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PDP celebrates Druk Thuksey Award

As political parties pick up the post-registration pace with selection of candidates, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members got together on Saturday, coinciding with the Chunipai Losar, for a festive lunch.

The lunch was hosted by Tshering Tobgay, the Opposition Leader and President of the PDP, to celebrate the Druk Thuksey award that the party received as an institution on National Day from His Majesty the King.

“The award was a clear indication of the importance His Majesty attaches to the success of democracy, and the pivotal role that the parties must shoulder to realize this noble aspiration,” said Yogesh Tamang, the Secretary General of the PDP.

“The get-together is not about basking in the glory of the Druk Thuksey but more pertinently, about the onus of responsibility that the party must live up to in realizing the vision and dreams of His Majesty the King for the nation,” said Tshering Tobgay.

“The party humbly acknowledges the complete and unstinted support of His Majesty to democracy and expresses its deepest appreciation and gratitude for being among those honored with the award.”

The highlight of the gathering was the release of “Jigme Khesar Gyelo!” a song composed by the PDP in tribute to His Majesty the King, and performed by local singing sensation Ugyen Panday.

During the lunch, party members reflected on the past and informally discussed the future; the tasks and challenges ahead and how the party will tackle them in the spirit of true integrity, and in the best interest of the nation.

On the upcoming elections and the new parties in play, one member said, “it is in the essence of democracy to have as many parties as possible and we view this as a positive development. As for us, we are confident that this time around, the people will be more conscious about the value of their votes and do so according to what they have seen and experienced. That should speak for itself.”

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  1. Congratulation PDP. Hope for the best for doing best of all. Good luck ahead.

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