• GDP growth drops to 4.6 percent in 2017

    Against a higher projection and the-so-claimed “robust performance”, the country’s economy recorded a growth of 4.63 percent in 2017, a decrease of 3.39 percentage points compared with that of 2016.

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Mangdechu project designed to withstand major quake

Hydropower: Clearing rising apprehensions surrounding the safety of Mangdechu hydropower project (MHP) from earthquakes, the authority claims that the project is safe and will be stable in the event of an earthquake, because of inclusion of earthquake parameters in the structures.

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Local leaders don’t want dungkhag to be relocated

The absence of a bridge over Taklai River is one of the main reasons

Gelephu: Although it’s decided, a majority of local leaders from gewogs in Gelephu dungkhag are not satisfied with the decision to relocate the dungkhag administration to Umling. The fifth dzongkhag tshogdu had decided on the relocation last year.

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Phaling is starved of vegetable

Agriculture: There is an acute shortage of vegetables in Lhuentse.

Sangay Chozom, 54, who runs a shop in Phaling town, Lhuentse, said the situation is very difficult.  Farmers bring vegetables to the market only about twice a week.

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Slow going on Nganglam-Gyalpoizhing highway

A stretch full of rocks is holding up progress from one side

Roads: Although the completion deadline for the Nganglam-Gyalpoizhing highway has been revised to mid-2015, the project officials based in Nganglam said progress on a particular stretch from the Nganglam side has been very slow.

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The helping hands project

A team of surgeons from Australia has carried out reconstructive plastic surgery on a number of patients

Interplast: A 12-year old boy was brought to the hospital recently, after he was hit by a car and dragged for about 10-20m.  The skin on the side of his face and ear had been scraped off, leaving behind a gaping wound.

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Looming deadline leaves plot-owners worried

Plot-owners were given until 2016 to complete any building constructions

Housing: With only a year left before constructions will not be permitted, 21 plot owners in Lhuentse's main town are yet to even start constructing their buildings.

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An action plan for a national and natural resource

An overview of the past, threats, issues and opportunities

Biodiversity: Coinciding with the International Day of Biodiversity, Bhutan launched the revised national biodiversity strategies and action plan (NBSAP) at the National Biodiversity Centre in Serbithang on May 22.

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Panbang – Nganglam highway almost ready

Only eight kilometres of the 55km highway remains to be completed

Road: The Panbang – Nganglam highway is expected to be completed ahead of its second deadline.

A 30km section of the highway originating from Ngamglam dungkhag in Pemagatshel was completed on May 3, while the second 25km section from Panbang dungkhag in Zhemgang is almost completed.

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Govt. promises all pledges will be fulfilled

The government has said it will fulfil all the election pledges during its five-year tenure

Assembly: While the discussion on culture and tradition went smoothly in the National Assembly yesterday, the house switched to a tensed mood as it moved on to the next issue – the government’s election pledges.

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