Monday, July 6th, 2015 - 9:38 PM
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Police officer suspended for alleged rape

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Police have launched a high level inquiry against one of their officers in Gelephu, who is alleged to have raped his 16-year old housemaid.

The police officer, a major by rank, was suspended last week and an inquiry team led by the deputy chief of police (administration) is in Gelephu to investigate the case. The officer has not been detained.

The police officer’s wife brought the maid to a RENEW volunteer in Gelephu, who is also the coordinator, on January 23 alleging her husband raped the maid in December last year.

The RENEW volunteer reported the matter to police and took the victim to hospital.

A clinical officer at the Gelephu referral hospital, who observed the minor, said although there were signs of forced penetration, the hospital was not in a position to conclude who the perpetrator was as a month had passed since the incident occurred. Hospital staff also ruled out pregnancy, as the maid had her last mensuration at the end of December last year.

The victim told hospital staff and the RENEW volunteer that the officer raped her on December 24 and 25 last year.

The maid was brought to work for the officer and his wife from a remote village in Zhemgang two weeks prior to the incident.

Police chief brigadier Kipchu Namgyel said if the investigation proves the officer guilty, police will handover the officer to the local police station and due process of law would be followed.

“No one is above law,” he said. “But as a uniformed person, it is the procedure to conduct the investigation.”

“If police is serious about their investigation, they should detain the officer and conduct a thorough investigation,” a Gelephu resident said. “If it was any other person they would be detained soon after the complaint is lodged.”

It has been learnt that the officer is asking the investigation team to prove the allegation technically and that the officer’s wife has changed her statement to say that the allegation is fictitious.

RENEW has taken the minor to Thimphu for counseling and support.

By Tashi Dema, Gelephu

10 Comments to “Police officer suspended for alleged rape”
  1. uden | February 6th, 2013 at 11:54:13

    if the RAPIST( major) had found small cars just not parked in the proper place, there must not have been a room for request…..despite asking for some help, he must have said that the rules must be followed and made to do so…….but the rules may not necessarily apply for PRADOS, MARCEDES, and LANDCRUISERS………i really be contended with the Bhutanese laws if he is freed and given the next chance…..if he is given that chance, tell me if he has not done such mistakes again. surely…..he will repeat it…………what had to be passed must be passed, theres no room for simplicity and mercy feeling here………..thank u drukpa man….u have name it……it must be his name throughout…..CHEERS

  2. drukpaman | February 6th, 2013 at 01:10:43

    ‘WE PROTECT THE COMMUNITY’ is the words of our RBP. but seeing such news its disheartening public. i always trusted our police chief and i am sure that he will take necessary actions. if our police men is doing such things who is going to take care of the law…….
    its so sad…i think the major(or the rapist) should be punished like any thing.
    we are losing trust on our royal police.


  3. feedbacks | February 5th, 2013 at 10:30:20

    As i went through the paper, it is crystal clear that the culprit has committed the crime, there is no reason/s why the police should delay the action.infact the action should be taken immidetaly. If they delay this case and take out some reason/s to protect the culprit, we are given wrong information by saying “law is same for al.” In other round we are informed that there is some above “LAW.”

    The matters should be taken seriously.

  4. target | February 4th, 2013 at 23:14:02

    we should know that ” laws in the society is like a spider web, weaker one gets caught up and stronger one destroy it”. Same like this, things are happening in Bhutan, which we called GNH and religious country.
    so Bhutanese especially judges and lawyers should be well set in the laws and pass the judgement according to weight age of crime. not simple people put into bar and well known people are left free.
    now a day, people are alert about the laws and people are indeed good observers, media are there to dig and publicize it.
    And media people are doing great job, so thanks and keeping hunting for truth. Please apply Code of Humerabi law here, Truth of the truth and eye for an eye. Let this poor girl just Justice.

  5. selkuen | February 4th, 2013 at 20:42:55

    Why is the officer still loitering freely???? The child has given her statement that the officer raped her. So what more evidence is needed to prove the man guilty? Hats off to rules framed in Bhutan, ha ha……..BIG QUESTION MARK?????? Still…..the girl is a minor and considered innocent in every respect. For instance, my brother who was less educated and perhaps unaware of the rule that keeping sexual relationship with girl under 18 is considered rape was arrested before 24 hours after the acts(Rule define lo). Girl was running 16 and both accepted to get married but law didn’t allow them saying the statement of the minor is not considered and instead sent him behind the bar for 5 years. The local police officer incharge made my brother to sleep with the hand cuffed and talked to me so harshly as if my brother has murdered some one. I am a civil servant and i know rules to some extent if not all and I am not against the law but I cant resist when such differentiation/biase/partiality are made. My brother is a farmer and he is a police officer. They are what they are BUT before that THEY ARE THE CITIZEN of this country and evey body should be treated same. Put the officer behind the bar since he is alleged for raping the girl since the gals gave her statement. After this, the law will decide his case whether he is innocent or guilty. “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”

  6. young_guard | February 4th, 2013 at 17:55:18

    why haven’t the Gelephu police detained the officer yet? Is he above the law then.
    I think police should do what they could have done to other people.

  7. ata | February 4th, 2013 at 17:48:46


    In a French Laws, it can be altered on the whims of the lawyers and it is fancy that there existed a special treatment for the same laws in Bhutan. The officer once being complaint needed to be taken the suit. If it is just others, there are no compromise and taken for charges.

    Now the Drangpons in Bhutan complicate the situation by manipulating if the officer is of their kin, mates and relatives. They are in the state of creating complex legal terms which is difficult to be comprehended by media, readers and audiences.

    Does the French equates the Bhutanese laws as the legal proceedings are are going to be in a complicated dzongkhag terms.

  8. eagle_eye | February 4th, 2013 at 16:55:55

    I think Law enforcers may not take this step and in fact we should study the case thoroughly before we really go in public and what i have heard from the sources states that his wife lodged the complaint in fictitious and she withdrew from the case and it seems that she has lodged the complaint in a anger state, may be they must be having bad terms in their relation(Police Officer and his wife). So investigation team should seriously interrogate the girl and his wife and then punish the culprit as per the law if proven.

  9. logical | February 4th, 2013 at 16:08:23

    Let us not have a family broken and a virgin traumatized! The threats of punishment to result are a problem than solution addressing the problem.

    Let the maid testify freely without having to face intimidation and let her be compensated and sent home with honour if the case be true rather than humiliated after testifying truthfully. Making every person responsible for his/her acts is better than showing greatness of the law in its ability to shatter lives! Only let such unrestrained behaviour cease from every responsible members of the Bhutanese society, especially from persons of the Law enforcement agencies for good of themselves and the society they serve professing to protect.

  10. Mr. Loyal | February 4th, 2013 at 15:02:58

    Same on that particular personnel (Major the culprit). The culprit has not been detained. Why? Once suspected for a crime, he/she should be detained. Or for officers is there other set of rule?
    It is said that the officer is asking the investigating team to prove his guiltiness technically. If it is for a short span of time,it can be. But rape was a long time back. If pregnant,it would be different case. No no he should be punish as per the law of the country.
    The officer’s wife has changed her statement to say that the allegation is fictitious. This is so because she is worried about what would be next for her husband, to family, relatives and fans. She is trying to coverup the act of her husband. Why did she take the maid to RENEW? The answer is open and anybody can read.
    Countrymen let’s wait and watch the result.

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