Sunday, April 20th, 2014 - 1:01 PM

10 percent increase in tourist arrivals

The number of dollar-paying visitors though saw but a marginal rise

Tourism: With a total of 116,224 international and regional tourists visiting the country last year, Bhutan saw an increase in arrivals by about 10 percent or 10,810 tourists from the previous year, records show.

Of the total arrivals, 44,267 were international or dollar-paying tourists, 8,531 visited the country under international business, while the remaining 63,426 were regional tourists.

The highest international visitors were from the [... Read More]

First tshogpa of Ura-Dozhi chiwog elected

LGPolling officials count the voter turnout

LG: More than two years after the first local government (LG) elections, Ura Dozhi chiwog yesterday elected Gempo Tshering, 27, as their tshogpa to represent the chiwog.

Gempo Tshering won the election with 49 votes, while his opponent Sherab Zangmo, 29, received 33.  Ura Dozhi has a total of 373 registered voters, but only 21.9 percent of the registered voters cast their votes.  Of the 82 voters, 23 were men and 59 were women.

Ura [... Read More]

Development towards wellbeing

The report submitted to the UN prescribes the way forward to redefining development

GNH: Bhutan has proposed happiness to be adopted as the overarching goal of the post-2015 development agenda, in the New Development Paradigm report it submitted to the United Nations in December last year.

After the high level meeting Bhutan organised in April 2012 in New York, following the UN’s resolution to observe the international happiness day in March 20, the UN had [... Read More]

Think again lest we sink

Power: With the Bhutan Electricity Authority adamant on the revised tariff rates, industrialists are now seeking government intervention to at least reconsider the tariff for the next two tariff cycles, which end on July 2016.

For the first cycle, between July 2013 and July 2014, industries in Pasakha are paying Nu 1.67 per unit and a demand charge of Nu 130 from October 2013.  Demand charge is a charge levied on industries for electricity [... Read More]

Picture story

Guardian of peace: The Passing Out Parade of the 10th batch of De-suups was held at the Lungtenphug ground on Saturday. Chief guest, National Assembly Speaker Jigme Zangpo awarded certificates to the 123 teachers in the 10th batch

The unemployment scenario

The labour minister listed the various plans and programs to address the situation

NC Q-hour: The People’s Democratic Party government will look beyond the country in its effort to fulfill its pledge on full employment in the next five years.

The labour and human resources minister, Ngeema Sangay Tshempo, said they could not create enough jobs locally because of the economic conditions.

He informed the Council last Thursday that the overseas employment program would send 6,000 [... Read More]


For better cabs, cabbies

Information and communications ministry’s recent decision to suspend the issue of taxi licence could not come at a better time.

Drive around any of the main roads of the capital city and every second car passing by on the other lane is a yellow-hooded one.

Thanks to the country’s natural topography that does not favour other kinds of taxis like auto-rickshaws that are found in countries within the region.

Despite that, the capital city roads are for motorists [... Read More]

Sensitising youth on gross national happiness

The weeklong program sought to help young people internalise the concept

GNH centre: A weeklong program, to introduce gross national happiness (GNH) to international participants and local youth, concluded yesterday.

The program, organised by the GNH Centre, sought to provide a deeper level of understanding of the development philosophy and practice, through experience and application in the context of the participants.

GNH Centre executive director, Dr Saamdu Chetri, said that the program was designed to sensitise [... Read More]

Chiphen Rigphel surpasses target

In its 4th year, with a year to go, more teachers and students have been ICT-trained than planned 

Project: The Chiphen Rigphel project has surpassed its initial target of information and communications technology (ICT) development in “skill building,” project officials have confirmed.

The project, which is in its fourth year, has exceeded the target of training 5,000 teachers on integrating ICT into the education system across the country.

A total of 5,204 teachers have been trained [... Read More]

Returning Peling tsho to its past glory

IMG_20140125_130830The drying up Peling Tsho

An initiative to save the lake has begun with assistance from UNDP

Environment: The Peling tsho (lake) in Decheling gewog, Nganglam, was a feared water body.  Its vastness awed those visiting it.  The dark waters scared school children from swimming in it, and some villagers even revered it.

Source of water to more than 500 households downstream, the lake supported livelihoods in six chiwogs.  Locals said it took more than an hour to go round [... Read More]