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K2: Tennis anyone?

25 May, 2009 – Everyone knows who Nadal and Federer are, but only ardent tennis players and lovers in Thimphu know who Jigme Sherab is. The diffident and soft-spoken, National Open winner of 2005 is courteous and obliging.Jigme, 23, who is best known for his serve and forehand on court, has won many matches both in and outside the country. He participated in the 23rdUniversity Games in Ismar, Turkey. He [... Read More]


Editorial: More than a mere pastime

25 May, 2009 – There are several ways to prove that archery is our national sport.
Consider the number of archery ranges that keep popping up everywhere. Actually, any open space more than 100 yards usually serves as a range. Could it be compared to the alleys in India being used to play cricket? Paro dzongkhag, for that matter, has about a 100 ranges, spread all over the valley floor and up in the [... Read More]


Editorial: Reforming BOC

23 May, 2009 – There has been no clearer symbol of the failure of sports in Bhutan than its apex body – the Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC). That the agency has lacked leadership, vision and initiative ever since it began 25 years ago is no secret.The government is equally to blame. It looked the other way. 

Combined it has not only allowed BOC and its federations to attain a dismaying level of mismanagement and [... Read More]


Editorial: Letting the law take its course

22 May, 2009 – The former agriculture minister, Sangay Ngedup, claiming responsibility for granting the Bjemina mines lease during his tenure in government, adds a new dimension to the case between the anti corruption commission and the Singye group.Besides cutting short what might have been a lengthy process of investigations, it is an example that we all could emulate and make part of our value system. We want power, authority and status yet, when [... Read More]


Editorial: What

21 May, 2009 – Not long ago, the basic problem, sports officials claimed, for the poor progress of sports in the country, was the shortage of money. The argument was that, because of lack of funds, they were not in a position to develop the modern infrastructure to give sports the much-required boost.But over the past few years, money has been rolling in, in generous amounts, from various quarters – year after year. (See [... Read More]


Editorial: Counting the cost of conservation

20 May, 2009 – Environmental conservation has always been at the heart of our development philosophy. The recent decision to shelve a development project that would have disturbed the takins only migratory route in the Jigme Dorji national park reflects this mindset.It is one of many examples that demonstrate how serious we are about conserving our rich biodiversity and is the reason why rare and endangered wildlife species from the black-necked crane and white-bellied [... Read More]


Editorial: How to mend the system

19 May, 2009 – The problem with the mining cases – uncovered by audit and the anti corruption commission recently – is that they have the odour of a brazen disregard for law and the government. That is why it is critical that there is a thorough determination of what things went wrong.The government must send a strong message. Not simply to check the abuses from occurring again but – more important – to [... Read More]


K2: New management institute

18 May, 2009 – The institute for management studies (IMS) is the latest entrant in the market to offer training specifically towards human resource development.

So far, the institute has conducted short-term courses on project appraisal, customer care and financial management.
Right now, they are conducting a course on telephone skills.

Located at Olakha, Thimphu, right above the expressway, IMS invites resource persons from India, along with Bhutanese experts. [... Read More]


K2: Go Green This Spring

18 May, 2009 – One moment, it’s out, the next, it’s in. Green, the ubiquitous hue of the ‘90s is back with a bang. It’s bright. It’s buoyant. It’s juicy and tart. It’s a sassy shade whose time has come again.

Spring is synonymous with freshness and new beginnings, with growth and blossoming flowers that inspire designers to break away from winter gray.

Bright greens are returning to the top 10 for spring’09, [... Read More]


K2: Like mother, like daughter A Filmy Family

18 May, 2009 – At 33, actress Dorji Wangmo still comes across as childlike and energetic. Her vivacity and sprightliness are not hard to miss and almost contagious..
The mother of five has won numerous awards and today runs her own company, Dorji Drayang. Rang Gi Sem, the film she wrote, directed and acted in won awards for best story and best lyrics this year. Many [... Read More]