Saturday, November 1st, 2014 - 8:30 AM
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First relocation, then facility

parkingHousing or parking? The two one storied quarters that will be torn down if the parking lot is built

One sticking point, so far, is who is going to pay for the housing of the displaced

Six low-income housing units will have to be demolished when the multi-parking facility project, spanning 1.5 acres adjacent to Zangdopelri building, takes off.

Under the National Housing Development corporation limited (NHDCL), the houses are today occupied by low-income group of civil servants.

Before the commencement of the multi-million project, the tenants will have to be relocated with the thromde’s support, NHDCL’s [... Read More]

The silent crime that cries out …


… and is not even deemed a criminal offense in some countries and quarters

Just as fists are used in physical violence, so is sex in sexual violence, Katherine S Cross said yesterday, busting one of the rape myths that the absence of bodily injuries does not mean a woman was not raped.

An attorney by profession, with over a decade of experience in working with adult and child victims of sexual assaults in the US, Katherine [... Read More]

Home maintenance service launched

At last, an essential facility, manned and run by Bhutanese, will be available to the general public

Soon after its launch, the home maintenance service unit (HMS) received three enquiries yesterday.

An initiative of the National Housing Development corporation limited (NHDCL), the unit also received 10 requests for maintenance services even before the unit’s launch, officer in-charge Tshering Dorji said.  They delivered three.

The HMS unit will kick start its six services – plumbing, electrical, woodwork, painting, flooring [... Read More]

What are our young people up to nowadays?

youthBesides going to school, a lot of youth are also looking for jobs and working

From staying home on the internet to walking door-to-door looking for jobs, or simply hanging out with friends after school, Bhutan’s youth are perhaps one of the most busy generations today.

Brimming with energy, enthusiasm, ambitions and confusions, while they confront the challenges that come along as they transit from a child to an adult, youth in Bhutan make up almost a third of the country’s population today.

According to the national youth policy, 2011, youth are [... Read More]

A priority for both countries

IndianLong Meeting: The empowered joint group discuss JV and IG projects

This reassurance was made at the 11th EJG meeting held yesterday in the capital

The construction of ongoing hydropower projects being built in Bhutan will  be accelerated and 10,000MW of hydropower harnessed by 2020 according to the special secretary of the Indian ministry of external affairs.

“Hydropower projects aren’t a luxury, but necessary for development and economic growth of both Bhutan and India,” said special secretary PS Raghvan, who led the Indian delegation at the 11th empowered [... Read More]

Legal counsel submits grounds of appeal

courtHow it went: After the court hearing, Gyalpoizhing land allotment committee members catch up at the High Court parking lot yesterday.

Lack of criminal intent, or intentions to further personal gains, was one of the grounds on which home minister Minjur Dorji and 13 members of Gyalpoizhing land allotment committee appealed to the High Court yesterday.

Apart from that, presenting the grounds of appeal to the High Court, their legal counsel, Jamyang Sherab Wangdi, also argued the committee was given the authority to allot plots, and followed the plot allotment criteria.

Mongar court’s judgment, which stated there was [... Read More]

Private company’s bid to start ‘copter service’

chopperThere is demand: A chopper delivers pipes in Lunana File photo

Dharma Adventures has applied for an air operator’s certificate from the department of civil aviation

A private tour company has submitted a proposal to the department of civil aviation (DCA) to establish its own helicopter services in the country.

The company, Dharma Adventures, recently applied for an air operator’s certificate (AOC).

The company’s proprietor, Kinley Tshering, who was also involved with Nepalese airline Buddha Air’s seven-month stint operating to Bhutan in 2011, said that the tour company is [... Read More]

In the footsteps of a first-timer

NovinNCGive me a minute: Novin Darlami campaigns on the road

Walking from house to house, or stopping people passing by, and distributing visiting cards after a brief introduction is what Novin Darlami, one of Tsirang’s district’s six NC candidates, does as a campaign strategy.

Visiting every household and greeting them with a ‘namaste’, he tells people to vote for the most capable one, who can address issues concerning people.

“Don’t miss out the common forum so that you at least come to know who’d be the right [... Read More]


A growing gender gap

With the official campaign period for council election started, candidates are out and about, visiting households and greeting everyone they come across.

In some cases, where the candidate is well known, for whatever reasons, they get invited to have a cup of tea.  In others, candidates have to literally ambush passersby, to introduce themselves, and give them a business card with their picture on it.

In Gasa district, the public debate on TV among the nominated candidates [... Read More]