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Salmon Confit with Apple Mojo


Salmon fillet 150kg

Baby lettuce 0.25kg

Olive oil 0.50ml

Microgreens 0.25kg

Celery diced 0.10kg

Green apple 0.50kg

Lemon 0.10kg

Chiplote mozo 0.10kg

Salt  to taste

Black pepper to taste


Toss diced apples in lemon juice, then sauté with celery in olive oil.

Season with Salt and pepper and  cook until celery and apples are “al dente”

Slice Salmon into small wedges portions and season with Salt and pepper.

On hot griddle, sauté salmon quickly on both sides and remove

Place apples and celery in small piles on plate.

Arrange salmon on top of apples/celery as per photo.

Garnish with baby lettuce or micro greens and serve with chipotle mojo and lemon wedge.

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