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  Kela village
  Kela village

Rephay-Koshela bypass affects Langthel and Kela residents

Nim Dorji | Trongsa

When the much-awaited Rephay-Koshela bypass opened to traffic this year, it shortened the travel distance for people travelling between Trongsa, Zhemgang and Gelephu.

The bypass, however, affected people of Langthel town and Kela villages, as there are no vehicles to travel in.

Tangsibji gup Gyembo Dorji said that with all vehicles plying through the new route, Kela villagers have to walk all the way from Rephay. “People usually get lift until a shop from which Kela road bifurcates from the old route.”

With the old route damaged in many stretches, even public transport buses that are supposed to ply through Langthel takes the bypass. Langthel residents have to travel all the way to Dangdung to look for vehicles.

The Department of Roads (DoR) maintains the old route from Rephay to Langthel with funding from Mangdechu Hydropower Project Authority (MHPA) but it gets damaged in a short period of time.

DoR officials said the contractor would repair the road once the monsoon is over, as it is still under the under liquidity damage period.

The issue was discussed in the dzongkhag tshogdu and members decided that the Sernya Transport bus, which travels till Kuengarabten will be made to stop at Trongsa town.

This was to facilitate the bus plying until Langthel to get passengers, as other buses take the passengers.

Langthel gup Sonam Dendup said the bus owner informed gewog administration that he might have to stop the bus service, as he was running in loss.

The DT decided to inform RSTA to make Sernya Transport bus to stop at Trongsa and ensure Langthel bus to travel via the old route, which will help the people of Kela and Langthel. DoR was also asked to make the contractor do maintenance work soon.


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