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New lifeline for the West

Besides cutting short the distance, the road is expected to boost economic opportunities  DANTAK: Work to construct an alternate strategic route across Wangchu connecting the Haa-Chuzom highway to Thimphu-Phuentsholing highway at Damchu began on July 25.

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Massive treatment plant to keep up with growth

The one at Babesa cannot handle the growing waste  in Thimphu

Sewage: Should everything go well, residents of Babesa and Olakha might soon be able to enjoy fresh air without ranting about the stink from the sewerage tank they have been living with to date.

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Revising the tsamdro rule

Consultation on the draft tsamdro lease guidelines underway  across the country 

Rule: Tsamdro (pastureland) reverted to government reserve forests (GRF) as per the land act 2007, could still be used as tsamdro by individuals and communities engaged in livestock rearing across the country, the draft tsamdro lease and management plan guideline states.

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Windstorm damages maize in Tsirang

Storm: A powerful windstorm hit Tsirang on Saturday. Almost 80 percent of maize field in the dzongkhag has been destroyed. Farmers are now worried about the maize seed for next year.

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Bhutanese speakers for Mountain Echoes 2015

HMHer Majesty The Royal Queen Mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck is the author of Treasures of the Thunder Dragon: A Portrait of Bhutan and Of Rainbows and Clouds: The Life of Yab Ugyen Dorji as told to his Daughter.

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People of Wangchang and Hoongrel reject Parliament’s decision

LG: Following an instruction from the Speaker, deputy speaker Chhimi Dorji yesterday led a team of officials from the Works and Human Settlement Ministry (MoWHS), the Election Commission and Lamgong-Wangchang MP Khandu Wangchuk to Wangchang and Hoongrel gewogs of Paro to study the thromde boundary issue.

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For uniform application of laws

The Supreme Court has issued several orders to ensure justice is delivered 

Judiciary: Any aggrieved party, who is dissatisfied with the lower court’s verdict and had not been able to submit additional evidences during the court proceedings, can now submit new evidences and charges  to the first appeal court to conduct the de-novo trial (anew).

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How constituencies were named

Thromde: Gasa dzongkhag thromde’s Drey Chamsa constituency has no registered voters. This is not because the name of the constituency means “a place where ghost loiters.”

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Cabbies and dealer split the difference

All e-taxis can charge their cars for free at the dealer’s showroom until the five quick chargers are installed

E-Taxi: An agreement has been reached to settle months of disagreement between e-taxi drivers and the dealer of electric vehicle, Thunder Motors.

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