• Confluence: The muddied Phochhu, after two subsidiary lakes breached on Thursday night, increasing the water volume, meets the Mochhu river at Punakha. (Photo: Tshering Palden)

    Experts to visit Thorthormi today

    The water level flowing out of Thorthormi lake in Lunana was normal as of yesterday night. However, the stability of the moraine walls surrounding the main lake is uncertain.The chief of hydrology and water resources division, Sangay Tenzin said this is because of the two subsidiary lakes that breached on the evening of June 20. There is erosion and an outflow from the subsidiary II lake, which could destablise the moraine dams of the main Thorthomi lake. 

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Full adult literacy by 2020 achievable: MoE

Education: The Ministry of Education (MoE) is readying for the 2020 target of achieving 100 percent adult literacy rate by strengthening the Non-Formal and Continuing Education Division (NFCED) programme.

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Decreasing black-necked cranes concern villagers

oss of wetland to development activities seen as a main cause 

BNC: Declining numbers of Black-necked crane (BNC) arriving in Chumey and Tang in Bumthang, and Menbi and Dungkar in Lhuentse is concerning the communities that are used to seeing the birds in their fields.

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Zhiwa Ling lays off 22 employees

Employees cry foul over the retrenchment process

Hospitality: Overstaffed by about 39 employees, the Zhiwa Ling hotel in Paro last month retrenched 22 employees.

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GoI releases Nu 1.99B

Grant: After waiting for more than a year and having pre-financed the north east-west highway, the government of India yesterday handed over two cheques amounting to Nu 1.99B to the Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC).

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Radhi needs irrigation water to augment rice production

Visit: Even as there is not enough water for irrigation, Radhi saw a good paddy harvest this year. It was only natural therefore that when Prime Minister visited the gewog on Wednesday, people brought up the issue of unreliable irrigation water in the gewog.

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Bhutan Post messenger implicated in Nu 5.106M embezzlement case

ECB receptionist also alleged for aiding and abetting crime

ACC: A messenger of the Bhutan Post was implicated in an embezzlement and fraud case involving Nu 5.10 million (M) by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC). The case was forwarded to the Office of the Attorney General last week.

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