Monday , February 8 2016
  • 27,000 acres under paddy cultivation by 2032

    Ambitious irrigation master plan promises huge returns

    Irrigation: Bhutan could bring under cultivation 27,000 acres of paddy fields and increase the paddy sufficiency rate to 75 percent in 2032 from 51 percent today.

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Latest News

People find BNCA strategies confounding and unfair


Tobacco: If one must see how Bhutan Narcotics Control Agency’s (BNCA) random inspection is scaring the soul out of smokers, the best place to go is where automobile workshops are at Olakha, Thimphu. Smokers scan around to make sure there are inspectors lurking about and dash out swiftly for a quick drag.

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Kushuthara’s lead Cooper shoots new film in Bhutan


Film: Emrhys Cooper, the lead actor of Karma Deki’s massively successful film Kushuthara – Pattern of Love, is producing and starring in The Temple, the first foreign supernatural horror film to be shot in Bhutan. Scott Spiegel of Evil Dead and Hostel is directing the USD 700,000, The Temple.

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Gelephu voters want security

Thromde: The poll day for the thrompon election is three days away, but voters in Gelephu thromde are not sure if they have the right thrompon candidates. There are three candidates, but people say they didn’t get enough time to study their candidates.

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Internet, fixed line phone services improve in Bumthang

… following the installation of optical fibre infrastructure provided by JICA

ICT: Internet and voice services in Jalikhar, Bumthang have improved significantly after the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) introduced fibre technology (FTTX) in October last year.

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Bhutan-Japan friendship offer launched


Japanese tourists are entitled huge discounts in June, July and August 

Tourism: Japanese tourists visiting Bhutan will not have to pay the mandatory minimum daily package rate of USD 200 per person. They will only pay the daily royalty of USD 65 per person per night.

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Reducing alcohol import will require curbing local demand

Policy: Bhutan’s most successful failure to date has been in trying to address the issue of excessive consumption of alcohol. Various measures have already been tried, not counting the National Policy and Strategic Framework To Reduce Harmful Use of Alcohol (2015-2020) that the cabinet endorsed recently.

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Policy drafted to strengthen RNR marketing

Agriculture: The uncontrolled ever-escalating price of vegetables that is determined by a handful of suppliers could come to an end if the Renewable Natural Resources (RNR) marketing policy comes through.

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Lone thrompon candidate attends public debate


…where the public didn’t have opportunity to test their candidate

Debate: Thimphu thrompon candidate Kinlay Dorjee believes that he deserves a second term in office that would allow him to complete the works that the thromde has started under his leadership.

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My Country, My Town

  • Role change: This defunct outdoor tap now serves as the next best thing: a soap-dish hanger. Photo by Tulsi Subba, Dagana
  • Toilet humour: A left-handed compliment is a welcome change from the usual gender discrimination. Photo by Sonam Tobgay
  • Role change: This defunct outdoor tap now serves as the next best thing: a soap-dish hanger. Photo by Tulsi Subba, Dagana
  • Passengers, please note: Please take your legs off before sliding into this front seat. Photo by Tashi Namgay
  • Down but not out: The lock on the door reveals that half a house is better than none. Photo by Jimba Dorji
  • A once-upon-a-time scooter: Two-wheeler that has been stripped of virtually all but its two wheels. Photo by Bidur Rai
  • Clocktower sans clock: You know what they say about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. Photo by Ezoo Kee
  • In lieu of a hard hat: A TV in need of protection from falling debris at a construction site. Photo by Kumar Rai, Pasakha