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Plan stillborn for lack of budget

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IMG_0361Just another area: The place is a children’s park only on paper

Children’s Park In the absence of a budget, the land identified for the children’s park in the heart of Chamkhar town has remained idle and no plan has been drafted for it’s development.

Bumthang dzongrab Sonam Tshering said the dzongkhag couldn’t go ahead with the park, because no separate budget was allocated.  He said, the dzongkhag would put up the budget in the next plan for land development.

The area, which is about 400 square feet, is fenced but has no facilities for the children.

Initially, there was a plan to have a prayer wheel in the centre of the park, along with other facilities.

Town representative Karma Legden said there was neither budget from the dzongkhag, nor were any sponsors willing to support the park’s development.  An official from the dzongkhag municipal office said there was even a plan to plant grass in the area.

With the fenced area idle, the town’s children are seen playing in the nearby taxi parking and along the roads.  But this has worried parents, because the area has no parking facilities.

A parent, who runs a shop in the town, said it is important to have such facilities, because many children use roads for their entertainment. “There’s a high chance of accidents occurring, with both children and vehicles moving around in the same area,” she said.

By Tashi Tenzin

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