• PM asks MoE to consider underage admission this time 

    Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering has asked the education ministry to reconsider its decision on revoking the admission of underage children for this academic session. The letter sent through the Cabinet Secretary yesterday has directed the ministry to allow the children to continue their education. Admission of 890 underage pre-primary students in public and private schools were revoked in May.

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Youth exhibit their science projects

The exhibition was made possible through a winter programme designed to provide students with a more wholesome education 

HAIKU: How much a child learns cannot be known unless that knowledge is applied practically.

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Stage set for second thromde election

Candidates and officials urge people to come out and vote

Poll: The candidates of the first phase of the second thromde elections wrapped up their campaigns yesterday although the campaign period officially ends at 8am today.

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Prosecution of former regional director starts

Choyzang Tashi and five people charged on seven accounts

Corruption: The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) yesterday filed a criminal suit against six people, for the offence of forgery, aiding and abetting, reporting of false information and offence relating to witnesses, at the Phuentsholing dungkhag court.

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Thimphu Court to have specialized benches

Of the 18,720 cases registered for adjudication last year, 18,523 cases decided Judiciary: In a move to reform the judicial service delivery, Thimphu District courts will have specialized benches designated based on the nature of cases, sometime this year.

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Cabinet approves social media policy

The policy will encourage government agencies to garner public feedback in the design and implementation of public policy

Media: In what will open up access to Facebook, Twitter, and WeChat, among others, during office hours, the Cabinet has approved the social media policy.

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57 taxi drivers miss deadline to avail permit

They accuse RSTA for the delaying the issuance

Transport: Despite extending the deadline thrice, about 57 taxi drivers have not registered with the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) to avail the taxi-operating permit.  Without the permit they will not be allowed to operate their taxis.

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People find BNCA strategies confounding and unfair

Tobacco: If one must see how Bhutan Narcotics Control Agency’s (BNCA) random inspection is scaring the soul out of smokers, the best place to go is where automobile workshops are at Olakha, Thimphu. Smokers scan around to make sure there are inspectors lurking about and dash out swiftly for a quick drag.

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Kushuthara’s lead Cooper shoots new film in Bhutan

Film: Emrhys Cooper, the lead actor of Karma Deki’s massively successful film Kushuthara – Pattern of Love, is producing and starring in The Temple, the first foreign supernatural horror film to be shot in Bhutan. Scott Spiegel of Evil Dead and Hostel is directing the USD 700,000, The Temple.

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Gelephu voters want security

Thromde: The poll day for the thrompon election is three days away, but voters in Gelephu thromde are not sure if they have the right thrompon candidates. There are three candidates, but people say they didn’t get enough time to study their candidates.

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