• Nationalisation of mines needs a broader perspective: PM

    With its 15 years mining lease ending on December 31 this year, the trading of Druk Satair Corporation Limited (DSCL) shares in the secondary market was suspended since January this year until further notice. The company also completed buying back 25 percent of the total paid up capital from its shareholders at Nu 80 a share, against the market price of Nu 34, beginning this month.

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Bhutan has most of the global White-bellied Heron population

This finding, conservations say, reemphasizes the need to protect the bird’s habitats in Bhutan

Conservation: Bhutan has the highest population of the White-bellied Heron (ardea insignis) globally according to the recent draft resolution of the second international workshop on White-bellied Heron conservation conducted by the Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN).

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Bongo without a GAO for two years

The gewog also doesn’t have an accountant

LG: For the last two years, Bongo gewog in Chukha has remained without a Gewog Administration Officer (GAO). Despite several attempts to get a replacement, the place is not yet filled.

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IFAD invests in linking farmers to commercial markets

The UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) signed a financial agreement with the government of Bhutan recently that will reduce rural poverty and sustainably increase the incomes of over 28,000 smallholder farming households.

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HM confers red scarf to Dasho Karma Tshiteem

Recognition: The best was saved for the last.

His Majesty The King conferred the coveted bura marp to the chairperson of Royal Civil Service Commission, Dasho Karma Tshiteem yesterday, making him the sole red scarf recipient at the 108th National Day celebrations in Paro yesterday.

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Four master craftsmen awarded Gold

As a Buddhist country, we have many sacred sites in Bhutan, which are part of our valuable cultural heritage, His Majesty The King said yesterday while recognizing the works of the country’s craftsmen during the National Day celebrations in Paro.

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Friends of Bhutan recognized

Harald N Nestroy In recognition of his services to Bhutan, His Majesty The King awarded the Executive Chairman of Pro Bhutan, Germany and Bhutan’s longstanding friend, Harald N Nestroy the National Order of Merit, Gold. Harald Nestroy, 77, is a retired German diplomat, who has been a longstanding friend of …

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50 educators recognized

In recognition of their exemplary service to the nation in the field of education, His Majesty The King awarded 50 educators with the National Order of Merit yesterday.

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Lifetime Service Award to retired civil servants

In recognition of their distinguished and meritorious service to the nation, His Majesty The King awarded the Lifetime Service Award to 45 retired civil servants, who have served in the civil service between 1985 and 2011.

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AMC guard wins tractor

Fifty-four-year old Tshechula knew something good could happen on the National Day yesterday.  Like most Bhutanese, he did believe in dreams and he had dreamt of climbing uphill carrying something.

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Bhutan ranks 132nd on HDI

Ranking: Bhutan’s ranking in human development index is up by four places at 132 out of 187 countries, according to the human development report, 2015, which was released on December 15.

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