non-committal about cracks

tadzong8jan13All the way up: Cracks on Trongsa dzong

Trongsa & Ta Dzongs: A team from Thimphu that examined the cracks on the Trongsa and Ta (watchtower) dzongs on January 4 has said further monitoring is needed before anything conclusive can be established.

Dzongkhag officials believe that continuous blasting at the dam site of the under construction 720MW Mangdechu hydroelectric project, about 14km downstream of Trongsa town, has led to the cracks on the walls of the Trongsa Dzong, built 470 years ago.

Choening [... Read More]

Contraband furniture seized …

Contraband8jan13The confiscated sofa sets

… not long after transporter managed to hoodwink a customs officer at the checkpoint

Regional Revenue And Customs Office: Lack of space and the evening’s rush hour were what helped a private transporter to swindle a customs inspector, and escape with banned furniture in Phuentsholing on December 5.

But the regional revenue and customs office caught the transporter with the consignment near the main city highway.

Customs joint collector, Pema Wangchen, said they managed to catch the consignment, [... Read More]

Passenger bus catches fire en route

busfire8jan13The fire started from the dashboard (photo courtesy: RSTA)

All on board disembark unharmed Video

Gedu, Chukha: Investigation is underway to find out how a moving passenger bus caught fire on January 6 evening, road safety and transport authority officials in Gedu, Chukha said.

The 22-seater bus was travelling to Phuentsholing from Haa, when its dashboard caught fire around 5:30pm near the Jumja-Tala junction, about 1.5km from Gedu town.  All 19 passengers on board, excluding the driver, were evacuated unhurt and no [... Read More]

Arrested man cleared of suspicion

Sarpang Kidnap: A home ministry official has clarified that the man Sarpang police arrested on January 4, when going after the kidnappers, who abducted an 18-year-old boy in broad daylight at gunpoint from Sarpang town, was not involved in the abduction.

The man, whose hand was injured from gunshots fired by police, was arrested from near the border pillar.  Sarpang residents said the man is believed to be a fisherman.  Home ministry officials said [... Read More]

Lower price, higher pollution

Industries shut down gas-cleaning plants at night to cut down on costs

Pasakha Industrial Estate: A few power intensive industries at the Pasakha industrial estate are turning off their gas cleaning plants (GCP) at night to cut down costs, say officials of the National Environment Commission Secretariat (NECS).

Last November, the secretariat installed special closed circuit TV cameras at undisclosed locations along the southern foothills to monitor pollution levels at the industrial estate.

Secretariat officials are [... Read More]

Secondary trading doubled in 2012

graph5jan13Secondary transaction of shares in the capital market

Stock Market : Stock trading in the secondary market almost doubled in 2012, compared to the previous year, but there are differing views on what contributed to heightened activity.

Secondary trading increased to Nu 219M from Nu 132M in 2011, according to the Royal Securities Exchange Board.  In the past years, the increase in trading was not more than Nu 15M in terms of value.

Some attribute this huge increase to the liquidity crunch, while [... Read More]

Two killed in separate incidents

A 25-year-old woman died on the spot when the Maruti car she was travelling in veered off road above Lamperi in Punakha around 8:15 yesterday morning.

The deceased from Damchu in Chapcha, Chukha was on her way to Dagana with two others who have been referred to Thimphu referral hospital.

Police said the car had fallen 150 meters below the road and said the car must have skidded. It took the police more than an hour to [... Read More]

Tiger spotted at Lampelri park

tiger7jan13Spotted: A video of the Royal Bengal Tiger in Lampelri botanical park, was retrieved recently, almost two years after it was caught on camera Photo courtesy: www.moaf.gov.bt

Camera Trap: The presence of a royal Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris) in Lampelri botanical park was confirmed recently, a couple of years after a cow herder had complained of losing his cattle to the predator.

Royal botanical park officials confirmed its presence, after they found the video that had captured the tiger about two years ago at Thadana in Lampelri, at an altitude of 3,900m.  While there was evidence like pugmarks, scat, hair and [... Read More]

Relatives appeal HC verdict to Supreme Court

On the grounds that there are others, viz., the uncle and Samtse police, equally culpable

Child Trafficking:Last week’s high court verdict, which sentenced a resident of Jyenkana, Haa, to three years for child trafficking, is being questioned by relatives of the defendant, on whether the conviction is really for child trafficking.

Relatives of Gem Tshering, 61, who decided to appeal to the Supreme Court, claimed that it was the girl’s uncle, who brought the child [... Read More]