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Poor attendance at Talo, Guma common forums

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PunacommonforumExchanging notes: Namgay Dorji (left) and Rinzin Dorji

While one candidate feels he’s come of age, the other talks about issues important to him

Speaking to more than 80 voters gathered at the Talo gewog centre in Punakha yesterday, National Council candidate from Talo Namgay Dorji, 31, said he was now a big boy.

At the common forum, Namgay Dorji said he did not regret losing the council election of 2008. He had lost to council chairman Namgye Penjor.

“I was young and immature then,” he said. “Today, however, I’m no longer the man I was five years ago and I’m confident to be able to shoulder the responsibility this job entails.”

If elected this time, Namgay Dorji said he would ensure that all unattended plan activities were implemented.

Since National Council members did not have the authority to build bridges and clear roads for the people, he said, they could at least push and expedite development actives.

All that was required, apart from experience and wisdom, he said, a candidate ought to have clean, conscious and good motivation to serve people.

“I won’t say you should vote for me, but a person coming from the same locality can understand your problems better,” he said at the end of his 25-minute speech. He added that since he came from a rural background, he was more aware of the rural people’s problems.

His opponent, Rinzin Dorji, 49, from Toewang gewog promised to draw up clear and transparent laws for the people, which he ensured he would do through thorough review process.

“A good legislator is a crucial tool for the success of democratic principles,” he said.

On the country’s security, Rinzin Dorji said he would ensure the promotion and preservation of culture and tradition, which he would do by further encouraging the use of national language and the national dress.

“I don’t mean we should not give importance to other dialects but Dzongkha is our national language that represents our identity,” he said.

At the common forum held at Logodama under Guma gewog that same day, only 20 voters showed up to hear them out.

There are 278 eligible voters under Guma gewog, while Talo has more than 1,000 voters.

The common forum for more than 16,000 eligible voters in the dzongkhag will end on April 19.

By Tenzin Namgyel, Punakha

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  1. CivilSer | April 11th, 2013 at 18:49:32

    Namgay i know u from the school days and i m confident dat u can shoulder the responsiblities and also u can understand people.

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