Monday , January 23 2017

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Decongesting the capital


Efficient and reliable public transport is the only long-term solution

Traffic: About 758 vehicles hit the roads every month last year taking the total number of vehicles in the country to 83,538 as of November.

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Making Dzongkha a main subject again

Education: Dzongkha could become one of the main subjects should the upcoming national education conference endorse it as recommended by Dzongkha teachers during the national curriculum review.

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Thromde to fix city’s potholes


But it will first focus on repairing water leakages that cause potholes Road: Driving along the roads in Thimphu city could be compared to riding a roller coaster. All drivers manoeuvre to save themselves and their cars from falling victim to the many potholes that pockmark the city’s roads.

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Pasakha road irks drivers, residents

Road: The half a kilometre road between Baunijhora and Bhalujhora towards Pasakha has become a menace to travellers and residents of the area. The road usually muddy in the summer becomes a source of dust in the winter.

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Children’s winter parliament session concludes


One of this session’s resolutions is a recommendation to increase the daily subsistence allowance for students participating in activities organised by the government and private agencies

Youth: The second and winter session of the Children’s Parliament, which concluded yesterday passed a 17-point resolution.

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My Country, My Town

My Country, My Town