Sunday, July 5th, 2015 - 6:11 AM
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Power restored for the time being

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powerRepresentatives of the four parties watch postal ballots being packed at the election office in Bumthang. Packing started only yesterday afternoon because the returning officers took time to download, print and verify application forms that voters sent after power cuts

With a feeder line connected from Ngadala on May 7 and the mini hydel in Chumey restored on May 8 power supply in the central district of Bumthang has stabilized to an extent.

But it went off again in the afternoon of May 8 because of a problem with a wire in Kikila and loose jumpering, Bhutan Power Corporation officials explained. Ten technical staff and two officials went to site and restored power by 9:30pm.

Bhutan Power Corporation officials said the power cuts in the past week was because of a problem with the insulators in Taktse, Trongsa. This affected Bumthang valley because it shares the same power feeder line.

The BPC manager in Bumthang, Gyeltshen, said sometimes it is difficult to find out where the problem has occurred. “Sometimes it is also because people fell trees and the feeder lines are cut,” he said. “We can never find out who were responsible.”

Gyeltshen said they’re trying to have a separate feeder line as a solution.

Last year, Bumthang was using the Ngadala feeder line until it collapsed because of ice in December 2012. Since then, Bumthang’s feeder line was connected to Taktse’s line.

The BPC manager in Trongsa, Sherab Gyamtsho, said there is only one switch for Bumthang and Taktse. “We can’t locate the fault immediately, we’ve to check each and every tower,” he said. “Some children had also thrown stones on the poles which resulted in a problem with the insulators.”

Sherab Gyamtsho said the insulators are in long span, which they check section-wise and test. “The insulator value is good when it is sunny and it is low when it rains, so we cannot come to any conclusion,” he said. “When we attempt to charge it, the power goes off.”

BPC staffs are physically checking each and every pole, to restore the Taktse feeder line. Sherab Gyamtsho said the Taktse feeder line was cut in March when people felled trees between Taktse and Langthel.

By Sonam Choden


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