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Presenting the party presidents

It would be no exaggeration to say that last evening almost every TV set in the country was tuned to watch the live debate amongst the presidents of the four political parties, and the question and answer session that followed.

There was a palpable sense of excitement among the electorate on how the presidents would fare, being pitched against one another in an open debate for everyone to see. And, since it was the leader of parties contesting to form the next government, expectations were high.

But for most viewers, the debate did not quite live up to what they had expected.  Perhaps viewers were expecting something more solid, fiery, passionate.

Yet, if the results of the council elections are anything to go by, the live TV debates do make an impression on the electorate, particularly those not quite decided on who to cast their ballot for, or why they should go out and vote.

There also appeared to be a mix up on what the presidents were supposed to say in the opening statements, which was highlighted by the president of the PDP.

While the first two speakers, the women presidents of the Druk Chirwang tshogpa and Druk Nyamrup tshogpa, took time to let the audience know who they are, what they have done and why they joined politics, the DPT president went straight on to say what they would do if elected to power for the next five years.

One aspect that seemed to dominate the debate was the back and forth between the PDP and DPT presidents that, for some viewers, almost felt like it was a national assembly session between the ruling government and the opposition.

This hangover is understandable, considering the role the two presidents had to play for the past five years in the new bicameral parliament that only recently completed its term.

But the DPT president also did get cornered, not only in terms of the questions that were asked on the past five years, but also in the way the other presidents presented themselves and made remarks. At one point of time it did look like things were heating up.

This is perhaps an obvious development that will become routine for whichever party that comes to power, and which was absent in the first 2008 elections.

Most viewers probably enjoyed the BBS question and answer session more than the debate, where people from the audience, quite a number of them party members, raised questions, mainly at the DPT, on being able to reduce poverty, poor condition of farm roads and the allegations in the media about corruption.  In this session too, it felt like the National Assembly.

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  1. That’s the good steps for the measuring the capability of our leaders,but does this activity assessable to all the citizen that are expected to vote those leaders?
    I better suggest parties to organize such programs in every part of country.

  2. I really appreciated the ex lyonchen JYT’s presentation as well the questions he asked and the responses he gave to the questions. Similarly, the ex OL TT also performed well but he could have done much better if he could overcome his emotion a little bit ( a quality necessary for a leader ).His reaction today made me afraid how he can cope with criticism if he becomes PM. Lily Wangchuk is not bad but Dorji Choden is doubtful to be capable PM. I hope we can make a better judgement after next debate.

  3. The Party Presidents’ forum yesterday was indeed an important one for us Bhutanese … ONE – out of.the four of them would be ‘Prime Minister’ within a few months and therefore I personally do hope that every person voting would look broadly and choose the right party candidate who would not only run the governent in proper manner but also with improvements, would also be able to interact one to one with International agencies.. And I can think of only one person capable other than the outing Prime Minister is the OL….. This is an ABSOLUTE Unbiased view….

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