• PM asks MoE to consider underage admission this time 

    Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering has asked the education ministry to reconsider its decision on revoking the admission of underage children for this academic session. The letter sent through the Cabinet Secretary yesterday has directed the ministry to allow the children to continue their education. Admission of 890 underage pre-primary students in public and private schools were revoked in May.

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Nganglam can’t depend on orange anymore

Agriculture: In what could be a case of counting chickens before the eggs hatch, gewog officials in Nganglam are worried if they would meet even half the target of the annual performance agreement (APA) they signed in orange production.

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Ambiguity in Tobacco Control Act?

13 people penalised in four hours

BNCA: The surprise inspection the Bhutan Narcotics Control Agency (BNCA) conducts is exposing not only violators of the Tobacco Control Act, but also loopholes in the Act.

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PHPA funded farm road connects remote Jala village

Connectivity: For villagers of Jala in Wangdue, the Punatsangchu Hydropower Projects has come as a blessing.

At the inauguration of the 11-km farm road from Richukha to Jala yesterday, villagers said they no longer have to walk four hours up hill to reach the village and two and half hours down to reach the nearest road point.

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Assam strikes

The Royal Bhutan Police has announced that there will be strikes in Chirang and Kokrajhar districts, Assam today for 12 hours. The strike is called by AKRSU (Rajbhonshi). On December 16, ABSU has called a strike for 24 hours.

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Sex tourism, an emerging vulnerablity

Although no figures are available, the trend is reported to be rampant in the industry

Report: Bhutan is slowly emerging as a destination for sex with tourists from the West and the sub-continent looking for young girls and boys in Bhutan.

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Corruption prosecution rate impressive

But if ACC’s backlog cases were cleared, the OAG would be unable to effectively prosecute all  ACC: The Transparency International (TI) a civil society that monitors and publicizes corporate and political corruption in international development has commended Bhutan for its high rate of 92 percent in prosecution of corruption cases.

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