• PM asks MoE to consider underage admission this time 

    Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering has asked the education ministry to reconsider its decision on revoking the admission of underage children for this academic session. The letter sent through the Cabinet Secretary yesterday has directed the ministry to allow the children to continue their education. Admission of 890 underage pre-primary students in public and private schools were revoked in May.

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Serkyem Garden inaugurated

President of Youth Development Fund (YDF), Gyalyum Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuck and Vice President HRH Ashi Chimi Yangzom Wangchuck graced the inaugural ceremony of YDF's Serkyem Garden at the Nazhoen Pelri Youth Development centre, Thimphu on December 22.

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What ails the citrus crop?

A host of problems say experts, which can only be addressed through better management 

Agriculture: Citrus production has slumped across the nation, confusing and frustrating growers, agriculture officials say.

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No zebra crossings to cross

Lack of zebra crossings at certain areas may call for a need to revisit the plan

Traffic: A cooperate employee, Tenzin Wangchuk, is stuck at the Chubachu roundabout. There is no zebra crossing to get to the other side of the road for him to walk towards Bhutan Telecom.

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Thimphu will not get snow for sometime

Weather: If you are feeling unusually colder these days it’s because the temperature across the country has gone slightly below normal due to the westerly cold dry air blowing over the last few weeks.

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Guides against tariff liberalization

But welcome changes in standardization, daily allowance and training opportunities 

Tourism: A majority of about 100 guides who attended a discussion on issues and challenges in the guiding profession yesterday wanted the current system including the tariff to remain the same.

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Land lease for cowshed may be allowed with tsamdro

But local leaders still request for the exiting land to be leased 

Land: Although the construction of cowsheds on government land is considered illegal as per the Land Act, villagers could lease land for cowshed along with tsamdro (grazing land) leasing.

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