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Preventing mistakes, minimising risks

Charter and ethics code launched for internal auditors

Audit: The new charter and code of ethics, for internal auditors, launched yesterday, is expected to revamp internal auditors’ role in curbing corruption in the civil service and realise good governance.

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay launching the two documents, said, “Good governance would become a reality, if internal auditors guide the civil servants in performing their daily activities.”

He said while there are only limited options to earn revenue, the country should use what it has prudently to enhance the economy.

“To do this, a strong auditing system must be strong,” he said.

Lyonchhoen said at present, mistakes of the civil servants working in the government agencies are identified too late.

“When RAA and ACC discover it, the harm is done and it is too late,” he said. “Thus, internal auditors have to help prevent corruption and ensure judicious use of resources.”

Lyonchhoen said the internal auditors are not to fix the civil servants but to help them perform their duties without committing mistakes in their tasks.

While helping those civil servants who don’t work fearing ACC or the audit to perform their tasks, internal auditors are also expected to ensure those complacent ones to do their jobs too.

The Prime Minister urged Royal Civil Service Commission and Anti-Corruption Commission to provide necessary training, and the Royal Audit Authority to provide all kinds of support to the internal auditors.

Finance Minister Namgay Dorji said internal auditors were ‘least regarded’ until now.

“For the past seven years, internal auditors could not play an active part,” he said. “But this would change hereafter.”

The two documents would help make internal auditing stronger.

The main purpose of the revision of the internal audit charter is to strengthen internal audit system through enhancement of oversight mechanism and promote accountability in the functioning of the system.

It is also to update and make provisions contained therein more appropriate and relevant to the international standards of internal auditing and make the process for reporting clearer and meaningful.

The charter defines the scope and provides framework within which the internal audit in government agencies and the central coordinating agency in the finance ministry function, the code of ethics is to guide the auditors in their duties.

The code of ethics was revised to make it more operational to promote ethical culture for internal auditors.

The two documents were first developed and approved in May 2008. Both the documents would be reviewed and revised periodically.

By Tshering Palden

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