• No transfer, no salary

    To ensure that transferred health professionals leave to their new workplace, the health ministry’s human resource committee had written to the medical superintendent of JDWNRH and the dzongkhags to stop payment of salary to health personnel who are not relieved with immediate effect. The April 11 letter stated that as mandated by section 14.7.5 of the Bhutan Civil Service Rules 2018, civil servants who are transferred should be relieved within 30 days from the date issue of the transfer order. Health professionals are civil servants.

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Teachers continue to leave in droves

About three percent of the total teachers in government schools left their profession last year 

Attrition: At least 19 teachers have left the teaching profession every month in the last five years.

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Bhutanese student bestowed with two prestigious awards

Mikyo Dorjee is the only student to have been bestowed with two awards in a year in history of the school

Recognition: A tenth grade student of St. Jospeh’s School, North Point in Darjeeling is the first Bhutanese to win the coveted Depelchin gold medal and the rare White Coat.

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Bear maul victim recovered

The incident occurred on October 14 at Khebisa gewog in Dagana

Update: A 27-year-old farmer from Kekena, Khebisa gewog in Dagana who was mauled by a bear on October 14 is now in a stable condition.

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HM visits villages in Chhukha

Royal Tour: His Majesty The King met with the people of Lobneykha (Chapcha), Darla, Meritsemo and Bongo during His Majesty’s Royal Tour to villages in Chhukha dzongkhag.

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Smearing tsuney (lime) and spitting doma to be penalized

Inspectors will soon roam the streets of Thimphu looking for violators 

Thromde: Chewing doma will soon be an expensive habit! This is not because the cost of doma is shooting, but those chewers smearing lime on poles or spitting the juice in open public space will be penalized.

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Four children injured in Jaigaon house fire

They were all locked inside the house on fire

Mishap: Three girls and a boy, all four-year old, were referred to Thimphu hospital after they suffered more than 40 to 50 percent burns on their bodies in a fire accident at the Chinese Lane, on Jaigaon’s side.

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G2C contact centre being piloted

The centre can be reached toll free at 8888 for any information related to the G2C services 

ICT: As part of an effort to increase public accessibility to G2C (government to citizen) services especially for rural communities, the G2C office will establish a hot line or contact centre by next month.

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Fire burns four children

Breaking News: Four children aged 5-7 years of two families are hospitalized for severe burns they suffered from a fire that broke out at the Chinese line in Phuentsholing town at 9 am today.

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