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Man accused of taking hotelier and taxi driver for a ride

The former he owes a fat hotel bill and the latter, a long distance fare 

Crime: Gelephu police detained a 32-year-old man on Tuesday, following complaints from a hotelier and a taxi driver that he not paid for services they have rendered to him.

The hotelier in Gelephu town alleged that the man occupied a room for 43 days with all meals credited to the room.  The man owed the hotelier Nu 65,000.  The man [... Read More]


Rainbow realm

If colour is the face of beauty, nobody can beat us, as we are poised to become more colourful.

Left to the creation of nature, Bhutan is much appreciated by the world, because it displays the pristine colours of nature that are intricately woven into our clothes, and embedded into our collective consciousness.

But we are taking a step beyond the bequest of nature.  Our buildings have to be painted only in four colours, dustbins are bound [... Read More]

EEG smartphone app to diagnose seizure disorder

Its use will be part of a research on the prevalence of epilepsy or seizure disorder

Epilepsy: Starting next week, health officials at the Thimphu referral hospital will start using a smartphone device to conduct electroencephalography (EEG) as part of a research on prevalence of epilepsy or seizure disorder.

Electroencephalography is a recording of electrical activity along the scalp, and doctors will use it with help from an expert, who is flying in from the [... Read More]

The woman choeshum-maker

how-Rinchen-and-his-wife-Kinzang-working-togetherWorking together: Rinchen Dorji lends a hand to his wife Kinzang Lhamo

Kinzang Lhamo of Trailling, Mongar may well be the first to break this gender barrier

Profile: It is early morning on Tuesday, and the summer rain is relentless.  At the automobile workshop in Trailling, Mongar, a couple is busy doing carpentry work.

Rinchen Dorji, 44, and his wife Kinzang Lhamo, 40, are fixing a choeshum (altar).  That’s how they make their living.

In many parts of the country, men make choeshums.  Women don’t do carpentry work.  [... Read More]

Relocation delay worries Duksum residents

IMG_20140720_154428Missing out: Constructions suspended and waiting to be relocated

With a hydroelectric project in the offing, town dwellers are concerned they may miss out

Khitshang:  Like a station awaiting a train delayed by hours, Duksum town has been in a slumber as long as its residents can remember.

The little town at the confluence of the Kholongchu and Drangmechu, Duksum  is slowly waking from its sleep.  The 600MW hydroelectric project is waking up its residents.  They finally smell the prospects of business in the [... Read More]

Private sector squeals

The proposed power tariff hike will hurt both the little man and the big industrialist

Electricity: Low-income group will feel the real impact of the electricity tariff revision, as businesses pass the additional cost from electricity to its consumers.

For instance, the automobile workshops, sawmills and restaurants would pass the cost to its customers by increasing the prices of goods and services, in turn affecting the common people, who live on their salaries.

This was what [... Read More]

Sales tax on utility vehicles revised

As per the finance minister, this is being done to ensure no misuse of the facility 

Finance: To ensure the utility vehicle scheme offered to farmers does not get misused, the sales tax for these vehicles was revised, finance minster Namgay Dorji said.

The finance minister’s explanation comes following confusion among parliament members, who are getting calls from their constituencies on the applicability of the revised sales tax for utility vehicles.

On July 16, the finance [... Read More]

Agreement on transport and transit facilitation on the cards

SAARC: A regional agreement on transport and transit facilitation among the SAARC member countries will be one of the major aspects that will feature for adoption by the SAFTA ministerial council (SMC).

This will transpire if the recommendations presented by the SAARC chamber of commerce and industry (SCCI) is considered by the ninth South Asia free trade area (SAFTA) committee of experts meeting that started yesterday in the capital.

The SCCI secretary general, Mahummad Iqbal [... Read More]

Picture story

Her Royal Highness princess Sonam Dechan Wangchuck was conferred an honorary membership to the Thai bar association in Bangkok on July 22. HRH Princess Sonam Dechan Wangchuck is on a five-day official visit to Bangkok on the invitation of the president of the Supreme Court of Thailand.



Power-pinched pockets

A part from the “happy country” tag, Bhutan is also known, enviously, as the country with the cheapest electricity rates.  Compared with the region, electricity is dirt-cheap in the country, but it is not going to be so, any longer.

With the latest revision, electricity, some have realised, is becoming expensive.  And this applies to home users, besides the industrialists, who are already complaining of the new rates.

The rate per unit charged to domestic consumers is [... Read More]

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